Sales of clothing and products for children are starting

Sales of clothing and products for children are starting

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Flu During Pregnancy: The Best Cures

Gifts suitable for maternity visits

At some point you will have to go to visit relatives or friends, in the maternity ward. When they are told that they can receive visits, they will be able to enjoy the family of their newborns. However, it is better for a mother not to receive many maternity visits.

The arrival of a baby in the world is one of the most beautiful moments in the life of the mother, but also in the life of family and friends. Everyone is in a hurry to visit her new mom and enjoy a gift for herself or her little baby.

Gifts for the maternity visit - what do we bring to the slab?

- A gift for both mother and baby would be a blanket bag, which turns from the blanket to play in the shoulder bag, and the toys remain on the couch after the sale. It is useful for the mother when traveling and does not have a playground for the child.

- If this sounds like a good idea, buy an antibacterial t-shirt especially for breastfeeding, made from natural bamboo fibers, especially for sensitive skin, which absorbs moisture.

- A classic gift is the colored balloon, with helium, inscribed with specific greetings. Also in this category is the bouquet of flowers. When choosing the flower bouquet, you can choose the colors according to the gender of the child. For example, white flowers, if it is a boy and pink if it is a girl.

- A book about baby care or a special magazine for young mothers would take care of their mothers not only informally, but also help them when they get bored.

- Also to remove the boredom, if you allow it, you can gift her an mp3 player with her favorite music, to have what she listens to and can relax.

- If you are in a room equipped with a TV and DVD Player, you can take a movie to your liking.

- Depending on how close you are, it will not seem appropriate to buy cushions absorbed for breastfeeding, which would, in the end, be very useful.

- Same for normal or night breastfeeding bra.

- Little baby sure already has a lot of toys ready in his room, but if you saw one that you particularly like, do not hesitate to buy it.

As a precaution, talk on the phone and ask if he needs or wants something. Be careful not to overload it with things you already have (a breastfeeding shirt, for example) or with unnecessary things.

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Almost 45,000 likes for the Pet Expo 2016 contest

Almost 45,000 likes for the Pet Expo 2016 contest

The TED Labrador wins the 1st place with 5100 likes

The new mascot receives 3-month feed from Hill's sponsor

For the first time in the competition, a participant will have his own stand

Pet Pet Expo 2016 Contest nominated the winner. This year's Pet Expo mascot is TED, a Labrador Retriever for a year and a half.

TED will assume the role of star again this week, when he will participate in a photo shoot to appear on all the promotional materials of the fair. Its popularity will also be rewarded with three-month feed by the contest sponsor, Hill's animal feed producer.

TED won the competition with 5100 likes and 883 shares in its posting. There were over 150 entries in the contest and the average number of likes per picture was 289.

According to the rules of the contest "Pet Expo Mascot", all participants posted on the personal account a picture with the pet, personalized with the slogan "Go to Pet Expo - May 6-8, 2016".

The winner was nominated according to the number of similar likes during the competition, with the mention that they should be given accounts of persons of Romanian origin. The owner of the winner, Liviu Varzaru says: "I visited PetExpo last year with Ted and we were pleasantly impressed by this event. Pet Pet Expo.Ted is an extremely active puppy, which is why we try to provide as much time as possible for him to play. He likes the outings in the park, where he plays with other dogs, long walks outside, but also plays with the owners in the house. "

As early as 4 months, Ted attended the basic training courses at Ringstar, then started the Agility courses, and is currently following the Clicker Training courses.

In the 2 and 3 places in the competition were ranked BOSSULICA, a Scottish Fold motorboat with 4900 likes (278 shares) and BORIS, a French bulldog with 3100 likes (358 shares).

"This year it was very difficult for us to choose the winners because we had to separate the likes of Romanians from the likes of external accounts so that the contest was as fair as possible. Unfortunately, the first one in the competition, Bella, was disqualified because of the 5800 likes received, over 4000 were accounts from other countries. According to the regulation, only the likes offered from accounts of Romanians are taken into account " says Ilie Pana, the organizer of Pet Expo.

A unique moment in this year's fair is the presence of the second-ranked stand in the competition. The Bossulica rider had his own electoral campaign to obtain the votes of the animal lovers, this one having the media and TV appearances in which he supported his cause.

For the dedication and perseverance with which he promoted this year's Pet Expo, the rider will have the opportunity to test his celebrity among this year's visitors at his own stand at the Pet Expo.

The cost of a ticket at PetExpo is 10 lei, and students and pensioners will pay 5 lei. Children under 5 are free.

