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Protect your skin with sunbathing greenery

Protect your skin with sunbathing greenery

Age 6

Age 6

Your 3 3/4-year-old: Picky eaters

Your 3-year-old now

Preschoolers are seldom gourmands — they're too busy to be too interested in food, Some kids, though, are more adventuresome eaters than others. If you have one who tends to be finicky, you need to walk the fine line between haranguing and giving up. If you force foods on your child or try to make her clean her plate, she's apt to dig in her heels. You don't want to surround mealtimes and food with too much emotion. Don't let fussiness stop you from presenting healthy choices, though.

Many preschoolers go through a stage of fearing new foods. They'd rather skip the park for a week than let a single broccoli floret pass their lips. But this is also the age when children develop the food habits they'll have for a lifetime, so it's best to keep trying. Nutritionists have found that a new food may need to be presented as many as 20 times before a child will agree to try it. What's happening those other 19 times is that the child is growing more familiar with it. Even if she acts indifferent, she's smelling it, eyeing it, seeing how it feels in her hand or on a fork. She's also watching you eat it, which is another way of familiarizing herself. Obviously it's impossibly frustrating to prepare a special, nutritious dish for your child only to have it rejected again and again. This is another reason it's a good idea to offer your child small portions of whatever you've made for yourself (and another reason to cook nutritious food for yourself!).

Bottom line is, you're in charge of what food comes into the house and what gets put on the table. Your child is in charge of what goes in her mouth.

Your life now

As you watch your child branch out into a wider sphere of playmates, it's not uncommon to be a tiny bit anxious: Will she be well liked? Make friends easily? It's reassuring to know that some children mature socially later than others and may not have a strong interest in interacting with other kids until after they turn 4 or 5. Some kids are more naturally reserved. Neither situation, though, means you'll have a wallflower for life. With time, encouragement, and opportunity, your child's social world will expand. You may need to act as the social director for a while, arranging playdates or inviting a preschool mate for a snack.

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What do you know about your baby's burp?

What do you know about your baby's burp?


Hellboy II begins with a flashback to the Christmas of 1955, where we see a twelve-year-old Hellboy being told a bedtime story by his adoptive father Professor Trevor Bruttenholm (John Hurt). The story tells of a war between humans and mythical creatures such as Elves and Goblins. In an effort to defeat the humans, a Goblin devised and built an army of indestructible golden robot-like warriors, which were controlled by a golden crown worn by Balor (Roy Dotrice), King of the Elves. Balor was so appalled by the destruction inflicted upon the humans by the Golden Army that he forged a truce with the humans - the humans would keep to the cities and non-humans to the forests. The King's son Prince Nuada (Luke Goss) did not agree with the truce and went into exile. To prevent the Golden Army from ever rising again, the golden crown was broken into three pieces with one piece kept by King Balor, one piece given to the humans, one piece given to Princes Nuala (Anna Walton), Prince Nuada's twin sister.

The film cuts to present day where Prince Nuada has returned from exile with the intent of reclaiming the golden crown and awakening the Golden Army. To reclaim the piece held by the humans, Prince Nuada raids an auction house with an army of 'Tooth Fairies', killing all present. He then kills his father the King to reclaim the second piece, while Princess Nuala escapes with the third piece.

The Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD) is determined to track down those responsible for the attack on the auction house. Hellboy, also known as Red (Ron Perlman), his girlfriend Liz (Selma Blair), Abe Sapien (Doug Jones) a psychic fishman, and Johann Krauss (voice of Seth MacFarlane) a 'special agent' who exists in a containment suit as gaseous ectoplasm, join forces to find Prince Nuada while Princess Nuala is taken to BPRD headquarters for protection. When Prince Nuada attacks BPRD headquarters, kidnaps his sister, finds out the location of the Golden Army and wounds Hellboy with a magical spear, the battle begins in earnest.


