Ice cream with honey and figs

Ice cream with honey and figs

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Your baby: happy and safe in your arms

Your baby: happy and safe in your arms
First Name - Meaning and direction

Dietary supplements for children - "just in case", "because I can afford"

Watching an advertising block on TV, you can grab your head, saying with horror it's a miracle that we live After all, every day for various reasons (overload, stress, overwork, lack of time, environmental pollution, aging, etc.) we are exposed to terrible deficiencies of vitamins and microelements. We have a problem with providing all necessary elements to our children. Why?

Brainwashing people give the answer: because they grow, because they develop, because they deserve the best and "ordinary meals" are not enough. What child eats enough vegetables and fruits? - they ask, preying on the uncertainty of most parents and they add - You mom, dad, do what is right for the child had everything. Even if it would be just in case and really ... to the detriment and not for the benefit.

Specifics? Here you are.

A team of experts creates "interesting" ads, choosing words to make them convince us to do great shopping in pharmacies and leave a lot of money there. As it turns out, frauds in the style of "natural" magnesium and "artificial" magnesium pass the exam and are the next point after creating clusters in the style of "natural water" (someone drank "artificial water"?). People listen and believe that others want to help them, not earn 'big money' on them. At the same time, children suffering from dietary supplements suffer ... paradoxically they are getting sick more and more often. Doctors point out that the current generation of children is extremely unstable.

Poland - a paradise for manufacturers of dietary supplements

Poland is one of better markets for selling dietary supplements. In 2013, nearly 150 million packages were sold in the form of tablets, syrups, capsules, lollipops, jellies, solutions, etc. ... It follows that each of us ate about 4-5 packages. If you didn't buy it, your "assignment" fell on the other person ... Every third child in Poland regularly takes dietary supplements without clear medical indications.

Parents buy dietary supplements, believing that they protect their children, that they invest in their health. Meanwhile, as independent doctors indicate, the opposite is true - in this way the not fully trained immunity is weakened. Preventive administration funds only for the developing organism (and even adults up to 25 years of age - according to doctors) is harmful. During this time, the defense mechanism against threats, i.e. the immune system is constantly forming and all artificial stimulations make it lazy.

Dietary supplement is not a medicine

Many of us forget that a dietary supplement is not a medicine but a food that replenishes deficiencies. It is advisable where these deficiencies are CONFIRMED, and not just in case. Due to the fact that it is available in a similar form to medicines (which heal), in places where medicines are sold (which I will re-write - heal), many of us treat medicines and dietary supplements similarly, we believe that dietary supplements also they heal (and they can, at most, HELP, and unfortunately DAMAGE as well).

Dietary supplement as a food supplementing the normal diet (used after finding deficiencies, not just in case) can be sold everywhere, at gas stations, in pharmacies. Preparations of this type are not controlled in any way. It is true that they remain under the supervision of Sanepid, but the number of products placed on the market is so great that it is difficult to expect that each preparation is studied in detail, because it is not. And it is worth realizing that clearly.

Drugs must meet a long list of requirements before they reach the market. They must undergo clinical examination, the composition of each agent must be laboratory confirmed. If the medicine contains a plant extract, it must include the so-called standardized extract. The so-called summary of product characteristics as well as the design of the package leaflet are also required. Dietary supplements everything that has been written does not apply. They are not controlled by the Pharmaceutical Inspection, but by the Sanitary Inspection (like food, not like medicine). In addition, dietary supplements, even with packaging, resemble a real medicine, which puts our vigilance down even more.

What does the dietary supplement manufacturer have to do before the product goes on sale? Present packaging design. That's all! He does not have to examine or prove how the agent is absorbed, how it works, and when and when it gives any effects.

So what do we know about the dietary supplement when we put it in the bag? Unfortunately, only what the manufacturer wrote on the packaging. And this is not always the case!

History knows cases ... fraud, shortcomings in this regard. What on the packaging does not necessarily have to be reflected in the real composition (this was confirmed by studies of the Department of Pharmacognosy of the Medical University in Poznań) - It happens that the product contains less active substances, individual components have different concentrations, it happened that other preparations were found in the preparation substances not included in the official composition of the product (e.g. the Cupido Max scandal in which substances specific to Viagra were found ... When the composition was adjusted to official requirements, the product "started to work worse" in the opinion of customers).

