Tears: origin and meaning of the name for girl Tears

Tears: origin and meaning of the name for girl Tears

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Infant mortality decreased in Hungary

Infant mortality in Hungary is lower than ever before, according to the Central Statistical Office (CSO), which was 3.9 thousand last year, which is a very significant result.

Infant mortality decreased in Hungary

According to experts, the preservation and possible improvement of this good indicator is the goal along a national strategy, said the press in Budapest on this topic.Attila Szabу, director of the Semmelweis University No. 1 Pediatric Clinic, said this data was This represents an improvement of 7 percent compared to 2015 and 25 percent compared to 2013. This success is also due to the success of perinatologists, infant and pediatric nurses, nurses, quality training, and continuous development at medical training universities, and to ensure the continued upgrading of the instrument park.

Infant mortality decreased in Hungary (source: MTI)

Miklos Szabou, the head of the Neonatology (Health) College of the Health Professional College, has never spoken, never in Hungary has the low infant mortality rate approximates the unique average of 3.6 thousand"This result is the result of serious professional perseverance, faithfulness, dedication, and hard work," Miklós Sabab emphasized that the next five years will only be sustained if this good result is achieved going along a declared national strategy. "The pediatric profession wants to preserve the health of newborns and infants in Hungary, and to have an explicit, stated governmental goal, a government program," she said. interconnection of different databases could be completed. He called attention to the fact that the New Year's healing, besides its rapidly developing scientific and technical background Newborn care needs to be "humanized". As he said, we must now lehetхsйgйt the csalбd- йs ъjszьlцttbarбt kуrhбzi ellбtбsnak йs the kуrhбzi kцrьlmйnyek javнtбsбnak.Jelezte Hungarian koraszьlцttosztбlyokon vбltak hangsъlyossб eljбrбsok those that do not belong to closely gyуgyнtбshoz, but greatly hozzбjбrulnak szьletett small children sъllyal tъlйlйsi esйlyeihez the early breastfeeding and close parenting with newbornsHe also stressed the need to invest more in research in this area. Miklós Szabou said that every tenth newborn born in Hungary is born in Hungary. Early childhood is a very complex process, but the health of mothers, the health of the fetus (such as alcohol and drug use), or the social situation play a role in early childhood.Tamás Kovacs, the General Secretary of the Hungarian Pediatric Society has said that the improvement in the number of premature babies, breastfeeding, and breastfeeding is necessary to maintain improved results. As he put it, "It is not enough for premature babies to be over, the goal is to live healthily."
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Ketura Meaning - Origin and Names

Grуf Tisza István Kуrhбz, BerettyуъjfaluThis article highlights the state of January 2011

Grуf Tisza István Kуrhбz, BerettyуъjfaluThis article highlights the state of January 2011

The city hospital's birthplace boasts not only a tailor-made but also a unique graphic logo.

At the time of our arrival, we have been working hard for a few decades in one of the country's most up-to-date births. Although the situation today is not much like that of the early nineties, the two-floor fertility division works well after the number of cases. - With my colleagues, in addition to professional care, we place great emphasis on satisfying the individual needs of pregnant women and striving for the full realization of the family-centered approach - says dr. Zsolt Zбkбny Head of Department, trying to take off his mask after a surgery. - There are six doctors in the department, and we are particularly proud that all of us have a nursing qualification. We also know that personalized care is most effective, and we always strive to do this. The baby and mammoth class are still very much needed, unfortunately there is no room for a baby bed. According to the people working here, the care is completely baby-friendly, the little filling is done with a can only, and with the help of a hand milking machine, even though there is a milking machine.
- We are looking at a family event for birth, so not only the father can send the baby to the birth room, but also the kind of dad that the mother chooses. Daddy may also be present in a dressing gown if the conditions are met and ready for surgery - emphasizes Doctor Zakkny.
In the small butt in a modern environment, mothers can comfortably transfer heavy spaces, and in the advanced stage, they can be separated from each other in a spacious single room. There is limited scope for epidural insensitivity, which can reduce pain in a baby's mother by using pain-relieving gas.
- Successful analgesia is also reduced to psychoprophylaxis, which reduces the need for information, knowledge of the environment, and increased safety. This, of course, requires a long preparation, but the essence of the maternal preparation, he says - summarizes dr. Zsolt Zбkбny.
The hospital works in close cooperation with the Cable Institute, carrying out a number of examinations and treatments on the spot, playing a major role in the successful management of the infertility.Facts and figures:
- 2010 birth number: 544
- Cuttings ratio: 23.5 percent
- Dad's got the cupcake in the operating room.
- No room-in service.
- There are six parenting courses on six occasions with a professional team.
- No pay room.
- Choice of parents is possible.
- Flexible visiting, baby can be visited locally.
- The first step is the binding.
- Alternative instruments are born: ball, music.
- The children's class with 25 beds, 4, 3 and 2 beds.
The first third

The first third

Want to know what happens in the first third? We have summarized the most important events.

