Differences between educational consequence and punishment. Evolution in education

Differences between educational consequence and punishment. Evolution in education

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Unwind at Kid's Folies Festival in Saint-Jean-de-Monts (Vendée)

Unwind at Kid's Folies Festival in Saint-Jean-de-Monts (Vendée)

Cape Vendee where takes place like every year Kid's follies, until May 11th. The theme of this 24th edition? the game ! He will be at the heart of the big free exhibition, with board games, beautiful Lego models and over 2000 Kapla for family fun. Register also for workshops, sports activities, walks ... Animations, shows, workshops: € 6 per person, weekend pass for Easter: € 10. Until May 11th. Information on www.saint-jean-de-monts.com

Cape Vendee where takes place like every year Kid's follies, until May 11th. The theme of this 24th edition? the game ! He will be at the heart of the big free exhibition, with board games, beautiful Lego models and over 2000 Kapla for family fun. Register also for workshops, sports activities, walks ...
Entertainment, shows, workshops: € 6 per person, Easter weekend pass: € 10. Until May 11th.

Information on www.saint-jean-de-monts.com

One of the decisions parents have to make when deciding to have a child is what to name it. Some are clear about it because they have always had a preference in terms of names, other parents make favorites lists and they discard until they stay with the chosen one and a few wait to see the baby's face to make the last decision.

If you are in the dilemma of choosing a name for the baby that is on the way, we will tell you about the choices of the dads and moms who follow our site, this way you may find your inspiration.

On our site we post this question on Facebook: What did you inspire when naming your baby? The responses were of all kinds. Some parents decided to choose a name related to a well-known character: so Verónica López's son is called Juan Pablo by the Pope and Tamara Alicea's daughter, Abigail, because she was a follower of a television series that bore that name.

Many other people decide to choose the name of a relative who has been important in their life, be it that of a much loved grandmother, a favorite uncle or a brother who died. In this way, Verónica Villasanti chose the name Alejandra for her daughter in honor of her paternal grandmother and maternal great-grandmother. Dibelit Elena chose Victoria Isabel, not only because the arrival of her baby was a triumph since it took a lot for her to get pregnant, but because Isabel was called her maternal grandmother.

Some parents have told us that they decided to find the name for their baby in specialized books, or even by searching the Internet for the meaning of the names. Patty de Parada explains that her son is called Jessed because it means friendship with God, and her daughter Valentina because its meaning is a brave woman.

Even some moms and dads decide to base themselves on the saint of the day, so Katheryn's son is named Valentine. And how did you choose it? Tell us your story and share it with other parents.

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Differences between educational consequence and punishment. Evolution in education

The difference between consequence and punishment

Advantages and disadvantages of dressing the same as cufflinks

Dress equal to twin kids or better to differentiate them through clothing is a fashion debate for mothers who had a twin pregnancy. Refering to children's clothing, we need to think about the advantages and disadvantages of two twin brothers always dressing the same, taking into account that they are physically identical.

- Time saving: If the same clothes are chosen for the children, you will not spend too much time buying different clothes for each of them, but the process will be easier.

- Ease of choice: It is much easier to think of identical outfits when dressing two boys or two twin girls, and parents will not have to give too many laps about two different outfits, but it will be chosen only once.

- Fun: Clothes can be a game for children, and more for those who are physically equal. The fun of choosing the clothes that we put on them will make both feel part of a private game in which the two are the only protagonists.

- Union: That two twin brothers dress the same will make them feel more united and recognize the value of the bond between two people who are not only the same physically, but are also the most together emotionally and will also avoid fights regarding clothing and none will feel at a disadvantage.

- Higher economic spending: If we buy different clothes, they can be exchanged and we will not spend so much money on clothes, since each style would be duplicated and it would always end up being repeated in both at the same time.

- Stigmatization: For many twin children it is not pleasant to be exactly the same physical shape as their brother, so if we also distinguish them from other children because they wear the same clothes, this could make them feel obliged to always be together or stigmatized from others.

- Lack of personality: Each child is a world, regardless of whether the physical is very similar or even identical. If we do not distinguish each of them also by their appearance, we could also be giving them a negative example in that each one should be able to express their own style and personality independently of their brother.

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How To Dress Smart With Cufflinks

Second pregnancy. Have another baby

Thinking of having a second baby? You are no longer a new mother, you know the feeling of being pregnant, you have gone through the discomfort of a pregnancy, you know what the symptoms of childbirth are, you know what tests you will have to perform and what will happen at each stage of pregnancy.

However, doubts can assail you about when is the best time, if there are different physical changes this time or how to explain to your first child that he is going to have a brother.

On our site we tell you everything you need if you are thinking of getting pregnant for the second time.

When the second pregnancy approaches the first. Very frequent pregnancies. Knowing how long to wait to seek the second pregnancy is essential for the good health of the mother and for the development of her future baby. Specialists advise waiting at least two years between the first and second gestation.

How to explain your second pregnancy to your child. Helping your first child adjust to the arrival of a new baby brother is essential. All children do not react the same to the second pregnancy and it is recommended that you live with enthusiasm this new situation. Tips on how to talk to your child about the arrival of a new brother or sister.

More frequent changes in the second pregnancy. In the second pregnancy, the mother is better prepared physically and psychologically to face this new challenge. However, the development of pregnancy and childbirth are not the same, even if the same woman experiences them, and there are aspects that must be taken into account. Some are positive and others not so much.