Dietary supplements do not cure. Therefore, they cannot be advertised as medicines, however, producers and advertisers are doing everything to blur the obvious fact in the mind of the client and intelligently provide us with new information on available products on the market.

What instead of dietary supplements?

Many doctors say directly - parents coming to the office with the child force the pediatrician to indicate a dietary supplement, "something" for the child's immunity, not understanding that the most effective (certainly not the easiest) way is to naturally strengthen immunity and treat a runny nose and light cough at home - just like it used to be (more). There is no better method than patience and preparing a variety of nutrient-rich meals.

In addition, to make the child sick less often - it is advisable to avoid sugar (and certainly reduce its amount in the diet). Sugar is a breeding ground for 'bad' bacteria, it reduces immunity and distorts the child's appetite. In the season of infection, it's often worth reaching for lemon, honey, fish oil and millet. It's best to choose products from good sources that are more easily absorbed and simply tastier.

Are all dietary supplements bad? Of course not. Among them are remarkable pearls - but these are worth giving after consultation with a doctor, for a clear indication.

In addition, there are some supplements that are worth giving. For sure: vitamin D, vitamin K (more about vitamins for babies and toddlers) and omega-3 fatty acids (in the case of a diet low in fish and seafood).

HIV/AIDS during pregnancy

Mother to Child Transmission of HIV - Episode 3

Stretch marks may also indicate Cushing's syndrome

Stretch marks are unsafe skin changes that usually occur as a result of skin shortening in a relatively short period of time and the body cannot be followed.

Stretch marks may also indicate Cushing's syndromeThat is why, during the most frequent puberty period, red blood cells are more likely to occur with faster housekeeping and fatigue. Unfortunately, however, livid stroke may also bring attention to a hormonal disease, Cushing's syndrome. Dr. Tar Attilbt, a Buda Endocrine Center child and adult endocrinologist were asked about this subject.

Disturbed hips in the skin

Stretch marks mainly appear in the abdomen, thighs, thighs and buttocks, initially red and then white, with puncture. They are caused by the fact that tight-fitting ligament fibers lose their elasticity and tear as a result of sudden opening of the skin. What it turns out to be, first and foremost, is a question of individual inclination, and it is a bad idea that miracle creams available in drugs, once they have appeared, cannot be completely eradicated. It is a very common change in puberty, when the child starts to grow up suddenly, but it can also dazzle those who have taken on (or got rid of) excess weight, or may experience disturbed stomachs.

Sometimes Cushing refers to syndrome

Bбr the striбk megjelenйse legtцbbszцr бrtalmatlan jelensйg up to esztйtikailag zavarу, бm elхfordulhat to hнvja out a hormonбlis betegsйgre, Cushing szindrуmбra. "Cushing szindrуma lйvх the mellйkvesekйregben cortisol nevы hormone tъltermelхdйsйvel jбr. Leginkбbb young felnхtteknйl kerьl diagnosztizбlбsra, бm lйnyegйben bбrmely In the background, overexpression of cells in the pituitary gland may be aborted, but it may also trigger an increased work in the pituitary gland, such as cancer of the pituitary gland. Attila Tar, Child and Adult Endocrine Center of the Buda Endocrine Center. The adrenal gland hormone enhances the activity of the follicular cells, which results in an increased degradation of the whites. Thus, collagen and elastic fibers change and livid striae develop. The presence of Cushing's syndrome (or larynx) is often very difficult to detect because it is often symptomatic or the patient can admit other symptoms.

Symptoms of Cushing's syndrome

  • low height
  • tъlsъly
  • livid striбk
  • moonlight face
  • zsнrpъp
  • the lack of libido has grown
  • Insulin resistance / diabetes
  • fáradékonysбg, depressed
  • цdйma
  • high blood pressure
  • thin, skinny skin
  • increased hair growth
  • menstrual complaints


Treatment of the disease requires a decision as to what results in cerebral palsy. If a steroid disorder is a remedy for stopping it, it is more common when a malignant tumor is the cause - or, less often, malignancy. This can be confirmed by a CT / MRI examination and, if confirmed, requires surgery. If this is not possible, medication therapy is warranted.Related articles in this topic:
  • Hormone dysfunction is also a cause of Cushing's syndrome
  • Dark patches on the skin - you might suggest that
  • Low growth

Guénhael Meaning - Origin and Names

Guénhael Meaning - Origin and Names

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Guénhael comes from the Celtic terms "gwen" and "hael" meaning respectively "happy" and "generous".
From its Breton origin, the name Guénhael means "white" or "happy" or "prince".


