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How to teach politeness to children

Good manners are part of the norms of coexistence within society. So, it is important that rules of courtesy are taught to children from an early age so that they know what the appropriate behaviors are according to the different environments and situations in which they find themselves.

Within public transport, neighborhood communities, walking down the street, at the table, etc. All the places that we must share with other people need rules and regulations to regulate and make coexistence work.

A child who learns rules of courtesy will make his development more viable and help him find his place in society more easily, since these rules will be a key element for his social success.

Children are not born knowing the rules of courtesy or good manners. We cannot ask a baby not to burp, not touch food with his hands, not to cry in public places in case someone gets upset, etc. In fact they need to do it since it is the only way they have to interact with the environment around them.

As they grow, the little ones must be taught. This time depends on the maturity of the child. Children's way of learning is through observationThat is why it is important that parents, other family members such as uncles and grandparents, and later, from school, teachers, are the people who are in charge of explaining and teaching these rules of courtesy. Should consider:

- Say hello, apologize, say thank you, etc. They will be customs that they can learn from the age of 2, but without forcing them to do so and being understanding as it will be counterproductive.

- As it grows these rules can be extended behavior such as greeting neighbors, not yelling, not interrupting conversations, etc.

- Children should not be overwhelmed with endless rules since according to the stage of development in which they are, they will or will not be able to follow them all.

Getting a child to use good manners is not a matter of chance. Behind this achievement there is an important work on the part of the family and the teachers.

- Be an example. The rules of courtesy are not only rules of conduct, they are fundamentally based on the education of values ​​such as respect, kindness, recognition, gratitude or consideration and to teach it, the parents' tool will be the example.

- Give love. Express affection and love towards children in all possible ways.

- To praise. Praise is positive stimulus that facilitates development and provides the child with the necessary self-esteem to acquire good manners.

- Be patient and constant for children to learn that rules of courtesy are very important.

- Explain the importance of courtesy rules for coexistence and the consequences of not using them.

In addition to teaching good manners, it is important that children put them into practice on a day-to-day basis. One way to make the child participate and make him see the results of his behavior "explicitly" is by creating a reward system where for each situation where he behaves "appropriately" such as: say thanks when appropriate, say hello, no interrupt a conversation etc.

In addition, these real situations such as shopping or going out to a restaurant will be the perfect scenarios for the child to remember and put into practice the rules that he is learning.

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Stress of parents also affects children

Symptoms of children affected by parents' stress
Some changes may occur in the child affected by the stress of the parents. These changes may manifest themselves as introversion, sleep disturbances, eating problems, deterioration in friendship relationships, decreased self-confidence, and reduced willingness to participate in social activities. As a result, the child may experience irritability, moodiness and sudden nerve bursts. The child, who is affected by the stress of the parents, determines a lifestyle according to the movements and behaviors of the parents. The communication of young children with their friends at school is disrupted and is becoming more and more cranky. As the child is affected by stress, he does not take his parents' words into account and may lose confidence in himself and his family. The child who loses his / her confidence may refrain from participating in social activities and think that he / she cannot express himself / herself in the environment he / she enters. Due to the aggressive and cranky movements he exhibits due to stress, people around him can move away from him and cause the child to be left alone.

Child's mood is negatively affected
One or more stress factors under the influence of parents affect children who are members of the same family. When the stress factors directly affect the child, it is important to have timely and adequate intervention in the child. Otherwise, the duration and effect of stress can be more aggressive. Stress-related degree of child's personal characteristics and environmental conditions Psychologist Ayşe Yanık Knudsenwarns parents to be careful. Knudsenstress factors; the return of the mother to work, the participation of a new individual in the family, financial difficulties, natural disasters, divorce, loss of first-degree relatives such as parents or being seriously ill, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse.

Ways to keep the child away from parental stress
Stating that it is possible to protect the child from stress under the influence of parents Psychologist Ayşe Yanık Knudsen, offers parents the following advice:
- If parents cannot control their current stress, they should seek support from an expert. Thus, the psychology of children as well as the parents' own psychology will be preserved.
- The stress of the family will contribute to the activities of the family including the child and spending time together.
- The school process of the child should be carefully monitored by the family and cooperation should be provided with the teachers if necessary.
- If a child's behavioral changes last longer, seek help from an expert.
- The child should be encouraged to participate in social activities in order to raise morale.

How to reinforce students in a positive way

As with their parents at home, children have their teachers as a reference in the classroom. The little ones perceive from their teachers what they do and what they say. In this way, they tend to imitate them in all respects. For example, the way of relating, the attitude towards life, the value system, etc.

