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This is a classic among books-guides for parents that change lives. They force you to verify your own views about self and family nutrition. Written in an alarming way, but not imposing anything. Full of interesting facts, personal experiences and insights. In some places, unfortunately, designed for people with steel nerves. It directly shows how much has changed on the food market today, makes us realize what we really eat and how it affects our health.

How was the guide created?

Julita Bator does not hide that "Swap chemistry for food" is a book that arose out of need as a result of personal experience. As the mother of three still sick children who skipped many days at school / kindergarten, had problems with allergies, took new antibiotics every now and then, she noticed that she must find the cause of these problems. She understood that treatment alone is not enough to really cure children.

After analyzing many guidebooks, books on dietetics, organic medicine, allergology, she learned what not to eat. Unfortunately, the more she read, the less knowledge she had about what to eat. She rejected solutions that were too radical in her opinion decided to change her culinary habits.

As a result, she wrote a guide that is the result of her personal experiment on herself and loved ones. In this way, the fruit of many searches was created, which had a great impact on everyone, not only on children whose immunity improved, but also on adults who could again appreciate the taste of theoretically well-known dishes (the question asked in the book is, among others, does broccoli smell?)

How to read labels, how to buy?

Today, there is no doubt that store shelves are bending over the weight of products. In every market you can easily find first-time and more original and unique products.

The problem is not the quantity but the quality of the food presented. It is also a problem to stuff ordinary, seemingly healthy food with a whole list of unhealthy ingredients. It is difficult today to get real butter, fruit yogurt without sugar, bread without milk proteins, meat from animals that did not take antibiotics ...

What is the solution then?

Buying possibly simple, local ingredients from a good source, choosing unprocessed proposals and preparing more complex meals yourself at home. Hard? Not feasible in a busy world?

At first glance, this may seem like a waste of time, but if you notice how much time you save for getting sick, how much money for medicines - there is a chance that we will never go back to the old way of eating. The task will definitely be facilitated by this book, in which the author places simple, easy-to-prepare recipes: for jams, plum jam, yogurt, kefir, juice, pudding, dinner dishes and many more.

The author does not hide that this requires self-denial, a lot of patience and knowledge. However, when we take the first step, further ones will become natural and simpler for us.

Thank you to the Znak Publishing House for providing a copy of the review book.
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Can you solve the unstoppable blob riddle? - Dan Finkel

Valentine's Day 2016: Unique!

Valentine's Day 2016: Unique!

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'My son doesn't love me anymore', 'Before he loved being with me and now he shuns me', 'He won't leave the room!' These are some of the cries of concern from parents with children approaching adolescence. As they get older, the relationship with parents changes. Although when they are babies, parents are their main refuge, over the years they learn to be more autonomous. And all of this can lead to a bond between parents and tweens that is complicated, but that is not impossible at all. You just have to work it with the right tools.

Before transforming into a butterfly, the caterpillar takes refuge in a chrysalis where it will stay for a while until the metamorphosis process is complete. During this time, his entire body is transformed until he can spread his wings in solitude. No other insect helps him, he performs this whole process alone. This example seems fascinating to me to talk about preadolescence.

If we stop to think, there are many parallels between this stage of our children's lives and the metamorphosis of the butterfly. Similar events occur in both: the child begins a process of physical and psychological transformation, which needs the support and understanding of their parents.

This stage of development is characterized as 'the creative pause', where there is a search for identity. It is normal, social withdrawal, because you need to affirm your own identity, immerse yourself in your thoughts and emotions. This could be causing difficulties in bonding with parents, because perhaps it is experienced as an emotional coldness from son to father. However, we cannot forget that it is the opposite: our pre-adolescent son is moving away from us because he is finding himself, he is transforming into something new. Like the butterfly!

Although the 'work' of transformation of our children is solitary, parents should not be oblivious to it. We can help our children, guide them, give them advice and be available for whatever they need. Often times, all our children need is to know that we are by their side in the face of all these changes they are experiencing.

Therefore, below I offer you a series of recommendations that could help you work the bond with your adolescent child. Let's see them one by one:

1. Keep calm
Parents often despair when, although we try to have a conversation with our children and take an interest in their life, they do not seem very open to conversation. So when your children answer you in monosyllables or don't want to tell you how their day was, don't pressure them. It is better that you simply let them know that if they need to tell you something you are there to listen.

2. Look for entertainment
Invite your children to practice activities to help them on this journey, such as yoga or meditation. You can even (if they want) you can practice these sports as a family.

3. Your link will change, but it is normal
It is normal that you feel that your child is no longer that affectionate child who ran to hug you. That he is now distant and indifferent does not mean that you are no longer important to him. On the contrary, it needs a lot from you, from your silent company on this journey.

4. Avoid confrontations
Given that during preadolescence (and later in adolescence) there is a greater inclination to emotional lack of control, it may be that their reactions are intense. I recommend you help your child in that emotional management with phrases such as 'I understand that you are angry', 'calm down here I am to help you', 'let's solve this together', etc.

Preadolescence is just a pause, you'll see how your child turns into a cute and colorful butterfly, sooner than you imagine. It's just a moment where needs to be discovered within its own history, so now you will need our silent company so that you know that we are also there to accompany you when you need it.

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Raising Tweens: The New Rules of Parenting

There is a mountain in Ecuador, in the middle of the Andes, with an impressive lagoon with crystal clear waters. It is known as the Laguna del Cajas and has a curious history that you can share with your child.

The legend of the Laguna del Cajas, speaks to the children of humility, kindness, solidarity and gratitude. Discover with him these fantastic values.

