What does bleeding mean in pregnancy?

What does bleeding mean in pregnancy?

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With the fables of La Fontaine you can find stories to educate children in values. In these popular short stories children will find valuable lessons about honesty or solidarity.

Children's stories help develop your children's imagination and creativity. With fables, children will discover morals, very interesting little lessons in the form of funny stories.

A hungry lion was walking up a mountain in search of some animal that could become prey, to calm his appetite. He said:

-If I found a goat or a sheep ...!

While his stomach did not stop crying out for food urgently. In that instant he saw that on the other side, on another mountain, a goat was grazing peacefully. At last what he was looking for, but his weakness was so great that he did not dare to jump. Then he came up with a trick and said:

-Do you want us to go down to the valley, so we can eat herbs that are fresher and richer than those that grow here?

But the goat was quick to see the lion's intentions, so he replied:

-Yes! I know that the herbs in the valley are fresher and richer than around here, but I'll go down when you are far away.

Moral: Sometimes a kind invitation conceals the intention from deception.

If you know any other fable for children and want to share it with us and the other parents, we will be delighted to receive it.

Here you have other children's fables.

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Hypothyroidism in a child - learn about the symptoms of this dangerous disease

Hypothyroidism in a child - learn about the symptoms of this dangerous disease The thyroid gland is a very important gland whose proper functioning has a huge impact on our health and psycho-physical development. Especially children whose thyroid functions improperly are exposed to a number of complications that are very dangerous to their lives and health. Hypothyroidism in a child causes, among others inhibition of its growth, delayed puberty, and in many cases also serious mental disorders.
Where does a child's hypothyroidism come from, what are its symptoms and can it be cured?

Thyroid and its role in the development of a child's body

The thyroid is a very important organ whose main role is producing hormones that regulate the work of our body. Hormones play a very important role in the proper development of the child from the very beginning of his life. All thyroid disorders are therefore directly reflected in its development.
Children with hypothyroidism because they grow much worse than their healthy peers, develop less well and reach puberty later. Hypothyroidism in a child can also be the cause of mental retardation, including that of a deep degree.

Hypothyroidism treatment

As you can see, hypothyroidism has very serious health consequences for the child. That is why it is so important how the earliest diagnosis and implementation of appropriate treatment. It is worth knowing that properly treated hypothyroidism helps protect a child against its negative effects.
The treatment itself is based on regularly giving the child medicine whose task is to supplement thyroid hormone deficiencies. Put simply, the treatment of a child's hypothyroidism involves pharmacological supplementation of hormone levels to an appropriate level.

Causes of hypothyroidism in children - congenital and acquired hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism in a child may be congenital or acquired. ABOUT congenital hypothyroidism we say when a child is born whose thyroid does not work properly at birth. The child may have an incorrectly developed thyroid gland or a properly built organ which, however, cannot produce the right amounts of hormones.

For the appearance of congenital hypothyroidism especially children of women who have taken thyroid medication during pregnancy are at risk. A side effect of their use may be damage to the thyroid of the fetus. Also women who diet is low in iodine are more likely to give birth to a child with hypothyroidism.
The second type of childhood hypothyroidism, called acquired however, most often it accompanies such diseases as Hashimoto and pituitary gland disease. Its appearance is also influenced by a diet low in iodine, this time of the child himself.

Congenital hypothyroidism in a child - symptoms that should not be underestimated

Diagnosing congenital hypothyroidism, without appropriate tests, is very difficult for newborns and young children. Seemingly their body is developing properly. Therefore, in every newborn baby, already in the first days after birth, blood screening tests are carried out to detect hypothyroidism.

Here are some symptoms that indicate that the newborn and the infant may have congenital hypothyroidism:

  • prolonged physiological jaundice;
  • breast sucking problems and poor weight gain;
  • motor development delay in relation to other children (the child later sits down, crawls, walks and speaks);
  • hoarse voice and dry, rough skin;
  • frequent recurrent constipation.

Too late diagnosis of congenital hypothyroidism in a child can unfortunately lead to mental impairment of the toddler. Therefore, if you suspect that your child may be sick, you should consult a pediatrician as soon as possible.

