In Cosme - Significance and origin

In Cosme - Significance and origin

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Trinity Day, June 11. Names for girls

Trinidad is a name for a girl of Latin origin whose meaning is in relation to the religious mystery of the three people united in a single divinity. It therefore has some mystical connotations that are very attractive.

Although it is not one of the most frequent names, Trinidad is a very familiar name that has not become outdated despite its long tradition. He celebrates his name day on June 11, which is the day of the Holy Trinity.

Because of the meaning of her name, Trinidad has a special and mysterious personality that exerts a great influence on others. Sensitive and emotional, Trinidad exudes sweetness and kindness and adapts to any social situation. In addition, Trinidad possesses an intuitive intelligence and a highly developed sense of responsibility that make her successful in the workplace.

The name Trinidad is known in all languages. Perhaps its best known version is the English Trinity, although at no time has it been placed as one of the most frequent names. This particularity makes Trinidad the perfect name for your daughter because she will bear a traditional name, of great beauty, but which maintains its touch of originality.

Your daughter's name has become popular thanks to religious tradition. Not surprisingly, its meaning comes from one of the most interesting religious mysteries, that by which God is one and three at the same time. Father, son and holy spirit, three fundamental figures brought together in one that has led to numerous studies.

But with use, the name Trinidad is stripped of all religious nuance and becomes a special name thanks to its ambiguity. Because Trinidad is a woman's name, like Trinidad Jiménez in Spanish politics, but it is also a name for a child and a place name; We cannot forget the island of Trinidad and Tobago.

To know the origin and meaning of other names that celebrate their saint in the month of June, consult our calendar of the names of saints in June. You will find all the curiosities related to the name and date of your birthday.

Plus, we have the most comprehensive guide to baby names for boys and girls. Here you will find all the baby names arranged alphabetically to know their origin and meaning.

Laura Velez. Contributor to our site

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Recipes with cherries, sweet and savory for children

Cherries, like strawberries and other fruits, have a very short season during which we can find them in supermarkets. That is why you have to take advantage of those months to make some of these delicious recipes for children.

The recipes with cherries can be sweet, but also salty, they add a very special touch to meat and fish dishes, and even in a salad. The possibilities for children to discover this fruit are almost endless.

Cherries are a very interesting ingredient to add to a complete diet if we plan a menu for children.

It is a fruit that contains a large amount of iron, so it can help alleviate its deficiency in the body and the appearance of anemia.

They also have a high concentration of calcium, which strengthens bones, as well as a wide variety of vitamins A, B, and C.

Its antioxidant and diuretic properties are also important, we can give them to children who suffer from constipation.

But not only do they have key nutritional properties for feeding children, they are also very attractive to the senses.

If your children do not like fruit, cherries can be a good gateway to these foods, as they are quite popular.

Their refreshing taste, firm texture and attractive appearance make them, along with strawberries, one of the favorite fruits of children.

Dare to discover a large number of recipes for children that you can prepare with cherries during their short season.

Experiment with the children's recipes that we propose and tell us how you prepare these delicious dishes for your children.

Cheesecake with cherries. This cherry cheesecake recipe is great for dessert or for a kid's birthday party because it ties the cheese and fruit to the cookies and it looks like a ton.

Cherry ice cream. As children often reject fruit, we must think of children's recipes that use original presentations such as this homemade cherry ice cream. our site offers the recipe for homemade cherry ice cream, step by step.

Cherry smoothie. There are countless recipes for children with cherries that they will love, both in savory and sweet dishes, an example is this smoothie with cherries, banana and melon.

Cherry porridge. The diet of a baby has to be as varied as possible, so that he does not get bored. With the recipe for cherry, pear and banana porridge your child will eat a food with many vitamins from twelve months of age. We teach you how to prepare the recipe for this fruit puree for your baby.

Salad with cherries. Salads are the best accompaniment to a meat or fish dish, this salad recipe with cherries, nuts and cheese is very colorful and original.

