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Ice cream with mint

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How to draw a centipede step by step

How to draw a centipede step by step

Draw the forest animals and show them to your children so that together you can paint, color and cut them out to decorate the room. With this collection of animals your child can turn his room into a real forest.

By following this simple step by step you can teach your child to draw and paint a centipede. In addition, with these animal drawings that we show you in Guiainfantil, children will learn to recognize and identify animals.

1. Take a black marker and draw the centipede's head and antennae on a piece of cardboard.

2. Draw the body of the centipede by making several circles.

3. When you have the body, paint a nice face and feet.

4. Finally, take a marker of another color to color the feet and antennae.

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This is how you treat ADHD based off science, Dr Russell Barkley part of 2012 Burnett Lecture

First drawings: observe them

2-3 years is the age when your child begins to scribble, color ... a leisure activity, which directs his attention! The indications of Philippe Wallon, psychotherapist *, to read - and not to interpret (only a psychoanalyst experienced in testing techniques can analyze them) - his drawings.

A work not always art

  • So small, we speak rather of "scribbles". Some are pretty, some are not. No matter, congratulate him, let him evolve, without forcing him to do "aesthetic".

The important thing is the material

  • He does not distinguish the different elements, paper, hand, drawing. What interests him is as much the expression as the result. Like Picasso, who liked to work on raw materials and did not care about finality!

A great game

  • He can also perform rounds, dots, lines that type on his sheet, even to the hole or break the mine of his pencil! Do not be offended, unless he had the bad idea of ​​attacking the walls!

A future artist

  • Your child will, little by little, apply to make a man ... but his intention is not fixed. He can tell you "I'm a dog" and then say "Did you see the house?" Similarly, you can ask him to draw a tree, but as he has no model, he will make a pie and say "here's a school"! Once well trained to make loops, he will try to identify the inside, then the outside: this is the beginning of the "real" drawing.

Safia Amor

* Author of Child's drawing, ed. What do I know?

You can win if you cheer, but you better run with us!

it is perhaps the most important event a woman can experience. Long-term pregnancy
A new member has joined your family and a new order has been established.
But in the first year; both the sense of alienation caused by being a mother
inability to adapt to the newly created order, anxiety disorders,
obsessive-compulsive disorders and depression. But in general
all psychiatric disorders after pregnancy as depression
It is called.

postpartum blues or postpartum
It should not be confused with Puerperal Sadness. Postpartum Blues, new birth
It is a natural state of sadness seen in the majority of mothers. This
sadness as worry, crying and excessive attachment to relatives
visible. The postpartum blues continues mostly for ten days and
also disappears with support.

post-depression depression develops as a severe depression.
Depression usually begins up to the second month and lasts for a maximum of 1 year; treatment
when it is not seen, it can pass spontaneously between 3 months and 1 year. In this process
you will feel more indifference towards your baby. With indifference
you may be afraid of not feeling enough for your baby and harming your baby.

Depression is more common after birth in women with dangerous elements.
It is seen. Unemployed husband, inadequate social support, experienced in marriage
problems, go through the high risk of the pregnancy process, before pregnancy
and loss of previous pregnancies, depression
risk factors. If you have
If there is an example of postpartum depression passed by someone
rate. Risk factors for postpartum depression of mothers
screening is recommended. Mostly used screening method
The Edinburgh Postpartum Despression Scale.

With this
together biological factors are also effective. Both genetically and
The hormonal threshold of anxiety decreases in mothers who have just given birth. In this way
it becomes difficult to deal with situations that cause daily stress. Genetic factors
close to mothers experiencing postpartum depression
relatives have a higher rate of temperament disorder than normal. Hormonal
When we look at the reasons, it is necessary to mention the most known mistake. Estrogen
hormone is high throughout your pregnancy. Hormone after birth
sudden fall is not related to postpartum depression
It has been proven.

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