Symptoms of acquired hypothyroidism in a child

Acquired hypothyroidism is not associated with mental retardation, as it occurs most often when the child is older. Symptoms that indicate acquired hypothyroidism include:

  • incorrect body proportions (legs and arms too short, large head, long torso);
  • dry skin on the body (especially on the elbows and knees);
  • the child constantly complains of feeling cold;
  • slow heart rate of the child;
  • excessively falling out, dry hair;
  • poor appetite and recurrent constipation;
  • the child is sleepy and sluggish, has problems with concentration, memory and learning;
  • delayed puberty compared to peers.

These symptoms should not be underestimated either, because untreated acquired hypothyroidism can even lead to a child falling into a coma. To diagnose acquired hypothyroidism is performed thyroid hormone (TSH, ft4, ft3) and thyroid antibodies tests. It is also necessary to have an examination of the thyroid itself and its ultrasound.

Eight ways to find time to exercise as a new mom

For many new moms, exercise takes a back seat to more pressing concerns, like sleep and taking care of your growing family. But if you also make time for even short bursts of exercise, you'll find you have renewed energy for yourself and your baby. Even just 10 minutes is better than nothing, and it'll do you a world of good. (Make sure your doctor has cleared you to start exercising first.)

The key is finding an activity you enjoy that works with your schedule and lifestyle. If you're having fun during your workout, you'll look forward to it instead of dread it. For starters, try these suggestions:

  • Go for a walk with your baby in a front carrier or sling. If he can sit up already, you can take him for a hike in a backpack. Just make sure your baby is well supported – a sling is fine for a walk around the block but not for a more rigorous urban walk or a hike through the hills. Whatever carrier you choose, make sure it doesn't strain your shoulders, neck, or back.
  • Put your baby in the stroller and go for a walk. When your baby is at least 6 months old, you can put him in a jogging stroller and pick up the pace.
  • Have your partner or another caregiver watch the baby for 30 minutes so you can get out for a walk around the neighborhood and enjoy some time to yourself. If you're working outside the house, try getting up about an hour before you need to leave in the morning and head to the gym. If you're a stay-at-home mom, get up before your partner leaves to get in some exercise.
  • Bring your sneakers to work and go for a stroll during your lunch break. Ask a co-worker to join you – this will pass the time and make it more fun.
  • Check out local health clubs or yoga studios. Many offer postpartum exercise classes suitable for new moms as well as daycare or even classes you can take with your baby. If your gym doesn't offer postpartum classes, pick a low-impact class that has a decent warm-up period (at least 10 minutes) and includes stretching and toning.

Note: If you're thinking of joining a club that offers babysitting services, look for one that has a safe, secure area staffed by trained childcare providers and a clean, inviting playroom stocked with age-appropriate toys and books. Also look for one with a low child-to-staff ratio (about four children to every adult) and a policy of not accepting sick children.

  • Join a mom-and-baby stroller exercise program like Baby Boot Camp or Stroller Fit. It's a great way to get outside, exercise, meet other moms, and spend time with your baby.
  • Consider investing in some home exercise equipment that you can use while your baby is napping or otherwise occupied. Even something as small as a jump rope or some free weights will help you get into shape.
  • Work out at home. Whether you're looking to sweat it out with aerobics or kick some butt with kickboxing, there's an exercise DVD or online program out there to suit your needs. If you're on a budget, search online for free exercise videos, or download an exercise app to your smartphone.

How To Find Time To Exercise With A Busy Schedule. 4 Easy Ways!

Easter sweet pepper

Easter sweet pepper

It's crazy what can be done with peppers, is not a funny bird sir?


