Fried sushi. Seafood recipe for the whole family

Fried sushi. Seafood recipe for the whole family

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Shows schedule, Comic Opera for Children, June 2016

Shows schedule, Comic Opera for Children, June 2016

Wednesday, June 1, Children's Opera Festival

Thursday, June 2, Children's Opera Festival

Friday, June 3, Children's Opera Festival

Saturday, June 4, Children's Opera Festival

Monday, June 6, 11:00 am - Hapciu in Re major

Tuesday, June 7, 11:00 am - Hapciu in Re major

Wednesday, June 8, 11:00 am - Hapciu in Re major

Thursday, June 9, Children's Opera Festival

Saturday, June 11, 11:00 and 13:00 - Concert lesson: "With Nino on vacation" / Paris

Saturday, June 11, 5pm - Hansel and Gretel

Sunday, 12, 5 pm- Hansel and Gretel

Tuesday, June 14, Arad Travel - Hansel and Gretel / Girl with matches

Wednesday, June 15, Arad Travel - Hansel and Gretel / Girl with matches

Thursday, June 16, Arad Travel - Hansel and Gretel / Girl with matches

Saturday, June 18, 11:00 and 13:00 - Concert lesson: "With Nino on vacation" / Naples & Genoa

Sunday, June 19, 6:00 pm - Gala Show (Jaqueline)


Category I - Ground floor, rows 1-9 - 25 RON

Category II - Ground floor, rows 10-16 - 20 RON

Category III - Balcony, rows 1-7 - 15 RON

At the premiere a special tariff is applied.

Order online at or on the day of the show at the ticket office of the Comic Opera for Children.

Tickets for organized groups:

The rate for kindergartens and schools is 15 lei, valid only for shows during the week, purchased through the Organization of Performances department and includes return transportation, from any educational unit within the Bucharest municipality.

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Omelette with tomatoes

The omelette with tomatoes is a more consistent omelette, which you can prepare in the morning for your loved ones.

Preparation time

25 minutes




5 eggs

2 medium potatoes

100 g bacon

100 g of race

2 tomatoes

2 tablespoons cream

1 onion

2 cloves of garlic



Method of preparation

Clean the potatoes and bring to a boil. Cut the bacon cubes and the fish onions, then heat them with the sliced ​​garlic.

Beat the foam eggs with the mixer, add the grated parmesan, cream, onion, garlic, sliced ​​potatoes and bacon.

Season everything to taste, then pour the composition into a tray lined with baking paper.

Put the tray on the hot oven, over low heat, for about 10 minutes.

Cut the tomatoes and put them over the composition, then leave the frittata in the oven for another 5 minutes, until it is well browned.


After the taste, you can add in the composition of omelette and fresh vegetables.

The type of kitchen


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Happy marriage guide to parents

Happy marriage guide to parents

Marriage Guide to Parents

The heartbreaking mother gives birth to a bunch of babies

The heartbreaking mother gives birth to a bunch of babies

In Iranian science, it has been observed that a mother's heart disease affects the birth of a son or baby.

At the Congress of the Word of the World, the presentation of Azin Alizadehasi and his team, who presented a phenomenon that has never been seen anywhere else in the world, has attracted great attention. Pregnant women with heart disease are treated everywhere by a souvenir and a parent, regularly checked until the baby comes out.

The number of boys is always slightly higher than girls, since according to world statistics, every 100 babies have 102 children. That is why Iranian doctors were surprised to find that women who were screened for different heart diseases, when they became pregnant, gave birth to many babies. The researchers reported 200 women who were regularly examined, with 64 percent having a cardiac failure and 20 percent having a cardiac emergency room due to congenital heart failure. Patients did not undergo 14 operations, even if they had a morbid condition. Pregnant women with 200 heart disease had 216 children and, to the surprise of doctors, 76 percent were babies. "To our knowledge, this is the first time that medical professionals have experienced such a large excess of children with heart disease," said the team leader. Kathryn Taubert, one of the leaders of the World Heart Association, added in the debate that as the number of women with heart disease is increasing worldwide, this observation is a very interesting area for further research - M.
Mulberry or chocolate?

When my sister Simone took my little biscuit, I hunted with the walnuts my mother bought from the nearby Turkish grocery store. Before we left Vienna, ours let me throw the cards we had in the mailbox.

Today we wanted to reach Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. But entering and leaving big cities with bisi is not easy. We had to cross over too many bridges and stairways and railways that did not allow my trailer.

