Fruit salad with honey

Fruit salad with honey

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Name Goeffrey - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Variant of the names Geoffroy and Godefroi, Goeffrey comes from the contraction of the German words "god" (god) and "frid" (peace). He designates "the one who enjoys the peace of God".


There is no famous Goeffrey. On the other hand, there are many personalities named Geoffrey, including Geoffrey de Monmouth, Anglo-Norman historian of the twelfth century, and astronomer Geoffrey Marcy.

The Goeffrey are commemorated with Saint Geoffroy of Amiens. Appointed Bishop of Amiens at the Council of Troyes in 1104, this priest pleaded for the causes of the poor. Saint Geoffroy d'Amiens retires to the Grande Chartreuse to flee the civil war that threatens Amiens. Geoffroy d'Amiens succumbs to a disease in 1115 in Soissons, at the abbey of Saint-Crépin.

His character :

Worker, bold and ambitious, Goeffrey needs to move forward. He has a taste for risk and adventure tempts him. Curious, Goeffrey travels often. Since he does not tolerate authority, only his own rules direct his life. He has a natural authority that he never abuses because he is a sensitive person and very dedicated to his loved ones and those he trusts.


Geoffrey, Godfroy, Godefroy, Godfrey, Godfrey, Geoffroy, Godfrin, Godefert and Gottfried.

His party :

The Goeffrey are celebrated on November 8th.

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Name Ilyana - Meaning of origin

Name Ilyana - Meaning of origin
It helps the child to control his emotions

You want to have a child: don't let the rice pass you!

You want to have a child: don't let the rice pass you!

More and more women attend the call of the wildAs far as looking for children is concerned, not before a certain love, economic and work stability occurs in their lives, and not before they have enjoyed life as a couple, which is understandable. But When is it stable enough? or is it not possible to enjoy it once you have a child?

If we stop to think, as we get older we will undoubtedly tend to have a better social status, perhaps we will be able to take off our mortgage or we will have the job that we have wanted so much or we have been able to travel the world ... Now is it? the expected moment? Not necessarily, we can always wish for a better house or a more relevant position. So ordering a child usually wait and wait, although it is part of our life project.

One of the causes that most compels us when considering having a child is, without a doubt, looking for a pregnancy before we can "pass the rice." Situation not too favorable to achieve success, since anxiety and haste are not recommended for this type of task. When we want a child, we want it yesterday and many times we realize that it was not as easy as we thought. Finding a child is sometimes difficult and depends on quite a few factors.

A friend of mine had her first child shortly after getting married, and yet his second son, it took him more than ten years to father him. She cannot find an explanation for why her first child cost her so little and her second child so much. It seems clear that just as couple situations can change, other physical, emotional, environmental, and work aspects can affect us when taking care of our baby.

Our life is often so planned that we plan when, how and where we want to order the stork. But, sometimes, this bird does not land in our house or cannon fire. We all know that we have a biological clock, which we must not forget, and before "the rice runs out", we must look for the fruit of our entrails, if it really is what we want. Be reflective? Of course I am. Wait for the best moment for us? Also; but, above all, take into account when our health and fertility continue to be good and the risks for us and our baby, less.

Patro Gabaldon. our site

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Suzy Bogguss and Kathy Mattea - Teach Your Children Live

Top contaminated foods

Meat, dairy products, strawberries, tomatoes and potatoes are some of the most contaminated foods in the world. Pesticides and growth hormones are used in their cultivation.

Meat is one of the most contaminated foods, which contains large amounts of pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics and medicines. Ocean fish should be avoided because of the large amounts of mercury they can contain.

Dairy products are as contaminated as meat products. Contains numerous types of pesticides, growth hormones and antibiotics, which are consumed directly by humans.

Strawberries are the most contaminated fruit in the world. For one hectare of strawberry crop, over 150 kilograms of pesticides are used. For treating and growing strawberries, more than 35 different types of pesticides are used. Thus, the strawberries are 90% contaminated.
The apples

Apple orchards are treated with over 35 different types of pesticides. Half of these are neurotoxins, which attack the brain cells. The strong rind of these fruits does not prevent contamination of the whole fruit.


Tomatoes are the most contaminated vegetables, their growth and development using over 30 different pesticides. These chemicals penetrate through the bark, throughout the vegetable.

Potatoes are the most consumed and popular vegetables in the world. They are also some of the most contaminated. Over 39 types of pesticides and fungicides are used to grow them.

Spinach is contaminated with pesticides and growth hormones, which are used during the growing period.
The coffee

Coffee is grown in countries where there are no clear provisions for pesticide use. Thus, coffee beans can interact with the most dangerous pesticides in the world.


Peaches are treated with over 50 types of pesticides, and the bark does not protect against the risk of contamination.
Author: Mihaela Rotaru

Tags Food Milk Meat Strawberry Apples Red Potatoes Spinach Coffee Peach Health Food

How to make blueberries muffin. Easy snack. Easy breakfast for kids

Promotions for children and parents

Promotions for children and parents Parents are motivated to save by buying full-value products at good prices. Owners of large shopping malls give such an opportunity. What can you buy cheaper this week? Be sure to see!