Normal 0 21 false false false X-NONE X-NONE

Guénhaël Huet is a French politician.

Successor of Saint Guénolé, Saint Gwenael was the second abbot of Landévennec, a commune located in the department of Finistère. He embarked on a 34-year journey to Ireland, where he founded several monasteries.

His character :

Guénhael is a tender being very open to the world. He particularly appreciates balance and peace. Full of reserve, it needs a calm atmosphere to be able to express itself fully. While being open to the outside, Guénhael prefers to remain discreet. He can be elusive and mysterious. Diplomatic, he shows great tact when communicating. In addition to his communications skills, he has an acute professional conscience. With a winning temperament, Guénhael remains positive against chess.

Guénhael is endowed with remarkable human qualities. Capable of enormous generosity, Guénhael seeks only to be loved, but sometimes has trouble expressing his feelings.


Guénaël, Gwénaël and Guenahel.

His party :

People named Guénhael are honored on November 3rd.

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Sports, why is it essential for girls?

Sports, why is it essential for girls?

Sport, especially performance, is an activity that is more oriented towards boys' parents. The little girls are enrolled in painting, theater or ballet classes and other graceful dances. However, experts believe that many parents are not aware that enrolling girls in a sport has unique benefits for them.

Better school performance

For a long time it was thought that sport does not come close to teaching at all. Specialists argue that especially girls who still play sports have better results in teaching than those who do not.

Physical exercises improve the learning process, memory and concentration, which gives them an advantage over others.

Unique contributions to their health

Sport is the best gift you can make for children's health. But girls also benefit from the fact that they have been shown to be less prone to breast cancer and osteoporosis than those who do not play sports. It also seems that they are much less likely to stop smoking if they play sports.

And as all girls know, sport helps shape a beautiful and harmonious but healthy body.

Essential skills

Girls who play sports learn faster and more efficiently what teamwork means and setting goals, as well as focusing their efforts on achieving them. Sport, especially as a team, has the benefit of teaching girls essential life lessons. Having colleagues and a coach to guide them towards achieving their goals through joint effort, the team teaches them the way to success. These qualities will be useful to them at maturity, especially in professional activities.

Improving self-esteem

With body modeling, maintaining an optimum weight and toning the whole body also appears the psychological effect of the sport: more self-confidence and self-image improvement. These are two critical points in the development of girls, especially in the years of puberty, which can be overcome through sports.

Sport relaxes and welcomes

Girls who play sports are livelier, happier and less stressed. During sport, endorphins are released by the brain, plus other chemicals responsible for inducing well-being and inhibiting stress hormones.

Sport is about friendship

Children often have a hard time sometimes making friends and making lasting friendships. Sport facilitates this. Joining a team sport makes it easier for them to understand what friendship really means. They will learn on the "all for one and one for all" principle and will extract and understand by themselves, from experience, what are its values ​​and principles.

Tags Sport children

Boat made with cardboard. Crafts for kids

Boat made with cardboard. Crafts for kids

If you want a homemade toy for your children, take advantage of this simple children's craft of a cardboard boat. It is also a recycling craft as it is made with rolls of toilet paper, an egg cup and bottles of yogurt or juice.

With this children's craft, the little ones can create their own toys or decorate their room. They can also learn the value of recycling items while developing creativity.

  • 1 box of eggs (a dozen)
  • 2 rolls of toilet paper
  • 2 plastic bottles (small)
  • Tempera painting
  • Brushes
  • Glue
  • Cotton
  • Pair of scissors

1. First, trim the front of the egg cup lid for recycling.

2. Paint a strip of blue or black, with the tempera, on the toilet paper tubes, which will become the ship's chimneys.

3. Paint clothes and faces on the plastic bottles to make them the two passengers on the boat.

4. When the paints are dry, stick the toilet paper rolls in the recesses of the egg cup lid and the bottles in the front. Paint the egg cup imitating the ship's structure.

5. For the ship's chimneys, stick pieces of cotton inside the rolls of toilet paper.

And our craft is done! Now to play with the children to be the captain of the ship. To enjoy....

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