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Japanese names: Daisuke

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Dairy secretion Question:

- I have 4 months since I finished breastfeeding and there is still little milk left. I took 2 rounds of 10 days each of brocriptine and still did not stop. What else could I take to stop it because I have to have a breast operation and the doctor told me to return only a month after I had no milk? Thank you!


Dairy secretion triggered by hormones
Dairy secretion is triggered and maintained by certain hormones that include in the systems of regulation and nervous regulation (responsible for the secretion of the oxytocin triggered on reaching the nipple or sucking, hearing the baby's crying, various psychological stimuli). As long as these stimuli persist, they will maintain milk secretion. Ocitocin is a hormone produced by the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland, which plays a role in triggering uterine contractions and stimulating lactation.
A dose of prolactin may be helpful in identifying a possible cause of prolonged milk secretion. At the advice of the gynecologist, there are certain types of contraceptives (low in progesterone) that could balance the values ​​of the sex hormones in your blood, and that would also result in the disappearance of the milk secretion.

Do not tell me anything about the reason for the breast surgery, which would be important because there are conditions that manifest with nipple leaks (galactorrhea), leaks that may resemble the milk secretion (the difference can be made by anatomopathological examination of that secretion). ; there are also conditions in which hormonal medication is contraindicated.
In the absence of significant data regarding your health status, I cannot recommend you a concise therapeutic behavior. A clinical consultation and a series of additional investigations are required for a complete diagnosis.
Good health,
Dr. Ciprian Pop-Began
The obstetric gynecology section within
Clinical Hospital of Obstetrics-Gynecology
Prof. Dr. Panait Sarbu

My child says she hates school. What should I do?

My child says she hates school. What should I do?

Mimosa extract and wheat germ oil are regenerating, with shea butter, they work together to nourish and protect intensely with the key sweetness and flexibility: 4.45 € the 4.25 g.

Mimosa extract and wheat germ oil are regenerating, with shea butter, they work together to nourish and protect intensely with the key sweetness and flexibility: 4.45 € the 4.25 g.

Meaning of the name Aderaldo. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Aderaldo. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

Saint Aderaldo, canon of Troyes (France) in the 10th century.

Composed of adal-, "noble", and -wald, "government".


  • Saint Antero

Drawings of the name Aderaldo coloring page printable game

Aderaldo: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Aderaldo coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Aderaldo coloring page printable game

Drawings of the names. Aderaldo name to color and print

Your 3-year-old: Bed-wetting

Your 3-year-old: Bed-wetting

Your 3-year-old now

Even if your child is mostly potty trained during the day, don't be surprised if it's a different story at night. This is normal. Daytime and nighttime dryness are separate potty training milestones and may happen months, or even years, apart.

Bed-wetting is very common, especially up to age 7. The most important thing to remember is that bed-wetting is involuntary – your child can't control it. Just like the timing of her first tooth, nighttime dryness is a matter of physical development and can't be rushed.

For now, have your child wear training pants or washable or disposable underwear designed for kids who wet the bed, and be ready with dry sheets and pajamas to deal with nighttime accidents. Stay calm and be comforting when they happen. If she gets upset, reassure her that it's not her fault.

Bed-wetting almost always goes away on its own. It just takes time.

Your life now

You know that having time to yourself is an important way to recharge. So why do you feel so guilty and selfish about leaving your preschooler to have fun on your own? It's good for your child to see you doing things you enjoy, and it's good for her to have other caring adults in her life.

Explain where you're going and what will happen (that a babysitter will watch her, that she'll have a bath and a story before being tucked in, and that you'll come in and kiss her when she's asleep), and then go have fun!

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Meaning of the name Vilfrido. Name for boys


Among all the names for boys we highlight Vilfrido. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

History of the name Vilfrido

According to the saints, there was Saint Vilfrido or Wilfrido, bishop of York in the s. VII.

Meaning of name Vilfrido

Wil- compound proper name, "desire or will" more frid which means "peace".

