Why tell children fairy tales?

Why tell children fairy tales?

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Quentin Name Meaning - Origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

From Latin quintus, "the fifth", he refers to the number five, symbol of harmony and balance.
Coming from Rome to evangelize Gaul in the middle of the third century, Saint Quentin remained there forty years before being beheaded in a city of the Aisne which owes its name today, Saint-Quentin.
The Quentin are celebrated on October 31st.
Its derivatives: Quantin, Quincas, Quinta, Quinte, Quintilian, Quintin, Quintino, Quinto.

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The vaccine is available for HPV vaccination in boys

The vaccine is available for HPV vaccination in boys

Cocktail beetroot-carrot-ginger

Excellent during pregnancy, beet is rich in potassium, folic acid and vitamin C. In this recipe, it is combined with carrots and ginger, ideal to relieve nausea early pregnancy.


  • 500 g of red beets
  • 500 g carrots
  • 2 cm of ginger
  • ice cubes


Peel the carrots, ginger and beets. Place the sweet in a blender or blender.
Pour in 4 glasses and add ice cubes.
Decorate with beet leaves, rich in beta-carotene

At the same time as the introduction of compulsory education from the age of three, the government will significantly extend the scope of free-to-air children as of September 1, said the Family Responsible for Family and Youth.

Katalin Novák asked MTI about the fact that the femina.hu site said that the government would give much more free food to the state governments to pay for it.
More Free Kids Need More Money, but the amount that your wallet calculates, and what they think of as an extension of free, simply won't be enough - says the site Thousands more, some 358,000 children of the gloomy and high school age, will be able to receive free meals three times a day, covered by this year's central budget.
The budget for childrens nutrition has increased significantly in recent years, and by 2010 the amount of support for this purpose has doubled: from 29 billion to almost 62 billion.

Kindergarten catering

"In 2016, $ 70 billion will be made available in the central budget," said the secretary of state, who was born to the effect that the previous financial system was bettered by government in 2014.
"This support system guarantees that municipalities will receive support in the form of support for the loss of free childrens' nutrition and any extra costs that may result from this."
As a result of the new financing mechanism, settlements without adequate income opportunities have all the necessary resources for their recognized expenditures to reduce their net income - added Katalin Novák.

Yes, you can. "Lisping" is a lay term that describes the way a child mispronounces words. Typically it refers to the s sound being produced like a th sound. So a sentence such as "My sister is 7" sounds like "My thithter ith theven." While the s sound is normally produced with the tongue behind the top teeth, a child who lisps pushes the tongue out.

If your child's s sounds this way, don't worry. This happens with many children, and most will outgrow it by age 7 with no intervention at all. Pointing out that she's lisping won't help her stop and may harm her self-esteem. And though you won't always be able to protect her from teasing, there are a few things you can do to help your little one combat her lisp:

• Treat any allergy, cold, or sinus problems so your child can breathe with her lips together and through her nose. An open-mouth breathing posture causes the tongue to lie flat and protrude. Work on nose blowing, too, as a stuffy nose is often the culprit.

• Keep your child's fingers out of her mouth as much as possible, since thumb-sucking can contribute to a lisp. It's not an easy task to help your child quit sucking her thumb, though. Target the times she's most likely to suck her thumb, such as when she's watching TV or riding in the car, and substitute another comforting activity, such as playing with a favorite toy or puzzle.

• Pop a straw in her drinks; since you're using your lips instead of putting pressure on your teeth, this kind of sucking motion promotes good oral-motor strength, which is important in language development.

• Take your child to the dentist if one of her baby teeth is accidentally knocked out, and have it replaced with a fake tooth. That will stop your child's tongue from poking through the gap where her tooth should be — a habit that can hinder her language development and one that's hard to correct after her adult teeth come in around age 7.

• Encourage play activities that improve oral-motor strength. Have your child blow into a party horn with a small round mouthpiece. This is a good exercise because the effort needed to make a solid sound also strengthens the lips and cheek muscles, and tends to push the tongue back in. Blowing bubbles is another option.

• Have your child look in a mirror and practice putting her teeth together while she makes an s sound. This exercise can help her remember to keep her tongue behind her teeth. But if she gets frustrated or upset practicing this routine then let it go — you don't want to make her self-conscious about something she'll probably outgrow on her own.

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