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Stuffed tomatoes

Stuffed tomatoes

Ring pyramid, drone, form-fitting player. All of us have come to love these retro games with countless lovely childhood memories. What is retro, is it out of date? Semmikйpp!

The best retro kids toysThese toys are still present in our children's rooms, and for decades they are well-liked.
We have just collected some nice pieces among them! Which one was you?

Dorka, the puck players

I think this game, which I just learned about Dorka's name, is familiar to many of us. Colorful discs with the help of skill development games different shapes can be painted (flowers, animals, shapes), and a very colorful visual power of the child to combine the fixed elements into a spatial shape. The difficulty lies in the fact that the elements come into contact with each other on a narrow surface, requiring precise assembly of the elements.

Use our Baby Development Calculator to keep track of your baby's development!


Children's playrooms are timeless toys, which can be made of beautiful, colorful wooden elements or practical, lightweight plastic rings. The ring pyramid is available in a number of variations, but its essence is always the same: you have to put the different size and color elements on a stable base in a row. This game is still very popular, especially among children aged 9-12 months. When assembling a pyramid, the child get to know the colors, learns to distinguish between smaller or larger sizes, sorting and a his hands are widening as well The elements are made to fit on the screen. tйrbelisйget йs formafelismerйst, concentration and thinking as well as the child's fine motor skills. The interesting thing about the pyramid is that solution control, since the child will be aware of himself if he has misplaced the elements, which he can then correct.


If you want to buy a game that can be used in a wide variety of ways, cribs will be your favorite. With the help of cups, different sizes of colored cups can be used to make a tower for a child. This retro toy, at 6-9 months of age, will occupy long-distance babies and babies who are formaillesztйs and learn the colors, too their fine motor skills But the glass tower can go to the bathtub in the evening as well, as it is a great fun for bathing and tossing in, and even in the good times it is a good place for sandballs.


Let's bet you had it too! This game is one of the oldest classics known to our grandparents. Of course, only the fox, and later the fuzzy version, became very popular with children at that time. The stud is pushed and pulled by the handle on the upper part, which will give it a turbulent and distinctive beige sound. The snail usually has beautiful colored pictures, which gives even more interesting movement when moving - which is why the 2-3 year olds adore it.

Get up, Jancsi!

One of the defining toys of our childhood was the red-white big-belly wake up Jancsi! Wake up Jancsi! a nice little figure, typically a big-tummy doll or some shape with a sphere at its base. The baby throws a little bit, the effect of it slides back and forth, but does not overturn but returns to its original position. You can put this strange ability in the soles of your feet. Wake up Jancsi, which is something of a kind complemented by music or sound, soon catches the attention of the 6-month-old baby.


Although in our time we had to deal with quite simple, bulky pieces of plastic, nowadays it is very nice and varied in shape kйszsйgfejlesztхvй this game has changed. The formabedobу a colors, shapes and sizes it enables our child to teach the baby more and more accurate picking and rotating movements. Made from wood or plastic, these molded drums can now be pushed up, and even combined with sound, have become more interactive, multi-frontier games (Chap: Fisher-Price color ring)Related articles on Child Development:
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The treasure chest: the material

The treasure chest: the material

  • A wooden crate
  • Acrylic paint color, khaki, gray blue, orange, yellow, white and black
  • A pot of gesso (undercoat)
  • Stickers of letters
  • Masking adhesive
  • Roller
  • Small flat brush
Ada Kaleh. The island from the soul

The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant awaits you Thursday, August 2, 5 pm at the opening of the exhibition "Ada Kaleh. The island from the soul". The exhibition is part of a project funded by AFCN and will be subsequently toured at the Museum of National History and Constanta Archeology (September 14 - 28, 2012) and at the Iron Gates Region Museum in Drobeta-Turnu Severin (October 9 - 31, 2012).

The exhibition "Ada Kaleh. The island from the soul" is open at the Foaier Hall from 3 to 19 August 2012, from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10.00 - 18.00. The entry is free.

