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Baby safety: test your knowledge

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When to let the children choose

Each child is a different and unique little person since birth. In the development of their own personality, hereditary factors have a great weight and will define to a great extent the way of being of children, as well as their tastes, interests and preferences, although the environment that surrounds them and especially, educational actions that you receive will also be decisive during your development.

It is very important that we allow children from an early age some autonomy and freedom to express how they are and to make small decisions on a day-to-day basis, as this shows them that we take them into account and that we are sensitive to their needs and interests and that we are favoring at the same time your learning ability and decision making, as well as the development of your personal identity and self-esteem.

However, to help them develop fully and reach all the resources that facilitate their personal growth and learning, rules and limits will also be essential Since, children do not have sufficient cognitive development to decide what is most appropriate for them, and furthermore, learning to comply with the rules and adjust to them increases their capacity for self-control and to postpone the immediate satisfaction of their desires, improving their frustration tolerance.

Therefore, a formula to find a balance between both factors would be to always let them choose between several limited options that the parents have established. Another option that may turn out is to give them the freedom to choose on 'special occasions' by rewarding them for example, for having shown good behavior during the day or during the week.

1. With the clothes: We can give them a choice between two closed options, for example: do you prefer the denim overalls or the red dress? Or let them choose the Sunday wardrobe (within an order) if they have had a good behavior during the week.

2. With the food: parents are the ones who have to decide what foods to eat and when to serve them. However, it is not necessary to force the child to eat green beans if he prefers other similar vegetables that he does accept. At other specific moments, such as a friend's birthday, they can be given more room for decision, allowing them to choose between sandwiches, worms, sweets, cake ... although always within the limits set by the adult.

3. With routines: Within the daily routines, there may be some negotiation in those that are not transcendental. For example, we can let them decide between a shower (if they are older) or a bath. Nevertheless, there will be other aspects that are not negotiable, for example, not watching television while we eat so as not to be distracted.

4. With toys and leisure time: When we go to buy a toy for a child we can allow them to choose the one they like the most, but it will be important to limit the options to ensure that it is consistent and appropriate to the age and characteristics of the child. In leisure time, children can choose to play whatever they want, but they will not be able to choose the duration of the playing time nor the moment of play, being the ideal that leisure follows the fulfillment of the child's “obligations” (for example, playing after making the school cards) and not the other way around.

5. With the apprenticeships: children are continuously learning from birth with everyday stimulation, especially through play. However, there are certain types of learning, such as schoolchildren, whose explicit work is not acquired. For this reason, children can choose what to do in their free time (playing, painting, drawing, etc.) since this greatly favors their cognitive development, but the completion of the cards and school activities must be mandatory.

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What's the nipple for?

Choosing the right baby feed for your baby is key when it comes to feeding with bottles. What do we need to know about feeding gums and what to look for at the time of purchase?

Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for infants - up to a minimum of six months. This means that the baby will, as far as possible, feed both breastfeeding and breastfeeding needs to the breast according to his or her needs.What's the nipple for?
However, there are life situations and reasons when breastfeeding may require breastfeeding, and for this you need to become familiar with a few special needs: color products come to mind. However, pacifiers are actually a collector's term, which distinguishes basically two groups: playcumin and feeding cumin.
Nutrition cums are used to feed the baby and it is important to emphasize that they are used exclusively for this purpose and do not replace playcums! Now let's look at what we need to know about feeding cums!

What kind of feeding cumi should we choose?

Of course, the most important consideration when buying a baby feed is that it is completely safe for your baby: here too, make sure you choose a BPA (Bisphenol A) -free, controlled product. BPA is one of the most widely used ingredients in the plastics industry and can be found in utensils used for the storage of food and beverages, and when used continuously, the release of cumibulus can have a negative effect on your baby's body. yellow), but today they are mainly silicone based. The advantage of silicone rubber is that it provides a longer lasting, cleaner and hygienic effect, maintains its shape better, but can be harder than latex. However, there are also soft, even extra soft silicone packs that are ideal for younger babies. The soft, biting soother is the right choice for older babies. Ideal pacifiers do not stick together, causing unnecessary annoyance, and do not need to interrupt feeding. we can also buy from developed feeders.
If your baby does not approve of the type you choose, it is worth trying out and trying out other products.

Choose the right size!

As with baby bottles, we always use the right size when choosing a feeding teat. To do this, always read the product for the number of infants the product recommends. Feeding soup affects the rate of outflow and this rate increases with the child. In addition to newborn, slow, medium and fast-paced pacifiers, you can also buy variable pacifiers where you can set the desired flow rate. At the same time, keep in mind the special needs of your child's development. It is always good to choose the lowest flow rate that is appropriate for your child's age - suggests in The Bump Jocelyn Guggenheim gyermekgyуgyбsz. And during feeding, notice what the little one is doing with the feeding cumm. If your baby feels overwhelmed and milk drips minimally, the flow rate is probably right. However, if the baby is swallowing too much, or if it may be dazed, and milk flows out of the mouth, the flow rate is too fast for the baby. If the baby is frustrated with the diet, then the flow rate is probably too slow.

What to pay attention to when using a feeder?

Always buy more nutritious cums than baby bottles. All feeding utensils, as well as all feeding utensils and baby utensils, must be thoroughly rinsed and rinsed with warm, mild or mild water before each use. When cleaning the soother, avoid potent or antibacterial cleansers! Inspect the feeding tube before each use, replace it in case of cracking, bruising! Therefore, it is recommended that you change the feeding tubes every three months!

Breastfeeding and nourishment at the same time?

If you are looking for a solution that combines breastfeeding and breastfeeding at the same time, then you should definitely choose a nutritional supplement that is designed to give the baby anatomical appearance, . The so-called dummy head facilitates the natural posture that the baby takes when breastfeeding. In addition, it is important that the dummy head is both soft and supple.
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  • Pay attention, as the nutrition of baby bottles can lead to overeating!

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