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Let's Play! Jack-in-the-Can & Cause and Effect


When a baby is getting the hang of object permanence (the idea that something still exists even when it can't be seen), any game where things appear and disappear is a hit. While traditional windup jack-in-the-boxes can still be too startling or scary at this age, you can make a baby-friendlier one yourself using simple materials from around the house.

Appropriate for: 6 to 10 months
Skills developed: Understanding of object permanence
What you'll need: A coffee can, yogurt carton, or large paper cup; a chopstick, pencil, or ruler; a small colorful toy (a finger puppet works best); some tape or glue

Punch a hole in the bottom of the container. Insert a chopstick, pencil, or ruler (even a stick from your garden will do) through the hole, then glue or tape to the tip a small stuffed animal or plastic figure. Even better, use a finger puppet (just slip it over the end of the stick and secure it with a bit of tape).

Now you have a hand-operated pop-up toy: Pull the stick down so the toy or puppet is hidden inside the can or cup, then push it up suddenly when you want the jack-in-the-can to greet your baby.

Cause and Effect

As babies become more observant and attuned to the notion of cause and effect, they become fascinated by light switches, TV remotes, and other things that seem like powerful agents of change. Cater to that fascination by showing your baby how certain actions bring certain results.

Appropriate for: 6 to 18 months
Skills developed: Concept of cause and effect, spatial relationships
What you'll need: Common household items

Start with simple changes: Open and close a cupboard door or dresser drawer, then turn a light switch on and off (besides on/off, this demonstrates light versus dark).

Then branch out into more active scenarios: Roll a ball across the floor to your baby or put a stuffed animal at the edge of the table, then push it off onto the chair. Or just encourage her to ring the doorbell. If you're feeling really adventurous, let her turn the faucet on and off – as long as it's the cold one.

Remember: Each baby develops at a different pace, so if yours isn't quite ready for this week's activities, don't worry — just try them again in a few weeks.

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IM A BIG THICK TRUCK - GTA V: Geoff Bag 7. Lets Play

The Atsem (specialized territorial agent of kindergartens), you meet every morning when you leave your child in kindergarten. It is she who dries the big tears, washes her hands, prepares the snack, the material. In short, a kind of second mom!

Its functions

This profession, mostly female, requires great versatility.

  • Atsem's mission is to assist teachers in kindergarten classes in matters of material work.
  • She helps the teacher at the time of the reception of the children in the morning, for the organization of the nap and in the preparation and the realization of the workshops.
  • She accompanies school children throughout their day. She finds them in class, in the canteen where she provides lunch with the animators, and eventually at the leisure center.
  • She is responsible for the maintenance of the premises during school time and leisure centers (or holidays).
  • She takes care of the personal hygiene of the children during the passage to the toilets, the washing of the hands and the sessions of undressing-dressing at the time of the nap.
  • While the mistress symbolizes rather the authority, the Atsem represents the affective security, the comfort.

His status

  • Until 1992, the Atsem were recruited as maintenance agents. Their status has been revalued: they are part of the educational community.
  • The Atsem is a territorial agent employed by the town halls. To apply, you must have a CAP early childhood or be a mother of three children.
  • It is paid by the town hall, but works under the responsibility of the school director during school time. Outside school hours (daycare, catering ...), it is under the responsibility of the mayor.
  • Today there are around 60,000 Atsem in France. Employment opportunities are highly dependent on the budget and municipal policies.
  • The possibilities of evolution remain few. Some Atsem would like to be more involved with children, have a stronger educational role and better recognized responsibilities.

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Breakthrough in infertility treatments

The first baby was born, whose mother received a naturally occurring hormone during infertility treatment.

The son of a healthy 3240 gram baby boy is from London Hammersmith Kуrhбz and Imperial College in artificial fertilization (IVF) treatment, where he was given the newly discovered hormone, the "truncated peptide", to stimulate the ovaries and to stimulate the oocytes instead of the usual drugs.