On the way, we continued to see many older brothers and older sisters traveling like bisis like us. The most interesting and a half year-old boy and 3-year-old bicycle travelers who travel to Turkey for the right to meet with the girls was with a French family. My father gave this family our address. He said he'd do anything to help them from the moment they enter Turkey. They'il come to our house in Iznik in two months. I played games with these new friends. They offered me chocolate. I have done much better; I served them for the first time with mulberries and Turkish walnuts. They loved these foods, which were naturally sugary and healthy. They had a bit of a hard time to say his name because my little friend had just started to say a few words. My sister had just woken up. I'll give them more çoook dried mulberry and walnut when they come to Turkey.

Once in a while in Vienna, I miss my bisie “bisiye bingam” whining. With my blue and pacifier. In Austria, ours was happy to ride, because there were separated bicycle paths just like in Germany.

Our transition to Slovakia is a little late. My father decided to stay at a hotel in the capital Bratislava.

We settled in the hotel, which is called the Tourist Hotel, as tourists with bicycles. My mother immediately cooked us pasta and we were fed.
It didn't even take me 15 minutes to brush my teeth, make it up and dive into the land of dreams.

“Ipet Cina”
Contact Tibet directly
August 4, 2011

Tips for finding a job

Tips for finding a job

The job search is for the better, it is better to lose sight of it at the beginning. Let us begin to be prepared both in body and in spirit.

We've already decided when we want to get a job again, whether we're going back or looking for a new place, and there is ongoing discussion in the family about who will take care of the little one and who will bring it. The latest episode focuses on the protagonist. We help our mothers be more prepared to enter the "battle."
It is worthwhile to try to eliminate all other sources of stress because you will need more balanced, goal-oriented behavior than ever before. Many people have written down many places (and we certainly read it) to be "good" parents for our children. Now is the time to try and see how it will work. Perhaps if you set a ranking and you don't want to do everything right away and perfectly. Let's break down the cookbooks that are called medium difficulty in the recipe book, and we can cook spaghetti for up to two days, if that's the case. Perhaps it is if we include others, ask for help, or simply decide to go to bed at eleven o'clock in the evening, even if it rains red. These kinds of resolutions help to keep order in ourselves and in ourselves. There are many nervous people who can make a mistake, even with a minor decision that turns out to be bad. Uncertainty and insecurity are very "energy consuming". This is especially true for our return plans: be sure to break into a quiet, peaceful evening to think about what paths to take, where to go, where to go, what opportunities to work, what opportunities to go, and when we can time it. You don't have to solve everything right away, it's a good idea to close these "thinking" evenings with a to-do list. We'll guess the answers until the next calm night, talk to someone, or just have them.
I'm Kнvьl-belьl NХ
We are a mother and a woman. So far, the balance has tipped to the side of maternity, with small children so much fine. Sooner or later, however, the moment comes when the equilibrium begins to return. We try to help this process, because it is worth emphasizing that we are women. Even so, our child will not consider us a lesser mother. Slow change will benefit our souls and our environment. Now that you are just planning your return, you can dedicate less time to changing gradually: making the small steps easier is something you can expect patience to accept. Do we have a lot of autumn hair or the same hairstyle? Don't wait until your first job interview, let's go to the hair salon now! We'll also have time to figure out the right new hair or to let the slightly curled hairs grow. Consider that when we get to work we will have much less time for ourselves (too). It's a good idea to look in advance for a beautician who also accepts late duluth. If necessary, we should also take care of neglected problems: make a laboratory examination, go to the home doctor, eye care, dentist, cancer.
Even if the apartment is not remodeled on this occasion, it is definitely worth revisiting and refreshing your own wardrobe. Let's not start with drastic diets, but rather pick up the poles and jeans and try on the remnants of our "working" wardrobe. Let's scrap it and start purchasing. If we are going to have an octagonal diet soon, we will still be able to provide only the most basic foods. When it comes to clothes, it is important that you make good use of them and choose pretty pieces that fit your style and that won't work up in a single workplace. Even our couple will have no objection to spending, if you see and feel the result, the new garment is not just a skirt, but also a "bodice". If, by any miracle, our entire old wardrobe proves usable, it could even signal a new pair of shoes or eyeglass frames: A new era has begun.
I'm up to date
Certainly, with little babies, between the almost single breastfeeding, we will feel at the end of the day (where's the end?) That we are "ready". There's nothing more than a little ludicrous sleep, or at least a little booty with a little whispering pack. But as the picurist grows, not only her but our needs begin to change. We cover a few magazines, and even run a daily newspaper. We'll start looking at reading a novel that was bought before and after birth and left over on the tenth page. Then we realize that we are "skining" the news more and more, that is, we are not falling asleep immediately, but are catching something from the gossip of the world. At this point, the world begins to open again, and "up to date" is slowly regaining its original meaning. If you are experiencing signs of interest, it is also worth hastening this process. We do not have to start immediately with the parliamentary term, but we can do a little hurry. We can take the time to read a longer article every day. On the Internet, one of our favorite baby sites can place a few "cuckoo eggs", report or find a site. The point is, we are collecting more non-child friendly items. It can help a lot if we can persuade our child to something and move out with a good heart. For example, we can meet our unseen old friend who is not yet deceived. Speaking of a delicious story, we can get a lot of new information. Or we can go to a bookstore, to get wet. Even if we are unable to look after our seedling, we should organize a program on a regular basis, where we and we will find a match that suits our own interests. With a little toddler, for example, we can safely go to the library. Х You are reading a flyer or driving a car while we are bouncing. At the playground, if we are familiar with the good company, we may decide to talk to each other on a strictly child-free board Tuesday, as long as the little pieces are sanded. We are looking forward to Tuesday!
New experiences will be magical to us: they will entertain us and recruit us. "We value" offers a double defense. One thing is for one to believe that many things have changed since the birth of our first child, but it is not always possible that something is finally over, but rather that our lives are still with us. It is also clear to our environment that even though we have children, our minds have not gone away (although we get this many times, especially if we are raised even more than that!) The world around us is under way: let's not miss it completely! By filling up and being more open, everyone wins.
Yeah, I'm better
We are balanced and well-balanced women. However, this is not enough to get a job again. We also need to be a "good", as the best basis for the success of our professional lives is our knowledge. Along with the little kids, we can continue to polish and even improve our knowledge during the years spent at home. If you want to find a new direction, we would love to start a new thing, here's an opportunity, it's worth going through now.

