Divorce in Australia

Divorce in Australia

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The cardboard chicks

The cardboard chicks

What can be done with rolls of toilet paper? Pullet! They can serve as egg cups or decor for Easter!

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Meaning of the name Tarsicio. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Tarsicio. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

Spread by Saint Tarsicius, a martyr in Rome in the 3rd century, he is also the Patron of the Altar Boys and of the Children of Nocturnal Adoration.

Name of Greek origin that has double meaning, either as the name of Tarsus, the city of Cilicia (Armenia) or it can mean "courage, daring, audacity, ..."

August 15th


  • Xaime Quesada Porto, painter (1937-2007)

Tarsicio name coloring pages printable for kids

易筋經 Yi Jin Jing 1-12 Full Explanations ИЦзиньЦзин +Subtitles

Tricks to wake up a sleepy child early

I think that to some of you my story will sound familiar: Paulina, my 4-year-old is in preschool and it was becoming a mess to wake her up in the morning, which created a chaotic moment just first thing in the morning. She would wake up in a bad temper and my husband and I would also go out in a bad mood to start our day. For some time now, we have put into practice some tips so that Paulina goes to school happy and they have worked for me, so I am happy to share them with you to see how you do with your sleeping beauty:

1. Gentle activation: Sometimes we were so frustrated that we tried to forcefully wake her up. But is it true that it does not work? So now every day in his ear I tell him that today is a great day, that today he will enjoy the pleasure of playing and will get to meet his friends from school. From the whispers, I move to the full voice and from caresses to hugs, games and tickles and I let a little light enter the room, to wake her up and not lull her back.

2. Open your appetite: While the smell of breakfast enters the room, I take the opportunity to describe the delicious breakfast that we prepare for you, the warm bread, the arepa, the cereals and the chocolate drink that you are going to enjoy. At this time it is normal for children to wake up hungry so it is ideal to tempt them to feel the need to get up.

3. Stimulate your illusion: I love knowing about her stuff and I use it to lift her You can do it too; For example, the days that you know that he will practice athletics or a sport that he likes at school, remind him in the morning, you will see that his self-esteem increases because you are giving importance to him and they will make him want to wake up more.

4. Buy an alarm clock: My husband and I know that my little girl feels autonomous and independent when we delegate a responsibility to her, so we bought her a children's alarm clock that lifts her up in a nice way. You will see how happy he was when I taught him to drive. One tip: make sure to put it at such a distance that it has to stand up from its bed to turn it off.

5. The night before: Good communication and dialogue as a family has been very successful for us. At night, when we are in the routine of putting her to bed, we tell her that we hope she will wake up on time. We always put her to bed at the same time to help her sleep well.

6. Create sleeping habits: I already know from experience that a big nap in the afternoon will make her unable to fall asleep and then it will be very difficult to wake her up in the morning. I know her, as you surely know your son, so I advise you to regulate his childhood sleep, so that the rest of the night begins at the same time and allows him to sleep and rest fully.

Hope these tips work for you.

Viviana Marín. Editor of our site

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Hake in green sauce. Fish recipe for kids

Traditional recipes continue to triumph among children thanks to making the most of simple ingredients to create delicious dishes. Among these recipes is the hake in green sauce, a quick and easy recipe.

The hake It has ideal nutritional properties for children's nutrition, such as proteins and vitamins, as well as being low in fat. If your children do not like to eat fish, they will surely be encouraged by this recipe for hake in green sauce.

  • 4 thick slices of hake
  • 250 gr. clam
  • 150 ml. fish broth
  • 60 ml. white wine
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 100 gr. chopped parsley
  • 30 gr. Of flour
  • 2 eggs
  • Oil
  • Salt

1. Clean the fish and clams well. Heat the fish broth until it is warm, and cook the eggs.

2. Chop the garlic very finely and fry it over medium heat in a pan for a few minutes. Add the flour and wine, and then the broth, stir until it is integrated.