Chicken with cherry sauce. Chicken is a very common meat on children's menus, due to its mild flavor and low fat content, which is why we recommend a recipe for children of baked chicken with cherry sauce.

Cookies with cherry. Cookies are the best recipes for children. Its preparation is usually simple, like that of these delicious cookies with cherry pieces. It is a way to add vitamins to a dessert or snack that your child is sure to love.

Cherry soup. To surprise children with a different dessert, prepare this children's recipe for cherry soup, they will love it for its surprising presentation and unique flavor.

Sponge cake with cherries. On our site we teach you how to make a homemade cake with cherries. Homemade cakes are the best choice for children's snacks. Try this cherry cake recipe and you will enjoy it with a unique dessert.

Cherry mousse with cream. The cherry mousse with cream is a very grateful dessert recipe for children, it is liked by young and old for its mild flavor and the vitamins of the fruit are also added.

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Amazing Homemade Cherry Crisp from frozen cherries!

Sure, babies don't sleep well – compared to adults. What many of us forget is that they're not supposed to sleep like adults. On the contrary, newborns should be waking up to eat every few hours. In fact, they're not even considered truly able to sleep through the night until 6 months old, although that milestone comes much later for many.

As new parents, my husband and I were tired. Of course. Exhausted, actually – but, we assumed, like pretty much every other new parent, it was typical. When friends and family would check in and we'd express our extreme fatigue, we always heard something like, "Yeah, it's really bad." Sometimes I'd become furious (lack of sleep left me with little to no coping skills) and growl, “Why didn't you tell us it was THIS bad?” They would assure us it was normal.

But what about babies who sleep even less than "normal?"

For months, our son slept in 45-minute stretches; two hours at best. He had colic and acid reflux. He was nursing every two hours, and I'd have to hold him upright for at least 20 minutes after he ate. He was miserable if we put him down, so most nights I covered myself with a large burp cloth and sat up with him, trying to get him to sleep.

It was exhaustion at a level I never knew existed. The first few days, you're tired. Coffee helps, sure. Brief naps while grandparents, siblings, friends take over give you a temporary recharge. But eventually, sadly, you become immune to improvement. Sleep deprivation is serious; it feels like a form of torture, and can be a danger to those around us.

I guess the bottom line is that no matter what you try, some kids suck at sleeping. Like mine.

And to anyone who asks "Did you try ____ ?" the answer is YES. We tried, we read, we watched, we bought every appliance and gadget, we cried, we prayed, and we begged.

In the midst of the situation at its worst, I wrote up joke advice to a pregnant friend on how she could prepare:

Stay up all night. Not once or twice; anyone can survive a few nights without sleep. Do it for a week so you are truly exhausted, to the point where you forget how to open the refrigerator. Now go to sleep, but set an alarm clock to go off shrilly 45 minutes later. What will be fun is that you will bolt upright in bed each time you hear a sound, probably no less than three times during those 45 minutes.

When it erupts, get up and try to rock that screaming alarm clock back to sleep. Throw in some weights ranging from 7 to 20 pounds to make it more authentic, and, if you can, find weights that squirm and scratch your face (to simulate the fingernails you forgot to trim because YOU ARE SO TIRED that you have started to wonder if your child will really need to go to college or if you can spend your savings on a live-in nanny … for the next 18 years).

Once you get the alarm to sleep, you can go back to bed – for another 45 minutes, max. Then wake up and attach a vacuum hose to your nipple for the next five hours (bonus points if you scratch them raw with sandpaper beforehand). This is called "cluster feeding," and it will be your new nemesis.

Once that's done, it's time to get up for the day. Drink some coffee – otherwise you'll be likely to diaper the wrong end of your baby. When nap time arrives, you will finally have a chance to sleep with your baby. But guess what? That coffee you needed to survive won't let you; you're wide awake.

Congratulations. You've survived one day of "new mom sleep deprivation"!

