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Ski: opt for the "Famille plus montagne" resorts

Ski: opt for the "Famille plus montagne" resorts

Are you planning to ski with your toddlers in the coming weeks? If you have not booked yet, think of the resorts labeled "Family plus mountain", specially adapted for the home of families and toddlers.

  • If you plan to go skiing with your toddlers, think of the stations labeled Family plus mountain. In total, 43 resorts in France have received this label which guarantees families adapted entertainment for all, a local medical service and qualified professionals to supervise your children. Pierre Balme, president of the "Famille Plus Montagne" working group, tells us more about these stations.

How to be sure that a ski resort is suitable for children?

  • That's the point of the Famille Plus label! The resorts that have obtained it offer adapted childcare facilities, nurseries from 18 months, a secure snow garden that allows toddlers to learn sliding sports, heated retreat places, attractive prices for families. Not all stations offer these guarantees.

Which resorts would you recommend more specifically?

  • Mont-Dore, in Auvergne, offers a program for toddlers. Also accessible for a weekend, you have the Bresse, in the Vosges, with its cross-country skiing, ice rink ... And again the 2 Alps, a station flat, exceptional, with small practical lifts. In Courchevel, you have a toboggan run of 2 km. In Valloire, lamas! Each labeled resort has its own specificities, its games and its lot of surprises. Essential to give children the taste of the mountains ... and the effort!

To find your station: then on the site of the selected station.

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Are there any negative effects of breastfeeding on the baby?

Are there any negative effects of breastfeeding on the baby?

So far, there has been talk only about the benefits of breastfeeding on children, at least in number. Regarding the disadvantages of breastfeeding, there are indeed disadvantages of breastfeeding for mothers, but it is difficult to identify its negative effects on the baby. Doctors have managed to identify small differences in the health of breastfed and breastfed children, but they say they do not pose significant problems from a medical perspective.

It seems that the food from the first days of life of the baby (breast milk) influences its future health. In general, the influences are beneficial:

  • decreases the risk of sudden death in infants;

  • provides protection against infections (containing antibodies and strengthening the immune system);

  • reduces the risk of diabetes;

  • the risk of different types of cancer decreases;

  • reduces the risk of Krohn's disease and other digestive problems;

  • reduces the risk of allergies and asthma, etc.

Are there any negative effects of breastfeeding on the baby?

Specialists have observed that babies who are breast-fed have lower blood pressure than the normal average in the first years of life compared to babies fed with milk formulas (69.72 mmHg at 3 years of age, compared with 74.05 mmHg - in those feed on milk formula).

It seems that the circumference of the breast of the breastfed children is a little larger than that of those who are fed powdered milk. Until the age of 3 years there were no differences in the height or weight of the children, nor in the composition of the fat layers, but they had a head circumference of 0.2 cm (maximum 0.5 cm).

Breast milk is undoubtedly a unique and even miraculous food in the health of babies, but it is very low in vitamin D. Milk formulas are enriched with vitamins and minerals and give the baby the recommended doses of these to grow healthy and strong. However, they also have disadvantages, because breast milk contains unique nutrients, which cannot be synthesized and integrated into powdered milk. In addition, some doctors say, vitamin D can be activated in the body by simply exposing the baby to the sun.

Babies who were breastfed in the first week of life had lower levels of insulin in their blood than those who were fed powdered milk. This effect seems to disappear until the children turn 9 months old. Insulin is needed in baby's health because it regulates blood sugar levels, synthesizes proteins, stimulates cell growth, etc.

Specialists argue that the guilt for these differences would be the level of protein in the children's diet.

They argue that these changes in children's health are small and do not pose major medical problems. But I don't know what the long-term impact of this discovery is for children. I cannot say whether they will worsen or will disappear by themselves over the years. The findings are relatively recent and physicians do not have a complete assessment of the evolution of these consequences.

However, they do not discourage breastfeeding in any way and argue that the positive effects of breastfeeding are far outweighed by the less beneficial effects and that breastfeeding remains a unique and essential form of child-rearing.