When is the best time for the second pregnancy. The biological age of the woman usually sets the pattern for the second pregnancy in today's society. Due to the incorporation of women into the labor market, motherhood is delayed and it is common to have the first child after reaching the age of 30. In most cases, the second baby arrives around the age of 35.

The advantages of being a skilled mother. The second pregnancy is different from the first in many ways. The experience is an advantage and knowing what awaits you makes you live in a different way physically, emotionally and psychologically. Knowing the process and development of pregnancy allows you to plan it, experience it more calmly and enjoy it more.

Tips for receiving the second baby. Recommendations before and after the arrival of the second baby to prevent the older brother from feeling jealous or feeling displaced in the affection of the parents.

Differences between the first and second birth. A first birth is not the same as the second and subsequent births. There are some common characteristics, but there are also some differences. How are the first pregnancies different from the successive ones, and how they might influence labor.

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Halloween lantern ghost. Easy crafts

Halloween lantern ghost. Easy crafts

If you are looking for original crafts and, above all, easy to do to decorate a Halloween party, take a look at this proposal of Guiainfantil.com

This is to craft a ghost lantern using recycling materialssuch as a toilet paper roll or wet wipes. Do you dare to try it?

  • Glue gun
  • Liquid soap
  • Wet wipes
  • Roll of toilet paper
  • Balloon
  • White glue
  • Black eva rubber
  • Pair of scissors
  • Artificial candle

1. Spread a little liquid soap on a newspaper. On the other hand, blow up a balloon, but filling it very little with air.

2. Let one or two wipes dry, and when they no longer have moisture, soak them in liquid glue.

3. Place the toilet paper roll upright on the newspaper and place the balloon on it, applying a little soap first. Place one of the wipes on top and give it the shape of the ghost.

4. Let it dry for at least a day and then remove the paper roll and balloon. The wipes have been hard and now we are going to decorate with eyes and mouth cut out in black eva rubber.

The children's fashion festival, Kids Fashion Week 2017, will take place in June

The children's fashion festival, Kids Fashion Week 2017, will take place in June

Dominium Cultural Association in collaboration with Excelsior Theater Bucharest and Bucharest City Hall invites you to the second edition of the Kids Fashion Week, Kids Fashion Week, which will take place during the period June 10-11, starting at 19:00, in the Excelsior Theater Bucharest.

The event will bring Romanian designers and brands from the children's fashion industry to the podium, and will be presented by one of the children-loved characters - Spiridusul Piciulica, teamed by actress Stefania Dumitru, together with the students of the "Ion Lucian" School of acting.

Those present will follow the latest trends in children's fashion, imposed by designers and brands such as: Catalin Botezatu, Razvan Ciobanu, Clara Rotescu, Stephan Pelger, Maria Simion, Mirela Diaconu, Mineli Boutique, Aioffe Clothing, Ambra Design, Chicco, Nicoleta Negura, Adelita's Atelier. At this event hair styling will be provided by specialists of Milano Style.

The event will enjoy artistic moments offered by Tenor Bogdan Mihai, singer Emilia Musala and Cantus Mundi Children's Choir.

Kids Fashion Week is the only children's fashion festival in Romania, recognized by the Romanian Federation of Fashion Design and Accessories which for two days will make Bucharest, the capital of children's fashion.

In this edition, the organizers want to combine fashion with generosity, a tender will be organized at the end of the festival with the dresses donated by the designers and participating brands and the sum raised during the auction will be donated to the Metropolis Philanthropic Foundation and is meant to come in. welcoming underprivileged children, wanting to intensify the involvement of public persons, companies and event organizers in the lives of underprivileged children and philanthropic foundations

Arh Laurentiu Paicu and plastic artist Ioana Creanga were involved in organizing this festival, who designed the catwak Kids Fashion Week 2016.

Thus, all lovers of fashion and charity, are invited to participate in Kids Fashion Week 2017, on June 10-11, from 7:00 pm.

Access to the event will be based on the ticket purchased online from the website www.bilet.ro or from the cashier of the Excelsior Theater, the cost of a ticket is 35 lei.

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Tips to ensure breastfeeding success

The experience of the first child is unrepeatable. After a long pregnancy, you finally have your child in your arms. But nobody warned you of the complications that can occur during breastfeeding.

The matron Sara cañamero gives us some basic advice, aimed at new mothers, to make breastfeeding a pleasant experience.

1. Put the newborn to suckle as soon as possible. In many hospitals they are already betting on early breastfeeding. This consists of bringing the newborn closer to its mother's breast as soon as it is born so that breastfeeding begins as soon as possible. The baby's first instinct will be to search for food. The first skin-to-skin contact between the baby and the mother, favors the beginning and the success of breastfeeding.

2. After a cesarean section, you should also try to keep the baby close. The bond favors attachment, and many hospitals also try to avoid separation between mother and child after a C-section.

3. The first hours. The first two hours after delivery are key to guaranteeing the success of breastfeeding, because the baby is very awake and the mother is also very receptive. After those first hours, both the baby and the mother are tired. The baby will appear sleepy, and the mother will feel exhausted. Therefore, it is important to start breastfeeding before this happens.

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Breastfeeding Guidelines

The naughty accent. Short poem for children

The naughty accent. Short poem for children

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