Single parents: the early days after separation

Single parents: the early days after separation

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Skin care in winter is one of the essential concerns to consider for your beauty at the beginning of the busy season. The low temperatures and the wind aggravate the skin and favor its drying, and with this, the appearance of eczema, cracks and irritations. Here are some simple and handy rules by which you "coat" your skin in a warm layer of protection and safety against the frostbite outside.

Choose body and skin creams based on protective oils!

The skin care routine should be changed every season. If in summer and spring you are focusing on super moisturizing creams and lotions, with high water content, in the cold season it is advisable to go on the hand of fat products, based on essential oils. They create a protective layer on the surface of the skin and prevent the low temperatures and the wind from aggravating it.

Choose cosmetics based on essential oils that do not clog pores, such as minerals, avocado, cucumber or almond. It uses separate products for face and body, because they have different textures and care needs.

Use lotions for sun protection!

Sunscreen lotions are not used only in summer, but throughout the year and especially in winter. When it is snow, you are more exposed than ever to the effects of the harmful rays of the sun. According to the specialists, over 90% of the UV rays are reflected in snow. That is why applying a generous lotion of sunscreen lotion, 30 minutes before going outside, is essential for skin care in winter.

Give up hot baths!

Hot baths or showers are the first solution that comes to mind when you come outside and want to warm up quickly. However, hot water is a feared enemy of skin health. The hot water removes the natural oils from the skin surface and dries it. It is good to give up hot showers in favor of warm ones. Try to warm yourself up with a cup of hot tea, rather than a steamy bath that destroys your skin.

Pay special attention to the hands!

The skin of the hands is thinner than that of other body areas and contains fewer sebaceous glands. For this reason, there is a risk that they will dry out faster than other areas of the body's skin and require special care during winter.

Besides the intense nourishment with special hand cream, based on glycerin and essential oils, the best method of skin care of the hands is wearing gloves. Never go outside in winter without gloves. Make sure they are made of cotton or other types of natural materials, "friendly" to your skin.

Use the room humidifier!

Both outside and home air tend to dry your skin in winter. Heaters, heating plants and, in general, home heating sources tend to dry the air in your home and affect your skin. In such cases, it is advisable to always have a room humidifier at hand, to ensure an optimum level of humidity and to keep your skin healthy and shiny.

Foods for moisturizing and nourishing the skin!

Not only the cosmetic products, the humidifiers and the chosen clothing contribute to the maintenance of the skin health. And what you eat is reflected in how you "survive" the busy season. Even if the cold temperatures do not urge you to drink much water, it is important to keep the fluid intake recommended by doctors, 2 liters a day, both for your health and for a firm and shiny appearance of the skin.

Also, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables rich in water - cucumbers, citrus fruits, berries, tomatoes, melons, etc. - contributes to skin hydration in the cold season.

What measures do you take in the cold season for skin care? Tell us what are the secrets to keeping your skin looking shiny in winter, in the comment section below!

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Fluoride: Protects Teeth or Causes Cancer?

Fluoride: Protects Teeth or Causes Cancer?

Much of the information about fluoride circulates around the world, and we're helping to clear the picture. We have also collected what you can do to prevent your child from taking fluoride.

Fluoride: Protects Teeth or Causes Cancer?

What is Fluorine?

Fluorine is the 24th most common element in the universe. Greenish-yellow, extremely reactive gas, which occurs naturally in soil, water and rocks. One of the compounds of fluorine is fluoride strengthens bones and teeth in sufficient quantitiesand helps prevent tooth decay.

Where can I find it?

In Hungary, although drinking water does not contain added fluorine, it is mainly absorbed into the body with tap water (0.5 mg / l) and consumed drinking water (about 1.4 mg / l). Fluoride is 95% concentrated in our bones and teeth. However, you need to know that Almost all plants and most foods contain trace amounts of fluorine: small amounts of greens and fruits (0.1-0.4 mg / kg), anchovies and other fish (370 mg / kg), some teas (400 mg / kg) or, for example, barley and rice (2 mg / kg). Apart from these, a lot of fluorine can be absorbed into the body by processed foods (carbonated foods, semi-finished foods) - therefore, avoiding overdosing is therefore worth avoiding.

How long are you, when are you hurt?

The daily fluoride requirement is 0.25-0.5 milligrams in infants, 1.5 milligrams in children up to 18 years, and 3.5 milligrams in children over 18 years of age. can cause problems. Enyhйbb case elszнnezхdhet the fogzomбnc, sъlyosabb cases skeletal elvбltozбsok, fogzomбncsйrьlйs (fluorуzis) may occur under certain kutatбsok is akбr cause hiperaktivitбst / letargiбt, нzьleti betegsйgeket, izomgyengesйget, demenciбt, pajzsmirigyproblйmбkat, sхt csontrбkot if tъladagoljuk.A fogkrйmek, szбjvizek contain added flurid. However, they are subject to serious controls: they should not exceed 1000 ppm - 1000 mg / kg for adults, 0.05% or 500 ppm for children under six, and 0.1-0.15 for children over six The formulation may contain from 1000 to 1500 ppm fluoride.