The supernatural; destruction of the human species


Hellboy II contains frequent stylised action and fantasy violence. For example:

  • Prince Nuada attacks a large group of humans at an auction house, decapitating one person (actual decapitation not depicted). Two men are thrown through a window and octopus-like creatures are hurled at people and become attached to their victim's faces.
  • During an argument between Hellboy and Liz, a large steel door is ripped off its hinges and propelled through the air followed by Hellboy who lands on the ground with blackened smoking clothing.
  • When Hellboy, Liz, Abe and Johann enter the auction room following a 'tooth fairy' attack, they find a totally destroyed room with no survivors only a reddish, blackish goo covering the floor, which we are told is tooth fairy excrement. We are also told that the tooth fairies eat people and go for people's teeth first. Hellboy and the others are attacked by a large swarm of tooth fairies. Hellboy squashes one tooth fairy - we see the Fairy squashed and goo. Tooth fairies totally engulf a man's body and appear to be eating the man's head. Tooth fairies attack Abe, bitting his arm. We see Hellboy and the other shoot several of the tooth fairies and we see Hellboy covered with tooth fairies. A large stone statue crashes through a wall, squashing dozens of tooth fairies. Tooth fairies climb into a man's clothing with the man screaming and rolling down stairs. Liz uses her pyrokenetic powers to create a fire-explosion that destroys all the tooth fairies and simultaneously blows Hellboy through a window. Hellboy falls a couple of stories to the ground to land on the roof of a police car.
  • When Prince Nuada confronts his father the King a fight erupts, with Nuada decapitating one guard (we see some blood splatter) and impaling another through the stomach with his sword. He stabs his father through the chest with his sword. We also see a large cave troll (Mr Wink), who has a metal mace replacing his right hand, smashing people over the head.
  • When Hellboy and the team visit the Troll Market, we see images of an old lady with several kittens. We are told that the old lady is really a female troll and that she eats the kittens for food. We see the old lady's mouth change shape as she goes to put a kitten into her mouth, but the lady is disturbed before she can accomplish the task. Hellboy tells the old woman that he will rip her heart out. He punches her in the face, sending her flying through the air.
  • At the Troll Market, Hellboy interrogates a male troll holding a baby. Hellboy punches the troll holding the baby in the face. We are told that the troll baby is not a baby, but a tumour.
  • When Abe corners Princess Nuala in the troll market, she holds a knife to his throat. Mr Wink hits Abe over the head with his mace hand and then throws Abe through a wall. Mr Wink's mace-like hand ejects from his arm and propels through the air to smash Hellboy in the face, throwing Hellboy through the air. Hellboy repeatedly punches Mr Wink in the stomach and Hellboy and Mr Wink repeatedly punch each other in the face. Mr Wink knocks Hellboy through a stone bridge (we see a small amount of blood on Hellboy's nose). Hellboy continues punching Mr Wink until Mr Wink is lying unconscious on the ground. Mr Wink gets up and ejects his mace-hand, which propels itself through the air. Instead of the mace-hand hitting Hellboy, it gets stuck in a giant mulching machine. The machine drags Mr Wink in, crushing him to death.
  • Prince Nuada lets loose a giant man-eating plant with tentacles that erupts up through the road, sending cars flying in all directions. The creature picks up cars and throw them around like toys. One car is thrown into the path of a helicopter, causing it to crash and explode in flames. Hellboy saves a baby from a car and, carrying the baby in his tail, scales a building to escape.
  • During one scene inside BPRD headquarters, we see numerous monster-like creatures wrestling with humans and throwing them around.
  • Hellboy punches Johan in the helmet causing the helmet to break and gas to escape. The gas then takes form and attacks Hellboy. It hits Hellboy in the head and face with locker doors.
  • We see Prince Nuada wiping blood off his sword with several bodies (BPRD guards) lying dead on the ground around him. Prince Nuada cuts his sister's cheek with a sword and holds a spear to Hellboy's throat. Nuada hurls Hellboy through the air causing Hellboy to crash into furniture. Nuada spears Hellboy in the chest with the tip of the spear breaking off and remaining in Hellboy's chest. Later, we see Hellboy lying on an examination table with a silver shard of metal protruding from his chest.
  • Hellboy, Liz, Abe and Johann battle with the droid-like warriors of the Golden Army. We see Johann as vapour enter the metal body of one of the golden warriors and then pull the metal warrior apart. Hellboy uses an arm from a golden warrior as a weapon to smash other warriors. The ground is littered with metal warrior parts. They begin to put themselves back together as the golden warriors repair themselves.
  • In the final battle, Hellboy challenges Prince Nuada to a fight. Throughout the fight, we see numerous high-speed stylised kicks, punches, jumps and twirls inter-woven with lightening quick sword and spear play with many near misses as Nuada repeatedly attempts to spear Hellboy. At times, we see Hellboy disappear into the spinning cogs of gigantic machinery only to reappear unhurt from another part of the giant machine. Nuada receives a cut to his arm and we see an identical cut spontaneously appear on Nuala's arm. After an extended fight, Hellboy manages to restrain Nuada by holding a sword blade to his throat.
  • Nuada, holding a dagger, moves towards Hellboy in a manner suggesting that he is about to stab Hellboy in the back, but suddenly stops short with shock. We see Princess Nuala holding a dagger she has just plunged into her chest (we see a brown stain appearing on the front of Nuala's dress). Nuala falls to the ground and both Nuada and Nuala die and turn to stone.