Santoral of the name Vilfrido

May 9

Origin of the name Vilfrido


Famous people with the name Vilfrido

  • Vilfredo Pareto, sociologist and philosopher (1848-1923)

Drawings of the name Vilfrido coloring page printable game


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Sanepid cannot punish for not vaccinating

Sanepid cannot punish for not vaccinating The Supreme Administrative Court found that sanepids cannot impose fines on parents for not vaccinating their children. Only the voivode has this option.

Parents who decided not to vaccinate their children often had problems on the part of sanepids throughout Poland. Each time fines from PLN 100 to 1000 were imposed on them. Some parents were even threatened with fines of PLN 10,000.

On August 1, the Supreme Administrative Court ruled that sanitary authorities may not impose fines on parents (for formal reasons). Only a voivode can decide about a fine.

This is another good news for parents who choose not to vaccinate their children. On July 8, the court in Konin approved the appeal of the marriage of Ewelina and Dominik Małyszów (stating that the court could not order vaccinating children).

The decision not to vaccinate children intensified after the decision to withdraw from the market by the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate two preparations was disclosed: protecting against hepatitis B and the other: tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis. According to STOP NOP estimates, up to 250,000 children could have had the vaccine. However, Bożena Bucholc, head of the NIZP-PZH Sera and Vaccine Research Institute, reassures in an official statement that ill-favored vaccines were not given to children, and the decision to withdraw them was of a preventive nature.

Leopard: origin and meaning of the name for girl Leopard

Leopard: origin and meaning of the name for girl Leopard

The benefits of goat cheese for family health

Goat cheese is a culinary preparation that is beginning to take more and more place of the assortments of cow or sheep in the food of the Romans. It is considered that goat's milk has many more benefits for the development and growth of children and the health of adults than sheep or cow. For this reason, nutritionists strongly recommend it in the diets of all family members, from babies, to parents and grandparents!

Why do nutritionists recommend goat cheese?

From small to large, all members of your family can enjoy the taste and benefits of goat cheese, every day. Nutritionists claim that goat's milk is healthier than cow's milk, providing more nutrients and energy to the body every day.

Less fat

If you intend to lower fat intake in your family's diet, then goat cheese is a good ally. It is in the category of fresh cheeses that have a lower fat content than matured cheeses. Helps to balance cholesterol in the blood and in the long term, to prevent cardiovascular disease.

Less calories

A serving of about 30 g of goat cheese has about 70 - 85 calories, considerably less than the assortments of cow's or sheep's milk, which can exceed 100 calories in the same quantity. It is a food that helps to maintain the shape of the whole family, and can be successfully integrated into the menu of those who lose weight.

Strengthens bones and teeth

Goat cheese is a very important source of calcium, an essential mineral for strengthening bones and teeth, especially in children, which is in the process of growth. And adults benefit from the high calcium intake, because they are affected by osteoporosis, the most common disorder caused by deficiency of this mineral in the body.

Goat cheese can even contain 895 mg of calcium and 729 mg of phosphorus, two of the most important minerals for bone and tooth health.

It accelerates metabolism

Goat cheese helps in lean diets due to low fat content, but high in protein. Proteins are essential nutrients for stimulating metabolism and rapid burning of body fat.

It strengthens the immune system and prevents infections

Cheese made from goat's milk contains a set of vitamins and minerals with an essential role in stimulating immunity and preventing infections and diseases of the body. It contains more vitamins and minerals than cow cheese, being rich in vitamins D, K, B and A, but also in essential minerals - calcium, phosphorus, potassium or magnesium. These nutrients play an essential role in combating some of the most common diseases - anemia, allergies, respiratory, genital or digestive disorders.

According to doctors, goat's milk can be consumed at any age, including babies. Although cow's milk is recommended to be introduced into the baby's diet after the age of 1 year, the goat's milk can be introduced even earlier, if a fortified version is chosen with the nutrients the child needs at this stage of growth.

Goat milk proteins are better tolerated by the baby's digestive system.

Is your goat cheese frequently consumed in your family? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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