We are invited to open a history page from Romania's recent past. We will recall together the tragic destiny of the small island on the Danube, downstream of the old Orsova, disappeared along with it in the involuted waters of the river, when the construction of the Iron Gates Hydro Power Plant was completed - at the beginning of the 70's of the last century. .

The particular way of life, specific to the island community predominantly of the Turkish ethnicity - was not reconstituted faithfully - otherwise impossible to reproduce truthfully in a temporary exhibition. It was only sought, by creating a special atmosphere to suggest - as far as possible - the uniqueness of an exotic space, lost forever.

The story of the island was built step by step from photographs taken mostly from the personal archives of the former islanders, from postcards and illustrated books from the glory period of the island, from old maps and from stories full of pain or nostalgia of the island's inhabitants. Objects from Ada Kaleh (as many have been kept), but others, with symbol value, will complete a picturesque picture that each visitor will outline from disparate and subjective information. It is the only possible perspective today on a space considered by locals as an earthly paradise, about to become mythology.

After the opening, we are invited for a time travel through the film camera, giving us a screening of documentary films made in and about Ada Kaleh at the end of the decade by the Sahia Film studio. To these will be added the film Ada Kaleh Stories by Ismet Arasan (Turkey, 2009).

Curators: Rodica Marinescu, Carmen Mihalache
Project coordinator: Magda Andreescu

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Hemolithogram in young children

Hemolithogram in young children Question:

- I did the analyzes of my little girl (1 year and 3 months) and the following results came out: Hemoglobin 11.6 g / dl (reference values: 12 g / dl - 16 g / dl) Hematocrit 36.20% (reference values : 36% - 48%) Nr. erythrocytes 4.54 mil / ul (reference values: 3.8 mil / ul - 5.1 mil / ul) VEM 79.7fl (reference values: 80 fl - 96 fl) HEM 25.6 pg (reference values: 27 pg - 33 pg) CHEM 32.0 g / dl (reference values: 32 g / dl - 36 g / dl) RDW-CV 13.2% (reference values: 11.5% - 14.5%) Nr. platelets 292000.0 / ul (reference values: 150000 / ul - 400000 / ul) VTM 9.30 fL (reference values: 9 fL - 12 fL) Nr. leukocytes 11300.0 / ul (reference values: 4100 / ul - 10900 / ul)% Neutrophils 49.5% (reference values: 37% - 92%) Eosinophils 0.9% (reference values: 1% - 4%) % Basophils 0.5% (reference values: up to 1%)% Lymphocytes 41.2% (reference values: 10% - 58.5%)% Monocytes 7.9% (reference values: 2% - 6%)% Plasmocyte absent () Nr. neutrophils 5590.0 / ul (reference values: 2000 / ul - 7500 / ul) Nr. eosinophils 100.0 / ul (reference values: 80 / ul - 360 / ul) Nr. basophils 60.0 / ul (reference values: up to 150.0 / ul) Nr. lymphocytes 4660.0 / ul (reference values: 1000 / ul - 4000 / ul) Nr. monocytes 890.0 / ul (reference values: up to 1000.0 / ul) What do you think about these values?


From the analyzes sent by you, only the diagnosis of mild microcytic anemia (hematoma with a smaller volume - VEM) and hypochrome (the concentration of erythrocyte hemoglobin-CHEM) are outlined. To determine the cause of this anemia most commonly feriprive, it would have been necessary to determine the iron.
Because the values ​​of leukocytes are increased, it also seems to be an infection - respiratory, intestinal, urinary, etc.
In conclusion for a correct interpretation and a diagnosis we need other analyzes: VSH, summary examination of urine with sediment, sideremia, transaminases, urea, creatinine, ionogram, etc., as well as the description of the child's symptoms.
I am waiting for you with details. Good health!
Dr. Dana Paduraru,
Resident doctor in the pediatric surgery specialty
Emergency Clinic Hospital for Children "Grigore Alexandrescu"
Specialist details

Andalusian pestiños. Easter, Carnival or Christmas recipe

The pestiños They are a typical Andalusian sweet, which is eaten at Christmas, Carnival or Easter. And it is that, at any time of year this recipe for sweet pestiños will be delicious, it will delight the children, but also the rest of the family!The traditional recipe It is made with a dough that incorporates orange, cinnamon and sesame, giving it a very special flavor typical of the southern area of ​​Spain.

