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Microwave potato chips. Recipe for mothers with little time

Microwave potato chips. Recipe for mothers with little time

Can there be something children like more than potato chips? The downside is the amount of oil needed to make them. However, there is a much healthier way to cook potato chips: the microwave.

We tell you how to make potato chips in the microwave in just five minutes. An ideal recipe for mothers and fathers with little time to cook.


  • Potatoes
  • Salt
  • Olive oil

Enjoy delicious microwave potato chips in just five minutes. It is such a simple recipe to make that you can ask your children to help you. There is nothing like cooking as a family to strengthen the bond. You want to try?

Follow these steps to prepare the recipe for microwave potato chips ... in just five minutes !:

1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into very thin slices. As thin as you can. You can help yourself with a vegetable peeler. It is ideal for this recipe.

2. Dry the potatoes well.

3. Once dry, place the potatoes on kitchen paper in a glass dish or large plate. Try that the potatoes are separated, that they do not collide with each other.

4. Set the microwave power to 600 watts and let them cook for five minutes.

5. After five minutes, prick the potatoes to check if they are crisp. If you like them crunchier, microwave them for another minute.

6. Take the container out of the microwave and add a few drops of olive oil on top.

7. Don't forget to add salt to your liking. You can also add aromatic herbs and even a little pepper.

Observation: These potatoes are delicious if you accompany them with a sauce. You can take them with ketchup, tomato sauce, barbecue sauce, mayonnaise ... And it is a much healthier way to consume them.

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ఆల చపస. Aloo chips. home made aloo chips. dried aloo chips

Parents do not need any study to confirm this, and yet several investigations corroborate this eternal complaint: childcare is much more exhausting than work.

We parents suffer from many of these symptoms: physical and emotional exhaustion, lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, dejection, frustration ... and it is not an exaggeration!

I have lived through times of exhausting work, days in which I began at 9 in the morning and ended at 3 in the morning, to return to my position at 9 in the morning. Eternal days in which the clock seemed to advance revolutionized while the work continued on the table. And yet I have never been as tired as when I became a mother.

The days are not 8 hours, not even 16, parent days last 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Without a vacation day there are no rest days, bridges or holidays. It is comforting work, hard and difficult at times, comforting and meaningful all the time.

A study conducted by the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium revealed that Taking care of children leaves parents more tired than doing high-impact physical exercise. The study analyzed 2000 parents, the result was that:

- 1 in 10 parents affirmed that caring for children generates physical and emotional exhaustion.

- 13% of those surveyed suffered the classic symptoms of exhaustion.

- 12.9% of mothers stated that taking care of children is much more exhausting than work, compared to 11.6% of fathers.

This is not the only study in this regard, the Pew Studies Center Analysis obtained the same results. 12% of those surveyed stated that caring for and educating children is a very strenuous activity, while paid work is only for 5% of those surveyed. However, despite tiredness, fatigue and lack of sleep, it is an activity that makes sense for 62%, while work is only so for 36%.

Stress accompanies us for a large part of our lives, especially in our lives as parents. That physical and mental exhaustion, that feeling of not being able to do it anymore and, nevertheless, keep getting up every day to put all the energy we have into taking care of our children may be less ... yes, yes ... We can live motherhood and fatherhood without that feeling of running a marathon, for this we need to put into practice these homemade tricks:

- Take breaths: deep, relaxed breaths fight stress and lower your heart rate.

- Music: music therapy works since it manages to relax us and lower blood pressure.

- Time out: give us a week without children, no matter how small, to go for a walk, have a coffee with a friend and laugh, go to the movies or Pilates classes.

- Massages: stress and physical exhaustion have an impact on the muscles, which become stiff and we end up suffering contractures, low back pain or neck pain. Giving yourself a massage both therapeutic and relaxing from time to time will help you release the tension on your muscles.

And, above all, stop beating ourselves up because we don't get to everything, in reality, the important thing is that our children grow up happy, the rest, we can take it into the background.

