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Friendly and educational guides for children and adults

What to do, a new collection of children's books from TREI Publishing House: answers for the concerns of the little ones

How could there be a book to help little ones overcome their most compelling problems? Interactive book collection "What to do ...", published by TREI Publishing House, includes a series of friendly and educational guides for children and adults who are with them, parents, educators and psychologists.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Dawn Huebner, with extensive experience in working with children's problems and talented illustrator Bonnie Mathews together they build a fun and entertaining journey to overcome the difficulties that children face, from the youngest age to the high school years. Through game and story, problems are understood and solved.

The friendly guides "What to do… " demonstrates the philosophy of Dawn Huebner, according to which children can and should be taught to help themselves to overcome the challenges they face.

His books are already traveling around the world, being translated into 12 languages. The first three volumes, published by TREI Publishing House, deal with three sensitive topics for children in a pleasant and efficient way:

  • "What to do to get rid of worries" is a practical guide for children between the ages of 6 and 12, who have anxiety problems, and adults who can help them overcome them.
  • "What to do when you're afraid to get in bed" presents children and parents with the cognitive behavioral techniques used to deal with sleep difficulties.
  • "What to do when you're out of wires" presents children and parents with the cognitive-behavioral techniques used to deal with anger issues.

TREI Publishing House organizes, from April 14 to 27, a competition for all children passionate about reading. The little ones can illustrate by drawing their answer to the question "To do ... to make the world a more beautiful place?" and I can win as prizes even the books in the collection What to do. The details of the contest can be found here.

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Meaning of the name Barbaciano. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Barbaciano. Name for boys

Among all the names for boys we highlight Barbaciano. You will find in our search engine all the meanings of baby names.

It spread thanks to Saint Barbaciano, priest and confessor, in Ravenna.

From the Latin proper name Barbatianus, derived from Barbatus / Barbato, in Roman imperial times.

December 31st.


  • Saint Aniano.

Barbaciano name coloring pages printable game

Barbaciano: pictures of the names coloring page printable game

Drawing of the name Barbaciano coloring page printable game

Drawing with the name Barbaciano coloring page printable game

Drawings of names. Barbaciano name to color and print

Πολλά τά ονόματα τών Ελλήνων - Μέρος Α

The wrong pronunciation of sounds in children, when should you worry?

The wrong pronunciation of sounds in children, when should you worry?

The BookLand Book Caravan opens its doors at Targu Mures, in Victoriei Square!

The BookLand Book Caravan opens its doors at Targu Mures, in Victoriei Square!

To have what!
BookLand caravan returns to Targu Mures! This time in Victoriei Square, a special place for those who love the book. Between 14 and 26 May, in Victoriei Square, book lovers are expected with irresistible offers for books, music, movies and games, and artistic moments will be as expected.

Pro Expo and the City Hall of Tirgu Mures have made it possible to return the Book Caravan in the middle of the muresen. Thanks to the Mayor of Tirgu Mures, who continuously supports the Romanian culture, the BookLand Book Fair is in a central and welcoming space, more precisely in Victoriei Square, said Mr. Ioan Roman, Pro Expo general manager.
Do you boast about it?
Come to the BookLand Caravan in Targu Mures, where you will find the latest editorial issues, over 6000 titles from 80 publishers in the country.

"This year, BookLand will try to come even closer to his friends! We have reorganized the Caravan itinerary, established other meeting places more accessible, more popular, and why not, more visited, and prepared artistic and cultural moments to satisfies the demands of all the friends of the book: from the smallest to the largest, "says Sorin Lucaci, PR Manager BookLand

Bookland Caravan is without a doubt the largest urban book fair, and Nemira Publishing House is proud to be part of this cultural phenomenon. We look forward to welcoming our loyal friends and readers with established titles and the most beloved author series. We want to offer our visitors the latest appearances at prices more than attractive, waiting for them in the welcoming and modern space provided by Bookland, declares Andreea Sterea, Marketing Manager Nemira Publishing

Confirm your presence at: //www.facebook.com/events/278727658928012/

For more information on the BookLand Caravan development, offers, promotions, contests and other tasty news from the book world, we are waiting for you in the BookLand community. Join you with a LIKE.

The benefits of beauty sleep
French Open First Name: Sara

French Open First Name: Sara

Sara (Errani)

A name of queen for the victorious Italian player in February 2015 at the Open of Rio de Janeiro, because this derivative of Sarah means in Hebrew "the princess, the queen". His feast: October 9 for Sara, wife of the prophet Abraham and mother of Isaac.

What Happens Throughout 40 Weeks of Pregnancy

It can cause Lyme disease. This is manifested by a local abscess, a fever, an enlargement of the ganglions, followed a few weeks later by an immense fatigue and articular pains.
If your child is stung, gently remove the insect with its rostrum, using a tick hook or a tweezers. Disinfection and antibiotic treatment are to be advocated. Do not use ether or any other product as the tick could release poison. Check the area and see immediately for erythema migrans, fever, joint pain.

Baby: When and how to press?

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