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Agatha Christie Biography and Life Story - The Queen of Crime

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Depilatory creams used during pregnancy

Game ideas for kids on rainy days

Zaza the hen of the Tartempois

According to an Age report, researchers in Australia conducted a study and found that caring for a child is the only activity that displeases mothers far more than fathers, which contradicts stereotypes, Kerala Health News reports.
Women have a much more positive view of their job than men, although for both sexes, paid work is second, after child care, in the top of the most negative activities.
The stereotype that men are heads of the family and women who care for it; it does not have a positive effect as we would expect.
The study shows that working parents feel happiest when they socialize, when they take on community activities, and when they recreate.
To complete this study, 173 parents who were working either part-time or full-time were monitored.
The results show that younger parents with young children spend more time caring for the child while older parents spend more time working or doing social activities.
Parents, especially women between the ages of 25-30, feel more depressed over time than those between the ages of 52 and 57.
Overall, the data show that older parents have a more positive attitude.
Alina Sica
January 14, 2008

Meaning of the name Deodato. Name for boys

How do you teach the boy to pee in the toilet
Name Raoul - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Short, Germanic

Meaning of the name:

From the German rad, "advice", and wolf, "wolf". Between the 8th and 10th centuries, Raoul was very widespread. In the 13th century, Raoul de Cambrai's chanson de geste, linked to Doon's epic poem in Mainz and staging a feudal revolt, was very successful.
Today, the name Raoul is rather rare.


The American filmmaker Raoul Walsh, the French writer and journalist Raoul Follereau (1903-1977), known for his fight against leprosy, the French painter and engraver Raoul Duffy, the French writer Raoul Hausmann.
Raoul Petite is also the name of a French rock band.

Saint Raoul Milner was hanged for his Catholic faith in 1591.


Ralph, Ralf, Raff, Raul, Ralphe, Relef, Ralfs.

His party :

His birthday: July 7th.

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Each of the multivitamin supplements currently available for little babies contains folic acid in the range of 0.53 to 0.8 milligrams.

How much folic acid?

In the folic acid tablet, this amount is 3 milligrams more. Which one do we choose? Studies on the prevention of developmental abnormalities have shown that not only folic acid is responsible for the overall effect, but also processes currently unknown to vitamin B12 and vitamin B6. mg of folic acid is recommended. Because nerve endurance abnormalities develop in the very early stages of pregnancy, monitoring of folic acid levels prior to pregnancy is recommended. 2 to 3 days before the planned conception start folic acid intake.Natural sources of folic acid include leafy greens, egg yolk, liver, orange, tangerine, lemon, kiwi, avocado and banana. But a lot of folic acid is also found in tomatoes, asparagus, radishes, artichokes, starches and legumes. Among the oilseeds are di, almonds and hazelnuts, as well as wholemeal cereals and yeasts are high in folic acid.Related articles about folic acid:
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