Content that may disturb children

Under 8

Hellboy II is full of mythical creatures and beasts specifically designed to have a scary appearance. In addition to the above-mentioned violent scenes, there are several scenes and images in this movie that could scare or disturb children under the age of eight. For example:

  • Hellboy/Red is a demonic red-skinned creature with two large cut-off horns protruding from his head, a tail and a large fist that appears as if made of stone.
  • Mr Wink is a cave troll the size of two men with hair-like spikes sticking out all over his back, and very large tusks protruding from his lower jaw. Instead of having a right hand, he has a metal mace capable of shooting out like a leashed weapon to strike his enemies. Mr Wink makes animal-like grunts and growls.
  • The metal warriors of the Golden Army appear as giant golden eggs when inert. When awoken, they fold out to resemble very large terminator-like droids with bladed arms and a bright internal glow that radiates from their bodies and faces.
  • Both Prince Nuada and Princess Nuala have an appearance that may scare or disturb younger children. Both have very pale white skin, a little corpse-like in appearance, with large dark eyes that have pale yellow animal-like pupils and long straight platinum-coloured hair. They both have horizontal scar-like lines running across their faces, giving their faces a divided, segmented appearance. King Balor had a similar appearance, but also has large antler styled horns coming out of the top of his head. By the movie's end, we see all three turn to stone and crumble after dying.
  • The movie contains images of octopus-like creatures that attach themselves to the faces of human victims with the human running around in terror trying to pull the creature from their face.
  • Abe has greenish-blue colouring, dark fish-like eyes, gills protruding from his neck and fins protruding from the sides of arms.
  • In BPRD headquarters, we see all sorts of monster-like creatures. Some are cow-like creatures with tentacles and mouths full of fangs.
  • Liz is able to cause her body to become engulfed in flames, giving her the appearance of being on fire.
  • The film contains images of 'tooth fairies' who appear initially as small cute crab-like creatures with wings. When feeding, the tooth fairies take on a much more scary, threatening appearance, revealing rows of large razor-sharp teeth. They attack their victims as a large group, like a swarm of flying Piranhas.
  • Johann Krauss exists as an ectoplasmic being contained within a sealed suit. The suit has a glass fishbowl-like helmet with swirling smoke inside. The helmet has vents on the top, which continuously vent gasses from the helmet. At one stage Johann leaves his containment suit and we see him existing as a ghost-like fog. At times, Johann uses gaseous tendrils to enter the bodies of others and possess them. We see thin strands of smoke leaving Johann's suit and enter the nose of his victim.
  • The scene at the Troll market contains images of many scary-looking mythical beasts and creatures. One troll-like creature has a baby protruding from his side. We are told that this is not a baby but a tumour.
  • One scene contains images of a giant man-eating plant with long branch-like tentacles and an orchid-like flower for a head.
  • The movie contains images from early 20th-century horror films, including a 1930s version of Frankenstein and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.
  • The Angel of Death is a large, looming, winged creature with skeletal fingers, sharp teeth, and a bony protrusion covering its eyes. The creature has dozens of creepy-looking eyes covering its wings.
  • A tooth fairy lying on an examination table vomits a blood-like substance as it dies.
  • After a battle, the ground is littered with metal warrior parts, which begin to put themselves back together as the golden warriors repair themselves.
  • One scene contains images of a baby trapped in a car that is in the path of a man-eating plant. Hellboy rescues the baby, using his tail to carry it. We see Hellboy being chased by the plant, jumping from building to building while holding the baby. Hellboy and baby are thrown through the air at one stage.
  • An old woman picks up a kitten and holds it up to her mouth. Her mouth begins to change, becoming larger and more like a predator. It looks as if the old woman is about to eat the kitten, but when interrupted the old woman's mouth returning to normal and she puts down the kitten. We also see images of the old lady through special glasses that transforms the old lady's appearance to that of a brutish troll.

