Prolapse Exercises - Safe Workout for Prolapse

Prolapse Exercises - Safe Workout for Prolapse

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Good use of the routine

The "train-train", the daily, it does not dream anyone. And if it was necessary for the harmony of the couple? Two specialists offer their advice: Corinne Antoine, psychologist, and Yvon Dallaire, sex therapist and couple therapist.

  • We would like our dear and tender often surprises us, imagine small restaurants one-to-one, weekends unexpectedly ... Not so easy to organize, especially when we are parents and we intend to offer to his children stable landmarks. The routine always catches up with the family ... and gradually settles in the couple too. Inevitably! But in the end is it bad? Maybe not. Provided you rely on the good rituals lovers and especially not to end up falling asleep.

To reassure oneself

  • After the feverish beginnings of our love story and a few years together, the relationship becomes less hectic. This is the opportunity to say whew and savor a certain emotional serenity.
  • With two, we built a kind of back base, a cocoon in love where we get back together by finding ourselves in the evening after work, to sleep under the duvet, in the morning at breakfast, on vacation ... It's so good ! Everything seems to be happening as expected: we have a darling, a nest, a baby. We no longer try to reassure ourselves about the other's feelings. So we have enough energy left to invest ourselves professionally or to leave us spaces in our working mother schedule.
  • "We all need this security, says Yvon Dallaire, and women in particular." For themselves, for the health of the couple as well as for the balance of the family. And the secret of the marital equation is a little regularity. Good days, we see the positive side and the benefits of a strong organization. But on bad days, we talk about routine to translate his boredom. Simple problem of perception of the same reality? "We can still bring a little glamor to the table, because the serenity and security are not enough to maintain the flame over time," warns Corinne Antoine.

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Name Wennie - Meaning of the Name

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Diminutive of Werner, the German "warin", protector, and "hari", army. St. Werner, a vine grower on the banks of the Rhine, was killed by the Jews in 1287. He is worshiped in the Rhineland. His birthday: April 19th.

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The footprints of Santa Claus in children

How to Make a Santa Footprint. Santa Footprints Stencil

First steps in Art: Workshop for children 4-6 years

The Calea Victoriei Foundation invites children on Saturday, February 15th, from 11:00 am, to the workshop First steps in art: Children's workshop (4-6 years old), supported by the plastic artist Petruta Banita.

Reader: Petruta Banita
Date: February 15, 2014;
Course time: 11am
Number of workshops: 5
Frequency: weekly, Saturday
Minimum age: 4 years;
Maximum Age: 6 years
Cost: 225 ron (includes working materials);
Low cost (loyalty card): 200 (loyalty card)
Location: Str. Popa Sun, no. 40, 1st floor (near the Pache Protopopescu Round and the Saint-Friday Church-Blvd Corneliu Coposu)
Sign up at: [email protected]
Details at

Structured like the education and plastic technique courses in art schools, this workshop was designed and adapted especially for preschool children, aged between 4 and 6 years.

Being in the process of developing the imagination and discovering the native talents, children of this age need to be involved in creative and playful processes as varied as possible, to offer them a richer range of sensory experiences.
During the 5 meetings, children will become familiar with both drawing and painting techniques, as well as with other plastic techniques such as collage, modeling, sculpture. Starting from the idea of ​​play and exploring different themes and materials, children will learn to be attentive, to observe, to organize and to interpret their own experiences artistically and to express themselves through methods other than linguistic ones.
Each workshop proposes a different visual experience, a new meeting with a material or an artistic technique that they do not have the time or opportunity to experience in kindergarten or in school. Along with our reader, children will learn how to improvise, how to be spontaneous and how to use their imagination, expressing themselves in an artistically personal way.

Workshop 1 - The universe of signs

Discovering the signs of plastic expressiveness (point, line, color stain). Primary colors, secondary colors. Fingerprint technique

Workshop 2 - Nature and the world around me

Complementary colors. Discovering the surrounding world through the shapes drawn and painted

Workshop 3 - The objects around us (ceramics)

Exercise manual skills and educate perception in space. Familiarity with the three dimensions by modeling a vessel

Workshop 4 - Imagination exercise

Familiarity with concepts specific to sculpture. Modeling a fantastic character from the modeling paste with air drying

Workshop 5 - The mystery of hidden forms

Making wonderful carnival masks using collage technique. Detection of contrasts (warm-cold, dark-light, clear-dark, color contrast itself). Decorating objects using different materials.
Each session lasts one hour.

Tags Workshops for children

GSK Consumer Healthcare continues the program "Rabla for your brush" for the fifth year in a row, through an interactive experience, urging parents and children to get rid of worn out toothbrushes! During previous editions, GSK Consumer Healthcare replaced 40,000 used toothbrushes with new ones.

Part of the Zambeste Romania campaign, the caravan "Rabla for your brush" will arrive in six cities in the country between June 17 - July 22, 2017 under the name of "Monster Rabla" and aims to replace 10,000 old toothbrushes with new ones, to provide information and educational materials on oral hygiene and discount coupons for toothpaste.

Under the umbrella of the sixth edition of the Zambeste Romania campaign, GSK Consumer Healthcare is organizing, for the fifth consecutive year, the "Rabla for your brush" program, under the name "Monster Rabla", urging parents and children to take care of oral hygiene and to fight against dental problems - personified, to the attraction of children, in the form of monsters.

"Good oral hygiene involves changing the toothbrush at three months, as recommended by the dental practitioners, but in Romania the average toothbrush change is worrying, respectively every 1.3 years. By running this program we want to transform, through play, the wrong habits into healthy behaviors. Thus, I decided that this year to give the program 'Rabla for the toothbrush' a new, more 'cool' breath, borrowed from the visual and imaginary universe in which the children find themselves, adding four new characters to the story of Zambeste Romania and making available give children an interactive space to learn about oral health, "says Sylwia Piankowska, General Manager, GSK Consumer Healthcare Romania and the Balkans.

