Did you get cut in that easy place too?

Did you get cut in that easy place too?

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According to a recent study, although the majority of small children slip off the slides, so if your parent can live off, he or she is actually at greater risk of dying than on his or her own.

It's dangerous if you two slip

As soon as the research leader arrives dr. Charles Jennissen, Iowa University Carver College of Medicine Children's Crib reported, most parents or guardians don't even realize how dangerous it is to slide with a small child in our range, though over 1,000 people completed in 2002 and 2015 an accident occurred, the victims of which were 6 years younger they were children.In 59 percent of the cases the boys had an accident, some of them had smaller cuts, but more than a third of them went to the accident department, one of their bones is broken, usually the foot. The majority of children affected by gout were between the ages of 12 and 23 months, and the accident generally occurred when the parents our feet were pressed to the brink of the crash And twisted. There is also a greater risk of injury when parenting a baby because an adult has a greater weight, so the trapped foot is more heavily weighted than a child alone. with children in the living room, or when they do, be very careful. Research results are available at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics in Chicago before the public.Related Materials:
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  • You don't have to, just your body, a comfy dress, a few minutes of free time, a carpeted corner of your apartment. Not only do children with vertebrae have a need for a maintenance gym. A beautiful and healthy posture influences our overall appearance.

    Proper posture helps to our organs are able to operate in an advantageous position. So it is advisable to finish your exercise before the mirror.

    The correct posture

    In a small swell, press your palms against your stomach. Tighten your stomachs and then relax. Tension should last for 3-4 seconds, loosening for a shorter period. Repeat it a few times!

    Stand parallel to the feet, 2-3 fingers apart, the same distance between the corners. Avoid nudity, as it helps to shape the sole! Where your spine is most strongly arched, stretch it slightly back. Fold in your stomach, causing your bottom to sink and your pool not tilting forward. Let it down, put it back a bit, keep your head in the middle. Practice this good posture several times a day for 1-2 minutes.

    Stand with your feet closed, place your hands on your butt with the palm facing out. Tighten your butt, press your hand back against this area. Continue tensioning at least 10 times.

    Stand upright, with your feet parallel, put your stomach in, put your hand on your forehead. From this container:

    You can tilt it to one side and then to the other as if you were sliding your body over a trained wall surface at a very slow pace. Repeat it a few times.

    Expand your right hand on your hips and raise your left arm high. from

    Tilt your starboard to the right with your left arm to the right as if you were trying to hit something. Get back into the midfield and continue the exercise with slow exchange - slowly.

    Swinging, arms in height, with interlaced fingers. Turn your palms up. from

    With your belly in, tilt your stomach to the right and then to the left, very slowly. Keep the side of your body in the stock exchange. Repeat a few times.

    Hold your feet closed, hands on the butt. From this situation:

    Bend your back slightly, with a very careful movement. Get back into the straight posture and do the back flexion.
    Canned fruit for the pie
    Abortion in all aspects
    How do you help your baby lose weight?

    How can I tell whether my child needs stitches for a cut?

    If you have any doubt, head for the doctor's office or the emergency department to get the cut checked out.

    Generally, a deep, long, or open wound – deeper than about 1/4 inch or longer than about 1/2 inch – will need stitches (also called sutures) to help prevent infection, minimize scarring, and stop the bleeding.

    You'll also want to take your child to the doctor or emergency department:

    • If the cut is bleeding and you can't stop it within 10 minutes by applying firm pressure with a clean cloth or bandage.
    • If debris such as dirt or gravel that doesn't wash away with soap and warm water is embedded in the wound.
    • If the wound is a puncture or the result of a run-in with a dirty or rusty object.
    • If the wound was caused by a bite from an animal or another child.

    The skin on the palms and fingers is taut and may need stitches to heal, even if the cut isn't very large. And cuts on the face may need to be stitched to minimize scarring.

    For best results, it's important to get stitches within six to eight hours. After that, the stitches may not hold as well and an infection is more likely.

    What will happen at the hospital?

    Depending on the object that cut your child, the area may need to be X-rayed to see whether there are any particles inside that need to be removed.

    Before stitching, the area will need to be numbed. In some cases, a topical numbing anesthetic is all that's needed. In other cases, the topical anesthetic is followed by an injection of a local anesthetic to further numb the area. Then the wound is washed thoroughly and stitched closed.

    Your child may need to be gently restrained (by wrapping her in a sheet, for example) to keep her still for the procedure. She may also need some sedation to calm her.

    If the stitched area is in a spot that would be stressed by movement (like over a joint), the doctor may splint it to keep it immobile so it won't reopen.