From 8-13

Children in this age group are also likely to be disturbed by scenes described above.

Over 13

Most children in this age group should be able to cope with the scenes described above.

Sexual references

There are some sexual references in this movie, including a scene in which we hear Abe and Liz taking about Liz being pregnant. We hear Liz telling Hellboy that she is pregnant. Liz later tells Hellboy that she is having twins.

Alcohol, drugs and other substances

There is some use of substances in this movie. For example:

  • Several scenes contain images of Hellboy drinking canned beer. We see a locker, belonging to Hellboy, full of cans of beer.
  • In one scene, Hellboy and Abe drink beer over an extended period with the two becoming intoxicated as a result. Both slur their words and sing sad love songs.
  • In several scenes throughout the movie, we see Hellboy smoking large fat cigars. Hellboy's boss uses Cuban cigars as an enticement. In one scene, Hellboy becomes disturbed and violent when a cigar he is smoking is damaged.

Nudity and sexual activity

There is some nudity and sexual activity in this movie. For example:

  • Liz kisses Hellboy on the forehead.
  • Liz performs a pregnancy test several times.
  • A large stone fertility statue has an extended stomach and breasts.
  • Liz kneels on a bed wearing a tank top and underwear.

Product placement

The film contains some product placement, including the following:

  • Red/Hellboy is depicted in several scenes drinking brand-named canned beer.
  • Cuban cigars are featured in a couple of scenes.
  • Hellboy is depicted eating brand-named candy bars in a couple of scenes.

Coarse language

Hellboy II contains some infrequent low-level coarse language, putdowns and name-calling.

Ideas to discuss with your children

Hellboy II - The Golden Army is the sequel to the 2004 film Hellboy. It is an action fantasy adventure targeted at older adolescents and adults. The film depicts a world full of magic, fantasy and horror with many supernatural and demonic creatures. Hellboy is a reluctant hero who often feels like an unwanted freak and is judged by the public by his appearance, rather than what he does.

You might wish to discuss with your children the values implicit in Hellboy's behaviour. For example, rather than being a mindless follower, Hellboy continuously questions and evaluates the rightness of his actions and how his actions affect others.

The Strenna Novena It is a tradition very enjoyed by all the children and those who can already read take turns reading the Novena booklet to read it aloud. In order for you to do a traditional Novena, you must say a few daily prayers the nine days prior to the Christmas. The 9 considerations are also read, which relate the story of the birth of the child Jesus.

InGuiainfantil.com we have the full Novena. On this occasion we bring you the prayer to Saint Joseph that you must read after the prayer to the Blessed Virgin:

Oh, Most Holy Joseph, husband of Mary and putative father of Jesus!,

infinite thanks I give to God because he chose you for such sovereign mysteries

and adorned you with all the gifts provided to such excellent greatness.

I beg you, for the love you had for the Divine Child,

you embrace me in fervent desire to see him and receive him sacramentally,

while in his divine essence I see him and I enjoy him in heaven.


(A Our father, a Hail Mary and a Glory to the Father)

Afterwards, the Aspirations or Joys are read and sung.

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Recipes with strawberries for children, with many vitamins

Strawberries are one of the most grateful fruits to cook, both in desserts and in some savory dishes. These recipes for children with strawberries are a small sample of everything we can do with this beautiful and special fruit.

Although children tend to have difficulties when it comes to tasting most fruits, strawberries tend to accept them more easily, because of their attractive color and their sweet, slightly acid taste. A delight for children.

Strawberry is an important source of vitamin C, very necessary for growth for children, in addition to other nutrients.

They can also contribute carbohydrates and fiber to children's diets, thus helping to control constipation in children.

They are also a good alternative to prepare rich desserts but that contribute to reducing childhood obesity, because strawberries contain a large amount of water and very few calories.

They contain folic acid, so they should be present in the menu of pregnant women, who need this nutrient during the first months of pregnancy.

Strawberries have the disadvantage of having a short season, about four months a year, which ends when the intense heat arrives.

To preserve them it is necessary to leave them in the fridge or in any cool and dark place, in a flat container so that they do not get crushed.

As they will only last in good condition for a few days, we encourage you to give them a go with some of these recipes, so you will try these varied children's recipes.