Supported by the oral hygiene brands Aquafresh, periodontax, Sensodyne and Corega, the "Monster Rabla" caravan will be hosted by six cities in the country: Bacau, Sibiu, Galati, Pitesti, Craiova and Oradea. For one day, participants will receive new toothbrushes in exchange for the old ones, discount coupons for toothpaste *, as well as useful information and educational materials regarding oral health and proper tooth care.

Calendar "Monster Rabla"

The caravan "Monster Rabla" will be present between June 17 - July 22, 2017, in the following cities, as follows:

• Bacau: Saturday, June 17, from 10:00 to 19:00
• Sibiu: Saturday, June 24th between 10:00 - 19:00
• Galati: Saturday, July 1st between 10:00 - 19:00
• Pitesti: Saturday, July 8, from 10:00 to 19:00
• Craiova: Saturday, July 15th between 10:00 - 19:00
• Oradea: Saturday, July 22 between 10:00 - 19:00

The caravan comes to meet consumers with interactive activities, educational materials, but also many surprises. Moreover, the little ones will be able to train in the fight against "monsters" participating in the games specially prepared for them on the spot.

The caravan "Monster Rabla" is part of the Zambeste Romania campaign, reaching the sixth edition. During the previous years, the campaign had about 140,000 direct beneficiaries, 70,000 children participated in oral hygiene hours, through the educational campaign carried out in schools and kindergartens, 40,000 used toothbrushes were exchanged with new ones through the Rabla program for toothbrush ”, over 40,000 euros directed to dental treatments for children from disadvantaged communities Save the Children; In addition, hundreds of Romanians attended free consultations in the dental offices registered in the campaign. You can find more details about the activities within the campaign by following the website The complete regulation of the program "Monster Rabla" is available, free of charge, on and on the Facebook page Zambeste Romania.

Trademarks owned by or licensed to companies in the GSK group.
* Discount coupons for toothpaste from the Aquafresh Complete Care range, Aquafresh Extreme Clean, Aquafresh Milk Teeth, Aquafresh Little Teeth, Aquafresh Big Teeth, parodontax Fluoride and Sensodyne Fluoride

Tags Events 2017 Events for children

Pregnancy amnesia is a phenomenon that affects future mothers in the first and third trimesters of pregnancy. Also called the "pregnancy brain" or "pregnancy brain", the so-called condition is usually characterized by temporary memory loss and the predisposition to forget banal things. While some experts claim that the symptoms of pregnancy amnesia are just a myth, the concrete cases of women who have gone through this experience prove the opposite.

Effective studies by specialists in this regard record numerous testimonies of women who have experienced pregnancy amnesia, namely the frustration of forgetting the simplest information needed for daily tasks. Many of the pregnant women complained of low performance at work after conception.

Causes of amnesia in pregnancy

Doctors who recognize the installation of mild amnesic manifestations during pregnancy say that although the symptoms may sound worrying, brain capacity remains unchanged. The only problem is that future moms are no longer as agile as usual.

The main causes of memory loss during this period are strictly related to insufficient rest, nutritional changes and hormonal fluctuations that disturb the entire body. The physiological transformations and innumerable thoughts about the health and care of the baby are overwhelming, so little mental disorientation is fully justified.

The increased level of progesterone is the main "culprit" for small amnesic manifestations. This hormone causes headaches, mood swings and fatigue. The peak of progesterone "explosion" is reached in the first trimester, when the most obvious signs of forgetfulness occur.

Symptoms of amnesia in pregnancy


Symptoms of amnesia during the delicate pregnancy can vary greatly from case to case. In general, it is manifested through minor blunders such as the introduction of toilet paper in the fridge, difficulty recalling some names or events that happened very recently, etc.

Many of the future mothers are amused by the episodes of amnesia experienced: entering and leaving 5-6 times in a room to remember the purpose of moving, stealing keys in the most unusual places or abandoning shopping bags on the bus.

These small carelessness are temporary, so we can call pregnancy amnesia a mere consequence of the fact that all the concentrated attention of the mother is captured by the growing tummy and the new stage of the life in which she passes.

In fact, the researchers also identified an evolutionary aspect in studying the amnesia of pregnant women. The records of the scientists mention that these one-sided channels of memory come from the instinct of conservation of the species, which causes the mother to forget about other details and to devote all the care of the baby.

Control of amnesia in pregnancy

Doctors recommend a series of techniques designed to reduce the predisposition to amnesic episodes during pregnancy. Quality sleep is essential for the performance of brain activity, so it is ideal for pregnant women to sleep between 9 and 11 hours per night.

A balanced diet, which will provide all the vitamins and minerals needed during the nine difficult months, is another preventative remedy. The movement favors the acceleration of the blood flow, for a good irrigation of the brain.

Insufficient hydration affects the chemical reactions of neurons, causing memory loss and confusion.

The organization of ideas and daily tasks can be done easily, using a notebook. Shopping lists, questions for medical checkup and any other important information can be accessed at any time, without the effort to keep them mentally.

The good news is that pregnancy amnesia generally disappears after birth or within a relatively short time of settling with the baby.

Doctors assure you that this type of memory loss does not lead to more serious disorders (Alzheimer's, for example) and is treated with sufficient rest.

The situations that can raise alarm signals are those in which the amnesia endangers your own safety or makes you unable to solve certain trivial problems alone (you forgot the way to the mall or the address of your parents). In these extreme cases, the specialized medical consultation becomes mandatory.

Tags Amnesia pregnancy Pregnancy memory loss

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