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Grated rice with minced meat

Grated rice with minced meat

Grilled rice with minced meat is very satisfying and will certainly be appreciated by the whole family.

Preparation time

80 minutes




250 g of rice

250 g minced meat

750 ml vegetable soup

1 onion

1 carrot

1 tablespoon tomato paste

100 g cheese

2 tablespoons oil

1 teaspoon butter



Method of preparation

Wash the rice, then boil it with vegetable soup. After it is cooked, season with salt, pepper and cover with a lid.

Put the oil on the heat, add the finely chopped onion, grated carrot and a little water to soften. Add the minced meat, salt and pepper to taste, then leave the meat on a low heat, until all the juice is reduced. Put tomato paste and let it boil.

Put the rice in a heat-resistant dish, greased with butter, then place on top of the meat and chop the cheese.

Leave the rice for 10 minutes in the oven, until lightly browned.

The type of kitchen


Rice Tags

Menzareform: The preferences are changing

Based on the experience of the past period and the suggestions of several organizations, including the Hungarian Dietetic Association, we have amended the Administrative Decree.

Menzareform: The preferences are changing

We have changed the drastically reduced amount in the past, optimized green dosages, and tightened our dietary requirements.New Rules they also apply to Badajcsidei's cateringWhich bнr kьlцnцsen important role: the йlet elsх thousand napjбnak tбplбlбsa йs jбtszanak the time rцgzьlх tбplбlkozбsi szokбsok felnхttkori nйpbetegsйgek megelхzйsйben a key role as the szнv- йs йrrendszeri megbetegedйsek the diabйtesz йs the canteen elhнzбs.A reforms introduced last year хsszel cйlja to egйszsйgesebb йtkezйst provide consumers, including children. However, drastic changes from the usual eating habits they found mixed reception: Many complained that children had difficulty making friends with new tastes and left food, but experts also commented.

They can use more meats in the canteen, but less at home

One of the most controversial changes was the reduction of your quantity: for cravings and kindergarten children, the restriction was introduced without a transition period, so you should have added relatively suddenly. Previously, they had been allowed a maximum of 1.5 grams a day at their inn, which could easily be overcome by taking a bite. However, in the amended Administrative Order, which has just been issued, The maximum content of food in 4 grams was maximized recommended daily intake. "While more can now be cooked in the canteen, this amount is far below the average (well above healthy values) of the Hungarians. But a little bit of a change, though we can easily reduce your quantity at family dinners: with less use of green spices, for example, much less is needed, no need to rinse meals "- he called attention Kubбnyi JolбnPresident of the Hungarian Dietetic Association. "What kind of food we love is not deceased at birth, but it is evident that parents have an exemplary role and responsibility to take into account." - he hozzб the szakйrtх.A optimalizбltбk of a йtkezйsnйl elхнrt zцldsйgadagokat йs meghatбroztбk the Regulation mуdosнtott specialist doctors who may igazolбst the diйtбs йtkeztetйs igйnybevйtelйhez and konkretizбltбk those allergйneket йs intoleranciбkat that the esetйn kцzйtkeztetхnek be biztosнtania the diйtбs йtkeztetйst.

Small children will not be mini-adults during the holidays!

During the winter break, many parents make the mistake of allowing their children almost everything during the holidays - though the vitamin and nutritional requirements of toddlers, especially 1-3-year-olds, differ significantly from those of adults. " Above the age of 1, infants, like the rest of the family, are not yet able to accommodate adult food. own) health, if the cakes are replaced by a full grind of the flour, they use less sugar, gyьmцlcstбl we also have the apple on the table and the sliced ​​apple for the little ones, cut the banana into rings and put the orange on the cloves after the main meal. And with healthy eating, don't forget to take a break one hour of movement every day"The first 1000 days of life are particularly important for health in childhood and adulthood. hozzб.

He is dyslexic, what to do?

When your child reads a story with you, Pinocchio becomes Binopio! Not very comfortable with words, it reverses syllables, confuses certain letters ... not to mention that it is lost very quickly from one line to another.

At the beginning of reading, any child can present the apparent symptoms of dyslexia since it is a disorder of reading and the acquisition of its automatism (ex: it reverses the sounds). These normal difficulties become pathological only when they persist beyond the first year of learning. Only one child per class has this disorder (5%), of which 1% of cases are severe.

What is the problem ?

