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Artists, philosophers, politicians and even athletes they have left us famous phrases about tolerance that have become famous. They are phrases that help us to reflect with our son on this very important value.

Use our list, a selection with 36 phrases about tolerance to educate children in values. They will be very useful for you to reflect on this value with your child.

1. 'When you understand that there is another way of looking at things, you will understand the meaning of the word tolerance' (Dalai Lama).

2. 'The greatest result of education is tolerance ' (Helen Keller).

3. 'One of the main social virtues is to tolerate in others what we forbid ourselves' (Jacques Duclos).

4. 'There is a limit to which tolerance ceases to be a virtue' (Edmund Burke).

5. 'Tolerance means apologizing for the shortcomings of others; tact, do not notice them '(Arthur Schnitzler).

6. 'Children have to have a lot of tolerance with adults' (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry).

7. 'Tolerance is the best religion' (Victor Hugo).

8. 'We must claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant' (Karl Popper).

9. 'I don't like the word tolerance, but I can't find a better one. Love pushes to have, towards the faith of others, the same respect that one has for one's own '(Mahatma Gandhi).

10. 'We are all full of weaknesses and mistakes; Let us forgive each other our foolishness: this is the first law of Nature '(Voltaire).

11. 'Tolerance is anger dominated by reason' (Peter Ustinov).

12. 'What good is a house if it does not have a tolerable planet where to place it' (Henry David Thoreau).

13. 'Nothing is more attractive in a man than his courtesy, his patience and his tolerance' (Cicero).

14. 'Be flexible like a reed, not stiff like a cypress' (The Talmud).

15. 'When I meet someone I don't care if they are white, black, Jewish or Muslim. It is enough for me to know that he is a human being '(Walt Whitman).

16. 'Traveling teaches tolerance' (Benjamin Disraeli).

17. 'If we can't put an end to our differences, let's help make the world a fit place for them' (John Fitzgerald Kennedy).

18. 'Give your spirit the habit of doubt, and your heart that of tolerance' (Georg Christop Lichtenberg).

19. 'Our prejudices are the same as our watches: they never agree, but each one believes in his' (Alexander Pope).

20. 'It is very important to have tolerance in work; for impatience in the opposite fate is an evil more bitter than death '(Félix María Samaniego).

21. 'To know something well, you must know its limits. Only when it is pushed beyond its tolerance can its true nature be seen '(Frank Herbert).

22. 'Sad times of ours! It is easier to disintegrate an atom than a prejudice' (Albert Einstein).

23. 'Justice is in hell, in heaven only tolerance' (Gertrud Von Le Fort).

24. 'Tolerance is the source of peace and intolerance is the source of disorder and strife' (Pierre Bayle).

25. 'He who wants everything to his liking in this life will have many troubles in life' (Francisco de Quevedo).

26. 'Tolerance means knowing that each person has in front of him someone who is his brother, who, with the same right as him, thinks otherwise, conceives public happiness in the opposite way' (Antonio Maura).

27. 'What is the use of school if it is not capable of making boys and girls trained in different social and cultural environments share the national spirit, tolerance and the desire for freedom?' (Alain Touraine).

28. 'Turn your wall into a stepping stone' (Rainer Maria Rilke).

29. 'Moderation, tolerance and justice rule the heart and disarm discontent' (Francisco de Paula Santander).

30. 'It will not be great who does not have great tolerance' (Juan Eusebio Nieremberg).

31. 'Balanced tolerance is the germ of freedom and harmony' (Francis Castel).

32. 'Civilization is not about exporting a lot, or walking fast, or spelling writing. It consists in the sweetness of customs, in love and tolerance, in the native elevation of feelings and ideas' (Rafael Barret).

33. 'Tolerance is what separates children from adults. (Domenico Cieri Estrada).

34. 'Art and culture increase harmony, tolerance and understanding between people' (Matilde Asensi).

35. 'All men are human and what fits in me should fit in others. And vice versa, because all men are human '(Juan Gelman).

36. 'The world is dying for lack of tolerance, I'm not willing to contribute to it, because I am very little, but I don't stop being a man '(Max Aub).

