How to teach a child to swim? Expert Tips

How to teach a child to swim? Expert Tips

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Declaration and registration of birth

The necessary documents for the birth registration

  • the medical certificate confirming the birth, drawn up on the standard form, which will have to bear the registration number, the certain date, the seal of the health unit, the doctor's signature and the paraphrase;
  • the birth certificate and the act of identity of the mother and the declarant, if the birth is not declared by the mother;
  • the marriage certificate of the child's parents, if they are married.
  • in case the mother of the child is not married, and his father wishes to acknowledge him, the declaration of recognition of paternity will be given in front of the civil status officer by the father, who will present the identity document, being also required the written agreement to my mother.
  • birth registration is made within 15 days from the date of birth for the live born child.
  • for the child born dead, the term is 3 days from birth.
  • birth registration for the child born alive, but who has died within 15 days, will be made within 24 hours from the date of death.
  • if the parents have different family names, or there is a mismatch between the child's last name in the birth certificate and the declarant's verbal statement, the birth registration is made on the basis of the written declaration signed by both parents in front of the civil status officer, of which to give the last name and the name of the child.
  • if the declaration of birth was made after the lapse of one year from the date of birth, the birth certificate shall be drawn up on the basis of the court decision, definitive and irrevocable, regarding the delay of registration, which must contain all the data required for registration.
  • after the birth registration, the birth certificate is issued to one of the parents.
  • failure to declare the birth within the term provided by law, shall be sanctioned in accordance with the provisions of art. 62 of Law 119/1996, with the fine.
  • the drawing up of the birth certificate for the child found or abandoned by the mother in sanitary units is done, within 30 days, based on the following documents:
    In the case of the child found:
  • the written statement of the person who found him or the report of the representative of the tutelary authority within the town hall within the radius of which the child was found;
  • the report prepared by the police, doctor and the representative of the tutelary authority within the town hall. The minutes will be recorded at the town hall and will include: the year, month and day when the child was found; the sex of the child; the place and the circumstances in which the child was found; the family name, first name and address of the person who found him and the witnesses (when they are); the name and address of the institution or the name of the person to whom the child was entrusted; the age of the child found, established by the doctor by obligatory indication of the year, month and day of birth, even if they are approximate; the result of the first police investigations to identify the parents.
    In the case of the child abandoned in the hospital:
  • the report of the representative of the tutelary authority within the town hall within the radius of which the child was abandoned;
  • the medical certificate confirming the birth; the report concluded by the police, the head of the health unit and the representative of the guardianship authority within the town hall, which will have the same content as the one concluded in the case of the child found.
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    Amparo: origin and meaning of the name for girl Amparo

    Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for girls to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: Protection.

    It is a very common name in the Valencia region, since it is the invocation of the Virgen de los Desamparados, patron saint of the city of Valencia.

    It comes from manuparare: "preserve, protect, reach out, protect"

    15 th of May


    • Amparo Baró, actress (1937-)
    • Amparo Rivelles, actress (1925-)
    • Amparo Moreno, actress (1949-)
    • Amparo Larrañaga, actress (1959-)
    • Amparo Muñoz, model and actress (1954-)

    Drawing of the name Amparo coloring page printable game

    Amparo: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

    Drawing of the name Amparo coloring page printable game

    Drawing with the name Amparo coloring page printable game

    Drawings of names. Amparo name to color and print

    Millions of dollars could cost medicine that can help a single baby

    Gene therapy medicine has been developed to save a single baby. Development also raises questions of research ethics and finance.