Natural white makes the procedure safer by protecting women from ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) name, which can be life threatening. Although the condition affects a relatively small number of patients - five of them suffer from milder symptoms, one of them suffer from more severe symptoms - in the most severe cases, the patient needs to be treated for 2-6 weeks. Women who have the risk of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) are most at risk.
Pharmaceutical companies were not involved in the research, as they cannot be expected to be in high demand. The Higher Security Study was funded by the British Medical Research Council and the National Institute for Health Research. "The use of the peptide proved to be effective IVF kezelйsben women, because they stimulated hormone production in a more natural way, and the result was a healthy baby, "said Waljit Dhillo, a research executive at London.
Although the focus of the development is to reduce the risk to vulnerable women, the results are so promising that it can provide a natural alternative for anyone taking part in IVF treatment.
"None of the participants in the study were at risk because the study looked at whether natural hormone was already an effective substitute for conventional medicine. to Geoffrey Trew, a hospital fertility specialist and wound. It is a traditional agent that stimulates egg cell maturation, HCG, and is exclusively potent during pregnancy and may be potent over time.

Neither Vilkou nor Kiwi can be the child's name

The Utility Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences did not allow forty names in this title or any other name, so the child cannot be registered with these names.

These names were not authorized Each year the names that are initiated for licensing appear, but the Hungarian Academy of Sciences does not recognize the name, so the name of the child can not be registered in Hungarian. where the parents give the child the name they want. We have decided on many aspects of the MTA Names Committee, but more than forty names have been rejected so no. As if our soul is born, we will not find either Bogica, Tabby, or Padm for example in the cookbook.Related articles in the following names:
Choice: Why can't Nikou be Ronald?
What name do I choose?
Blacklisted Names - Don't Give This To Your Child!

How to draw, step by step, a drawing of a submarine

How to draw, step by step, a drawing of a submarine

Follow the steps to learn how to draw this submarine that you can later color with your children. You can also print the drawing for free to paint with the children.

In We teach you to draw means of transport, step by step, so that your children can get to know them in a fun way.

1. On a white card, draw the silhouette of the submarine with a thick black marker.

2. Draw the periscope and the propellers.

3. Add the details of the surface of the submarine.

4. Draw the windows.

At the end of May, perhaps the hardest decision is which program is not available to my users in bidding. This time, the spring monsoon abundantly exempted us from the responsibility of choice.

If you think about the options (face painting in a slouch, balloon turret, leapfrog jerk, firefighter show sharp), you might not be surprised if you chose the well-paid little one. (If the river is a little drooly, then you are right next to it, even though it is on a hillside.) I have a problem with this time, so far I have known for years that dried up, bankruptcy, and bankruptcy in Chechnya . But now?
Double curb
With the cluttered play shelves of the playgrounds, the overwhelming overproduction of the Chinese game industry, and the careful consultation of grandparents, it is almost unimaginable to double the size of a normal toddler. I say normal, but not ours.
Zsoma welcomed the whirlwind as a whole, taking it as a curiosity that he was receiving the same gift from everyone recently. (Although I once had a GDR mini barbecue once in a while, it looked like it had a hi-fi tower in the kitchen.) The little bastards made a slight bid to also with the beans that Csenge got, but we were pushed to a dead end. (Luckily, there are small units that are open in Iran too. Yeah, I know, they are sputtering, heady, and down, but now it's good.)
With two floors on the floor, a dusty (single-shoulder) mountain bike, one bike worth of rides, plus two transportable rides, there are only two kids' storage facilities missing from the bike. Whoop! For safety, with minimal comfort, we now have two children, each equipped with a paddle. (We sell with Extrab Trabant!)
Goma said after the dressing (adjusting the belt, belting a little bit, this time the canga was smiling) that he said good-bye, but he didn't seem all that secure. So her mother was reluctant to push the bike around, kid until Zsoma finally agreed to a prank. Yes, exactly, everyone's a good guess! The circle did not want to be cleared at the end.
By the end of the day, all two kids had grown up jockeys (they have a competitive spirit), and we were losing their tongue-in-cheek to the well-deserved ice. The two bikes are also crossed: Treasure and Overdose.
In a weak moment, I was buying two water guns, and I thought I'd be good for summer sprinkles. (Béla's friend doesn't think such a good person does. I think the reason for the net loss of control - even in my opinion - is the regular Slovak beer consumption. Only Ficur or Slotra!) He's gone from law, the episode where the bad bone Norman Price scares everyone with his water pistol. (Because who else could be a sample of my seedlings?) Who could resist such a ziczer? After the evening bath, I declared the bathroom as a disaster and gave birth to the bathrooms to take on extraordinary homelessness after the price went down.
Because the rivers are drawn back into the beds, but our two water guns remain.

