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Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS)

Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS)

Respiratory distress syndrome is a severe congestive illness that occurs most frequently in premature infants due to the development of the lungs.

Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS)

Causes of respiratory distress syndrome a because of lung underdevelopment developed surfactant deficiency. Symptoms include difficulty in breathing, skin discolouration (due to lack of oxygen), stinging, and high respiratory rate. Magyarorszбgon Approximately every year 2500 premature babies they are being treated for respiratory distress syndrome. Respiratory distress syndrome is due to the developmental lungs. The immature lung of a premature baby does not have enough surfactant, surfactant produce. This material is needed to prevent the walls of the bladder from sticking together. The surfactant segнtsйgйvel the tьdхk lйghуlyagocskбi open йs off belйgzйs sorбn vйgig maradnak.A korababбk tьdejйben нgy the lйghуlyagok цsszeeshetnek totally, totally йs the levegх kiьrьl during tьdхkbхl.Rцvid idх, akбr nйhбny уrбn belьl betegsйg to be more sъlyosabb because lйgzхizmok elfбradnak. If you have a mild respiratory distress syndrome, your baby will receive oxygen through a mask or a tube through the nose. In some cases, a respiratory aid in premature baby breathing is provided. In addition, the baby is given a surfactant formulation that behaves similarly to natural surfactant: respiratory distress
- premature birth
- cesarean section
- gender of baby: much more common in boys
- twin
- maternal diabetes
- Inhalation of fetal water or bloodFor the greater part of the childbirth, the better the prospects, since the fetus has a life expectancy of 32-34. weekly produces surfactant.
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