The first third

1-3. hйt
MOM: Seven days after fertilization, there are several changes in Iran. The zig-zag has released hunter materials indicating that there will be no need for menstruation now. And pregnancy hormones do their job: they make the place and conditions work.
Fetus: Transfusion in the 7-8 cm fallopian tubes requires long days. One week after fertilization, the division begins to become embedded in the cavity, the zygote ceased. Week 4
MAMA: It is now, at the time when menstruation is due, that the pregnancy test will be positive. Up to a small number of scapulae can be detected by vaginal ultrasound examination. Pregnant women may feel more frequent urine stimulation, and their breasts may be more sensitive.
Fetus: Even a millimeter is not the size, but it is one! In his storm-dividing cells, all the information has been given for his further development. From the fourteenth day after fertilization, we can give birth to several embryos!5.hйt
MAMA: Certain signs are more obviously indicative of a blessed state: a typical odor, or an earlier disgust, may hold a baby.
Fetus: Rice in size, and floating silently in the amniotic fluid. Meanwhile, it develops at an incredible rate: it is located in the dark patch of grains, and there are reddish arm flares.Week 6
MOM: Pregnancy hormones are getting more and more, and as a result, some of the mothers are awake with morning sickness.
Fetus: A heart is half a millimeter, and it works! The embryo has a CRL of two millimeters and a total body length of four millimeters.Week 7
MOM: Crazy freaking out бlomkуr almost all day! Relax whenever you can, craving is not a good solution anymore, as it smells too much to provoke disgust these weeks.
Fetus: Huge tail over head and feet, reminiscent of earlier stages of stock development. There's the little kidney and the lungs there, but there's no legal difference between boys and girls! The CRL is 10 millimeters.Week 8
MAMA: The womb is as big as one medium size orange, can be palpated by hand examination. Gradually, the placenta assumes the role of the corpus luteum in the production of the follicle hormone. They think it is uncomfortable to squeeze clothes even though nothing looks like in the tummy!
Fetus: Its CRL is 17 millimeters. I have some ears, a nose. Sorry, but unnoticed mozgolуdik inside the warm amniotic fluid.Week 9
MAMA: Pregnancy hormones are increasing water retention to increase the amount of circulating blood in the urethra. This will provide better oxygenation in the hair follicles.
Fetus: His CRL is 2.5 cents. She moves a lot, even though her mother still feels nothing of it. Eyes and eyelids can also be seen.Week 10
MAMA: Because of the loosening of your Thanksgiving, a baby who is prone to this may have a cornea. One quarter of the promise is now over.
Fetus: Weight 13 grams, 3.4 cents CRL. Arcocskбja very human, the external genitals have also begun to develop well.Week 11
MAMA: The growth of the bee is now so high that it is a slight relief without clothes, you can also see it from outside.
Fetus: It can weigh as much as 48 grams, with a CRL of 4.4 inches. Lйnyegйben every organ is formed It has already. The most critical phase of development has come to an end.Week 12
MAMA: The uneasy period has a greater tendency to desire. It is not uncommon for the body to grow barely in the first third, and the situation will soon change! This week can take place at tarkуredх szыrйsre.
Fetus: Official name from this week on: Fetus, 5.4 to 5.5 inches CRL. The ultrasound screen shows you how moves the arm and the toe.First-third screening tests
In the first third, most mothers carry out lab tests, breast cancer, and a so-called test breakfast. Screening for gestational diabetes occurs because maternal diabetes mellitus jeopardizes the fetus. The test breakfast, which contains a piece of "water" standard bun and two deci milk, should be eaten on an empty stomach in the morning. Blood glucose levels should be measured in an hour's time, blood tests are not suitable for the test, only laboratory methods can give accurate results.You are suspected to have diabetes if you have it. Values ​​above 7.0 mean that the mother is pregnant with diabetes at an eight-fold currency. However, based on the results of the screening test, no diet and no treatment is required. This involves taking 75 grams of sugar dissolved in two to three decilitres of water taken in the morning on the stomach and then measuring the blood glucose twice by laboratory method. If these values ​​are above 7.8, then we are talking about a pregnant diabetic. You do not need to diet for values ​​lower than this, but it may be appropriate to repeat the screening test on a monthly basis.
CRL: During the fourteenth week, the CRL should always be provided during the ultrasound examination, baby's head bumps up to the butt.
Expertise: Dr. GyĂśrgy M. CsĂĄknyny Szsles-ngygygysz
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  • The world of P * ET - KidsFest is preparing to open the doors of its first edition, which promises to the little ones a program full of interesting activities. There will be no shortage of horror tunnel, parents' prison, carnival, princess ball, but also concerts with Smiley, Hi-Q and the winner of X Factor Romania, Andrei Leonte. The festival is presented by Betty Ice and will take place on the weekend of June 16-17, at Unirii Square in Bucharest.

