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Half of the children are born to women

Worldwide, fertility rates have fallen drastically, and almost half of the countries in the world do not have enough children to maintain their size.

Half of the children are born to womenWorldwide drastically fertility rate decreased between 1950 and 2017 - according to a new study published in The Lancet medical journal that almost half of the countries in the world are no longer enough children to maintain the size of the population. By 2017, the fertility rate had almost halved to 2.4 children.

Foreign differences between countries

The differences between the individual countries are Iranian. An average of 7.1 in West African Niger and one in Cyprus in the eastern basin of the Mediterranean, women are born - reports the BBC. (In countries with a high childhood mortality rate, the minimum number of births required to maintain the population is much higher.) At the beginning of the study period, that is, in 1950, no country in the world belonged to this category. in half the countries of the world the fertility rate does not reach the level required for maintenancethat is, the rate of depletion in these countries, "he said Christopher MurrayProfessor at the University of Washington.In the more economically advanced countries, most European countries, North America, South Korea and Austria, the productive rates are lower. This does not mean that there is a decrease in the population in these countries, at least not yet, since the size of a population is determined by birth and mortality rates, as well as by migration. It can take up to a generation before changes in fertility rates begin to affect their effects. The termйkenysйgi rбta csцkkenйsйnek nothing kцze about the spermaszбmhoz or termйkenysйggel felmerьlх egyйb tйnyezхkhцz but hбrom fх pillйrhez kцthetх: szьlnek the nхk fewer children due to lower childhood halбlozбs, kцnnyebben hozzбfйrhetхek the fogamzбsgбtlу mуdszerek are tovбbbб growing arбnyban present oktatбsban the nхk йs in the labor market.George LeesonHowever, according to the director of the Oxford Institute of Population Aging, which deals with rapid aging, it does not have to be an absolute bad thing if society as a whole is capable of adapting to major demographic changes. Workers will need to introduce a number of changes and rethink the resting practice - currently maximized at the age of 68 in the UK - Researchers also point out that, while making the change can be a great can be a nature tested by humanity.
  • Fewer have more children
  • It turned out that they are not the ones the government hopes will be born
  • From now on, they can allow more children to be born

10 reasons to call the doctor in charge

The mission to lead a new life in the womb is an overwhelming mixture of joy and fear, especially when your body sends you an amalgam of signals that you don't know how to interpret. While some symptoms are natural and do not endanger your pregnancy, there are also a number of events that justify your phone call to the doctor even at midnight. Here are 10 reasons to call the doctor immediately during pregnancy.
A timely intervention can save you from serious repercussions, so don't hesitate to contact your gynecologist as soon as you experience the following dangerous disorders for you and your baby.

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Bleeding, fever, pains and chills

Although a sensitive cervix may cause mild secretions for many pregnant women, moderate and intense bleeding, accompanied by fever, pain and chills is a more than relevant argument for an emergency call to a gynecologist.
Measure your body temperature accurately and make sure you give the doctor all the details about the symptoms you are experiencing.

Migraines, fainting and dizziness

If you have persistent migraines, even accompanied by fainting, dizziness and vision disorders, call for medical help. In the meantime, sit comfortably on your back and call someone to sit with you if you feel very weak.
Water consumption helps in these situations, if it is about dehydration. It is also useful to lie on the left side to promote blood flow to the heart.

Frequent and painful urination

Even though frequent urination is a natural phenomenon during pregnancy, the burning sensation and pain that accompany the urination (emptying the bladder) is an alarm signal. Urinary infection during this very delicate period can cause premature birth and underdevelopment of the fetus, therefore the treatment of incipient symptoms should not be postponed.

Pelvic cramps

Many of the future mothers experience pressure sensations in the pelvis, of different intensities. If these discomforts turn into painful and persistent cramps, you need preventive medical control.

