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Incontinence during pregnancy

With the growth of the fetus, the weight of the bladder is increasing and the tissues of the pregnancy are lighter as a result of pregnancy hormones.

Not surprisingly, retention of urine has become an increasingly difficult task during months of pregnancy. Although most of the symptoms are thought after birth, it is a good idea to deal with it, as this is a warning to the organization that it is useful to train and keep this area moving. Letters can help, but the real intimate gymnastics may not be started even in the last month of pregnancy, and it is completely safe for pregnant mothers! Here, women can learn not only the right techniques for muscle tightening and strengthening, but also the most appropriate postures, since it is not worth putting on stretching straps, stings or stings anyway!

Try an intimacy course

Intimate gymnastics is the most effective way to learn and practice intimate gymnastics. Arnold Kegel, a woman in the United States "invented" the gymnastics exercises were also named, Kegel exercises call, you've probably heard it already. You can learn the Kegel exercises very easily in the courses, and you can do them at home any time with a few light agents. Intimate gymnastics is as sensory as when you hold your urine for a few seconds while peeing. It's a move strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor. Perform the exercise several times a day even after childbirth. You can do this even when you are squirting at first, or if you are already getting tired, walking, sitting, lying or standing in line.These will also be useful:
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  • 42 Tips to Get Your Kids Feeling, Love Them

    At the end of the corridor, I only saw the feet of my brother. He turned me down and asked our kids, "Do you know how much we love you? We love you more than anything in the world. We love you, anything should happen."

    It is important that children feel, love them

    "If someone is not nice to you at school, or if you make a bad decision, we still love you," he said. I just suspect that before he went to work and closed the door, he spotted the children, and then he missed the floor - on letwhylead.com, where you share super tips with your mates. When my son plays with other people who don't tell him the rules of the game, we want our brother to know - we always tell him. When nobody is asking you to dance, we want you to know that you can dance with us at any time in the kitchen. We will have a special grip on the family, we will wear funny brides, and everyone will have a place at the table. Always. We do our best to let the unity and love of our family infiltrate every little corner of our souls. We want us to write, there will always be a place for them in the world to which they belongDo you want to do that? With little things, you can make your children feel like they can come to you anytime because you love them more than anything else in the world. Get some of the 42 tips below and be yourself white, happy, loving and happy family.1. Dance often.
    2. Tell them about your life. What adventures did you have during your childhood? What did you feel when you first saw your couple? What did you feel about your wedding day and what did you feel when they learned to ride a bike?
    3. Give them a good new kiss.
    4. Let them sleep with you (at least during the holidays).
    5. Show them pictures of grandparents, tell about life to strengthen their family identity. Every Christmas, we put the grandparents' picture in the apartment.
    6. Always go to school, school in good time.
    7. Teach them something every day. How to tie a shoemaker, how to make an arrow. etc
    8. Look at your family for a team.
    9. Find a family password or handshake. When I was a kid, our family password was our name read back. I thought it was a really cool thing.
    10. Display photos of them in the apartment.
    11. Make them a nice foamy bath occasionally.
    12. Make a slide show or video of your family photos or recordings.
    13. Tell them many times (every day) that you love them.
    14. If you lie on your stomach, prick their backs.
    15. Talk at the dinner table.
    16. Hide funny messages in their snack box.
    17. Read them from your favorite children's storybook.
    18. Let them occasionally make a mess.
    19. Discover the motto of your family, which strengthens your associations.
    20. Make them your favorite childhood food.
    21. Spend a lot of time together outdoors. Camp, board, bike, boat, go birding.
    22. Put down your phone. And listen to more of them.
    23. Have habits that children repeat every day of their lives.
    24. Work together. Bake something or make presents with your own hands, souvenirs.
    25. Eat something that has grown out of the ground.
    26. Teach them how wonderful their bodies are.
    27. Let them sometimes stay longer in the evening (depending on how old you are, how old you are) and do something with your mom or dad.
    28. Come up with a funny family dance.
    29. Set common goals.
    30. Organize family home evenings once a week. Even if you do not succeed every week, keep trying. These are the questions they asked: What did you like about the past week? What's not? What can we do to make the next week better?
    31. Let them lose their timers. (And learn from it, try not to play time, but forget about the games.)
    32. Discover the stars together.
    33. Observe them in their sleep and tell them the next day.
    34. Apologize if you make a mistake ..
    35. Have Marathon Play Nights.
    36. Inquire about the type that interests them. (For example, learn the rules of their favorite sport or the names of the characters in their favorite stories.)
    37. Run, ride your bike together.
    38. Love your pep.
    39. Share with us what you believe in what you think of the world.
    40. Be empathetic when it comes to something. Don't bag it!
    41. Discover what they can do. And support them!
    42. Tell them good things to your partner when they think you do not know they are listening. morning? Because yeah. "Of course I remember. I'll never forget. Related articles about love:
    • Love never disappears
    • The language of love for small children
    • So, show that you love your child
    Aliens in the Attic