Being a parent is not always easy or pleasant

Being a parent is not always easy or pleasant

Many say that we are facing a generation of spoiled children, jealous children, tyrant children, aggressive children, children who do not obey, children who do not study, etc. That's true?

Many times I wonder if we are ready to be parents, if we give our children what they need or we give them only what gives us time or what we know. We do what we can, but is that enough?

Without a doubt, children are a valuable treasure, today more than ever we are aware of it. Never before have children been so socially valued and loved, and yet children sometimes seem to fall short of our expectations. Children have the right to have someone to take care of their education and they have the freedom that their good behavior gives them. Too much permissiveness or a lack of boundaries, guidance, or dedication are a lousy legacy for your future.

Of course, I do not want to put all parents in the same bag, but perhaps we are spoiling our children when we do not know how to define the terrain, when we abandon the education of our children in the hands of third parties: teachers or caregivers, or when we praise them too.

How many times do we complain that our child does this or stops doing it! Surely on the mind of everyone who is going to become a father is to do his best, to be a good father, but do we know what it is to be a good father? I'm not talking about perfection, just that we seek excellence in our parenting (no one gives what they don't have), it sure is good (wanting to be a father and practice as such).

Parents must do everything we must do, there will be mistakes and there will be difficulties along the way, but no one who is on the path of parenthood does not ever stumble. We cannot demand of our children what we do not give them. Let's be generous and give them all the best of our heritage. If we intend to demand respect, responsibility, affection and exemplarity from our children, we must have previously sown these values ​​in them. If the tender tree deviates from its path and bends, many times it is because we have not put the necessary guides, and the wind and inclement weather destroy it.

We would like to have an instruction book! Being a parent is not always easy or pleasant, although there are unique and wonderful moments, there are also moments when we are tempted to throw in the towel. Good father, is the one who, like Rocky, resists blows and scores high. For this, our dedication, in quantity and quality, is necessary to ensure that our son has a privileged place in our life plan. Nobody says that it is easy to educate, but of course, it is really satisfying when we are victorious.

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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Sometimes, after birth, things don't turn out the way they were imagined. Our readers had to wait a long time to grab their baby.

I received it every day

The doctor examined it and stated that if the baby did not come down by the time he was done with another cup, I would be bloody. The doctor did the surgery. Examination followed. Baby, baby nowhere - csбszбrmetszйs!!! I wasn't worried or afraid. I knew there was no other solution. My child was a lifetime survivor! I suffer a thousand times more than I do! The operation is done, all right, quietly, at noon. When it was strange silence, I asked the anesthetic if I had lifted the baby up because I hadn't heard her cry. He said yes, but he was taken to the pediatrician for examination. Then we showed it, but unfortunately I couldn't even give him a kiss because I was sorry for herpes. It was found that they had taken me to the Early Childhood Department because they had suffered from the bridle. My poor mum was like being washed all day for 41 weeks.
I just got it back on a weekday !!! The worst sensation was that I couldn't hold it in my arms and was not with me. I was under myself, very much. But I got it back, and that was the point.
Kármmndi Henrietta
  • My mother was a born baby
  • After a dry cesarean section
  • My hubby ran after the nerve
  • Kislбny! Seriously?
  • Story