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Cocoa roll with mascarpone

Cocoa roll with mascarpone

Cocoa roll with mascarpone is a tasty dessert that is prepared quickly, effortlessly and is perfect for any occasion.

Preparation time: 35 min.

Difficulty: Easy


For dough:

3 large eggs (whites separated by yellows)
75 g old
3 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons milk
60 g flour
30 g cocoa
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon instant coffee

For the filling:

250 g mascarpone
3 tablespoons sugar powder
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
4 tablespoons liquid cream

Method of preparation

Prepare the dough first. Mix flour, cocoa powder, coffee, baking powder and cinnamon in a small bowl.

Separately, beat the white foam. Rub the yolks with the sugar, until they turn white and become creamy. Add the dry ingredients over the yolks, then pour the milk, oil and vanilla extract. It finally incorporates the whiteness foam.

Pour the composition into a large tray, lined with baking paper, and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

Mix the ingredients for the filling. When the dough has cooled a little, put it on a towel, spread the filling on it and start rolling it carefully. Leave the fridge for one hour before cutting and serving.

Why dancing or moving your hands helps you speak better

Did you know that there is a relationship between the dexterity we have with the movement of our body and the ease with which we vocalize?

Synchronizing the arms, hands, fingers, feet and legs, chest, shoulders and hips is something that involves a high level of self-knowledge that facilitates the harmonic movement that occurs, for example, when we dance.

Control of body movements, including those of the face, influences the ability to vocalize well. We tell you why dancing or moving your hands helps you speak better.

From the moment we are born we have been practicing coordination with each of the muscles involved in movement, and the bases of this skill will not be well learned until a few years have passed, so a lot of practice is necessary daily.

The same happens with both small muscles (those of the face) as large (the rest of the body). The difference between one or the other is that the muscles of the face, which must coordinate with each other, are much closer to each other and are also much smaller, for that reason it is more difficult to realize how we can pronounce well the words, regardless of how long and difficult they are.

In both cases it is about precision, and in fact, it is very likely that if your child is skilled in the motor activities, also be it to talk.

So if your son it is difficult for him to pronounce well the words, notice if he is abrupt playing with others and his movements are not very subtle, because if so you can train this subtlety by doing relaxed activities that allow you to focus on the movement of fingers or hands to achieve the results you are looking for, such as drawing and painting with different paints (the brush is finer and requires more precision than chalk).

Do plastic activities rIt requires paying attention to the movement and pressure exerted by different parts of the body, as well as allowing us to make visible the results that are achieved if we exert more or less force with the material we are using, so that children feel motivated to be more precise in their movements.

The same happens if we want to learn a choreography for a specific dance, but in this case the attention will be directed to the whole body and it will not need as much precision because the muscles that take place in the dance are larger than in the case of manual activities .

We have the advantage that these types of games can be extrapolated when it comes to vocalize better, since in all cases it is about having more knowledge of what we are capable of doing with our body. Games that require more precision are especially interesting, because they are more similar to the muscles of the face (tongue, lips, cheeks ...).

In addition, as it is a very different type of activity from talking, it is easier for the child not to feel pressured to do well and collaborate with more enthusiasm.

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Burning induced by ultraviolet rays. Occurring a few hours after prolonged exposure, the sunburn disappears in the following days causing skin peeling.
The best is to rinse with fresh water the burned area and apply a soothing cream.

And of course, it is even better (if not essential) to protect baby from the sun and heat

Name Myrtle - Meaning and origin

Your 15-month-old: Week 3

Your toddler now

Keeping small hands busy

Keys, pencils, lipstick, phones: All may be fascinating to your toddler. These objects are fun to look at and manipulate, and when your toddler sees you using them, he wants to do the same.

The problem is, you might not want him demolishing your lipstick! (And many of these items, including lipstick, can be toxic or pose a choking hazard.) Your challenge is to find things he can safely use to satisfy his need to mimic – like a set of plastic keys, an old purse of yours with a hairbrush and comb, a cheap wallet.