Really hopeless to get a Bohemian refuge? The currency is not that terrible, since some settlements have no trouble with the headquarters. But generally, are you gonna give the little one a shot?

Let's start there that you're deceiving, so many reviews. Many agree with the support of professionals that, for small children under the age of three, the warmth of family is paramount, and they can develop in a balanced manner in this secure environment. Conversely, there is a growing belief that family and profession can be reconciled in a woman's life, and that one of the most effective aids may be your wits. There may also be a rise in the number of people who, while convinced that children are only able to survive their pre-school years, but circumstances do not allow it, and if you like it, you have to look good. He's upset, if he has one.
The overwhelming majority of Hungarian women spend their childcare at home. If we look at Europe a little, we find that in Hungary, the employment rate of mothers with small children is very low compared to the other advanced countries. Many keep their small needs in mind when deciding to dedicate these years to their families in their entirety. It is also a fact that often there is no real choice because the return to the labor market is certainly not smooth. Employment is rarely flexible, and it may even happen that a mother is "taken back" even when the law obliges her to do so during the childcare period. And the chances of being in the three-year-old are low enough when the first question in her health interview is whether she can come to work when the child is ill. Part-time employment and telecommuting could be a good solution, but in our case it is still very much in its infancy and can only be done in certain professions. It would be handy to have a wardrobe if you had enough. A year ago, Clare was on the list of one of my rural towns: - Already at the time of my first son's birth, I felt a lack of earnings, but the difficult time came when my second pregnancy was over. It had only been a couple of months without work, but that was enough to cover all of our content. She's back to work after that, but I'd need my salary as well. I would probably have a job, but there is no wisdom in the village, and the locals and the locals in particular are hired, and not everyone in the village. My baby is two years old, I got into the chick a year ago, but we haven't gotten through yet. The last time we were funny was saying that there was only one year, so they would get into school anyway…
Who Eligible?
"The day-care, care and education of a child raised by a family, a parent who is unavailable for work, sickness or any other reason shall be provided in day care." (This is stated in Ministerial Decree 15/1998 of 30 July 1998 on the professional duties and conditions of the child welfare institutions and persons providing personal care.)
Children can "go" to their farewell from the age of one to three, or apply for admission until the end of the year in which the child reaches the age of three. In the case of small children with disabilities, the age limit is the age limit. The application for admission must be submitted to the head of the institution together with the required medical certificate. If the child meets the requirements and is not admitted, they should contact the municipality.
The intentions would be…
Katalin Acsain Végvбri is chairman of the Hungarian Believer Association. For decades, she has been working as a bisexual expert and convinced her that a professional bisexual will help children to develop. If the family is in need of help for the day-to-day care of the small child, your wisdom is suitable. While one year of age, it is only for special reasons to divorce a child from his or her family, but after careful attention, the baby and the close cooperation of the carer do not cause small childbirth.
"There is a huge demand for new places to stay in Budapest and in big cities," he says firmly. - Enrollment will be completed in June, and we will know the number of applicants by then, but it is anticipated that there will be a triple entry. First and foremost, we consider the needs of the socially deprived and those who go to work. We are already supporting the mother during the job search period if she is making a serious determination to do so. According to social law, anyone who is out of work or for any other reason cannot provide for their child's day-to-day care because, say, he or she is ill or ill, is entitled to his or her salary. But the space is tight. The power of publicity has moved parents and the profession in recent times. However, I do not know about concrete steps, even plans, for decision makers.
Currency depression
I don't know which one is more horrible: if you have a wisdom, but the child won't get in because mother (still) doesn't have a job (but the baby won't be hired, either) or - the law prefers - you generally have no wits in the town. This is also the case for the inhabitants of a small town in the vicinity of Budapest, where the need for worship is very high. Settlements above ten thousand inhabitants would be obligated to operate worshipers. Although the mayor's report says he'll have a crush on the city, but he doesn't have enough money at the moment, but he also has to build a more modern school, according to some official sources. We wanted to know if they could present real borders and plans instead of general ones, but the mayor didn't want to deal with our requests. As it turned out, he had a reason. We called the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor to call the service, saying it was not legal. But this alone will not overwhelm the stigma of the law. However, if you have a small baby, even a single parent can initiate a review of the situation. In this case, the County Administrative Office must respond to the application within 30 days. If it is found that there has been a revaluation of history, they are obligated by the government to create an iniquity. However, when asked if there was one, they couldn't answer. Hmm, parents: up for adventure! It is a guess that anyone who is just starting to fight witchcraft will have at most a child born in the years to come.
Goodbye in numbers
Of Hungary's 3,200 settlements, 190 have 540 locations with 23,890 locations. Their utilization is still 120-140 percent, but the demand is three times higher. The cost of maintaining one site is 1.2 million forints, of which the state pays 547 thousand forints, the rest is paid by the government. The parents' contribution is 72 thousand HUF. So, the state and the government spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on child welfare. If the local government thinks there is not enough room in the state, you can provide support for your private or family day-to-day maintenance. So the cost of a parent will be around 50-60,000 forints per month. If the private does not receive government support, the parent's cost may be as high as $ 100,000 per month.
Here you can track where, what, they are!