Its preparation is very simple: you can prepare the dough of these Andalusian pestiños with the children so that they can mix it, although it must be an adult who fries the pestiños, as a precaution.


  • 500 gr. Of flour
  • 250 ml. white wine
  • 130 ml. Of olive oil
  • 50 gr. sesame
  • 3 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 1 lemon or orange
  • Oil (olive or sunflower, for frying)
  • Salt

1. Put the 130 ml. of olive oil in a frying pan with the lemon or orange peel (removing the white part, because it is bitter). When the oil is hot, remove it from the heat and reserve it.

2. In a bowl, mix the flour with a pinch of salt, white wine, sesame and cinnamon. When the oil is warm, add it and mix the dough well.

3. Let the dough rest for an hour. Then, spread it on an oiled surface, leaving it very thin and cut the dough into the shape you prefer.

4. Heat the skillet with plenty of oil over medium heat. Fry the pestiños moving them so that they are done evenly, until they are golden.

5. Let them drain on a plate with kitchen paper, sprinkle them with sugar while they are hot.

¡These pestiños are delicious! If you liked them, don't hesitate to try other Carnival recipes to prepare with the children or other Easter recipes for the whole family.

How rich are the pestiños! The moment you try them, you won't want to stop eating them! It is a simple dessert, which is prepared in a very short time, and the whole family will like it: big and small. But why are they so typical of southern Spain?

I do not know exactly when the first pestiños began to be prepared, but whoever invented them ... was a pastry genius! It is believed that the pestiño It comes from some of the richest sweets prepared in Al Andalus, the region of Muslim Spain during the Middle Ages that, to a large extent, coincides with present-day Andalusia. Little by little, these sweets would have evolved to become the pestiño as we know it today.

This theory is reinforced by the fact that Andalusian pestiños closely resemble a sweet from Morocco known as shebbakiyya, although this has a more round shape. This sweet, with a name so difficult to pronounce, would share Andalusian origin with the Pestiños. In fact, many Muslims eat one of these muffins to break their Ramadan fast.

But Morocco is not the only country, apart from Spain, that knows the delights of the Pestiños. In Costa Rica they also take prestiños, which could be a variant of the Andalusian pestiños. Also in Ecuador they delight in their pristiños.

Also, as a curiosity, we tell you that pestiño is a very 'literary' sweet. And the fact is that this dessert is so integrated into Spanish culture, especially in the southern area, that it has been mentioned in different novels and plays. For example, did you know that in The Three-Cornered Hat'written by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón is it spoken of pestiños?

If you liked preparing pestiños as a family, you will also love these other sweets that are just as rich and quick to prepare.

Do you usually cook a lot as a family? It is true that in the day to day, with the homework, the baths and the extracurricular activities, there is usually not much time 'to lose'. However, on weekends or holidays, when we have more free time, we can take the opportunity to get all together in the kitchen and have an extraordinary time. And it is that, cooking as a family has many benefits. Let's see some of them!

- Promote the autonomy of children
Thanks to the work in the kitchen, we make the children more independent and autonomous. By giving them small tasks, we encourage them to take responsibility for an elaboration and, therefore, they have to complete a task on their own. The orders that we make to the children must be according to their age: peel potatoes, remove the ingredients that we are going to use, coat the chicken, knead, etc.