What should we do to avoid overdosing?

It is very important that in the meantime, do not use fluoride-containing products while your child is swallowing toothpaste! Later, we always choose the type that is suitable for a small age, and do not use more than a lot of peas. In addition, naturally, you should avoid eating carbonated foods and processed foods that are not healthy for any reason.Other tips to look out for:
- Use a child's age appropriate toothbrush
- Teach your little ones how to spit out toothpaste when brushing instead of swallowing
- Let's not forget about rinsing
- Up to the age of 8, the child should brush his / her teeth only under supervision
- Under 6 years, do not give adult toothpaste to the babyRelated articles in tooth brushing:
  • Childhood Dental Care: 5 Tips from the Dentist
  • Why do I need to brush my teeth?
  • Can a child only brush his teeth from the age of one?

There are many moments in life when you need the criminal record certificate. Getting a driver's license, hiring a new job are just a few of the situations in which you are required. In such situations it is good to know that the criminal record certificates can be issued in emergency (3 working days) and normally 10-30 working days from the county policies.

There are many moments in life when you need the criminal record certificate. Getting a driver's license, hiring a new job are just a few of the situations in which you are required. In such situations it is good to know that the criminal record certificates can be issued in emergency (3 working days) and normally 10-30 working days from the county policies.
Certificates of criminal record can be obtained from the county policies (place of birth or home). In order to obtain the criminal record certificate, the following categories can be addressed to the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police: foreign nationals residing abroad; Romanian citizens born in Bucharest, Ilfov county or abroad who have their domicile on the administrative-territorial area of ​​other counties; Romanian citizens born and domiciled on the administrative-territorial radius of the counties and who have a legitimate interest in the embassies in Bucharest.
The person wishing to issue a criminal record certificate will address the police bodies at the place of birth or at home and must have on his / her identity document, the fiscal stamp, in the amount of 8,000 lei, 50,000 lei cash in case he wishes to be released. of the document in emergency regime (3 days). Persons domiciled abroad may request a criminal record certificate through the Romanian diplomatic missions or consular offices in the country where they are located.
The certificate of record requested by a natural person domiciled in Romania or abroad can also be obtained by a notarial power of attorney by another person, mandated by the holder for this purpose. The same documents are required to obtain the criminal record certificate in normal regime, without paying the emergency fee. The criminal record certificates are valid for 90 days from the date of issue and only for the purpose for which they were issued.
The person listed in the criminal record may request the rectification of the registered data or the provisional notaries, if they do not correspond to the real situation or their registration was not made in compliance with the legal provisions.

Alert against a pirate site of the Caf

A pirate website, replicating that of the Caf, sends fraudulent e-mails to recipients to obtain their bank details. (News from 05/03/10)

  • The Ministry of Social Affairs warns, since March 4, recipients of the Caf against false mails. A hacker site sent fraudulent emails to beneficiaries claiming their duty some sums of money. The messages invited them to enter their bank details in order to receive the payment due to them.
  • In a press release, the ministry calls "vigilance" and reminds those concerned not to respond to these emails and in no case to give banking information. Xavier Darcos recommends "the greatest caution".
  • Maybe you will find one in your mailbox, do not open it and delete it!

Alison Novic

15 Gift Ideas Gift Idea for Mother's Day to Win!

Max and the Maximonstres

From 6 years old, your child will identify with this turbulent little boy who becomes the king of a band of monsters! A fable full of strength to evoke childhood ... to enjoy with family.

What is it about ?

  • Max is 9 years old. He is full of life. He would like to attract the attention of his big brother and be the only love of his mother. Max feels misunderstood. One night, he commits the irreparable: he bites his mother ... and flees, far, far ... to the country of the Maximonstres, terrifying creatures with unexpected reactions. Max is crowned king! He orders fights, parties galore, etc. But it's not so easy to govern! The Maximonstres also have sometimes violent feelings ...

What your child will love

  • To find oneself in all these emotions. Your child, too, sometimes wants to bite, to bite! Here is a film that speaks (without giving lessons!) Of what he feels: boredom, fear, jealousy, love, anger ... Through this journey of initiation that is childhood, Max learns to negotiate, to put oneself in the other's shoes. He grows up and better controls his emotions as in this very beautiful scene at the end of the film where he finds his mother: rather than rebelling this time again, he sketches a smile ...
  • The Maximonstres. They are hideous, in turn violent, funny, tender, irresponsible ... sometimes like your little monster to you! More than a film for children, it is a film about childhood with all that characterizes it: its energy, its need for space, its joy, its funny, and especially this imaginary ... monstrous!
  • Max and the Maximonstres, by Spike Jonze. Duration: 1 h 40. From 6 years old.
  • Where to find it?

Max and the Maximonstres: a bestseller to reread

From the age of 4, read and re-read this immense classic of kindergartens which caused a scandal when it was released in 1963 because it gives right to the revolt of the child! As in the movie, Max chases the nonsense and is sent to his room. Furious, he closes his eyes and imagines joining an imaginary world ... Max and the Maximonstres, by Maurice Sendak, € 10.40.

Agnes Barboux

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