    It is not possible to know for sure how much it cost, but it is certainly in the billions of dollars. The business raises a number of questions: how long can personalized medicine be reduced and the resources spent on research be neglected.Millions of dollars worth of medicine that can help one baby (Photo: YouTube / Julia Vitarello) The eight-year-old Mila Makovechas a rare, fatal genetic disorder, this is the Batten's. From the age of three, his condition deteriorated. Your nervous system was spurning day after day. She used to be a mobile, talkative little girl, but she lost her sight and couldn't stand or lift her head anymore. After a few years, he had to feed through many tubes and killed 30 seizures a day. It is predicted that by adolescence he would have died - the Index reports. The interesting thing about the baby's disease is that Batten's disease usually seems to be one of the most common causes of birth defects. Timothy Yu, the Boston Children's Hospital doctor has discovered that this is because Mil's entire gene is not flawless: an important white can not be synthesized in an appropriate way.You designed ribonucleic acid (RNA) to counteract the effect of the defective gene. Parents have set up a fund to fund the drug, and a campaign has been launched on the GoFundMe community-funded website. So far, it has raised over three million dollars ($ 908 million). It is not known exactly how much the drug would cost to develop.It has been tested in cell culture and experimental animals and has been shown to be effective. This time, the American drug authority, the FDA, also allowed it to start injecting the baby into the spinal cord. In this case study, the results show that the baby still lost brain cells, failed to attack, Direction: Everyone should be given a RNA fragment that specifically outweighs the effect of the mutation it contains. According to Yu and colleagues, this method can be effective in all of the hundreds of neurodegenerative diseases. However, the side effects and risks of the procedure are not known. As it stands, it is applicable only to life-threatening nervous system disorders and only when there is no other solution. They also stated that the research team is not yet ready to help other children. Other sources, however, suggest that Yu and his staff treat two other patients in a similar fashion. which she has said so far, and is not responding to the few things that made her laugh. That is, the results may be better than what you would have experienced without treatment, but there is no healing. It also raises some questions about how to evaluate the basic efficacy and safety of a drug for a single patient. Generally, for a long time, many patients are tested for a drug before being used. In this case, however, there is no such thing.
    • Why do developmental abnormalities develop?
    • How much does a sick baby's life cost?
    • First they try to bleach blindness through gene editing

    Pot use during pregnancy may increase risk of preterm birth

    Researchers analyzed data on more than 660,000 pregnant women in Ontario, Canada; more than 9,400 reported using cannabis. The preterm birth rate was 12 percent for women who used cannabis – double that of women who said they didn't use the drug during pregnancy, according to the study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

    Higher preterm birth rates among cannabis users persisted even after the researchers took factors such as income and tobacco use into account. Pregnant cannabis users also were more likely than nonusers to have low-weight babies who needed intensive care, and more likely to to experience placental abruption.

    Nevertheless, an increasing number of women are using cannabis during pregnancy, according to another study in the same journal. Federal survey data shows that reported the rate of marijuana use by pregnant women in the U.S. doubled between 2002 and 2017 – from 3.4 percent to 7 percent. The rate is even higher during the first trimester, the study suggests.

    Both the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists say pregnant women should not use marijuana. Studies looking at the effects of marijuana on pregnant women and babies have so far reported mixed findings. However, in addition to the recent study on preterm birth rates, other studies suggest marijuana use by pregnant women may:

    • Make newborns more irritable
    • Affect babies' behavior, attention span, and academic scores in childhood
    • Increase developmental problems in babies if marijuana smoke is inhaled

    Experts also say the main psychoactive chemical in marijuana, THC, easily crosses through the placenta, and also accumulates in breast milk.

    The study on marijuana use and preterm births isn't flawless. It relied on women who reported their marijuana use rather than on medical records, and some women may not have been comfortable disclosing that information. The study also didn't look at how often, or for how long, the women used marijuana while pregnant.

    However, in an editorial accompanying the JAMA studies, pediatrician Michael Silverstein reaffirmed what major medical groups have already concluded.

    "These two studies send a straightforward message: Cannabis use in pregnancy is likely unsafe," he wrote. "Its potential for harm may represent a public health problem."

    our site News & Analysis is an assessment of recent news designed to cut through the hype and get you what you need to know.

    Marijuana Use in Pregnancy

    The tongue twister, also known fortongue unlocking, are useful for exercising and improving children's speech. Who has not ever played to repeat a tongue twister with their children? It is one of the most educational and creative games. Tongue twisters are a widely used tool to improve children's diction, as well as their memory, while entertaining themselves.

    Pablito nailed a nail. What little nail did Pablito nail?

    I eat little coconut I eat, little coconut I buy

    Mariana magaña
    unravel tomorrow
    the tangle that will entangle
    Mariana mañara

    Erre con erre, guitar;
    erre with erre, lane:
    fast the cars roll,
    fast the railroad.

    The dog in the mud, raging rages: his tail gets muddy
    when the mud sweeps away, and the mud at arrobas snatches his tail.