- Work problem solving
In the kitchen, different problems may arise that we must solve to continue with our recipe. Some preparation is burned, we do not have enough of an ingredient that we need, a new diner appears ... Therefore, when cooking with children, we teach them to solve conflicts in a slow and reasoned way.

- Strengthen the bond between parents and children
Thanks to the kitchen, we have a fun time all together, we talk about other things (what we like, what we have done, how things are going from day to day ...), we build beautiful memories, we laugh, we play. .. And all this helps to strengthen the bond between parents and children.

- Encourage children to try everything
If a child cooks, they are more willing to try their preparation. This is an ideal time for little ones to try foods that they seem a bit reluctant to eat. They can accompany us throughout the process: they can buy food with us at the market, they can help us think about the best way to prepare it, they help us cook it ... By getting involved, from start to finish, we get them to enjoy the complete experience and, therefore, that they try everything.

- Practice fine psychomotrocity
Oddly enough, the kitchen is also the perfect space to practice fine motor skills and children's hand-eye coordination. For example, if the chickpeas are spilled, you have to take them one by one with a clamp, etc.

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Buñuelos Mexican Style Holiday Fritters with Syrup presents a selection of the best children's songs recommended by parents. Learn the lyrics of the most popular children's songs and enjoy singing and dancing with your children.

Music helps stimulate the little ones since they are babies, and even during pregnancy. Children's songs help them improve their coordination, reflexes, and creativity.

Until tomorrow if God wants to,
have a good rest arrived
and dream too

Because tomorrow will be another day
you have to live it with joy
All hours of the day
you have to have a great time
school in the morning
to study and learn

And when the evening comes
play or watch tv
then have family dinner
and good night
because the day is gone

Until tomorrow if God wants to,
have a good rest
bedtime came
and dream too

Because tomorrow will be another day
you have to live it with joy

Before going to bed
do not forget too
to brush your teeth
and the little apartment later

Ask God for the children
and for people with faith
for this naughty world
that he forgot to love.

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Headache during pregnancy

Headache during pregnancy

It is not unusual to have a headache or migraine during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester.

Among headache types, tension headache is one of the most common, double-sided, dull pain. The migraine is lighter, but if you show up frequently, in addition to medication, you may also need to change your lifeTo get rid of it, pregnancy also seems to have little effect on tension headaches; Specialty chambers still do not know what causes the symptoms to be dense, some people think that hormones may be in the background, and others have an altered circulatory balance, and some say that they are losing sleep.


Migraine is one of the most common headaches among pregnant mothers, and according to experts, it occurs in at least one mother, and almost 16 percent of these mothers had no headache in the past. The exact cause of the migraine is unknown, with cerebral vasoconstriction and then expansions, as well as a delayed wave of cerebral dysfunction.As industrial incidence has doubled over the last forty years, environmental factors and lifestyles are expected to play a role.

How can you alleviate your pain?

Numerous medications are available to treat headaches. However, if someone is not believing or cannot take certain drugs for some reason, they may try to relieve their pain. The most important is that let's try to find the reason for the headache. A good way to do this might be to keep a headache journal, noting what we ate and what happened when the headache occurred.Migraine migraine headaches are often chosen as follows:
  • Nбtrium-glutamбt
  • Nitrites and nitrates (most commonly found in processed flesh)
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Sweet and hazelnuts
  • Grated cheese and farmed dairy products (eg Nro, sour cream)
  • Some fruits (bananas, some citrus fruits)
  • Smoked fish
  • Csokolбdй
  • Savanyъsбgok
Beside the foodflashing lights, noises, cold, warm, strong smells and smoky can also cause migration. And how do we alleviate headaches? For example, by shaving. Warm water is best for tension, and cold water can relieve migraine pain better. If possible, try to stay as relaxed as possible and try to keep your body healthy by doing some exercise. Massage and various relaxation exercises can also be used to combat headaches. However, headaches during pregnancy can be a sign of even bigger problems, and more details are available here! You may also be interested in:
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  • Households also suffer from migration
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