Herbod pronunciation - Meaning of origin

Herbod pronunciation - Meaning of origin

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Month 6 in utero: brain, lungs, hair ... only changes!

Highly equipped on the brain side, your future baby becomes receptive to tactile stimulation. His muscles grow, his nails appear, his hair thickens, his lungs mature ... amazing, this sixth month!

A very tactile month

  • If it was already equipped with tactile receivers on the entire body since the 5th month, it is only at the end of the 6th that the nerve pathways responsible for driving information from the surface of the skin to the cerebral cortex are set up.
  • Thanks to this equipment now very complete, the fetus starts to be reactive tactile stimulation: a touch, a pressure, a slight pinch. It is more sensitive on its ventral side than on its dorsal part. How do we know all this? Extrapolating observations made on premature babies born at 6 months of pregnancy (25 weeks).

Muscles, nails, hair ... only changes

At this age, your future baby is still skinny, but a little less angular.

  • It does not have a lot of fat, but his muscles grow generously and round the corners, especially at the buttocks and shoulders.
  • Bones continue to harden and begin to articulate themselves.
  • The nails appear, the hair thickens. A thick, oily substance, vernix caseosa, covers the skin to protect it.

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At what age can children bathe or shower alone?

Mitosyl Irritations Ointment

Blood cancer in menstruation - what can it cause?

Blood cancer in menstruation - what can it cause?

It is common for women to also have coagulated lumps of blood during menstruation. Need to worry about these? What Problems Can Blinds Refer to?

There are many problems with menstrual bleeding: for example, too much or too little menstrual blood, but many also turn to cure when they have a bruise. Whether it counts as a lump of blood, and what's in the background, dr. By Lхrincz Ildikut, the Center for Nursing has been asked about Nursing Endocrinology.

When did you count as a cure?

During menstruation, many people come into contact with vertebrae, which are typically gelatinous and dark in color. This occurs especially during the first few days when the bleeding is strongest. The reason is that the leaf blister sometimes disappears in larger pieces. Fortunately, the cases are overwhelming There is no harm in the present. However, it can be a problem if the blood is too large or too long and menstrual periods are severe and painful. In such cases, it is worthwhile to consult a clinician who will determine if you have abnormal condition and what may be causing the problem.


An octopus is a malignant tumor of the epidermis, which it multiplies spotting bleeding, pregnancy pressures, or heavy, lumpy bleeding call your attention. It usually occurs over 40 years, and when suspected, it needs to be coagulated. If there is evidence of an octopus, which is why it is justified to eliminate it, it is also important to have a histological analysis to rule out the presence of malignancy.


The great majority of miscarriages occur when women just don't even realize the concept has begun. In such a case, the person most often experiences only that a her menstruation has lasted for a couple of days and is stronger and more painful than usual It also has many other features. Unfortunately, this positive test can be reversed, in which case you should seek medical attention immediately, as it may be necessary to have a pregnancy after a certain pregnancy.Severe bleeding is often accompanied by severe pain

You and a malignant tumor

If a person finds blood in their menstrual blood, it may also indicate the presence of a tumor, which may be either benign or malignant. In the former case, the polypone is characteristic miуma can develop, which causes skin-like symptoms like octopus, because it is a muscle tumor. The problem often develops an estrogen dominance effectso it can be medicated, help with the hormone-containing spiral, or it may require surgery.
Unfortunately, in the case of piece bleeds, malicious formulas could not be ruled out, so the symptom must be taken seriouslyso that the right therapy can be started as soon as you can be a lifesaver! "In order to be able to distinguish between tumors, there is a great need for a biopsy," says dr. Ildikou Lхrincz.

Blood clotting disorder

Blood disorders are often caused by increased blood coagulation, so in case of a complaint it is worthwhile to have exams, as it can refer to thrombophilia, which can result in increased blood formation! Not only lumps of blood can occur at this time, but infertility and miscarriage can occur! If thrombophilia is confirmed, it may be necessary to have blood clotting therapy as the condition increases the likelihood of thrombosis! Source: Nizhnyabszentrum CentrumAlso worth reading:
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