    Tom Pearson (Carter Jenkins) is 15, and his life is not looking good. He is sick of being called a 'brainiac' and 'mathlete' and has spent the last term of school purposely failing his classes. He is being forced to go on a family vacation with his parents, Stuart (Kevin Nealon) and Nina (Gillian Vigman), his older sister Bethany (Ashley Tisdale), and his little sister Hannah (Ashley Boettcher). They are going to an ancient lake house in the country. Here they will be joined by his Nana Rose (Doris Roberts), Uncle Nate (Andy Richter), his cousin Jake (Austin Butler), and Jake's twin brothers Art (Henri Young) and Lee (Regan Young). Bethany's smooth-operating boyfriend Ricky (Robert Hoffman) also arrives and gets himself invited to stay the night after arranging for his car to break down.

    That night during a storm, four aliens arrive and start attacking the children. The children learn that the aliens want an extraterrestrial machine that is buried beneath the house. They will stop at nothing to get it, because they are planning to invade the world and enslave the human race. The aliens use a mind-controlling device to turn their victims into zombie-type aliens. Their first victim is Ricky. The kids must protect their parents and save themselves and all humankind. To do this, they decide to launch a war against the alien invaders.


    Alien invasion; sibling rivalry


    This movie includes some violence. For example:

    • Tom accidentally shoots Ricky with paint gun pellets. Several hit Ricky directly in the crotch.
    • Ricky slaps Tom on the back of the head as he passes.
    • The aliens shoot a mind-controlling dart at the back of Ricky's head. Using a remote control, the aliens make Ricky go after Tom and Jake. There is a scuffle and then Ricky falls off the roof and gets tangled in the lattice.
    • While the kids are trying to escape from the attic, the aliens fire darts at them. Both Jake and Tom are hit, but they are not affected. As the kids slam the trap door to the attic, some of the aliens' nails get chopped off.
    • One alien elbows another, and two alien heads get knocked together.
    • An alien grabs a rat and eats it whole.
    • Jake fires paintballs at the aliens.
    • Tom shoots the aliens with a potato gun and then with a fire extinguisher.
    • The twins use the mind control remote on Ricky, making him swing around and flip to the ground, slam into his own car, and slap himself repeatedly in the face.
    • Bethany slaps Ricky in the face.
    • Jake throws fire crackers into the vent shafts to drive the aliens back. The aliens flee the explosions. One says that his butt is on fire.
    • An alien shoots a mind control dart into Nana's neck. Nana then knocks down a door and attacks Jake, biting his arm with such force that her dentures are left there.
    • The aliens fire a potato gun at the kids.
    • An alien shoots a mind control dart at the sheriff. Jake hits the alien with a rake and he misses the shot.
    • The aliens shoot Jake with a potato gun, tie him up, gag him and drag him down some stairs.
    • Controlled by the remote control, Ricky shoves Tom and tries to hit the twins. He then battles a remote-controlled Nana, who blocks his punches and uses her cane. They both do some martial arts moves that result in walls and furniture being smashed. Eventually Nana does a flipping leap. She sends Ricky flying down a hall and through a door.
    • Bethany battles an alien with a tennis racquet.
    • Tom tries to shoot a mind control device into the neck of an alien that is at least 20 times his normal size. Meanwhile another gigantic alien is preparing to attack Tom. The two huge aliens end up battling each other, including punching, elbowing, hitting and kicking.
    • A bird grabs and flies off with an alien.

    Content that may disturb children

    Under 5

    In addition to the violent scenes and scary visual images mentioned above, this movie contains some scenes that could scare or disturb children under five. For example:

    • The appearance of the aliens is scary. They have bulging faces and sharp teeth.
    • The aliens are determined to attack and harm the children.