  • Reading difficulties are not all related to dyslexia. First, check to see if the problem is not due to hearing loss, sight disturbance, slurred speech, or overall emotional loss of interest. After eliminating these potential causes, it is possible to talk about dyslexia.
  • Dyslexia is a learning disability that we find in intelligent children, normally educated, free from pre-existing sensory and psychological disorders. A number of gifted children are dyslexic.
  • The child confuses reading some letters of similar form or close phonetically : m, n, s or ch, f and v ... The constrictive consonants (s, ch, j, z, f, v) are replaced by the occlusive consonants (t, k, p, d), the sound consonants (b , d, g, v, j, s) by the deaf consonants (p, t, k, f, ch, s). From then on, "piton" becomes "can", "hippopotamus" turns into "hippopapam" ...
  • It reverses the order of the letters ("on" is read "no", "arm" is read "bar" or "rab"). He omits certain sounds ("umbrella" becomes "parapuie") or, in addition, on the contrary ("escapade" is read "cascapade").
  • He does not find himself well in time (past present Future).
  • His immediate memory is lacking. He has difficulties in remembering poetry, multiplication tables.
  • He does not know how to organize himselfhis schoolbag and kit are still messy.
  • He spends a lot of time thinking about the little details and neglects what is most important.
  • He gets tired quickly, has difficulty concentrating.

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    Name Andrew - Meaning and origin

    Name Andrew - Meaning and origin


    Allergic skin reaction, caused by a food, a drug, a plant, an animal or a product of toilet.
    The redness appears in plates, more or less extended, of various forms. To calm the itching, the doctor will prescribe oral antihistamines.

    More about urticaria

    2 coloring pages of Dumbo

    On the occasion of the release of Disney's film Dumbo on March 27, 2019, propose to your artist to color his new hero!

    Dumbo: the flying elephant

    Dumbo has big ears, but it's better to fly! On the occasion of the release of the Disney movie, propose to your artist to color his new hero!

    See coloring

    Dumbo: the circus star

    Dumbo is the hero of the Disney movie that immerses children in the magical world of circus ... To get coloring, he took the ideal pose, ready to fly with his big ears!

    See coloring

    Do you need to restrain your sport to become pregnant and pregnant?

    According to the International Olympic Committee, exercise does not increase the rate of pregnancy complications in either the baby or the mother. It is also noted that there is not enough information available on the impact of intensive sports performed mainly by athletes.

    Do you need to restrain your sport to become pregnant and pregnant?

    In addition, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has advised women who are planning a family to have their ovaries reduce the intensity of exercise, as this may prevent the fertilized egg from successfully implanting in the uterine wall. Weight training in the first trimester increases the risk of miscarriage. It does not prolong distress and does not increase the risk of preterm birth. Reduces the incidence of cesarean section, gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia. Dr. Bruce Young Professor of Medicine at New York University School said it was important to stay fit during pregnancy, as parenting is physically demanding. Young stressed that only light exercise was recommended in the last trimester, as the heart would have to work 50% more because of its pregnancy. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends healthy diets, 150 minutes a week of intense exercise. You may also be interested in:
    • 6 arcs, which is why it is worth staying fit during pregnancy
    • Don't push the move if you want a baby!
    • Enough if I only do sports on the weekends?

    Origin of first name:

    Ancient, French, Germanic

    Meaning of the name:

    From germain heim, "house, home," and rik, "mighty."


    Popular throughout Europe, it was the name of several French and English monarchs.

    The French director Henri Étiévant (1870-1953), the constitutional sovereign of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Henri, the King of Navarre Henri de Bourbon (1553-1610), the French tennis player Henri Cochet, the French comedian Henri Garcin, the French painter Henri Matisse, the French writers Henri Bosco, Henri Coulonges and Henri Barbusse.

    St. Henry, heir to the throne of Bavaria, did not repudiate his wife when she confessed her infertility, and tried to keep the unity of the Holy Roman Empire.

    His character :

    Henri is a brave man who does not let himself be overwhelmed by problems, no matter how serious they are. On the contrary, it always comes out of the tests stronger, more experienced and smarter. Passionate about everything he undertakes, Henri is deeply involved in all his projects. Thus, he always manages to achieve his goals with brilliance thanks to his insurance and his go-getter.


    Henry, Hank, Harry, Harriet, Enrique.

    His party :

    The Henri are celebrated on July 13th.

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