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You've Got A Birthday To The World!

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How to talk to an angry child and get him to listen to us

6 tips to accompany 5-year-olds in their tantrums

6 tips to accompany 5-year-olds in their tantrums

Name Loélie - Meaning of the Name

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from Cléa, the name Loélie comes from the Latin "lenire" resulting in "soften".


Not yet known Loélie ...
St. Clelia or Clelia Barbieri is an Italian nun of the 19th century. She was beatified in 1968 by Pope Paul VI. She is the youngest congregational founder in the history of the Catholic Church. Clelia is the patron saint of catechists as well as people persecuted for their faith.

His character :

Loélie is an extrovert and very open-minded person. Friendly and communicative, she is always in a good mood. She likes to entertain and entertain those around her. Sweet and emotional, Loélie needs others to feel alive. With a great flexibility of mind, it adapts easily to all situations. Loélie is a remarkable hostess who loves human contact. It has a natural charm that makes it irresistible. Curious by nature, Loélie is original and non-conformist, she often comes out of the box.


Cloélia, Loélia, Laélie, Laelia, Laela, Clélia and Loély.

His party :

People named Loélie are honored on November 13th.

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What we are really talking about on the net

What we are really talking about on the net

The New Time of the Internet is now an integral part of our lives on a PC or laptop, tablet and everything on top of a smartphone. The cluttered room is sometimes coffee, sometimes psychological, sometimes health counseling, but sometimes it works.

It is quite obvious that a huge amount of information is gaining ground in your life as a virgin wild animal. You want to do everything good for you. But what's yours? Nowadays, the internet is undoubtedly the main source of information and references. After all, all you have to do is enter in the search engine what you are really interested in (Sleep-through-the-Night?
And this is exactly the beechen! Which one do you read, which one do you believe? It seems plausible that you choose a baby site for information, including a forum or a group on Facebook where you can ask - some experts who will probably come in some other, or similar shoes. Yes, it does begin with the unsuspecting request. Then you can be amazed at where you drop!

"Yeah, where did I go?"

The debate on the net is lawful, within us, it originates from women, and it is from a special, anonymous medium where everything is possible and nothing is expensive. But before we start thinking about it grown people what they can get together and go down to their kindergarten children in seconds, lying about the real features, I'm mad:

Yeah, if it's bad…

Not only the servants but also the readers are frightened of the ever-increasing fervor, offering a dozen or so warriors for complacency. A good battle is one that throws in more visitors, increases the clickthrough rate, and the reader has a lot to do. It's like a traffic accident, or a TV show or soap opera that nobody officially watches, but everyone knows.
And that is why, for the sake of the gossip, publicity keeps coming back every day because of the gossip and arguments. Of course, lucid communication is a nasty thing, and can often be interpreted as completely different from what the nerd thinks. Often there is nothing more than misinterpretation, hacking, and colloquialism in a debate. In the meantime, it comforts those suffering from social ills, without ever having to take a step from home.

Trolls, lasers, I know Jnnosník

Although there is always a topic in the bar where you can talk about dust, there are some "personalities" in the comments who do not let the mood drown out. THE troll has become a well-known concept, and they are the ones who bring something to the table directly to stir up anger in the party. If something is black, you think it should be more white, but you should definitely look for that particular knot in the coffin.
And are there any trolls among the momfurrumozs? Certainly, directly I'll tell you about Jnnosny who always know everything better. Mindenkinйl. Of course, the perfect shot also requires lasers who fail at anything and everything they start with is hopeless. A good quarrel from time to time pops its head in the most horrific forum. And a few bombs are sure to explode, things that get caught up again and again between mothers. To start the avalanche with just one sentence, the fight is over!
Have fun in the baby room! Open Topics Here on Your Most Engaged Queries! You will find it useful in many ways. And, hopefully, trolls won't bring fate.
Also read the article below!
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  • Diversification: zoom on the news

    Cereals, vegetables, fruits, proteins, dairy products ... Diversification must be progressive. The point with our expert Patrick Tounian, head of the pediatric nutrition service at Trouseau Hospital in Paris.

    • Why not before 4 months?

      For two reasons. First, because it is important not to reduce infant milk consumption. Introducing other foods too early may result in a deficiency. Then because the intestinal permeability of the child before 4 months is increased. It could, in case of large quantities of proteins, promote the occurrence of an allergy. Food diversification must therefore be smooth, in a simple and progressive way between 4 and 6 months.


      • Cereals are not essential for the growth and nutritional balance of your child (who can find starch elsewhere, especially in starchy foods), but they are often appreciated by your baby.
      • Used first diluted in the milk of the bottle, they can gradually thicken until they become a solid porridge and eat with a spoon.

      A smooth passage between the liquid and the solid

      • From 4 months, you can start introducing cereals with gluten. Favor sweet and sweet perfumes (nature, vanilla). If you notice that your baby's stool is becoming rarer and stronger, talk to your pediatrician. He will advise a dosage adapted to your little one.
      • The interest of cereals from 8 months is to allow the child to continue to drink milk while ensuring its caloric needs.

      A boost to sleep

      • Your baby continues to ask you for a feed at night? The feeling of fullness that cereals put in makes it the ideal "dinner" menu for your baby, whose stomach is better able to support the fasting of the night. But if he prefers his porridge for breakfast, nothing prevents you from inverting ... On the other hand, it is a question of inverting, because the cereals must enter into the constitution of only one meal of the day - so as not to reduce the amount of milk, which must be at least 500 ml.
      > Water
      > The fruits
      > Dairy products
      > Vegetables
      > Small pots
      > Proteins

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