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Riddle: As much as they cover me

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Enlarged lymph nodes in a child - a visit to the doctor is necessary?
Karine Ferri and Yoann Gourcuff: Mael

How many naps does a baby need during the day?

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from Lilou, Provencal form of Lilia, Latin lilium, the lily, symbol of purity in the Middle Ages. In the family Lou, Lilou is the youngest, but his success is great. It must be said that the prefix Li feminizes and Lou is very sweet. His birthday: July 27th.

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Legal regulations for the adoption of a child by country

Legal regulations for the adoption of a child by country

The decision to have a child is one of the most important in the life of an adult. The moment you decide to be a father or mother, you commit for life and your day to day changes completely.

However, many couples do not achieve the desired pregnancy and decide to adopt a baby. Or the couple wants to adopt even though they can have biological children, to give an opportunity to children who are left without a family. Whatever the reason, adopting a child involves effort, dedication, years of waiting, but in the end, a huge reward.

Depending on the country where you are, you will have to meet some requirements or others when adopting. Look for the legal rules of adoption that apply in your country to have everything prepared.

Adoption in Argentina. The legal requirements for adopting a baby vary by country. Know the legal rules of adoption in Argentina. Legal requirements to adopt a baby or child in Argentina.

Adopt a child in Brazil. The legal rules for adopting a baby or child vary from country to country. Know the adoption requirements in Brazil if you want to adopt a child or baby. Legal norms of adoption in Brazil.

Adopt a baby in Spain. The legislation to adopt a baby varies in each country. Legal norms of an adoption process in Spain. Requirements to adopt a baby in Spain.

Adopt a baby in Peru. Not all countries establish the same procedures to adopt. Learn about the legal rules of adoption in Peru. Legal requirements to adopt a baby in Peru.

Adopt in Chile. The adoption process varies from country to country. Know the legal requirements to adopt in Chile. Adoption standards in Chile.

Adoption in Mexico. Adoption in Mexico. Legal norms of a child adoption process in Mexico. Requirements to adopt a baby in Mexico. The rules for adopting a baby vary from country to country.

Adopt a child in the US. Here are the legal rules for adoption in the US. The legal requirements to adopt a baby in the US.

Adopt in Colombia. What is necessary to adopt a baby in Colombia. Know the adoption requirements in case you are thinking of adopting a Colombian baby. We tell you the legal regulations as well as all the details about adoption in Colombia. Adoption of Colombian babies.

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How children should carry the backpack to avoid back injuries

How much can the school backpack weigh? How should children carry the backpack to avoid back pain? Is the backpack on wheels or the backpack on the back better?

In this video from our site, the Doctor Francisco Kovacs, director of the Spanish Network of Back Injury Researchers, explains how we should teach children to carry their backpack to school. He gives us recommendations on how to protect the back of children with the proper use of the backpack.

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My child is in my life too…

From birds to mammals, from fish to fish, the threat is either fleeing the animals or stagnating, so they can go unnoticed.

My child is in my life too…

However, when a parent is in danger in their tiny company, they behave completely insane: defenselessly defended those. What makes parents feel like they are sacrificing their lives but protecting their posterity? According to research by the Lisbon-based Champalimaud Center for the Unknown, they choose to protect the little ones instead of protecting themselves animals, the so-called "love hormone", oxytocin is responsible. The formation of a bond between mother and child is responsible for hormone formation, as is the maintenance of "chemistry" between couples. Its effects are still not well known, and its currencies work through many pathways, influencing so many processes. It is known, however, that its release inhibits freezing as a defense mechanism, the exact cause of which has so far been unclear. Recently, female rats have been tested and successfully rescued. "We have developed an experimental model for studying maternal behavior in emergency situations when baby is present and absent. In addition, we can determine if oxytocin levels change during the test. So that the scent of peppermint is coupled with the danger of electrocution. to protect her little one, she attacked the tube from which the peppermint fragrance came from, and tried to close the hole with the help of materials in the immediate vicinity. effect on the brain the effect of which the mother froze in the presence of the uterus is "forgetting her parental responsibilities". Another important result of the research is that in odor can be dangerous. Once these animals were out, they were placed in the box alone and the characteristic scent appeared, they did not freeze, and they continued their activities. When the mother responded in the order and manner of the mother, she discovered the danger to the outsiders. The mother takes root in her behavior probably an over-adaptation of the little ones.
That's what the love hormone does to your body
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Riddle: On the moon is the first and the second on Pluto

Guess riddle

The letter L

On the moon is the first
and the second on Pluto.
On Earth it is not found
and it is the last in the Sun.

Guess, guess ... Riddles for kids are a great way to stimulate the intelligence, logic and creativity of your little ones. Furthermore, this children's game provides a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the family.

For this reason, on our site we have created a fun application to play riddles as a family, with thousands of riddles to stimulate children in their learning and help them learn vocabulary with a fun game.

You can search children's riddles from different categories, pick a random puzzle, get clues, and enjoy an afternoon of family leisure, in the company of our mascot. Go ahead and try your luck!

Demi Moore lost her pregnancy

Demi Moore (42), Bruce Willis' ex-wife, appears to be unlucky in her relationship with 27-year-old Ashton Kutcher.
According to the National Enquirer publication, the two are devastated by the loss of the actress's pregnancy until the fifth month. "He wanted a child with Ashton enormously and believes that everything is fine because he had been through the first three months of pregnancy, considered critical," a close couple revealed. However, it seems that the tragedy has brought the two lovers even closer, showing Ashton incredibly understanding with the situation of the former star of "Indecent Proposal" and "Striptease".
"Now I'm planning a vacation in Malibu, where they might even get married," said a source close to the two. At the moment, Demi, along with her three daughters from her marriage to Bruce Willis, has moved into Ashton's house, her home being renovated.

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