3. Add the chopped parsley and add the salted hake slices. Leave a few minutes moving the casserole slightly so that the sauce has more consistency.

4. Turn the hake slices over and add the clams, when they open add the chopped hard-boiled eggs, and you're done!

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Underdog follows the exciting adventures of a failed Beagle sniffer-dog. He develops supernatural abilities after accidental exposure to a mad scientist's experimental DNA formula.

Self-proclaimed 'visionary' Dr Simon Barsinister (Peter Dinklage) and his assistant Cad (Patrick Warburton) capture Underdog (voiced by Jason Lee). They want to use him in their animal experimentation program, which aims to develop an army of super-powered animals. While trying to escape the mad doctor's laboratory, Underdog is doused in the experimental serum. This gives him incredible powers of speed, strength and the ability to fly and speak English.

Underdog is adopted by security guard Dan Unger (James Belushi). He takes the Beagle home as a pet for his teenage son Jack (Alex Neuberger). Jack initially resents the dog (whom they name Shoeshine), seeing it as a token gift from a father who is almost never home. But the two soon make friends. When Jack discovers the Beagle's amazing abilities, he decides to keep it a secret. Jack encourages Shoeshine to use his extraordinary gifts to help others. His amazing rescues make the Beagle a super-hero.

Meanwhile, Dr Barsinister plots to capture Underdog to retrieve the experimental DNA he needs to take over the country. There is a final showdown between Underdog, the mad doctor, his assistant Cad, and the doctor's three trained German Shepherd dogs.


Kidnapping of animals; experimentation on animals; bullying


  • The movie shows repeated verbal harassment of Shoeshine/Underdog by a gang of three stray dogs.
  • The chief of police verbally harasses Dan Unger.
  • During a mugging, thieves scruff Molly (Jack's girlfriend) by her shirt.
  • After a failed kidnapping attempt by Dr Barsinister's assistant, Underdog drags Cad over several city blocks. Cad smacks into a fire hydrant, a street sign and assorted city refuse.
  • Dr Barsinister uses his three aggressive German Shepherd dogs to threaten the mayor, Dan Unger and Underdog.
  • Underdog knocks Dr Barsinister over with a large marble dome.
  • Dr Barsinister chases Underdog with a large sword.
  • Dr Barsinister throws a large shield at Underdog.
  • Underdog knocks Cad down several steps.
  • The three aggressive German Shepherd dogs turn on Dr Barsinister and surround him menacingly.

Content that may disturb children

Under 5

  • In one scene, Dr Barsinister injects himself with the DNA formula and then becomes super-human.
  • Several scenes show close-ups of the mad scientist's sinister facial expressions.
  • There are several close-ups of aggressive, snarling German Shepherds.

From 5-8

  • Children in this age group could be disturbed by references to animal experimentation in Dr Barsinister's laboratory.
  • Dan accidentally runs over Underdog.
  • Dr Barsinister kidnaps Dan.
  • Underdog surrenders himself to Dr Barsinister to prevent either Jack or his father being hurt by the mad scientist.
  • After saving the city from Dr Barsinister's bomb, Underdog is blasted into outer-space. It seems as though he has died.

From 8-13

Younger children in this age group could also be disturbed by some of the scenes described above. They might be particularly upset by references to experiments on animals and the scene where Underdog seems to be dead.

Over 13

Children in this age group are unlikely to be disturbed by anything in this movie.

Sexual references


Alcohol, drugs and other substances


Nudity and sexual activity


Product placement


Coarse language


Ideas to discuss with your children

Underdog is a fast-paced family comedy/drama pitched at children under 15. It is also likely to be enjoyed by older audiences, who will appreciate several clever references to the Superman film series.

The main message from this movie is that we are all 'born for greatness'. We will uncover a wealth of wonderful things inside ourselves if we don't give up. The movie presents the values of faithfulness, persistence, courage and empathy. You could talk about these values with your children, as well as:

  • the consequences of verbal and physical harassment
  • the inappropriateness of using violence to solve problems
  • our responsibility to care for animals.

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