There are plenty of other ways to keep your toddler's hands occupied for more than a minute or two. For example, fill a laundry basket with safe odds and ends, such as plastic containers and lids, scarves, hats, and wooden spoons and other big utensils. He'll love getting his hands on objects that look like they have a purpose and trying to figure out how to use them.

Our pharmacy adds flavoring to our daughter's medication to make it taste better. It's well worth the extra charge! She'll swallow it if I sit her in my lap while she's watching something (reserved just for this) and then squirt in little bits at a time.

- Tammy

Beginning speech

Worried because your child isn't speaking much yet? Don't be. Many children, especially boys, speak little until the middle of the second year. Chances are good, though, that your 15-month-old understands a great deal of what you say. Keep speaking and reading to your child, but don't try to coax or drill. By 18 months he should be able to say at least 15 words.

Do pay attention to your child's ability to hear, as poor hearing can create speech delays. Report any concerns to his doctor. The sooner a hearing problem is treated, the better the outcome is likely to be.

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When the baby won't let his nails cut

When the baby won't let his nails cut

How to apply Maskscara Infinity gel. Nail Form application method.

The traditional sweets that are divided on Halloween night are made up of candies, lollipops, chocolates and other products that contain very large amounts of sugar, dyes and food additives harmful to health. Halloween is also the period when the children spend most of their time in sweets, being tempted to enjoy as much of the "prey" they get after caroling. He may abuse the sweet and cause problems with the stomach, the teeth, but especially with the weight.

Here's what to replace so harmful sweets from bowls prepared to reward children knocking on your door on October 31st!

Healthy snacks

Because traditionally sweets are given to children who go on Halloween carols, it is advisable to think of a few sweet but healthy alternatives to reward their creative and scary costumes.

You have enough options to tempt the little ones, even if they are missing the usual candy and candy: bagged with dried fruit, small fruit yogurt, whole grain biscuits, brioche and homemade biscuits, with natural ingredients and low sugar content, etc.


Replace ketchup, candy and chocolate with as many fruits. You can choose what kind of types you want - apples, bananas, oranges, tangerines, kiwifruit, pears, clams etc.

It is advisable to focus on those with the strongest peel, because they are more resistant and thus, the little ones can get with them whole at home, in the Halloween bag in which they gather all the "harvest" that evening.

Accessories for children

It replaces small food rewards with all kinds of drill accessories for both girls and boys.

You can choose from a lot of models and ideas, which you can buy or make at home, together with your baby: hair clips, bracelets, necklaces, Halloween-specific rings, carved pumpkin key chains or skeletons and other bargains friendly, who will delight the prince.

Stickers and tattoos

Here are other interesting ideas that you can replace the sweets in the bags of children who go to carols.

Buy more stickers with temporary tattoos (make sure they have non-toxic ingredients) or fun and interesting stickers for notebooks and offer them as a reward to children who pop up at your door disguised as monsters or scary creatures.

Fridge magnets

Models of figurine magnets with Halloween-specific themes - with witches, ghosts, bats, spiders, carved pumpkins, undersides, etc. - are an interesting suggestion to replace sweets harmful to children's health.

Small lanterns for Halloween

Around Halloween, children's toy makers are launching all kinds of collections specially designed for this period. Among them are the small lanterns in various sinister forms, which illuminate and illuminate the face of witches, pumpkins, monsters, ghosts or other specific characters for the holiday.

Badges with Halloween characters

Another idea that could surprise children is to provide them with all kinds of badges with specific characters for this holiday.

This way, they will be able to wear them in the chest or bag for several days in a row and can keep them for the next year.

Chewing gum with surprises (without sugar)

Chewing gum is another tasty treat after which young children melt.

If the little ones who visit you for Halloween are less than 5-6 anisors, gum is not an option to consider, because there is a risk of drowning.

But if they are older, then sugar-free gummies, with surprises or tattoos, are a great alternative to be shared on Halloween night.

You know that sweets spoil the baby's teeth and give rise to big health problems. Have you considered replacing sweets with other ideas? How do you feel about our suggestions? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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