For this reason, it is important that when teaching, teachers show coherence between what they demand of children and what they do themselves so that children can learn. That is to say, Teachers have to keep in mind that there must be a correspondence between what they teach and how they behave.

Teachers have to find an appropriate educational model in which the self-esteem of their students can be promoted where the child feels respected, accepted and in which they appreciate their ability to solve problems independently. We tell you how they can reinforce children in a positive way.

When a teacher seeks to reinforce students in a positive way, it is recommended that instead of limiting themselves to highlighting their mistakes, punishing or scolding the child for what they do wrong, the positive behaviors and actions that the child performs should be highlighted and valued to perpetuate them and that they are repeated in the future.

Thanks to this positive reinforcement, students are able to consolidate knowledge, stimulate their effort, be more receptive, are more motivated and increase their self-esteem.

For this, the teacher can effectively stimulate the positive behaviors of the students:

- Different stimuli for different students. It is important that when preparing the classes the theory of multiple intelligences is taken into account. Each child is different and their way of learning differs with respect to the type of intelligence that has more developed.

- Work together with the family. Thanks to this, the quality of the education offered to the child improves significantly.

- Give immediate answers. When children achieve certain achievements or act positively, teachers should encourage their efforts during the process or immediately afterwards. If a long period of time passes since the child's positive action, the effectiveness of stimulation may be lost. This can be done with phrases like: How well are you working?

- Generate adequate expectations of achievement and make it easier for the minor to feel accepted It will allow the child to have a positive image of himself.

- Use techniques such as "the green pen". It is a technique that became very famous on the internet. It is very simple and effective. It consists of marking the successes with the green pen, instead of crossing out the failures in exams or tests with red. Thanks to this, it is avoided to focus students' attention on mistakes, helping them to focus on what they do well to be able to repeat it in the future.

- Create good weather. Teachers need to create a warm and welcoming environment where children feel safe and where their needs are met.

To carry out positive reinforcement for their students, teachers have different types of stimuli and reinforcers that they can use. Among them:

- Physical. These are: prizes, gifts, being the best grade in class, etc. All of them based on an extrinsic motivation. They cannot be abused as they create dependency and can deviate into unhealthy competition between students and even create bullying.

- Social. These are based on verbal stimuli such as congratulations, on physical contact such as patting, and on facial expressions such as gestures and smiles.

- Feedback. When the child performs the activity, it is gratifying for him to be praised for how he performs it.

- Use preferred activities. Knowing the children's tastes, use the activities that they like the most to stimulate them.

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  • Mosу Masa babies
  • Yogurt helps prevent high blood pressure

    Week 3 of pregnancy (5 weeks): a sesame seed

    Week 3 of pregnancy (5 weeks): a sesame seed

    Week 3 of pregnancy (5 weeks): a sesame seed

    So small and already present! It is just 2mm in size and its size and weight will increase at lightning speed or almost from now on.

    Your 3rd week of pregnancy

    Electronic cigarette and pregnancy: what are the risks?

    A real social phenomenon, the e-cigarette is on the rise! What do we know about the risks for pregnant women who would see it as an alternative to weaning? Few things, but the precautionary principle.

    Many expectant moms question the use of e-cigarettes during pregnancy. Today, what do we know about risks?

    • Gérard Mathern: There is no comprehensive study on the subject and that is the problem. We just know that propylene glycol, vegetable glycerol and the flavors contained in the eliquide of the electronic cigarette are not dangerous to health. This liquid is neither toxic to the cells nor dangerous for the arterial system. On the other hand, the alcohol sometimes present in the liquid, even in very small quantities, is totally contraindicated for the pregnant woman because it can cause a fetal alcohol syndrome.

    So you advise against pregnant women who smoke?

    To each future mother to see the risks she wants to take, or not.

    • Gérard Mathern: I would always encourage a smoker-to-be to first try the classic treatments for smoking cessation, be they patches, gums or cognitive therapy ... With a prescription, the Social Security participates for 150 €, or about 3 to 4 months of treatment. Pregnancy may be the right time to start.
    • As a health professional, I can not advise a pregnant woman about e-cigarettes because I have no proof that she is safe for her and her baby. But I can not explain exactly the risks because we do not know them. On the other hand, I know they are infinitely less dangerous than tobacco. It is a question of opting or not for a principle of precaution.
    • Each mother to see the risks she wants to take, or not. My only advice for those who "vapotent" is to pay attention to the eliquid: choose one without alcohol.

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    Porcelain mugs dressed in gold patterns: € 7.90 the set of 2 (Fly).
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    We say yes to home made with this necessary to make tasty pizzas. Mold and roll, toque and apron, but especially clear recipe cards: your child will get their hands dirty. Pizza workshop, from 5 years old: 34 € (Vilac).
    Sales points.

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