As the months progressed, it didn't get better. There were no daytime naps, just me swinging and rocking him for upwards of an hour to get maybe 20 minutes of sleep. We finally found that our son would sleep in his swing — hallelujah! — only to have a well-meaning family member tell us it was dangerous. So we stopped using the swing and he stopped sleeping.

I can't remember feeling as desperate at any point in my life as I did at that moment: desperate for sleep, for the return of my mental faculties. My brain felt like it had big holes. I wasn't able to remember things. Life was a blur passing me by. I'd been extremely tired before, of course, we all have; but this was like nothing I'd ever known. Still, I continued to wonder if it was typical, if like mine, all new babies slept this poorly. I tried my best to carry on.

The tipping point came the night I sat and watched green lights dancing on my closet doors. Eventually, I called my husband into the room and asked him where the lights were coming from. He was stumped; he thought I was making a joke. The question quickly turned into an argument (exhaustion), until we finally determined I was seeing something he wasn't. A doctor's visit two days later confirmed that I had started hallucinating from exhaustion.

The thing is, I needed perspective, so I asked, and then I got inundated with people telling me that "all new parents are tired," and so I accepted that our story was normal. But it wasn’t. My baby wasn't sleeping, and that wasn't healthy for any of us. At the advice of our doctor, we hired a sleep coach and my son finally began to sleep.

In hindsight, I wish I'd realized that motherhood isn’t the same for everyone. One family's struggle may be a nonissue for another. What’s important is to do what's best for you. I should have known the debilitating exhaustion was weighing me down more than was tolerable or healthy and talked to the doctor sooner.

I'll do many things differently if I have more kids. Most importantly, I won't compare my journey to others. No matter what other parents tell me.

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

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Nuna Pepp Luxx Stroller

Nuna Pepp Luxx Stroller

After the kid comes over, what do I do? - Vekerdy ​​answers

After the kid comes over, what do I do? - Vekerdy ​​answers

How to talk about emotions and feelings with children

We must not only teach children to reason but also to understand their feelings and emotions. It is not always easy for us to talk with our children about emotions and feelings, but it would be enormously beneficial for them to have the opportunity and the necessary words to communicate their most intimate thoughts, their feelings, their dislikes, their regrets, their affection. .. in short, open its interior.

Communication between parents and children is essential for there to be harmony at home and for lasting emotional ties to be established between us. Talking with them about what they have done, what they have learned, or who they have been with is an excellent way to get to know them ... but one more step is for them to tell us how they have felt, if they have been happy, sad or angry. ..., for me this is the beginning of an indestructible confidence.

The bonds of union are more powerful the greater the capacity to speak of intimate and individual aspects. Showing our weaknesses, our fears or our joy does not make us vulnerable within family ties, but rather makes us more human and natural.

I acknowledge that, sometimes, I find it difficult to talk about how I feel, what my feelings are ..., for example, on many occasions, I look at my children and I want to kiss them, I want to tell them that I love them, but I don't. I shut up and, only on rare occasions, squeeze them and say the magic words "I love you". Sometimes out of shame and sometimes out of haste, the fact is that we go through life playing tough, supporting our tensions and avoiding giving free rein to our emotions.

The best thing would be for our children, when they want to laugh, laugh, when they want to cry, cry, when they feel injustice, ask for justice, and when they feel sorry for a mistake, ask for forgiveness. For this, we are once again their models, we are the most suitable to provide them with the necessary tools. Many fathers and mothers suffer greatly from the lack of loving and sincere expression of their children to whom they have given so much.

Their relationships become a distant cordial expression of conviviality, lack of emotion and gratitude. It is best to start expressing our feelings as soon as possible, but it is never too late to "move the piece" and tell the children that we love them (they surely know it, but we all need to hear it sometime). Talking about our feelings and teaching our children to talk about them will undoubtedly make us live happier. Doesn't a kiss and a sincere "I love you" from our son make our day happy?

Mirna Santos. Copywriter

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