Strawberry and coconut mousse. We teach you how to make a delicious strawberry dessert: a strawberry, coconut and cinnamon mousse. Step by step recipe for strawberry and coconut mousse with cinnamon.

Homemade strawberry cake. A rich and wonderful recipe, step by step, of the strawberry cake with cream. Very easy to prepare, and it is also a good recipe to encourage children to eat fruits. Cooking with children requires fun, safety, and adult supervision. Enjoy your meal!

Strawberry chocolates. These strawberry chocolates are the perfect dessert for your children to be encouraged to try the fruit, they can also prepare them. Easy chocolate strawberry recipe for kids. desserts with fruits for children.

Homemade strawberry ice cream. Ice creams are a delight for children in hot weather, especially homemade strawberry ice cream, a recipe for children for a natural and simple dessert. our site tells us how to make this recipe, step by step.

Crepes with strawberries. Get a healthy and balanced snack for children with this recipe for crepes with fruits. Recipes with fruit for children. Traditional recipe for crepes. Learn how to prepare fruit crepes with this rich and easy recipe. The fruit crepes are ideal to enjoy at breakfast time or as a children's snack.

Strawberry cupcakes. Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits, with them children can prepare a recipe for strawberry cupcakes to give as a gift on Mother's Day.

Strawberry carpaccio. The Strawberry and Kiwi Carpaccio is a light, nutritious and very refreshing recipe, especially in times of less cold. And one more way to get children to taste and eat fruits.

Yogurt and strawberry mousse. Fruit desserts are very suitable for introducing children to healthy eating, such as the children's recipe for yogurt and strawberry mousse, a soft dessert.

Strawberry gazpacho. For hot seasons, prepare this strawberry gazpacho, a refreshing soup with fruit that will delight you as it is a simple and tasty recipe for children.

Cereal with strawberries and banana. A spring breakfast for moms can be this recipe for cereal, strawberry and banana. A recipe for children with many vitamins and very fresh for spring and summer.

Strawberry milkshake. Vitamin C, folic acid and calcium, this strawberry and banana smoothie contains the necessary nutrients to be a perfect fruit dessert for children and pregnant women.

Strawberry Mousse. our site offers a recipe for strawberry mousse, very practical and convenient to make with children. A good excuse to take the little ones from the house to the kitchen.

Easy strawberry mousse. For children to start getting into the kitchen, nothing better than this easy and quick strawberry mousse with which they will enjoy eating fruit.

Strawberry and chocolate pizza. Chocolate pizza with strawberries. An ideal recipe for dessert, for a snack, and even for the children's birthday party. our site offers you step by step, an original recipe, easy and very quick to make. Children will lick their fingers.

Strawberry granita. Strawberry granita recipe. A delicious and refreshing dessert or snack for children. our site offers you an easy and simple recipe to make even with the participation of children.

Panacota with strawberries. The panacota is one of the best known Italian desserts. It is versatile, exquisite, and children tend to like it a lot. If we add strawberries to this, one of the favorite fruits of children, we have a fantastic mixture that they are sure to love.

Crepe with strawberry and mascarpone. At GuiaInfantil we propose a mixture of flavors that your family will not be able to resist: the sweetness of the crepes, the softness of the Mascarpone cheese and the intensity of the strawberry. Crepes filled with Mascarpone cheese and strawberries.

Strawberry and cherry smoothie. Strawberry and cherry smoothie full of vitamins and antioxidants, both for children and pregnant women. We explain how to make this refreshing and creamy smoothie.

Strawberry popsicles. Strawberry popsicles for kids. We suggest you make delicious and refreshing natural strawberry popsicles at home with the children. It will be an exquisite dessert for your children's food or for a very tasty snack and ideal for a hot summer afternoon.

Christmas log with cream and strawberries. Here's a delicious twist on the popular Christmas Log for the holidays. It is a log with chocolate dough and cream filled with strawberries. Ideal to add some fruit to your dessert. Enjoy a homemade recipe, exquisite and very easy to make.

Puff pastry with strawberries and chocolate. We suggest you make this dessert quick and easy. It is a recipe for puff pastry with strawberries and chocolate. The mixture of both flavors is spectacular and all this, together with the crunchy puff pastry, make this recipe an ideal snack for the whole family.

Strawberry granita for children. our site offers you an easy and simple recipe to make even with the participation of children.

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