    Young adventurer Tristan (Charlie Cox) pursues a falling star to bring back to his beloved, Victoria (Sienna Miller). He does this by stepping through the wall that protects his village from the supernatural universe, known as Stormhold, on the other side. The star is not what he expects. He finds it in human form - a beautiful woman named Yvaine (Claire Danes). She has been struck down from the heavens by a ruby necklace belonging to Stormhold's dying king (Peter O'Toole).

    The king's surviving sons, Prince Primus (Jason Flemyng) and Prince Septimus (Mark Strong), pursue Yvaine for the ruby. At the same time, the witch Lamia (Michelle Pfeiffer) and her sisters also want Yvaine for her heart and its eternal properties. During the journey back to the wall and his beloved Victoria, Tristan and Yvaine encounter friends and enemies, and learn about the meaning of love. The final dual with the evil Lamia ends in a destiny beyond Tristan's imagination.


    The supernatural; captivity and slavery


    • There is a sword fight with sticks between Tristan and Humphrey.
    • A prince is pushed to his death through a window of a tall tower.
    • Characters frequently talk about murdering people and removing Yvaine's heart.
    • Witches slaughter an animal and remove some of their organs.
    • The wall guard prevents Tristan from passing through by beating him up with his stick.
    • The witch Lamia whips goats and horses pulling carts.
    • Septimus stabs and kills a soothsayer.
    • The witches kill and dissect a crocodile.
    • The witches kill a fallen star on a stone table (not shown on screen).
    • Lamia slits Primus's throat while he is in the bath.
    • A unicorn headbutts a man (previously a goat). He changes back into a goat as he hits a wall, falls to the ground and dies.
    • Lamia lunges at Yvaine with a glass blade. The blade breaks as it hits the wall instead.
    • Captain Shakespeare (a pirate) puts a knife against Tristan's throat, threatening to kill him. He then throws a body out of the porthole of his ship, leading the audience to believe it is Tristan's. He is rough with Yvaine as he takes her to his cabin.
    • Septimus stabs and kills a trader, Ferdy the Fence.
    • There is a sword fight on the deck of Captain Shakespeare's ship between his crew and the Prince's guards. Septimus beats the Captain (off camera) and threatens him with a knife.
    • Septimus throws a farm boy off his horse before taking the horse for himself.
    • Lamia and a lesser witch, Ditchwater Sal, engage in a magic battle. Sal loses her head, runs into 'the wall' and incinerates to the ground.
    • Septimus and Tristan threaten each other with knives outside Lamia's palace.
    • Septimus and Lamia's sister engage in a dual. She dies when Septimus spears her with a lance.
    • Lamia tortures Septimus with a voodoo doll, breaking his arm, then his leg, and finally drowning him.
    • Lamia sharpens her butcher's blade menacingly over Yvaine as she lies strapped to the stone table.
    • Tristan lets loose all of the wild animals the witches keep in cages. The animals attack one of the witches.
    • Lamia hits Tristan with a huge flying urn. He retaliates by hitting her with lightening bolts. She then raises Septimus's corpse to fight him with a sword.
    • Lamia and Tristan duel using a meat cleaver and sword.
    • After believing they've been released, Lamia locks Tristan and Yvaine in the palace and causes the windows to explode onto them in succession.
    • Yvaine emits a pulse of light and explodes Lamia into confetti.