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Facts about boys and girls Gender identity (the feeling of a child as a boy or a girl) begins to develop and develop in the early years of childhood. Are the differences between the two sexes innate or learned later, or do we expect the difference from boys and girls? For any reason, you only need to spend a few minutes with your young child and friends to see obvious gender differences. Our editorial; looking for answers to the question of where these differences begin.Born or later?Most psychologists think that innate characteristics are the reasons for the differences between boys and girls. However, many emphasize that how they are raised and how they are treated is more important in uncovering differences. Congenital Biological explanations for gender differences are based on scientific facts. Studies have shown that male babies have higher rates of testosterone hormone, which is associated with aggression and mobility even during pregnancy. It is very difficult to deny that this fact plays a role in gender differences. In another biological origin approach, women should have a more protective and protective domesticated instinct than having a baby; therefore, while boys enjoy aggressive games, it is argued that girls enjoy playing with babies and soft toys. Learning Theorists believe that the different behaviors of parents towards girls and boys create differences between the two genders. Would you always dress your boy in pink clothes and get him a baby for his birthday? These sharp differences between the sexes are due to the different attitudes that we have acquired from the very beginning. Research shows that parents rebuked girls for aggressive behavior, while boys more tolerated this behavior. Clothing: Girls and boys wear the same style of clothing (t-shirts, pants, sneakers…), but girls tend to wear pink. Aggression: Hitting tends to use verbal arguments rather than physical aggression in their discussion. In fact, boys are more vulnerable than girls and tend to be more affected by their environment when it comes to physical and emotional problems. Brain development: We now know that the brains of girls and boys develop differently. The left hemisphere of the brain controls speech and language, while the right hemisphere controls visual memory. Research shows that left hemisphere first developed in girls and right hemisphere first in boys. For this reason, girls acquire language skills faster than boys. Games: Boys like hard games with plenty of contention, while girls' tendencies are the opposite. For example, boys enjoy more outdoor games, while girls enjoy sitting games more. Freedom: Girls are able to act more independently of boys than boys. For example, they are quicker in learning to dress on their own and, on average, gain control of the bladder and bowel muscles, which is the main point in acquiring toilet habits. Risk taking: Boys have a more adventurous attitude than girls and tend to take more risks. Research has shown that families tend to approve such behaviors when they do boys and not to approve them when they do girls.

Movie for children. The Croods: A Prehistoric Adventure

Movie for children. The Croods: A Prehistoric Adventure

THE CROODS 2 Trailer 2020 A NEW AGE, Animation Movie

Pregnancy and the herpes simplex virus

Pregnancy and the herpes simplex virus

7 tried-and-true Halloween games for school parties

7 tried-and-true Halloween games for school parties

If you've got kids in preschool or elementary school, you may be very familiar with the last-minute quest to procure games for the Halloween Party. I've done this dance for a decade now, so I thought I'd compile a list of my tried and true favorites that have worked from preschool all the way through fifth grade.

These are fun, easy, and don't require buying much stuff. They're the ones I come back to year after year, and the ones that are easiest for kids of all ages and abilities to grasp.

7 Tried-and-True Halloween Games For School Parties

Spider Blow

Each child uses a milkshake straw to blow plastic spiders to the finish line! This can also be done in teams; the first team to finish all kids is the winner.

Candy Corn Relay

If the party's in a classroom, I typically set this up in the hallway outside. Create a relay course (just a few cones or boxes is fine).

Set a bowl of candy corn on one end of your course and an empty bowl on the other end. The first child in line scoops a few pieces of candy corn out of the bowl and maneuvers through the course to dump it into the empty bowl; they then run the spoon back and gives it to the next person in line.

The next person takes another scoop of candy corn and maneuvers through the course to dump it into the bowl. Continue until all of the candy corn has been scooped from one container to the other.

Pumpkin Toss

Place a piece of duct tape on the floor. Set up three plastic buckets (Halloween jack-o-lanterns work great) at increasing distances from the tape. Have kids line up with toes on tape and throw candy corns into the pumpkins. More points for the pumpkins farthest away.

Dracula Mover

Give each child a pair of plastic Dracula teeth. Place a small bowl full of food (Pretzels, popcorn, marshmallows, candy corn) in front of them as well as an empty bowl. Start a timer and see who can transfer all their food from one bowl to another with their "teeth" in.

Pin The Eyes On The Ghost

Similar to pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, this game always give kids the giggles when the eyes end up in a very wrong place.

Candy Corn Catch

Divide kids into teams and give each team member the same amount of candy corn, usually around 10 per person.

Now select a team member to wear the pumpkin (these should be the ones for trick or treating so there is a hole on top) and tie the plastic pumpkin around one team member’s waist. Now establish a throw line for those with the candy and place the pumpkin-wearing teammate a good distance away.

Once everyone is set let the tossing begin. Kids can throw candy corn all at one time or one at a time. The person wearing the pumpkin can move around to try to catch the candy corn as it is thrown. Once everyone has thrown the candy corn, take the pumpkin and count how many went in.

