Nurse Puts Sick Baby Next To Twin To Say Goodbye, But Then A Miracle Happens

Nurse Puts Sick Baby Next To Twin To Say Goodbye, But Then A Miracle Happens

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How do you stimulate the child's emotional intelligence?

Stimulating the emotional intelligence of the child depends on how it is encouraged and helped by the parents to understand their own feelings, manage their emotions, to automate themselves and to cope with the failures.


Here are some ways to introduce your child's education to help them increase their level of emotional intelligence.

Encourage reading in the habits of your little one

It must not be a day without the little boy to get in touch with the world and the universe of book stories. Whether you read them or manage to do it yourself, it is important to cultivate a passion for reading.

Pay attention to which books you choose for your little boy's daily reading. He opts for stories with a moral character, from which the little boy always has what he learns.

Encourage him to participate in extracurricular activities

Emotional intelligence also refers to how the child manages to communicate with others and to establish friendship with other children.

The school is a conducive environment for the development of this type of intelligence. However, it is an area where children do not socialize very much, most conversations being about school subjects, teachers and other topics less important for the emotional and social side.

Extracurricular activities - ballet, painting, dance, sports, etc. - helps the child to become more friendly with other children and to express their emotions and opinions within these groups more easily.

These activities help him to define his own personality and to consolidate and improve a lot of social skills.

Help him cultivate his passions and talents

If your little one is talented at something, take advantage and help him as much as you can to cultivate his passion. It is an extraordinary opportunity to help the child develop harmoniously, happily, doing what he likes.

Practicing and practicing the skills he demonstrates in a particular area of ​​interest makes the child happy and satisfied, gives him confidence and increases his self-esteem, all of which contribute fully to the development of emotional intelligence.

Encourage him to freely express his feelings and emotions

Young children experience a lot of states and feelings every day that do not know what they are called and what their role is.

Helping the child to learn and recognize feelings and express them freely is extremely useful in his attempt to cope with the states he is facing.

This way, you can help him cope with them, manage them properly and make the most of them or overcome them when necessary.

It encourages group play

The emotional intelligence of your child flourishes most in the middle of the children, that is, of people of the same age and with the same interests as him.

As the development of this type of intelligence is closely related to the social abilities of the child, they are best shaped in group games. They offer parents the opportunity to direct the child towards learning important social skills and to teach them how to behave when they are in a social setting.

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You should start teaching breastfeeding at school

You should start teaching breastfeeding at school

Most mothers learn from their own mistakes when breastfeeding. Reading articles, watching videos, maybe attending a course, asking for help from a board member. But before you become a mother, you are certainly not learning anything about breastfeeding. A British suggestion would change that.

You should start teaching breastfeeding at schoolThe Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) has set out to increase breastfeeding in the United Kingdom and encourage mothers to breastfeed. Suggestions have been formulated, one of which is to include health education (PSHE) in breastfeeding education. PSHE is taught in British high schools from the age of 11. The United Kingdom has one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world: only 40% of babies are breastfed by ages 6-8. per week.Only 0.5% of mothers breastfeed from one year of age. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Academy of Pediatric Medicine (AAP) recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life, and continue for as long as two years, or longer thereafter. There are hospitals where baby nurseries help in the first days. You can get help from a breastfeeding advisor, but it also depends largely on where you live. Most mothers have no help in how to breastfeed. Moreover, women continue to face negative social attitudes when they are breastfeeding: they are breastfed if they are breastfeeding too long, or if they do so outside of their home. you will not know much about breastfeeding, which information is not up to date, or even distorted. Unless there are younger siblings who have seen their mother breastfeeding, most of them grow up not having seen breastfeeding in the near future. Many people, on the other hand, see baby feeding as a diet, which does not facilitate successful breastfeeding, but it looks as if every baby has a mandatory baby bottle. Research in the US We knew the benefits of breastfeeding. The more information we have, the better we do. Many times, mothers hear that breastfeeding is not so important, you can grow up on a diet. The fact that a mother has breastfeeding difficulties, a sore nipple, pains, insomnia, and the worry that the baby is not getting enough nutrition, all lead to her breastfeeding. Most do not support the mother, neither the family nor the friends, in hospitals they often speak only about passwords and logs, it is important to breastfeed and awaken them, it can improve breastfeeding and social attitudes. (via)Related articles in breastfeeding:
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Name Émelyne - Meaning and origin

Name Émelyne - Meaning and origin

Percentage spots due to hormonal changes during and after pregnancy
possible and normal. These stains, sun rays a little more
triggers. If you do not receive treatment, they may become permanent. For stains
While there are no precise solutions, you have a high chance of minimizing them.

These stains, which are mostly brown, can be discolored during pregnancy.
If you intend to be treated, you should wait for 6 months after birth.
It will be.

You should definitely go to a specialist skin doctor for treatment. In this process, the sun
against high-factor sunscreen. Even cloudy
use a sunscreen.
You can take.

Blemishes can also be seen around the neck or chest outside the face. Sun exposure
treatment of the regions is quite difficult. So as far as the sun's rays
stay away. The sun causes pigmentation in your skin to increase
spots become permanent. Especially for white-skinned women
the probability is even higher.

Pregnancy stain does not occur only in pregnant women;

Laser treatment

Contraceptive Pills

Uses sunlight makeup

Direct sunlight after waxing women

Once these stains are seen, the persistence of stains with winter sun is minimized.
Downloaded. But in the summer, stains darken and a new one can be added.

Cosmetic Methods for Birthmarks;

Preparations are natural

Chemical peelings

Laser Therapy


Various medical methods

With these methods, stains can be alleviated or completely eliminated. But
it will reappear unless you receive preventive support treatment.

For these stains, a medical mask and medical treatment
You can start. This treatment lasts approximately 3 months. 3. at the end of the month
When you receive a 9-month preventive treatment,
You will be. This treatment also prevents the re-emergence of stains
It will be. Eighty percent of mothers who do not have stain
has been successful.

Care Cure


4 crushed strawberries

1 spoon of lemon juice

After mixing strawberries with lemon juice, crawl to the stained area. 20 minutes
After waiting, wash the area with warm water.




What do you know about baby hiccups?

Here, baby has hiccups! At first, his small bursts and noises make you smile ... before worrying a little. Come on, we inquire and we reassure ourselves with our quiz!

Question (1/7)

Hiccups are due only to too fast ingestion of milk or food

That's rightIt's wrong


Hiccups occur after sudden absorption of air (after laughing or crying) or too swift ingestion of milk or food. The diaphragm (muscle separating the thorax from the abdomen) then contracts spasmodically. It's hiccups.


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