    From 5-8

    In addition to the violent scenes and scary visual images mentioned above, this movie contains some scenes that could scare or disturb children in this age group. For example, Jake is taken hostage by the aliens and is bound and gagged in the basement. The aliens later dump him in a hole where the others find him after a suspenseful trek through the darkness.

    Over 8

    Children in this age group are unlikely to be disturbed by anything in this movie.

    Sexual references

    This movie contains some sexual references. For example:

    • Ricky tells Bethany to 'give papa some sugar'.
    • Bethany's parents warn her that there will be no 'fooling around' when Ricky is allowed to spend the night.
    • After Tom shoots Ricky in the crotch with paint pellets, Ricky suggestively says that Bethany is just aching to be his (Ricky's) private nurse.
    • Ricky tells Bethany that he should have stayed home and hooked up with another girl who is 'smoking hot'.

    Alcohol, drugs and other substances

    This movie contains some use of substances. For example:

    • When Stuart and Nina are heading out the door, Uncle Nate says that they need some beer and chips.
    • The adults hold what appear to be glasses of wine.

    Nudity and sexual activity

    This movie contains some nudity and sexual activity. For example:

    • There is a photo of a shirtless Ricky on Bethany's mobile phone.
    • Bethany sunbathes in a very skimpy bikini.
    • Bethany wears very short shorts and a top that shows her midriff.
    • The aliens watch a scene from The Mask of Zorro, where Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones spar with swords. He slits her dress and exposes much of her thigh before she disarms him and they kiss passionately.
    • Ricky removes his shirt while Bethany watches with breathless anticipation. She then rubs suntan lotion all over his torso.

    Product placement


    Coarse language

    This movie contains some coarse language and name-calling.

    Ideas to discuss with your children

    Aliens in the Attic is an adventure comedy that will appeal to a wide range of children. It is, however, better suited to teen audiences and anyone who enjoys mindless entertainment.

    The main messages from this movie are to be true to yourself. The movie also suggests that you shouldn't judge people - or aliens - on first impressions alone.

    Values in this movie that you might wish to reinforce with your children include:

    • creativity and teamwork when solving problems
    • persistence and responsibility when it comes to finishing a task, even if it appears hopeless
    • tolerance and understanding for those who are different from yourself.

    This movie could also give you the chance to talk with your children about issues such as:

    • lying to get what you want
    • not doing your best because you're worried about what other people will think
    • judging someone by their appearance and not by who they are
    • taking matters into your own hands and not discussing serious situations with your parents or others who could help.

    Cesarean section in childbirth. How to recover from a cesarean section

    Recovering from a C-section is slower than recovering from a vaginal delivery. For this reason, you will have to stay in the hospital for a few more days (3 to 5), than if you had given birth after a vaginal delivery.

    The first two or three days after the cesarean section are the most annoying. Complete recovery does not occur for 6 weeks, but 2 weeks after the operation it is usual to feel much better. During the first week, it is normal to have vaginal bleeding, but from the second week, the reddish bleeding will change to yellowish or pink and will continue for 6 weeks.

    The first critical moment after cesarean section is when the effects of anesthesia subside. It is normal to keep the catheters in place for the administration of serums and medication and even the urinary catheter until 24 hours after having carried out the intervention.

    After removal of the catheter it is important to urinate, although it may be a bit uncomfortable at first. Running the tap or pouring some warm water down your pubis can help you with urination. In addition, by being able to empty the bladder, you will also make it easier for the uterus to return to its normal size more easily. This Involution of the uterus leads to bleeding, which can last up to 6 weeks.

    You should get out of bed and get up with help, getting up with the help of a cushion that you will hold next to your belly. Once you are standing, it is recommended that you take short walks to improve circulation in the legs and prevent thrombosis. These walks will also help you to mobilize the intestinal transit again, since it is stopped by anesthesia and you should evacuate or inform your midwife that you are not doing it. To relieve the annoying gas and cramps resulting from any abdominal surgery, a rocking chair or rocking in a chair can help you.

    Putting your baby to the breast can be a bit difficult at first, especially holding the baby in your arms because the weight of the child on the scar can hurt. Cesarean delivery does not interfere with milk production. Use cushions or lie on your side to nurse.

