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Saint Mark's Day, April 25. Names for boys

Saint Mark's Day, April 25. Names for boys

Marcos is a name for a boy of Latin origin whose meaning is related to the Roman god Mars. It therefore belongs to that family of names derived from the warrior god such as Marcial, Marcelino, Marcelo or Martín. It is a frequent name that can be perfect for your child as it is loaded with vigor and energy. Celebrate his name day on April 25th, what is the day of Saint Mark the Evangelist.

By the meaning of his name, Marcos is recognized as a vigorous and energetic person. With a charismatic personality, Marcos has the courage to face any situation and presents himself as the loyal and protective friend that everyone wants to have. In addition, Marcos also has a sensitive and emotional side with which he is capable of seducing anyone.

The masculine name Marcos has its origin in Latin. Specifically, it derives from the nickname 'Marcus, Marcellus' whose meaning is 'hammer, which refers to the god Mars'. However, many historians believe that Marcos is rooted in the Germanic language. What they do agree on is that this nickname for children refers to strength, for the symbol of its patron is a great winged lion.

Saint Mark the Evangelist is considered the author par excellence of the Gospel of Mark, which is based on the wisdom of his teacher Pedro. It is often said that the babies who receive this name, in addition to displaying the same strength and wisdom as Saint Mark the Evangelist, also have a marked personality of their own.

The name Marcos is known throughout the world and has some variants, each one more attractive, if possible. The German Markus and the Polish Marek are gaining strength, while the classics in English and French Mark and Marc remain. Although there is a variant that we especially like and the one preferred by most parents is the Italian Marco.

When we hear the name of your child, it immediately comes to mind the world of ancient Rome, with General Marco Antonio, who managed to seduce Cleopatra, or with Emperor Marco Aurelio, also known for his talents as a philosopher. Advancing a bit in history, we meet one of the most interesting characters who remains surrounded by legend, the traveler Marco Polo.

Today is also full of celebrities named Marcos, such as the basketball player Marc Gasol or the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. The Formula 1 championship also features Marc Gené and literature would not be the same without Mark Twain and his 'Adventures of Tom Sawyer'. Although surely the little ones are more attracted to this name because of the animated character, Marco.

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To find out which is the number that corresponds to Mark according to numerology we have to add the value of each of the letters that compose it according to the opposite that they occupy in the alphabet, calm down, we have already found out.

The number that corresponds to Mark the Evangelist According to numerology it is 3. What does this mean? Well, if we look at what the numbers say, in this case 3, we can learn more features about the way of being and the personality of those who carry or are going to carry this nickname.

- The most positive
As we can see, those who identify with the number 3 are great communicators, in the case of babies, it is said that they begin to speak at a very young age. In addition, they are outgoing people, friends of their friends, resourceful and very intelligent. It is also said that they have great gifts for learning and marked social skills.As for the values ​​to teach them since they are very young and that can help them to enhance the traits that we have just seen are, mainly, respect, friendship, companionship and solidarity.

- The most negative
Although they always help whoever they can, the fact of always being surrounded by friends makes them sometimes become a bit selective and leave out the people who are really with them because of their friendship, that is, they can become a little egocentric and believe the center of the world.

If you like the idea that your child be named after San Marcos Evangelista, but you prefer to opt for a compound one, wait to see the compound names that best combine with Marcos, surely more than one goes directly to the list of your favorites.

  • Marcos Antonio. This is one of the most classic combinations that exist. Antonio has its origin in Latin and comes to say something like 'a brave person who knows how to face his adversaries'.
  • Marcos Julio. A classic name next to another that never goes out of style, sounds good, right? Julio is also of Latin origin and means 'the son of Aeneas'.
  • Marcos Sergio. Don beautiful names that at the same time exude strength and personality. The nickname for children Sergio comes from the Latin 'Sergius' and translates to 'guardian, the protector'.
  • Juan Marcos. The compound name Juan Marcos is the last one on our list. Juan, as you well know, comes from the Hebrew 'Yôḥānnān' and means 'the one who is faithful to God'.

Do you like children's names that begin with the letter M? Let's look at other beautiful boy names that start with this consonant.

  • Matthew. Proper name for children of Hebrew origin that translates as 'the Gift that Yahveh grants'. It is one of the most popular in recent years.
  • Michael. It is also of Hebrew origin and means something like 'no man is like God'.
  • Manuel. It has a Hebrew root and several meanings, among them, 'God accompanies us and the Lord is always and will be with us'. Its diminutive is Manu.
  • Marcelo. It is a nickname for children of Latin origin that translates to 'young and brave warrior'. Famous for the Real Madrid footballer.
  • Mario. Of Hebrew origin it means 'to be loved by God'.
  • Martin. Of Latin origin, its meaning is 'Mars'.
  • Melchior. Male name of Hebrew origin that means 'the king of light'. If your little one is born in the middle of Christmas, perhaps it is a good option!

What did you think of everything we just told you about the name Marcos? Is this what you finally call your baby? Don't forget to share it with us!

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"When Iman began to crawl on all fours on the kitchen floor and floor of the living room, the knees of his pants blanched very quickly.To keep the fabric looks new, I had the idea of Put on those pants socks that his big sister did not put on and which I cut off the feet.It not only slides easily on the ground, but this technique also has the advantage of protecting my baby from the cold. "Maryline ( Venissieux)

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