  • Pampers diapers- At Tesco, Pampers Premium Care midi diapers (e.g. 60 pcs, size 3) now cost only PLN 43.95 instead of PLN 54.99. On the other hand, in Real, for two packages of Pampers Active baby diapers (selected sizes) you will pay less than PLN 100. Packaging of Sleep & Play diapers is an expense in Carrefour in the amount of 26.99 PLN (in the Polo Market 28.99 PLN). On June 15, you will spend only PLN 37.99 instead of PLN 46.99 on the Pampers Baby Active diaper packaging.
  • Huggies diapers- You will pay 74.99 PLN at Tesco for Huggies super dry (duopack medium 160 pcs.). The selected sizes of one pack of the same diapers at Intermarche will amount to 34.99 PLN per item
  • Wet wipes- By buying 3 packages of Huggies Pure wipes (3x64 items) at PLN 13.99 at Tesco, you will save almost PLN 2 of the existing amount. In Real, a six pack of Pampers Baby fresh wipes costs PLN 25.55. You can spend almost PLN 7 on Carrefour for a pack of Nivea Baby wipes, in which you will find only 53 items. Only on June 16 at Polo Market you will pay 71% less, i.e. PLN 1.99, for packaging Pampers Euro 2012 wipes. There, the price of Pampers natural wipes also dropped from PLN 6.99 to PLN 4.99.
  • Cosmetics- You will get a shampoo or bath lotion in a 500ml bottle in a special edition for Euro 2012 only at Polo Market 16.06 for PLN 1.99. In addition to the promotion, they cost PLN 6.99.


  • Dinners and dishes- Gerber dinners in 190g jars for PLN 1.99 will drop by Tesco, for which you will pay PLN 4.99 this week. 20% cheaper to buy 220g Hipp children's dishes in Real. The art will cost you PLN 4.69. On a duopack of BoboVita dinners (2x190g) you spend PLN 6.99 at Carrefour. For smaller 125g jars in the Polo Market you have to pay PLN 3.33 per item
  • desserts- 4 Nestle yogurts will bring you PLN 8.79 in Real. Two 125g jars of BoboVita desserts cost PLN 4.09 at Carrefour. A large 190g jar of Gerber desserts has been discounted at the Polo Market from PLN 5.49 to PLN 4.99.
  • Kaszki- The price of BoboVita rice porridge fell from PLN 5.99 to PLN 4.79. This promotion applies to Real hypermarkets (Carrefour 2 pcs will cost you PLN 8.29). You will also get Nestle Sinlac in a 500g package for PLN 18.85. At Carrefour, you pay 10.49 PLN for two BoboVita milk-rice porridges (2x230g). You will receive three packages of 230g Nestle milk and rice porridges at Intermarche for PLN 14.50 (offer 3 for 2).
  • Juices and drinks- 200ml bottle of Hipp juice in Real costs PLN 2.59.
  • Milk- At Intermarche you will receive a 50% discount on the purchase of second milk Nan 2 and 3. In total, for two 600g cartons you will spend PLN 41.98.


  • For the garden- From 14 to 17 June at Tesco you will receive a 50% discount on outdoor toys. However, the action does not include trampolines, swimming pools, Jumbo balls and inflatable toys. A wooden sandpit with a canopy measuring 120x120cm is an expense of PLN 129 at Carrefour. A lovely pool that will please every toddler who likes frogs at Pepco for PLN 39.99.
  • vehicles- In Carrefour for 34.99 PLN you will buy a three-wheeled pink scooter. However, for a child bicycle with 12-inch wheels you will pay PLN 199. Perfect for learning to ride a cross-country bike at Intermarche PLN 139.99.


  • Security- You will get a car seat, ideal for children weighing 9-36 kg, in Biedronka for PLN 169. It has been equipped with a height-adjustable headrest, it also has smooth backrest adjustment.
  • Tableware- Pepco has reduced the price of cups and plates with the Hello Kitty logo. You will get them now for PLN 4.99 per item. You will spend the same amount on a Baby Ono suction cup.
  • trolleys- You pay PLN 129.99 at Auchan for a lightweight stroller without a basket.


  • Underwear- In Real, the price of baby bodysuits has been reduced to PLN 4 per item. For baby rompers at Pepco you will pay PLN 9.99 (current price PLN 14.99).
  • T-shirts and sweatshirts- 6 PLN you will spend in Real for a baby t-shirt or top. At Pepco you will pay PLN 4.99 for similar clothes.
  • Headwear- You will get children's hats at Carrefour for PLN 1.99 each.
  • For girls- At Pepco, you can now buy a charming set consisting of leggings and a tunic for PLN 14.99. You save 33% on Tunic and shorts and spend PLN 9.99 at the checkout.

The duration of the promotion
Tesco 14.06-20.06
Real 14.06-20.06
Carrefour 13.06- 18.06
Biedronka 18-24.06
Pepco 08.06- 21.06
Polo Market from 13.06 to 19.06 and according to given dates
Auchan 13.06- 26.06
Intermarche 14.06-20.06

It is not our body, but our mind that can do about energy

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