Schedule: Friday (05.05.2016) 10:00 - 19:00, Saturday (07.05.2016) 10:00 - 19:00, Sunday (08.05.2016) 10:00 - 17:00.

For more details, please visit and //

Benoît (Costil)

Benoît (Costil)

Benoît (Costil)

From the Latin "benedicere" which means "praise God", the name of the goalkeeper Stade Rennes, born in 1987, is celebrated July 11.

More information on the name Benoît

We explain what it consists of the sandwich technique to change behaviors in children, a very effective technique to change behaviors and also used by many psychologists with children in their sessions. You too can learn to use this great tactic with your child and get him to change some of his behaviors. You just have to follow these steps. The coach and pedagogue Andrés París explains it to us.

Edition: Lola Doménech

You can read more articles similar to The sandwich technique to change behaviors in children, in the category of Conduct on site.

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It's a good thing to be born in November: it's not too cold and your birthday isn't too close to Christmas. But what effect does the birth month have on the baby's life? Let's see why November dolls are special!

They are bigger than summer babies

Babies born in the autumn months, like November, are generally larger than those born in the summer, not only at the time of birth but also during the pre-school years. A reason for this, according to a Harvard researcher, is that more vitamin D is ingested by the pregnant mother.

Some sports

According to research, November's best-performing athletes can avoid the best-performing athletes in November: they are about 10-15 percent more likely to pass the bare-bones test than their peers born the other month. The benefits of November birth

They'll fall asleep sooner

Good news for sedentary parents struggling with sleep deprivation: November children are as early as bedtime compared to spring-summer children, meaning they are less likely to fall into the type of New Year's Eve.

They are more common among ADHD - with all its benefits

Diagnosis of attention deficit and hyperactivity is more common among November children - more research has found evidence. Not only do ADHD have its drawbacks, children with ADHD are creative and social-minded.

Multiple left handed (if boys)

From 13,000 adult examinations, it was found that women had 7.5 percent and males 8.8 percent left-handed. Among men, most left-handed birthdays fell on the months of November and December.

They suffer less from certain diseases

November's birth day reduces the risk of developing certain diseases (such as multiple sclerosis), according to a British study which found that this may be due to higher levels of vitamin D during pregnancy.

They can live on

A major US study found that those born in September, October, or November have the greatest chance of saving their 100th birthday (compared to March, May, and July).Also worth reading:
  • It affects the risk of allergy when you fall pregnant
  • Which month is the healthiest to give birth to?
  • Winter children start to dive earlier than summer children
I do not find him very awake ...

A baby opens by the look, mimicry, moving. Yours, it seems a little elsewhere ... Why does not he catch your eye? How should he behave? It's hard to be reassured, especially if it's your first child.


He communicates differently

  • From birth, some babies have an intense look, which hangs. It's rewarding. But your newborn may have other ways to communicate.
  • What has to be done. Observe your infant. Maybe he vocalizes, that he comes alive to the sound of your voice? Does he enjoy moving? Would he prefer to be swaddled? Shaking his little hands, is he observing them? Is he smiling at you already? More hearing, tactile or motor, each baby favors a mode of communication. Answer him by all these sensory channels, avoiding breaking the contact abruptly. An example: when you dry your hair with the towel, gently turn your head tightly wrapped, continuing to look at it and talking to it.

He is not available

  • He is hungry, he has pain, he is sleepy, the light is too strong, he is manipulated, moved ... it is not the right moment.
  • What has to be done. A newborn sleeps a lot. He is sometimes awake a quarter of an hour after the meal! Enjoy these precious face-to-face to smile at him, talk to him! Remember that daily tasks - bath, change, bottle - are all pretexts for real exchanges. Be patient. Give yourself to his rhythms. Preserve the landmarks that reassure him: his cradle in the same place, his bumper, his blanket ...

It's a sponge

  • Your baby returns what he hears, what he feels. Ouch, fatigue, worries, conflicts ... it's just not going well at home.
  • What has to be done. Ask yourself the right questions: Do I spend enough time with my baby? Do not worries affect our relationship? Rattles, play mats, nursery rhymes are great tools, but they are worthless without you! No need to overwhelm him with a stream of words or to rock him relentlessly. It is above all to be together, even in full housekeeping!
  • This worries you? Make an appointment with your pediatrician who must be able to examine it under favorable conditions, at a time of calm awakening, in the morning or early afternoon, dressed at first. Come as a couple, with a bottle. Everyone must be able to express themselves. It is also his role to put his finger on a baby-blues, a depression gone unnoticed ... And just observe how you wear it, breastfeed. Thus, he can guide you and reassure you.

Agnès Barboux with Dr. Jacques Langue, pediatrician.

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