Switch who has the pumpkin around their waist and play another round of Candy Corn Toss. Add up how many go in each round and then total the amounts after everyone has had a turn. Add up the number of candy corn that made it in the pumpkin from all the rounds and the team with the highest number wins.

Hot Pumpkin!

Similar to the old Hot Potato game. Kids pass around mini pumpkins and if they're caught holding the pumpkin when the music stops, they're out.

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

At the Baby Boom Show 2013 you have competitions for pregnant women and dwarves

At the Baby Boom Show 2013 you have competitions for pregnant women and dwarves

Are you a pregnant model? Do you have a baby talk fire?

Baby Boom Show (April 4-7, Romaero Baneasa), the most friendly fair for children in Romania, calls you to the contest! If you are a pregnant model and proud of your tummy, you should show it to everyone. Sign up here Yummy Mommy, a beauty contest dedicated to future moms, which will take place at the fair, on April 6, 2013, between 11:00 and 13:00.

Here are the fun samples that await you:

Mommy on Catwalk - you will be invited to the stage as a presenter, after he presents for the jury and the public a short presentation that defines you. You will then scroll down the catwalk, in a suit of choice, from your personal wardrobe. After this moment, the presenter will ask you a question that will help the jury members get to know you better.

And divas are mothers - do not worry, you will certainly handle the elegance test. After the parade, however, there is a "challenge" for any mum: counter-chronometer, you must dress a baby-doll as quickly as possible, but ... with elegance.

Passion for Fashion - we offer you a mini dressing with clothes for children. In 2 minutes, you have the task to create two complete outfits (clothes, shoes, accessories), one for a girl, another for a boy.

Also at the fair, the organizers have prepared a competition, this time for children. If the pride of your family is between 3 and 5 years old, discuss with interest the problems of the house and seriously discuss topics such as politics, economy, education system, but also "more mundane" things, such as friendship, gastronomy or daily passions. , it is definitely "a dwarf with a sharp mind"!

Sign it up the dwarves contest with the mind of the stones, which will take place at the Baby Boom Show, on Saturday, April 6, between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm.

Here are the fun samples that await you:

"I'm a dwarf and I introduce myself!" - your child must appear before the jury, in a more creative and natural way.

"I am a dwarf, I think deeply, to the questions I will answer!" - the small one must answer 3 questions from different fields. These will be placed in a bowl from which the children will extract, one at a time.

"I am small, I confess, but I can surprise you!" - your child must support an artistic moment of his choice (eg recite a poem, sing, dance, tell a story, draw, etc.). For this sample, you will have 3 minutes.

The deadline for registration for the two competitions is 26.03.2013, at 00:00.

Baby Boom runs from April 4 to 7, 2013, at Romaero Baneasa. The fair is waiting for you with many news, special offers, contests and prizes!

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Your baby's gut microbiome: What you need to know

What our Gut Bacteria can teach us about a Healthy Business. Bridget Supple. TEDxTelford

How do we calm a child's cough?

How do we calm a child's cough?

The cold season has already entered into rights, and your child's body is more prone to illness (especially when surrounded by relatives, friends or cool colleagues).

A symptom of the cold that is about to develop if the necessary preventive measures are not taken early is a cough - a defense reaction of the body, which consists of a reflex mechanism of the airways to eliminate secretions (mucus) or bodies. foreigners.

How do you detect the type of cough your baby is suffering from?

There are two types of cough - dry and productive, which have equally distressing manifestations for the child's body.

He coughed dry it is a cough "from the neck" and without mucus, while productive cough it occurs as a result of increased mucus secretion in the lungs, which blocks the airways and hinders the baby's breathing. It is characterized as cough from the chest and is associated with sensations such as pressure and discomfort in the chest area.

It is worth remembering that cold and flu episodes start with an irritant cough, which later turns into a productive cough (as the cold progresses, a larger quantity of mucus is produced).

The IMUNOTUS range helps patients with productive and irritant cough, offering a complete solution that maintains the airway health and contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

With a high safety profile - without adverse reactions, the products in the Imunotus range are in the form of capsules, syrup or envelopes for both children and adults:

  • for children over 2 years: Immunotus 2+ envelopes and Immunotus syrup
  • for children over 8 years and adults: Immunotus 8+ envelopes and Immunotus capsules

The active ingredients that the products in the Imunotus range contain:

  • acts on the intensity and duration of cough (acetylcysteine, thyme)
  • have immunostimulatory action (vitamin C, shock fruits)
  • have antiviral / antibacterial action (shock fruits)

Imunotus! And you're no longer like a donkey!

Now in pharmacies, in the boxes of Imunotus 8+ and Imunotus 2+ envelopes you have 25% gift!

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