Legend has it that a long, long time ago, in the heart of the Andes Mountains, in Ecuador, there was a beautiful mountain with a green valley full of flowers. But those lands were ruled by a very tyrant landowner that, together with his children and wife, he had many servants in his service. Almost all of them were farmers who were treated very badly by the family.

A very hot day, an elderly couple came to that place, looking for accommodation to be able to rest. The woman was very old and walked with a cane. He carried an empty pitcher in his hand. And it occurred to him when passing through that huge farm to make a stop on the way:

"Why don't we stop to rest?" Said the old man. "We are too old to do the whole journey in one go."

That said, there was a knock on the rich landowner's door. The family was surprised, since practically nobody ever passed by there. Opening the door, they stared at the elderly couple in amazement.

- Good afternoon- said the old man with a kind voice- My wife and I are heading to the city but we are very tired. We would like to stop along the way. We have no water and we are exhausted. Would you be so kind to let us rest here and fill our pitcher with water?

But the owner of the farm, very angry, shouted:

- Maid, throw these old men out of here. I don't want to see them again.

The family looked at them without compassion, and the man closed the door. The maid, who had remained outside, looked at them with great pity.

- Do not worry, said the kind woman - I will give you shelter and water.

This is how the woman led them to the barn and fetched them food and water. The elders were able to eat cheese, bread and some meat. The old woman, excited, exclaimed:

- You're an angel!

- No, ma'am- said the maid with humility- I only do what must be done. In a while I'll see how they are.

After a while, the maid returned to see how the elders were doing. They both thanked them again for everything they did for them. And that's when the elderly couple said the following to the kind woman:

- Listen well, because we must tell you something: You must leave this place before dawn, because a tragedy is going to happen as punishment for this despotic family. Warn all your people and flee from here far away.

The woman was scared, and although at first she did not believe them, she decided to listen and flee with all the farmers in the area. The elders also left there.

With the first rays of sunlight, the rich and despotic landowner heard the cries of animals and the sound of frightened birds. When I opened the door to see what happened, in the distance he saw a huge body of water rushing toward his farm.

- Let's get out of here! - he said shouting to his family - We must flee or we will die by drowning!

The whole family ran off into the mountains. Upon reaching the top, they turned around and saw in horror cHow all their lands had disappeared. In its place now was a beautiful lake with crystal clear waters. They no longer had a home to live in, and they should rebuild their lives from scratch.

And that's how the Cajas lagoon was born, a beautiful place that reminds everyone of the importance of showing solidarity with those who need it.

Reflect with your child on the message of this beautiful legend from Ecuador. We help you improve your reading comprehension with these three questions that you can ask your child after reading the legend:

1. Who lived in the mountain valley?

2. What did the elders who approached the landowner's farm want? They made it?

3. What happened the next day in the valley? Why did these occur?

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The Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017 03


- I'm a desperate mom. I do not know what to do. I have a boy of 5 months and 19 days. The boy's family doctor showed me at his consultation how to try to decalcate him daily. I read on the internet that it is not good to do this. What am I doing now? I have done this almost since I was born until 5 months. Is it good to continue, or stop? Will he hurt her with anything? I'm afraid he didn't do something wrong to her ...


In infants and young children, the preputial orifice is narrowed physiologically and if local inflammatory phenomena do not occur, by the age of 2 years, it will progressively dilate as the child grows, allowing easy descaling later.

In infants and young children, the preputial orifice is narrowed physiologically and if local inflammatory phenomena do not occur, by the age of 2 years, it will progressively dilate as the child grows, allowing easy descaling later.
In the absence of local infections or urinary disorders, phimosis is considered physiological for up to 2 years; only if after the age of 2 years the impossibility of decalcation of the glans persists, then it is considered to be pathological phimosis and circumcision is indicated.
But this is a controversial topic: doctors' opinions differ greatly depending on their religious beliefs, traditions existing in a geographical area or in a certain period of time, as well as on various medical documentation sources.

For Jews and Arabs, religion requires mandatory circumcision.
In our country, there are still many doctors who recommend early descaling. In other countries, however, it is not recommended to switch off until the age of 2 years, if there are certain local changes (infections or urinary disorders) - a concept that has become increasingly popular in recent years and in our country.
If the descaling did not go brutal and was not followed by local injuries or infections, then you did no harm to him; the decision to stop or continue the descaling following your doctor's instructions will be yours.
It is good to know, however, that in the case of some brutal descaling, local cracks may occur which, besides the risk of bleeding and infections, also presents the risk of stenosis scarring that can lead to the installation of phimosis; there is also the risk of parafimosis - a complication of phimosis, which consists in the impossibility of recalculation after a forced descaling, when the ring of the foreskin passes over the glans and compresses it.
Precisely these risks are the basis of the new conservative attitudes, which considers the early decalotation as an unjustified exposure to these risks, given that for most children after the age of 2 years, the decalotation is easy.
Regardless of what attitude you continue to adopt, you should contact your doctor as soon as possible if you notice any local inflammation, cracking or bleeding after decalcification or if urination difficulties or changes in your urinary tract appear.
Alina Pop-Began
- Resident physician - Anesthesia and Intensive Care -
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Tips for removing the pacifier from children

We know that sooner or later we will have to remove our child's pacifier. At what time? Pediatricians recommend not doing it later than three years. The problem comes when it comes to removing the pacifier. How can we make it less traumatic for them? We give you some tips so that you can do it gradually or drastically (helped, in these cases by a story or a story).

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