    Alternatives to stitches

    Dermabond: This is a skin glue that forms an adhesive bond over a wound within a minute of touching the skin. It's especially useful for cuts with even, straight edges in areas that won't receive a lot of tension. (The forehead is a good candidate.)

    Applying Dermabond is painless, although the doctor may apply a topical anesthetic to make application easier if it hurts to touch the wound. It's quick to apply, doesn't need to be kept dry, and flakes off in about seven to 10 days instead of having to be removed like stitches.

    Steri-Strips: These adhesive bandages are sometimes used in place of stitches on lacerations that are not too deep.

    Staples: Staples are sometimes used for lacerations that have straight sharp edges, especially on the scalp.

    The doctor may prescribe an antibiotic to prevent infection. If the cut or puncture wound was caused by a dirty or rusty object, he'll also want to make sure that your child's tetanus shots are up to date.

    When should I ask for a plastic surgeon?

    If the cut is large and jagged or on your child's face, consider having a plastic surgeon take a look at it. The vast majority of cuts that need stitches don't require plastic surgery, though. Most scars eventually fade.

    How do I care for my child after she gets stitches?

    Follow the doctor's specific instructions. You can give your child the appropriate dose of acetaminophen or ibuprofen to relieve any pain once the anesthesia wears off. (Don't give aspirin to your child, as it can cause Reye's syndrome, a rare but serious condition.)

    The doctor will probably direct you to keep the area clean and dry for a day or two, and then gently wash it with soap and warm water. He may recommend that you apply a thin film of antibiotic cream after washing and drying the wound (unless Dermabond was used). And he may direct you to keep it covered with a clean bandage for a few days.

    Watch to see that the stitches are staying intact. Also watch for signs of infection, such as redness or red streaks extending from the injured area, increasing pain, fever, or swollen glands. If you see any of these signs, call your child's doctor right away. You'll also want to make sure that your child avoids activity that might cause the wound to reopen.

    When and how are the stitches removed

    Most stitches require a return visit for removal, usually in three to 10 days, depending on where they're located. Occasionally, stitches that dissolve on their own are used – when a cut requires multiple layers of stitching, for example, or when the stitches are in the nail bed, tongue, or sometimes the face.

    Don't try to remove stitches yourself. It's easy to mistakenly leave in a portion of a stitch, and if your child decides not to cooperate, you may cause damage. Besides, it's a good idea to have the doctor make sure the area is healing as it should and that it's time to take the stitches out.

    Your child's doctor may recommend applying a moisturizer, ointment, or oil to the cut once the stitches are removed to promote healing and minimize scarring. Once the cut has healed, be diligent about using sunscreen on it – for several months, at least – to protect the new skin and minimize scarring.

    Twin pregnancy: the most important things to know

    Twin pregnancy: the most important things to know

    Origin of first name:

    French, Hebrew, Originals, Rare

    Meaning of the name:

    According to the Hebrew origin of Danaelle, this first name means "God is my judge". This is the contraction of the words "dân" (judge) and "el" (God).


    There are currently no famous Danaelle. However, we can not mention this name without referring to its variant Danielle, itself taken from Daniel, a name worn by one of the greatest biblical prophets.

    His character :

    Originality characterizes Danaelle. With a hardened steel, she is more cheerful than follower. She does not like to receive orders and besides it is difficult to submit to the authority. Despite these traits, this person of action knows how to be appreciated by his entourage since it has a spellbinding charm and is attentive. Protective, lively and responsive, Danaelle defends with strength and courage what she loves. Greedy with knowledge, curious by nature, Danaelle shows great intelligence.


    Danele, Dani, Daniella, Dania, Danie, Danila, Daniela, Danièle, Dannie, Danielle, Danny, Dany, Denielez, Deniela and Denoela.

    His party :

    The Danaelle are celebrated on December 11th.

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    Raw onions fight cholesterol

    Raw onions fight cholesterol

    Raw onions help lower blood cholesterol by increasing HDL (good cholesterol), some special molecules that help eliminate bad cholesterol from the body's tissues and from the arterial wall.
    This is the conclusion reached by American nutrition specialists cited in the book "Food and Health", published in Romanian at Reader's Digest Publishing House. It is believed that onions, raw or cooked, protect against the harmful effects produced in the blood by fatty foods.
    In addition to this, it also contains a substance that helps prevent excessive blood clotting.
    Scientists believe that due to the sulfur compounds that the onion contains, this could prevent the development of malignant cells, that is, cancer.
    Sulfur compounds from the onion that give it its aroma and strong smell help to cure infections. In traditional medicine it is considered that the onion applied directly to the skin leads to the disappearance of warts and prevents acne, but these curative properties have not yet been scientifically proven.
    Onions can cause migraines and flatulence, experts say.
    (Andreea Georgescu)
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    October 27, 2006

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