Causes of back pain in children

Causes of back pain in children

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The fight against cellulite

The fight against cellulite

Cellulite is a stress factor for 90% of women. Cellulite is more than a layer of fat, namely a combination of residues, fats and water that form solid masses that remain trapped in fibrous tissue that has the role of binding the fibers to the surface of the skin. Cellulite most often occurs on the thighs, hips, but also on the hands, feet and abdomen.
What causes cellulite?
There are different factors that contribute to the appearance of cellulite, such as diet, but also the lymphatic circulation that allows the accumulation of residues. But there are three factors that decide the appearance of cellulite, namely:

  • heredity
  • estrogen
  • fat
    In case one of the factors is missing, then you do not have cellulite, but only fat that can be lowered with the help of a proper diet. It is said that cellulite is inherited from the mother, if she has it, she will have her daughter because it transmits the low resistance of the fibrous tissue. Chances are very high, even if the daughter is weak.
    Fibrous tissue is becoming weaker with age. If you have a thin layer of dermis, which is also inherited, cellulite is even more visible. If your mother has cellulite, it is possible to inherit the low resistance of the fibers that make up the fibrous tissue and also the problems of the lymphatic system that lead to the thickening of the fat cells and the formation of cellulite. As you well know, cellulite is not just fat, but is the fat accumulated between the fibers of the fibrous tissue. As the tissue ages, the more cellulite will be more visible.
    The fibers extend from the muscles to the fat layer and connect with the superficial surface of the skin, arranged in 90 degree angles. In men, fibers are zig-zagged, arranged at 45-degree angles, so fat is less likely to accumulate in the fiber network than in women.
    Once a woman reaches puberty, her ovaries begin to produce a hormone called estrogen, which helps to store fat in the hips, thighs, and legs to prepare for pregnancy. We can thank the estrogen for the fact that it collects the cells in "grape bunches", thus contributing to the appearance of cellulite.
    Diet plays a less important role when it comes to cellulite because its causes are: genetic, hormonal and anatomical. Diet can help, especially if you are overweight, but this will definitely not solve the problem. In fact, many anorexic women have cellulite, while others are overweight.
    Danielle M. Schupp, dietician and nutritionist, recommends the following 1500-calorie diet:
  • a cup of cereal with soy milk
  • a banana
  • two slices of black bread with tomatoes, mustard and turkey
  • salad (from red, green and yellow vegetables)
  • vinegar
  • a cup of yogurt
  • grilled fish, chicken or red meat
  • a sweet potato baked with butter
  • broccoli
  • a glass of milk
  • an Apple
    A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and plenty of water along with physical activity is the best way to cleanse your body and get rid of cellulite. Green tea can also help.
    When you reduce the amount of fat in your diet, you also reduce the number of calories to be consumed. For example, 1 gram of carbohydrates and proteins represents 4 calories, 1 gram of lipids corresponds to 9 calories. Thus, for every gram of fat you eliminate from your diet, you will also lose weight, but it is not recommended to reduce more than 20% of calories. ">
  • Pregnancy toxemia can endanger the lives of both baby and mother, but a healthy diet can do a lot to prevent it.

    Pregnancy toxaemia can be prevented

    Terhessйgi toxemia or preeclampsia - whatever it is, it is a sneaky, dangerous illness affecting 6-10 percent of a baby. THE baby and mom can endanger lifeIf not recognized in a timely manner and not properly handled.The subject proves to be a volatile soil in many respects, as neither the cause of its development nor the treatment of diets differ from one's opinion. It is my hope that nowadays, with a simple test, it is possible to predict in advance who will develop the disease. With a healthy meal There is a lot we can do about prevention here too.Most often I think that pregnancy toxemia is due to the fact that when the pregnancy starts, the baby starts to produce moles, which also damages the baby's and mom's organs. However, the presence of this material could not be proved. However, it has been observed that if the disease is worsening and extends to the nervous system, it may appear for a few minutes. rбngуgцrcs (eclipsia) as well. The name of the new comes from this: the state of the pharynx is preceded by the name preeclampsia. In many cases, if your doctor experiences a deterioration in your mother's or baby's health, it is inevitable that Lifesaving cesarean section.

    The symptoms

    One of the main tasks of adjunctive care is the timely screening of the disease, which can typically occur from the 20th week onwards. THE high blood pressure, the white water and water all of which are signs of a condition that can be controlled by medical treatment and diet. If the blood pressure is 140/90 or above, seek medical attention immediately. If the disease is worsening, we recommend that you carry the baby under medical supervision.