Many parents complain that the schoolbag is too heavy and can cause back problems.
The appropriate weight for the back of a child should not exceed 10% - 15% of the body mass of the pupil, according to the specialists.
The problem is that most students enrolled in the primary cycle of education carry a weight of about 20 kilograms in the back, when the backpack of a schoolboy should not exceed the weight of 3 kilograms.
The problems caused by the backpack
The problems caused by the backpack are mainly on the back. Because of the heavy weight, the child can make scoliosis, a deformity of the spine in the form of S.
Children may also have problems with posture because of the backpack. They can bend too far in front, even with shoulders, which leads to a twisted back. Then he forcibly raises his head to be able to see well in front, which puts pressure on his back and neck and leads to a deterioration of the neck nerves.
Children can also fall on their backs due to their weight and this can lead to spinal deformity and stress-based fracture of the vertebrae. If you carry the bag on one shoulder, this will cause them to lean sideways and have muscle pain in the neck area. Also, if the backpack's bars are too thin, they can lead to nerve damage in that area.
It is not even advisable for the students to hold the bag in their hand. This leads to intense spinal stress, especially if the weight of the bag exceeds two, three kilograms. For this reason, at the age of puberty, scoliosis can be installed much easier.
You can tell if your child has problems because of the backpack, if he complains of back, neck pain, if he changes his posture or if he has very reddened shoulders.
In order to prevent these problems it is important to take into account the weights recommended by specialists. Thus, the backpack must weigh, on average 8.2% of the weight of the child, advancing with age. From a weight of about 6.2% in kindergarten it reaches 12% in the sixth grade.
Another step to prevent the problems of the spine is to practice a sport or regular physical exercises. The physical exercises also correct the column, but also the position. Another useful tip is that, to avoid this situation, children must bend both knees when lifting the bag and reduce the number of books to the minimum required.
The backpack should always be worn on both shoulders, not on one. The carrying time should be as short as possible, so in the means of transport, the backpack can be pulled off the shoulders.
If you have the impression that your baby has back problems, it is advisable to talk to a pediatrician to see what therapies indicate to you.
The right backpacker
There is also a backpack on the shopping list for the safe school. A proper backpack should have double-barreled sponges, which will distribute the weight across the shoulder. Also, a backpack that also has a waist belt will help to distribute the weight in that area. Shoulder straps should be adjusted so that the backpack sits in the middle of the back.
If the straps are too tight, it will be difficult for the child to pull the bag down and if they are too loose he will tend to lean back too much.
A backpack with doubled sponge is more beneficial in reducing back pressure. Purchasing a wheelchair-accessible bag is still an option. If the school where your child is teaching has many stairs, it will not be very useful. The child must place his or her things in the bag so that the weight is evenly distributed.

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