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Dystrophy, my baby is not growing

Dystrophy, my baby is not growing
Not perfect; but you can be a happy mother! Is motherhood learned? You may have seen how the naughty cat in your house suddenly becomes a mature mother when you have kittens. It is known that in most animals, especially mammals, motherhood is a natural instinct and typical maternal behavior occurs with the increased oxytocin hormone after birth. Feeding, caressing, licking, heating; In general, it is a fact that almost everyone knows that protection from environmental factors is instinctively registered in genes. This instinctive behavior is found in humans as well as in other animals. The hormone oxytocin, which is also effective in humans. Mother instinctToday, one of the most basic concepts of talking about having children is çocuk motherhood instinct ”. This concept was frequently expressed even in the debate of modern couples fighting to share the responsibility of the new baby. It is often seen that a father who does not want to change his subordinates advocates "But you have the instinct of motherhood!" If young fathers knew that there was an increase in oxytocin hormone in men during pregnancy and postpartum, what do you think the discussion would go? Yes, you didn't read it wrong, it's a fact! Studies show that there are some hormonal changes in men whose husbands are pregnant and that the man is preparing to become a kind of caregiver. In short, we can say that our genetics carries both instinctual or hormonal information that provides both mother and father.

However, what should we say to the cat in our house in a short period of time becoming all-knowing about motherhood, but to the infinite inexperience of the superior and intelligent human beings? Isn't that proof that you're reading this article right now? “How can I become a better mother? Bırak Let us leave this question to our minds every day. This “sacred” profession, which you believe you don't already know, is confused by the wise people around you, hundreds of books, TV programs and many other factors that create information pollution. Don't be surprised if your cat looks at you where it is curled up with disdainful eyes…

VariabilityWomen's maternal behavior varies considerably according to cultures and time. Although the basic maternal behaviors provided by the hormones are the same, the whole process of the relationship with the infant and the upbringing of the child is greatly influenced by the culture and social structure. For example, in Western societies, the baby's hugging, breastfeeding and contact with the mother's body are considerably reduced compared to eastern societies. In the West, the expectation of society is to raise independent, self-confident individuals. In Eastern societies, the weigher's knob slides to the other side; 5 until the age of breastfed children, do you think, did the parents of adolescents sleeping next ... considered that it is possible to strike a balance between the two positions but Turkey is not the balance of this synthesis, we see the mix of extremism. We often see that a mother who tries to make friends with her little child, pumps self-confidence, talks with her as a big person, chooses the most educators while playing, still breastfeeds, lies in the same bed, rules are put up and removed. It is not difficult to predict the sense of inadequacy that this mother, who is trying to do her best but cannot achieve the adjustment, cannot. You have heard or seen that the little boy, who tried to be given the most educational games, instead of making a jigsaw at home, lowered the jigsaw board and the glass frame, and returned to the cat in front of the other children. The solution is not to be a good Eastern or Western or to maintain a good balance. First of all, it is necessary to understand why mothers get so far away from their natural, instinctive abilities. At this point, we can of course talk about the impact of the rapidly changing structure of our society on young parents. However, the basic mistakes in child rearing can be corrected without fully understanding this change. If you are constantly trying to follow the most accurate method of raising your child and constantly consult with someone, shuffle books, watch TV programs, you are on the wrong track! The problem is that the sources of information referenced are wrong; why a mother is looking for so ann right ya or why she feels so inadequate. As mentioned above, our basic concerns lie in the fact that even the basic ability of a cat is so far from us. It is your own upbringing that determines your anxiety and therefore your motherhood skills. So everything that you worry about your child lies under your own psychological processes. Therefore, instead of doing what is best for your child, you should take steps to understand yourself and get help if necessary. Don't you have anything to do or know other than being peaceful and happy like cats? Of course we have a lot to learn, but one cannot learn when anxious.

Daniela Name - Origin and Names

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Hebrew dan, "to judge", and el, "god".
It is the female derivative of Daniel, who was a prophet of the Old Testament who, thrown to the lions, managed to avoid the torture.
The Daniela are celebrated on July 21st.
Its derivatives: Danielle, Danny, Daniel.

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