    Healing and healing the cesarean section wound is becoming easier as more and more absorbable stitches are used and they are covered with antiseptic dressings that prevent infections by bacteria from the environment. A cesarean section wound usually takes about 10 days to heal and it is important to always keep it clean and dry to avoid infection. It should not suffer redness, inflammation or pain when you touch it.
    If you notice any of these symptoms or that it takes a long time to heal, you should ask your doctor.

    Caesarean section wound care:

    1. Avoid making sudden movements that compromise the abdominal muscles or affect healing.

    2. Wear cotton garments that allow perspiration.

    3. Keep a few days of rest after the operation. During the first two weeks after the operation, avoid climbing stairs, doing housework, gaining weight, and exercising.

    4. Avoid resuming sexual intercourse until after a month and a half.

    Rest at home should be your maxim to properly recover your abdominal muscles, which are weak from the surgery. Sleep as much as your baby allows and at least take one nap a day taking care of your posture. Take a shower, don't bathe and don't wear tampons, use compresses, until the scar has completely healed. Some symptoms that can alert you that something is wrong are the following:

    - Bleeding or suppuration from the scar.

    - Heavy vaginal bleeding.

    - Burning when urinating.

    - Fever. More than 38 ºC.

    - Headaches. If they do not remit in intensity.

    - Sudden pain or burning in the abdominal area.

    - Chest pain: redness, hot or hard areas.

    - Swollen legs.

    - Depression

    You can read more articles similar to Cesarean section in childbirth. How to recover from a cesarean section, in the category of Cesarean delivery on site.

    Acupuncture and pregnancy

    Pregnancy is the most special, the most beautiful, the most challenging and perhaps the most sacred period in a woman's life. The woman of this period faces some difficulties. In the morning, nausea, vomiting, migraine, back, low back pain, constipation, mental fluctuations can reach various negative conditions. Of course, it is ideal to be able to manage these situations without using drugs. Because of the teratogenic effects of drugs, the fetus (offspring offspring) by damaging the cause of the formation of defective organs. However, the drug may be unavoidable if it is desperate. That's where acupuncture comes in. Acupuncture and Medical Aesthetics Specialist Hikmet Gülaçtı says:
    Alar Studies have shown that; With acupuncture, all of its adversities and ailments can be improved. Thus, the mother expects the baby to be born without damaging the acupuncture treatment to get rid of the current problems in this period. ”

    Acupuncture is not only limited to pregnancy,
    shows the effects during the loss of required weight. The new mother can easily return her deformed body to her former condition because of the weight she gained during pregnancy. Acupuncture and Medical Aesthetics Specialist Hikmet Gülaçtı says:

    “The slimming period can start at the beginning of the breastfeeding period or at the end. What should be done is not malnutrition, it is correct, good quality, high nutritional value, but low energy-calorie value. Acupuncture supported by a well-regulated diet plan, milk production is prevented, unrestricted weight is high chance to get rid of. Acupuncture controls the sensation of hunger and appetite, both while normalizing body systems (which is the main task). Thanks to the hormone it produces, it improves the mother's mental state. ”

    What can be done?

    Acupuncture and Medical Aesthetics Specialist Hikmet Gülaçtı recommends:

    • “Mesotherapy Fransız, a French treatment that has been practiced for almost 57 years in almost the entire world and has been proven to be harmless after being in the right hands; is still the most effective treatment for both cellulite and regional slimming. According to the decision of the expert, Mesotherapy which can be applied once or twice a week is very successful after a cure of 12 sessions. It is especially effective if it is applied together with the ant Suction Cup Method an (cupping, cupping) which increases the effect of Mesotherapy by creating synergy.

    • Suction cup treatment is one of the most important components of traditional Chinese medicine and is applied before Mesotherapy. Suction Cup Treatment, on the one hand increases the lymphatic circulation (which means toxin excretion), on the other hand accelerates the blood flow to the region. It provides an increase in the quality of health in every body area where the blood comes in sufficient amounts. Thus, with the combination of Suction Cup treatment and Mesotherapy, the deformed body is purified from cellulite without the need for a surgical procedure and it is examined with the improvement of the defective structure of fat cells. At the same time, it gets into shape, gets tight and gradually regains its old lines with the elimination of very distressing arm sags.

