How to know if my son is stressed?

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Some children constantly chew on anything around them such as pencils, sleeves, fingernails, toys, etc.

This situation worries many parents who do not know what to do to correct their child's biting behavior and, in addition, it can lead to the child suffering from an infection, damaging the teeth or suffering digestive problems as a result of introducing in their mouth any object in order to moderate it.

In early childhood the action of biting objects is something absolutely normal that takes place mainly when children are in the teething phase or when they need to explore their environment. As we know, this behavior is performed to relieve the pressure or pain they feel in the gums.

However, if the child is no longer teething, it is possible that he continues to bite objects for many reasons.

But, if it persists through preschool, the biting behavior is most likely a escape route that the child's brain has found to dampen negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, boredom, nervousness, frustration, or fear.

This type of behavior is frequently observed in children. Mainly because they still do not have enough skill, due to their young age, to handle their anxiety or any other negative emotions. And therefore, they are unaware of other more effective and adaptive alternatives to relieve tension.

Other times, children learn that when they bite an object they automatically catch the attention of their parents, as they begin to observe them and direct their attention to them so that they stop biting. So it is possible that they use this behavior also to attract the attention of parents.

- The most important thing is to observe at what time of day this behavior takes place. A careful observation of the circumstances in which the child resorts to biting, can give us many clues to find out what are the reasons for this behavior.

- Reinforce the child when he does not bite and is performing other more adaptive behaviors. If we want a behavior to be repeated, we must reinforce it. Praise the child for appropriate behavior. Therefore, if the child is not biting any object, we can reward him by giving him a caress, smiling or saying it very well!

- Do not punish. Punishing a child does not imply that he learns what behaviors are more appropriate. With punishment or prohibition ("stop doing that right now!") The only thing is that the child stops biting at that moment but the child does not learn alternative behaviors.

- Teach new alternatives to discharge tension. We can help children feel calmer by teaching them relaxation exercises. A very useful exercise to lower activation levels is Jacobson's progressive muscle relaxation. Also, it can be of great help to teach children to breathe slowly and deeply, this exercise is known as diaphragmatic breathing. Sport is a very useful escape route to lower anxiety levels and, in turn, is highly beneficial for health, so initiating children to do some sporting activity can be a good idea.

Of course, it is very useful and important that as parents we make ourselves available and accessible so that they can come to us if they have a problem that worries them since modem behavior, as we have previously said, is usually a consequence of a high level of anxiety.

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His real name is Michael Holbrook Penniman, the singer of Lebanese origin Mika bears a nickname that has seduced parents since the success of the young man. From Greek monos which means "alone", Mika is celebrated on September 29th.

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I am a lazy mother. You too?

I am a lazy mother. You too?

Children who are not eating breakfast at all are more likely to be overweight than those who are having breakfast, but eating twice before lunch, a study concluded.

More than twice!

Previous research has clearly shown that breakfast, ideal weight, and school performance correlate with each other, but some have suggested that those who overdue should Jeanette Ickovics, a researcher at Yale University. Recent results show that schoolchildren who have breakfast at home and at school are healthier.
Ickovich's 12 schools monitored 584 students: each school provided breakfast to its students. Researchers looked at students' breakfast habits and body weight in the 2011/2012 and 2013/2014 years. The results of the study showed that young people who did not have breakfast at all were more likely than those who ate something at home and at school.
Juvenile delinquency is particularly acute in England, where every fifth school is expensive, and in the US, one in three students is obsessive. Childhood obesity is dangerous because there is a greater risk of developing childhood obesity and adulthood, and the risk of diabetes and heart disease is higher.
The research was published in the Pediatrics Obesity page, and the results are experts say that having two breakfasts is a much better decision than not having breakfast at all.
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  • Alternative remedies for bedwetting

    Overcome the enuresis or the involuntary urination of the child, must be a joint work of parents and children. The alternative remedies against enuresis they give quite good results according to the characteristics of each child.

    As long as a child needs to receive a specific treatment To avoid urinary incontinence, it is advisable that you first consult a specialist. Only the pediatrician you will be able to determine the best way forward.

    Five alternative remedies for bedwetting

    In addition to conventional and proven treatments such as the methods in which they are administereddrugs, the treatmentspsychological or thealarm devices To wake up our son at the time of urination, there are alternative remedies somewhat more controversial.

    - Acupuncture and enuresis

    Acupuncture is a method that has the characteristic of power stimulate certain energy centers body to increase bladder capacity and sphincter control during sleep. Needles are applied to the wrists, legs, head, and face. Experts in this technique assure that it only takes about 10-12 sessions for the child, who does not have the urine control, heal.

    - Bach flowers

    Although its efficacy is questioned, this remedy is also one of the alternative remedies for bedwetting. It's about a compound extracted from flowers immersed in water of which the fragrant liquid is preserved, with brandy. According to their inventor, Dr. Edward Bach, they are ideal for treating emotional and psychological problems.

    - Medicinal herbs and natural products

    Some medicinal plants or natural products used for children are also usually recommended. bladder problems such as the juniper, parsley root or uva ursi, although there is no clear evidence that these herbs help with the condition. Of other natural products such as blueberry, cinnamon or honey, we can say that their properties are proven.

    - Hypnosis

    According to the latest studies, hypnosis has obtained good results in the treatment of enuresis.

    Once this range of possibilities has been deployed, you should continue going to the pediatrician and relying on your guidance.

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