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How to make puppets out of sticks and wool or panniers with children

Do you like crafts? Here you have a fabulous activity for the little ones of the house. It is very simple to do and has numerous benefits, including stimulating the imagination and exercising the final motor skills. As if that were not enough, they will also improve spatial orientation.

What is it about? The activity consists in creating 'panniers', some puppets made of sticks and wool. You want to try?

  • Sticks
  • Colored wool
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Eyes to glue and glue

Tip: let the children choose the yarn they want to wear, the arms they want to make and the eyes their puppet will have.

1. Cover the sticks with colored wool. Let your child choose the color and change and mix different colors. Fabrics can also be used.

2. Cut the pipe cleaners in half and use them to make the limbs. How? Surrounding the 'body' of the puppet with the pipe cleaner. They can do all the arms they want.

3. It only remains to glue the eyes ... and voila! They have some great puppets. Now it's time to play with them.

Tarara. Children's poem by García Lorca

Ode to Walt Whitman by Federico Garcia Lorca read by A Poetry Channel

"Hungarians" consume 0.16-0.18 milligrams of folate a day, but much less than what our body needs.

Folate, folic acid, B11?

During and before pregnancy of particular importanceto bring enough folate and folic acid into our body. However, the Hungarian average is far below the target range, which is 0.4-0.66 milligrams. Whether we are taking vitamins or not, we should aim to also from natural sources It contains a lot of yeast, green-colored greens (usually spinach, broccoli, kelp - hence its name: leaf), papaya, asparagus, lentil, chickpea, And the peanuts. Let's not forget the cereal flakes, which are lined with folic acid. Folate is an artificially produced form of naturally occurring folate. Because the two names are often confused, I now recommend the names B11 and B9 in France, respectively. Folic acid is one and probably the most important component of fetal vitamins. A water-soluble synthetic vitamin that is very easily absorbed. Dr. Endre Czeizel based on the calculation of medical-geneticists, which can now be called legendary, approx. 15 tons of spinach would need to be eaten by a cadaver to cover its daily folic acid requirement. This seems like a hopeless venture. Folic acid it effectively prevents nerve closure disorders. Therefore, it is very important that the (potential) pregnant women take the vitamin 2 to 3 weeks before pregnancy. Folic acid plays an important role in cell division and in the formation of new cells, as well as in the training of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. Also worth reading:
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Mom dad ? What will be the first word your baby will pronounce? And when will he do it? Test your knowledge of the major stages of language acquisition with our quiz.

Question (1/6)

The awakening to the word begins even before the arrival of the first words

That's right. It's wrong.


Since her uterine life, your baby recognizes your voice and prefers it among all. Already, a few hours of life, he reacts to sounds and noises. He follows your eyes and your mouth when you talk to him. If he does not have the words yet to say it, from birth he communicate with you by the look, the body, the screams.


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Sex during breastfeeding

20 magic coloring pages

Magical ! Color palette, pencil, brush, paint bucket, letter plotter, eraser ... for each of these pretty designs, your artist has all the 'virtual' material to color them to his taste. It only remains to print them to offer to the person of his choice. Thanks WHO ?

Give color to a striped cat, color a rainbow-colored airplane, decorate a chavelle, a dragon or a beautiful princess with beautiful colors ... quickly discover our magic coloring! Hours of fun for your little artist! Then he can print them.

Click on the image to see all 20 coloring pages

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