    The program of the two days of festival will be an extremely diversified one and will include a whole suite of activities that will keep the little ones occupied throughout the event. Each day, the festival will open its doors at 11:00 and will close its program at 22:00.

    On the stage, numerous plays and contests will take place, while for the duration of the festival, children will be able to explore the entire World of P * ET built around the largest pyramid in Romania. The program will be completed by autograph session offered by Virgil Iantu, experiments from the Wake-up Laboratory, the hours from the Playshop and the workshops of modeling, origami, napkin technique, creative recycling, juggling and painting.

    They will not be missing Carnival Costumes, scheduled for Saturday between 19:00 - 21:00 and The Princess Ball, which will take place on Sunday, June 17, being invited to participate all the girls present at the festival. Each evening will conclude with a series of live concerts held by Hi-Q, Smiley and Andrei Leonte, the winner of the X factor.

    Saturday, June 16th

    11.00 - the opening of the festival

    12.00-13.00 - theater on the main stage - Scufita Rosie

    13.00-14.00 - Science laboratory

    14:00 - 16:00 - Workshops

    15.00-16.00 - theater on the main stage - The shoemaker

    16.00-17.00 - Science laboratory

    18.00-19.00 - theater on the main stage - The three pigs

    19.00-20.00 - Science laboratory

    7pm - 9pm - Carnival

    20.00-21.00 - Urban Kids

    20: 30- 21.30- Hi-Q concert

    Sunday, June 17th

    11.00- opening

    11am - 1pm - Workshop

    12.00-13.00 - theater on the main stage - Fairy Maseluta and caria

    1.00 pm - 2.00 pm - Science laboratory

    14:00 - 15:00 - Workshops

    14.00- 15.00- theater on the main stage - Girl in front of the baboon and girl in front of the party

    15.00- 16.00- Science laboratory

    4pm - 6pm - Workshops

    5:00 pm - 5:30 pm - Virgil Iantu autographs at the Eubiotics tent

    5.00 pm - 6.00 pm - theater on the main stage - Two money bag

    18.00-19.00 - Science laboratory

    18.00-20: 00- The Princess Ball

    19:00 - 20:00 - Gasca Zurli Tiribam Tiribum

    20.00-20.30- Andrei Leonte

    21.00- 22.00- Smiley

    Besides the regular activities, the participants of the festival will have available throughout the day a reading area with books and magazines for children, an area dedicated to sports activities, an amusement park with inflatables, the tunnel of horror and the endless pyramid of P * ET .

    The tickets are available online at www.myticket.ro and in the network of Diverta stores at the price of 25 lei for children, 40 lei for parents or 90 lei for two adults and one child, can be purchased at the same prices and from the entrance, on the day of the event. The ticket offers access to the festival space, as well as free participation in all other activities organized during the 2 days.

    Additional details about the event are also available on the official Facebook.com/LumeaLuiPetKidsFest page.

    He caught us making love

    Watch out for tear duct obstruction in infants!

    Balloon experiments to do with children

    Balloon experiments to do with children

    Is it safe to give soy milk to toddlers who won't drink cow's milk?

    For some toddlers, soy milk is an acceptable alternative to cow's milk. There are some things to keep in mind, however.

    Be sure to buy whole soy milk, not the low-fat or nonfat versions, because fat is important for brain development in children under 2. (If your child has a family history of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, or obesity, however, her doctor may recommend beginning low-fat milk at an earlier age.)

    Also, make sure the soy milk you choose is fortified with vitamin A, vitamin D, and calcium.

    You may want to boost your toddler's diet with other calcium-rich or calcium-fortified foods as well, because soy milk contains phytates. These are naturally occurring substances found in whole-grain foods, legumes, and nuts that can reduce the absorption of calcium and other minerals.

    While a container of fortified soy milk may say that an 8-ounce glass contains 200 to 300 mg of calcium, for instance, studies have found that the body absorbs only about 75 percent of that calcium. Choose calcium-rich foods like broccoli, kale, lime-processed tortillas, yogurt, and cheese, and calcium-fortified juices, cereals, waffles, and breakfast bars.

    Because soy milk is made from plants, it doesn't have any vitamin B12, which is found only in animal foods (including cow's milk). Pouring soy milk over a bowl of vitamin-fortified cereal is a good way to ensure that your child starts the day with the right nutrients.

    Keep in mind that if your child is allergic to cow's milk there's a 10 to 14 percent chance that she'll also be allergic to soy milk, so you can't assume that soy will be a good substitute if your child is dealing with a cow's milk allergy.

    You can buy flavored soy milk or add your own flavoring if your child doesn't like the way plain soy milk tastes.

    By the way, in addition to protein, many brands of soy milk highlight the fact that they contain isoflavones. Isoflavones are phytoestrogens, estrogen-like hormones found in plants such as whole grains, potatoes, dried beans, and apples. There is no evidence that the isoflavones in soy protein — commonly used in infant formula — have any adverse effects on children.

    Why Milk is Bad for You

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