    Content that may disturb children

    Under 5

    • Tristan's father Dunstan comes across a two-headed miniature elephant and a jar full of seeing eyeballs at a market.
    • When each prince dies, he turns into a ghost. Some have their weapons of death still embedded in them.
    • The king's necklace hits a star, causing an explosion which impacts on the earth and again explodes.
    • Frequent use of magic causes physical transformations and disappearances. For example, Lamia transforms a farm boy into a goat, Ditchwater Sal's face is blown under a spell, a farm boy is changed into a woman, a village is magicked into existence, and Sal turns Tristan into a mouse.
    • Tristan is transported magically from his house to arrive at the impact crater. Upon re-entry he appears out of nowhere, colliding with Yvaine and knocking her to the ground.
    • A large imposing ship flies through the air during a loud thunderous storm with bright flashes of lightning.

    From 5-8

    • Una, the slave of Ditchwater Sal, is kept in chains in the service of her mistress.
    • Tristan uses a magic chain to tie Yvaine to himself and later to a tree to prevent her escaping.
    • Tristan and Yvaine are tied up together in the brig of Captain Shakespeare's ship.

    From 8-13

    In addition to the scenes described above, the scene where Septimus poisons all but one of his brothers and the priest with a poisoned drink could also scare or disturb children in this age group.

    Over 13

    Children in this age group are unlikely to be disturbed by anything in this movie.

    Sexual references

    • Captain Shakespeare leads his crew to believe that he wants to have sex with Yvaine.
    • In attempting to prolong a charade, Captain Shakespeare suggests that he has captured Yvaine solely for Tristan's personal pleasure.
    • Lamia's breast and the farm boy's chest noticeably decrease or increase at separate points in the film. The camera focuses on the transformation and the characters' reactions to it.

    Alcohol, drugs and other substances

    There are scenes where champagne and wine are consumed, as well as poison.

    Nudity and sexual activity

    • Una and Dunstan kiss passionately at the market.
    • Tristan spies on Yvaine briefly while she is taking a bath.
    • Tristan and Yvaine kiss passionately while she is wearing only a towel.
    • When Prince Primus is killed in the bath, his ghost later appears naked.
    • The naked ghost of Primus is shown sitting in full view, but the nudity is discreet.
    • After the triumphant defeat of Lamia, Tristan and Yvaine share another kiss.

    Product placement


    Coarse language

    This movie contains some mild coarse language and name-calling.

    Ideas to discuss with your children

    Stardust is a fantasy adventure movie based upon the illustrated novel by Neil Gaiman.

    The main messages from this movie are about the importance of ambition, love, bravery, loyalty and dedication to a cause. You could discuss these with your children as well as the values displayed by the characters:

    • the desire to dream and explore the world
    • the courage to face injustice
    • open-mindedness with new cultures and experiences and in relationships with others.

    You might also like to talk about the real-life consequences of forcing others to do things against their will, naively embarking on unsafe adventures and using violence to achieve goals.

    An Austrian blogger showed what her scar looks like after a cesarean section. He wanted to give a message to those who thought it was the lighter way of parenting.

    Many people still think that it's easier to give birth to a cesarean section than to have a vaginal delivery. Usually, the urs are born with no eg. pain due to sectional surgery, there is no complication because it simply highlights the child. There is a higher risk of severe blood loss and a minor baby having a baby with a cupped baby. The outcome of the next birth (s) will not be unequivocally vaginal birth (VBAC), and in many cases doctors recommend a new cesarean section (especially in Hungary). Unfortunately, the baby is highlighted in very few places to the child in a somewhat weak sense, although there is a weak cesarean section, but this is not widespread.Olivia White an image of an Austrian blogger spread on Instagram showing his germicidal tip to the world. He wanted to send a message to those who think that the lighter part of parenting is the cesarean section because it's not easy for a mom to get a 10 cent cutand gnawing at the internal organs to access the baby -

    It's no easier getting a cesarean section

    "I know this is probably not the best picture for me, but who wouldn't make a pair of selfies after childbirth so that everyone would see how they picked up and promised me a new human being. To anyone who thinks this parent's lighter way is to feel like a shark who has a belly up to take out her surf-eaten body parts for breakfast. the blogger says.
    - More and more women opt for cesarean section, needing to be enlightened
    - What should we count after cesarean section?

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