    The ashen hen in the ashtray is,
    the one who de-ash it will be a good de-ash

    Tajo brought me three suits,

    Tajo brought me three suits

    The ragpicker top with rags the gut of the foal

    Three big greedy tigers swallow wheat and choke

    I eat little coconut like,

    little coconut buy

    The Hippo Hiccup
    he's hiccuping.
    Who takes away your hiccups
    the hippo Hiccup?

    There was a caracatrepa
    with three little caracatrepitos.
    When the caracatrepa climbs,
    the three little caracatrepitos climb

    Pepe Pecas chops potatoes with a pick.
    Pepe Pecas potatoes with a pick

    Teresa brought chalks made pieces

    Pedro Pérez Pita perpetual painter
    paint landscapes for little price
    to be able to leave
    soon for paris

    There was a caracatrepa
    with three little caracatrepitos.
    When the caracatrepa climbs,
    the three little caracatrepitos climb

    The one who buys few layers
    few layers pay
    as I bought few layers

    few layers pay

    The San Roque dog has no tail
    because Ramón Ramírez has stolen it.
    And Ramón Ramírez's dog

    Who the tail has stolen?

    Pepe Peña peels potato,
    pineapple chop,

    blow a whistle,
    pineapple chop,
    potato peeler,
    Pepe Pena

    María Chuchena roofed her hut,
    and a roofer that passed by,
    Told him:
    - Chuchena,
    Do you roof your hut,

    or techas the alien?

    The tongue twistersthey are a word game with difficult sounds and pronunciation, and they serve to test your skills. They are a game that is also therapeutic. They are directly related, at least in terms of form, to nursery rhymes.

    Tongue twisters have been made to unlock the tongue, without any hindrance or reduction, and if there is any reduction in your tongue, with a tongue twister you can unlock your tongue.

    To play tongue twisters with children, start by reciting each phrase slowly and then repeating them faster and faster.

    When one makes a mistake in the correct pronunciation of the tongue twister, it causes a very funny situation in everyone. Do you want to learn some tongue twisters to practice with your children? Remember that parents are the main and best stimulators of children's language.

    So ..... cheer up! Your kids will love playing tongue-tie.

    Tongue twister with Rag. Learn and play Tongue Twister of Ragged Bear with the children. our site offers a selection of tongue twisters, easy and difficult, short and long, to help improve children's diction and pronunciation of words. Educational and fun game at the same time.

    Christmas tongue twisters. our site brings you Christmas tongue twisters. Tongue twisters, also known as tongue twisters, are word games whose pronunciation out loud is made difficult by the repetition of a syllable. We suggest you play Christmas tongue twisters with the children.

    Tongue twisters for home and school. Why and how to play tongue twisters with children. Tongue twisters are a word game with difficult sounds and pronunciation, and are used to improve children's speech. our site offers some tongue twisters to educate and entertain children.

    Short tongue twisters for children. Tongue twisters are great games for children to practice speaking and improve their pronunciation. On our site we leave you some short tongue twisters for children.

    Long tongue twisters for children. Tongue twisters are fun games for children to practice language and have fun playing. With them they will have a better diction and can improve their vocabulary and language. Long tongue twisters for children.

    Easy tongue twisters for kids. Tongue twisters are a way to practice language and improve your children's speech. At we propose a series of easy tongue twisters so that you can have fun with them and exercise your language. Easy tongue twisters for kids.

    Difficult tongue twisters for children. Difficult tongue twisters for children with good diction. The most complicated tongue twisters for the best children tongue twisters.

    Games with tongue twisters for children. The funniest tongue twisters that encourage children to play. A different way to memorize and develop the language of children. Games with tongue twisters for children.

    Tongue twisters for children about animals. Impossible word games where animals are the protagonists. Funny animal tongue twisters for the whole family. Games to improve pronunciation, vocabulary, memory and language of children.

    Fun tongue twisters for kids. Tongue twisters are complicated word games that will make us laugh with our children while teaching them vocabulary and exercising language. Fun tongue twisters for kids.

    Tongue twisters for children for letters of the alphabet. Here we leave you the best tongue twisters for children to test their language skills with the different letters of the alphabet. Tongue twisters are word games in which a phoneme is repeated using simple rhymes and are difficult to pronounce quickly. Tongue twisters for children with the letters of the alphabet.

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    Tongue Twisters for Kids

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