    Part of the science that is researching the disease is a genetic status of the fetus thinks it is the honor, another group thinks it is mother's already existing illnesses (kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure) are predisposed factors. Research shows that high body weight, too early or too late to have a baby, and stress is also a risk factor, and twin pregnancies are among those at risk. Recent studies have shown that malnutrition also contributes to the development of the disease: deficiencies of vitamin C and E and magnesium can cause the appearance of the disease.

    Diet recommendation

    Here, too, we have no easy task, as dietary recommendations also make a difference. According to the old school, high and white consumption should be avoided, and fluid intake should be further reduced. In addition to sodium reduction, calcium and magnesium levels must be increased. Dr. Thomas Brewer (1925-2005), an American physician, has been researching for more than fifty years how diet affects the formation of toxemia and how his diet promotes healing. His research results call into question the therapeutic protocol so far.He believes that white is needed, the food should be cooked according to knowledge. folyadйkmennyisйgnek and even recommends the next dose. Brewer puts the emphasis on prevention, because he believes diet can reverse a disease that has gone down in time. We wouldn't vote against any of the suggestions, but the importance of multiple, high-quality nutrition, a customized diet and strict medical control would definitely be emphasized.These can also be useful:
  • Toxйmia - What Can We Do?
  • We can finally get a clear picture of the pregnancy toxin
  • Pregnancy infants are more common in infants
  • Many moms are wondering how to tell their little one about Dragobete, a holiday that is not traditionally related to children. The young child may feel somewhat confused at the idea of ​​an "adult" holiday and targeting feelings he does not fully understand. This does not necessarily have to be this way, if you know how to explain it to your child in a proper way that signifies the feast of Dragons.

    Tell him about the feeling of love

    Tell your child about love. Explain to them how there are many kinds of love that apply to the holidays of the Beloved, including love for other family members, romantic love, spiritual love, love for pets, love for nature, etc.

    Explain the origin and significance of Dragobete day

    It is very important to explain to your child the origin of the holiday of Dragobete as well as some specific customs for the day of February 24. On February 24, the day of Dragobete, a kind of local youth god, patron of love and good will, is celebrated.

    In some traditions he is called Cap de Primavara, Cap de Vara, son of Babei Dochia and brother-in-law with the vegetarian hero Lazarica. Dragobete is identified with Cupid, the god of love in Roman mythology, and with Eros, the god of love in Greek mythology (Muntenia, Dobrogea, Oltenia, Transylvania).

    Dragobete was traditionally the first day of spring, when girls and boys dressed in holiday clothes and, if the weather was nice, they would start in groups through meadows and forests, singing and looking for the first spring flowers. The girls gathered on this day the snowdrops, the violins and the stems, which they put on icons, to keep them until Sanziene, when they threw them into the running waters.

    In the morning of Dragobete day the girls and the young women gathered the fresh snow, melted it and washed it with water thus obtained on the head, the tradition saying that they will have the hair and skin pleasing to the admirers.

    Usually, young people, girls and boys, gathered more at a house to "make of Dragobete", being convinced that in this way, they will be in love all year, until the future Dragobete. This meeting often turns into a real party, with food and drink.

    Dragobetele had to be kept at any price: if the Dragobetete were not made, it was believed that the young people would not fall in love the following year. In addition, a bad sign was that if a girl or a boy did not meet at Dragobete at least one representative of the opposite sex, the general opinion being that, all year, those will no longer be loved, and if a girl went out with a boy and not they were kissing, they were saying that they would not love each other that year.

    Tell them about Eros or Cupid

    Children love mythological stories and they might better understand Dragons if you put them in touch with Eros or Cupid. Dragobetele, the bearer of love and good disposition, keeps some attributions similar to those of the god of love, Eros, in Greek mythology, the god of love (Cupid or Amor in Roman mythology).

    He was the son of Hermes (Ares or Zeus) and Aphrodite (Venus), and brother to Anteros. Under the appearance of a beautiful, sometimes winged child, a feared god was hiding.

    With his arrows never failing his target, Eros resembled the consuming torments of love both among the gods and among the mortals. Aphrodite herself was keeping away from her capricious and ungrateful son. Sometimes he is depicted as being blind because it is impossible to predict where love will blossom.

    The figure of the god Eros appears in numerous episodes related to Heracles, Apollo, Zeus etc. But the most famous episode is the love between Eros and Psyche.

    Explains the connection between Dragobete and romance, the symbol of the heart and the offering of flowers

    Explain to your child why the heart symbol is often associated with the feast of Dragobet. If you want, you can read some love poems to help him understand why people correlate the feeling of love with that part of the body.

    Explain the connection between romance and flower offerings. A few centuries ago a "flower language" was developed in Persia and Turkey, and then spread to Europe. Each flower has a different meaning, sometimes being used as a secret code for lovers who exchange messages. A red rose can mean love and beauty and a yellow rose, jealousy.

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