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Surprise children with this chocolate sausage

Surprise children with this chocolate sausage

I love to surprise my daughter with a different meal, a walk or a new movie ... children love surprises, and although today it seems to be difficult to surprise them since most have practically everything, there are still many details to which we can resort to cause surprises.

The kitchen, for example, is one of these settings where there is much to explore and try. I just got to know an unusual recipe ... Because of its appearance, it is not a chorizo ​​or blood sausage ... it is a chocolate sausage !!

Many parents believe that they have to "break their heads" to offer their children healthy and varied meals, desserts or snacks. I think the secret is often to put yourself in the shoes of the little ones. Who doesn't love cookies, nuts and chocolate? Apart from these ingredients used in our chocolate sausage recipe, it is also necessary to always have basic ingredients on hand that will get us out of trouble, that are liked by children and with which they can get involved in the kitchen. There is nothing more pleasant for children than savoring something that they themselves made.

Children can enjoy food even more by participating in its preparation. By mixing, beating, cutting, separating, tasting ... the ingredients, the child acquires rich experiences and skills, as well as stimulating senses such as touch, smell, palate ...

In You can find many, simple and delicious recipes to prepare with your children. On this occasion, I suggest you make this dessert or snack: the chocolate sausage. There are two versions: chocolate sausage with almonds or chocolate sausage with pistachios. They are both equally rich. We have tried them and we loved them. You will tell us how it turned out.

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Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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"Elena, get dressed." At 5 minutes. "Elena, get dressed, please." After 10 minutes. "Elena, let you dress!". I spend the day repeating the same things without obtaining any kind of fruit, and it seems that today's children - it is something that all the mothers of the park agree on - do not do well with listening and paying attention . Of course, from today everything will change, with the infallible mirror technique for your children to listen to you. Your life will never be the same again, promised!

It is not a matter of looking for culprits but of finding solutions, but it must be recognized that many times it is parents who do not know how to communicate with our children and who make the mistake of giving that order or instruction wrong. What things do we do wrong and can we correct?

- We abuse the screams
If we want to say something to our little one, we must approach him, get at his height (squat down or sit down both in a chair) and then tell him what we need from him. And it is that it has been shown that with screaming we lose the ability to influence others, be they children or older, not to mention the damage we are causing them: low self-esteem, stress, aggressiveness ...

- We give the order from the other end of the house
How are we going to pretend that they pay attention to something if we tell them from a different room where they are? So the only thing that can happen is that they do not hear us, they do not understand well or, simply, that they do not pay attention to what we want to tell them. If the child faces us and looks us in the face, it will be easier for him to hear us!

- We do not control our non-verbal language
We want them to listen to us and not be afraid of us, hence we have to review our non-verbal language. What are we expressing with our face and with our body? Did you know that arms akimbo and legs half open help to express determination and firmness?

And once we know what is not working and we have corrected these little things that were interfering with our communication, it is time to learn how to give an order or an instruction. To ensure that our request is not going to fall on deaf ears, we will resort to the mirror technique.This method consists of standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom or in our room and rehearsing how to give an order so that it is more effective on the other person. Shall we start with the practices?

- Yes it is true that our tone of voice has to be a little higher than the one we use normally, but we must not overdo it, that is, we must banish the screams.

- What we have to say, we will say it speaking a little slower than normal. On the one hand, we will transmit calmness to the child and not anger and, on the other hand, he will get the message without any problem.

- The speech has to be clear and direct. Nothing to beat around the bush or try to justify ourselves. If you can, don't overdo it for more than a minute. In addition, it is important that during it you take a mini pause to see if the child is following your conversation.

- Within what we have to communicate, we will not mix more than one idea. For example, if we say "Put away your toys, pick up clothes, do your homework ...", in the end the child will go crazy and will not do anything as requested.

- If you notice that the little one has not gotten your message, Repeat it!

- Strengthen your attitude. During the process it is important to reinforce their behavior with positive phrases. "How well you are doing" or "I'm very proud of you" will make her feel better. And, if it comes out, don't hesitate to give him a hug or a kiss at the end.

- By last, Do not give another order or instruction until you are done with this activity!

Now that you know the guidelines to follow and that you have practiced two or three times in front of your mirror, it's time to take action! You already have all the tools, you can no longer fail!

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Early cartilage abrasion can also occur if you are not in school

Your school is ergonomic and fits well into your spine, ”said orthopedic specialist Bence Moravchik.

It is very important to choose the right school. When choosing a school bag, one should pay attention to the width of the pen, the stiffness of the weekly section, and the padding. It is important that the strap is adjustable so that the bag does not get under the top of the line and under the hinge. Whatever has a waistcoat is better, he added.Early cartilage abrasion can also occur if you are not in school Care should also be taken to ensure that the bag is breathable and lightweight, said the expert, who said the roller bag is a good alternative for small children.
For backpacks, 6-7 year olds are ideal when the weight of the pocket is 2.5-3 kg packed full. He also noted that packing techniques are also worthy of note, with the backbone having to do harder, farther, lighter things.
The specialist noted: The spine at this age is still cartilage. Incorrect posture or caries may result in a stiffer spine or early cartilage wear.
The sideboard is not recommended by the specialist because it is important to have a symmetrical load, especially early spinal tilting can occur.
In addition to choosing the right bag, the expert also emphasized training. It's important for kids to play sports outside of school, ”said Bence Moravchik.
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Ballerinas beaded

Pink or beige version ... crack for these little ballerinas braided.


0-3 - 6 months.


30 g of Kéïdo knitting yarn from La Droguerie col. Petal or Métis • 60 cm Lace Frieze of peas neck. Pastel pink or Ecru • knitting needles n ° 3.

Points used

Jersey: * 1 row place, 1 row reverse *. Foam stitch: everything in place. Simple item (s): slip 1 st, knit the next st and cast the st on the slip st. ): take the yarn between 2 m from the previous row, and knit it by twisting it.


10 X 10 cm = 24 m x 32 rg.


The slippers start with the sole. With the eagles 3 and the collar. Petal or Métisse, assemble 37-41 sts, knit garter stitch: 2 sts, then inc 4 sts per sts evenly on 2 rows (3 sts): inc 1 st, 1 sts inc, 17-19 sts, 1 more int, 1 m (= the center st), 1 inc int, 17-19 sts, 1 inc int, 1 sts. Tric 1 g approx. Then: 2nd sts: 2 sts, 1 inc int, 17-19 sts, 1 inc int, 3 sts, 1 inc int, 17-19 sts, 1 inc int, 2 sts. 3rd increase: 3 sts, 1 inc int, 17-19 sts, 1 inc int, 5 sts, 1 inc int, 17-19 sts, 1 inc int, 3 sts = 49-53 sts. Tric 1 rg approx. Continue in stocking sts.Tric 12-14 sts and then cast sts for top of foot: work 14-16 sts, 1 sts (5 sts in a row), work 1 st (= center st), then K 2 ( 5 fs in a row), then knit the last 14-16 sts = 39-43 sts. Tric 2 g, then bind off the sts on the back of the knit fabric and knit the middle 3 sts (= foam look) .Tie the 2nd similar boot.


Sew the sole / heel. Cut the lace into two pieces, and sew them around the liner by frowning.Creation: The Druggist.

Director: Elisabeth Tzimakas.

Parents: more attention to children's hygiene

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