    • Due to excessive weight gain, especially in the abdominal region sagging, last-
    “Electrolipolysis Therapy eri is applied in which the value is re-understood and found the place it deserves again. In this method, which is systematized by Chinese Dang Vu Yen of Chinese origin, very thin, special needles are dipped into the region where the oils that cause sagging are given and low frequency current is given. by melting fat, it is conducive to the shrinkage of fat tissue and thus the elimination of sagging.

    • The fearful dream of all women during pregnancy is abdominal fractures. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done for worn-out stretch marks (ie pearlescent color), but there is a chance that after the pregnancy, the stretch marks can be healed while they are still red. The cracks, which are red and pink in color, are primarily subjected to a controlled peeling process called “microdermabrasion.. Then, “Antioxidative Mesotherapy and Carbossiterapy” is done. While cilt Mesotherapy cilt feeds the skin in terms of vitamins and minerals, oss Carbossiterapi oksijen provides oxygen and blood flow to the area where the cracks are located. Thus, the cracks show improvements at various levels.

    Halloween crafts: phantom bowling

    Halloween crafts: phantom bowling

    Chicken Chiftelute recipe, quick and tasty. This recipe is recommended for babies older than 1 year.


  • 100 gr chicken breast
  • 1 yellow
  • parsley
  • 10 g onion
  • 1 tomato
  • half a pepper
  • 1 slice of bread
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • 25 g butter
  • 1. Pass the chicken through the mincer;
    2. Add the softened bread and squeeze well, chopped green onions, chopped onion and pepper, tomato peeled and crushed;
    3. Sprinkle very little salt and mix well;
    4. From the composition thus obtained, it forms with small wet palms with small fingers;
    5. Pass through the flour, place in a greased tray with butter and leave in the oven until the meat is boiled.

    Tags Baby recipes

    What should I do if I'm really unhappy with my child's school? (K to 3)

    If you're concerned that your child isn't getting the kind of attention he needs or that his school is using techniques or following policies that you're uncomfortable with, the first rule of thumb is to follow what I call your child's "line of contact" — in other words, to respect the proper chain of command. You may be able to solve the problem by just talking with his teacher.

    Start by arranging to spend an hour or two in your child's classroom. This will give you a lot of information about your child's teacher, school, and classroom environment. Then schedule a private conference with the teacher. Start by telling her five or so things that you noticed about her teaching style that you liked, as well as by appreciating her for the hard work she does. Use a constructive, positive tone that doesn't put her on the defensive. Then be as specific as possible when you list your causes for concern. For example, you can say something like, "My child seems upset and nervous about going to school in the morning," or "I have concerns about some of the classroom methods you're using, such as the use of flash cards, which stress memorization rather than conceptual learning."

    If things go well, the teacher will listen and agree to work with you to solve the problem. She may suggest that you begin a teacher-parent journal in which you can have direct, daily written communication. She may also suggest several specific changes that she'll make right away.

    Sometimes, however, the teacher won't agree to meet with you right away, and will ask you to wait until the regularly scheduled parent-teacher conferences in two months. Or she may agree to meet with you, but will come across as defensive and hostile.

    In this case, your next step would be to talk to the principal. Again, begin in a non-confrontational way. Threats such as "I'm ready to pull my child out of your school" are counterproductive. (Ideally, you address the problem before you reach your boiling point.) Rather, be specific when presenting your concerns, as in: "I think my son's teacher's style doesn't quite work with my child." A responsive principal will offer real solutions. For instance, he may suggest switching your son to another classroom, a solution that addresses problems that arise if your child and his teacher are having a personality clash or if their respective learning and teaching styles don't match up. After you've come up with some solutions and they are put in place, wait two weeks. If you don't see some improvement in this period, then it's time to make another phone call.

    If you don't feel that the principal is responsive, talk to other parents. You can call those you know or ask if you can address the school's parent-teacher organization. Parents have amazing bargaining power — and there's real strength in numbers. If a group of parents objects that too many teachers are relying too much on dittos and that the textbooks are outdated, the school will probably be much more responsible than if they complained individually.

    Still not satisfied? Pull your child out of the school as soon as you have found another school for him to attend — don't make him tough it out until the end of the school year. The wrong school can have a lasting negative affect on a child. And a year of a child's life is a long time to waste.

    What To Do When Your Kids Wont Listen

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