In our series, you will learn about how a child develops and becomes a child through the life of a real baby. From this month onwards, Zalzn can look at the world from a new perspective, as he stood up and alike with a lot of innovation.

indent after
Even though the two big sons had changed their nights in good shape when it came to their teeth, the process goes unnoticed in Zalan: there are so many teeth out there! Nights have become calmer after frequent wakes in the previous month, although they wake up a few times, but fall asleep after a minute or two. Another change is that she does not fall asleep during breastfeeding, but by herself when she is put to bed after the last breastfeed of the day. He is deliberately asking for the second if he considers the first to be finished.
And in the daytime, the little boy delivers a lot of fun to the family! What's most tricky is trying to emulate strange sounds. He clicks on his tongue, blurs his throat, gurgles jubilantly, and puts huge arrowheads on his head as he gazes with awe at his sight. If all of this wasn't enough, you could still dance to your music, clinging to your living room furniture and standing up, with generic pads, and clapping applauding, "tapsi-tapsi, Zaln!" Cautious looking still doesn't go, his eyes are always a little scared when pop pops up. However, you do not have to wear a foot stiffener, as you could only try to use the inward-turn foot pad before you put it on.
Attentive explorer
It was a great joy this month when Augustine brought Zalan a small yellow car from his own pocket money. Now you always hit first on this new toy when you spill the contents of your cart. The little boy's interest is drawn by the wheels, with his index finger extended, and he is carefully soiled and rotated. If you succeed in capturing it, you do not type it, but carefully scroll it as you saw it from the Apostle. Well, if they move out somewhere, they will love the new, more coveted places to visit, but they will be very happy when they get home, and all the familiar and cozy things that come around. It is also open to new tastes, current favorites: cauliflower, sweet potatoes, chicken, broccoli, and the top star in the cuisine!
Grandmother periods
Grandma is all excited when it comes to looking out for Zalan and Zanuc, as Zoli's mother calls her little cousin. Now it's just the turn, and as we can see, taking care of the obstacles, even though a tens of days of small space movement is no easy task, of course, loving relief is more. Zalan works as a feeder, shaking his head as if he doesn't ask for more, but he opens his mouth with a laugh. Of course, diapering is a great thing for the grandmother, too, because the wheelchair does not last a few minutes while the diaper changes.

Tricks and games to stimulate children's memory

Memory is the ability we have to remember things, with it we can travel to the past and plan the future. They are the experiences that constitute our life.

To stimulate the memory of children and facilitate their learning, we can use reading, songs, tongue twisters, rhymes and games, all fun, attractive and according to their ages. It is essential that children sleep well and are rested to get their attention.

1. To enhance children's memoryWe can start with simple games such as hiding several objects in front of them and then having to search one by one as we ask for them.

2. A trick to remember a series of words and the order in which they are presented, is to form a new word with the initial letters of the words they must remember, for example: Table, tree, nut, bear. If they join the initials of the four words, it will give a new one: HAND and, remembering this word will always make it easier to remember the four words given.

3. Create engaging stories with specific content It will be very effective in stimulating children's memory and learning.

4. Play cover and uncover cards to remember and forming pairs will also give them a good time while exercising their memory.

5. View the images It also gives excellent results for memorizing words and situations, the more exaggerated, colorful and strange we imagine them, we will tell you that the easier it will be to remember them. For example, we can ask the children to memorize the following data:

- The boy who wants to be a firefighter when he grows up is eight years old.

- Swimming and diving is the favorite sport of the child who wants to be a nurse.

- The trucker's favorite fruit is bananas.

- The child who dreams of being an astronaut plays the violin very well.

- The teacher has a black dog as a pet

- He who wants to be a racing driver has two twin brothers.

We will teach children that we can visualize, for example: the first child dressed as a firefighter extinguishing a giant candle with an '8', the nurse with large diving goggles, fins on his feet and a giant thermometer in his hands, the trucker driving a truck loaded with fruit and Huge bananas, the astronaut floating in the sky in his space suit playing the violin for the stars and the moon, the teacher teaching in the classroom, while a pretty black dog barks, wagging its tail happily between the children's desks. And finally, the driver in his race car carrying two big, plump babies with pacifiers in the back seats.

Viewing these images will surely make it much easier to remember the data that you have to memorize.

Isolina is a flea,

who lives where they leave her,

in the tail of a horse,

or in the ear of a sheep.

How it stings and is annoying,

all furious they walk away,

and never finds a home,

do not make a complaint.

Jump the flea Isolina

from tail to ear,

and finally find a home,

in the hair of an old woman.

Finally, I leave you a phrase from Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805): 'An exercised memory is a more valuable guide than genius and sensitivity'

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