Vomiting accompanied by fever and pain

Vomiting exceeding one episode per day, accompanied by fever and pain, is an important alarm signal. Contact your doctor as soon as possible, as the symptoms indicate a risky pregnancy and you need a special treatment to retain food and water in the body.

Chills and fever above 38 degrees C

Fever during pregnancy affects the development of your baby in the womb, as it needs a constant and normal temperature of your body, especially in the first three months, when extreme temperature fluctuations can lead to pregnancy loss. At the same time, chills and fever can be signs of an infection.

Constant or abundant fluid leakage

If you have not yet reached the 37th week of pregnancy, amniotic fluid loss requires immediate medical intervention to prevent premature birth. If leaks are accompanied by cramps, it is best to request emergency transport to the hospital.

Sudden swelling of the face and limbs

Swelling of the face, hands and feet may be a sign of pre-eclampsia, a common complication that occurs during pregnancy, when blood pressure increases excessively and causes headaches, blurred vision, rapid weight gain and worse urination than would be normal.

Low activity of the fetus

If your baby does not seem to move at all in the tummy, it may be a sign that he is not able to extract enough oxygen and nutrients from the placenta. The normal activity of the fetus is about 10 movements in 10 minutes.
To stimulate their activity, try to drink a glass of juice (sugar is a good stimulant) and count the movements of your chicken. If the number of blows is less than 10 within two hours, call your doctor immediately.

Symptoms that can wait a day

There are of course symptoms that do not require an emergency intervention, but I can wait a day before considering them as a real threat.

  • mild, constant headaches that go away by themselves;
  • a discrete vaginal discharge;
  • drowsiness;
  • dizziness and vomiting that stop mid-day;

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Videos of crafts of Carnival masks and masks

Do you want to prepare a personalized Carnival or birthday party? How about you prepare some masks with your children for all the guests? You can make original masks very easily. You just have to follow the video tutorials that we propose.

From a lion mask from a plate to a beautiful tiger mask or mask. You choose. You have many animals and characters to choose from. A witch, a butterfly ... or Catwoman's mask. Find your favorite mask or let your imagination run wild. Since Guiainfantil.com we tell you how you can do them.

Masks with dishes. Video tutorials to make Carnival masks with plates. Very simple children's crafts to do, Accessories for Carnival and birthday parties.

Masks with eva rubber. We teach you to make animal masks with eva rubber for carnival. Simple video tutorials of namualidades to learn how to make masks for your children.

Draw and color your mask. Do you want to make a mask for Carnival? Here are some videos that teach you to make animal masks in a simple way. So much so that you can do them with your children.

Snouts of animals. We teach you a simple craft that you can do with your children. It is about making animal masks from cardboard egg cups. You can do whatever you can think of. From our site we propose you these kitten and piglet.

White Lace Masquerade Mask DIY part 1


Meaning of the name Urías. Name for boys

To write this article I was inspired by the commentary of one of our readers, Monika. Here he is: "There is a saying: the child sees - the child does. That's the truth. Very often, listening to the conversations of my children, I hear my own words, I see similar gestures, reactions. When they are good - I am very happy. When bad - this is a signal for me: improve, mother! To tell the truth, always when we notice with my husband that our child (or both) is starting to behave worse - we find that it is a problem with us. Either we are too busy or nervous or present only with the body. Always when we correct our behavior - the children's behavior improves automatically. The truth is uncomfortable and very helpful in everyday struggles. "Should the causes of most of a child's bad behavior really be sought in ourselves?

The child wants to be good

No one who has ever learned a bit of psychology will deny the obvious claim - the child wants to be good, wants to be loved and accepted.

When it is small, of course, there are no adequate mechanisms that will allow it to meet all the expectations of a parent. And that's fine! A child is a separate entity that has its own needs and opinions from the earliest moments of life. Therefore, the parent should accept this fact and verify their often excessive requirements. Which does not mean that he should leave the child alone, according to the principle, let the toddler decide for himself. The parent's role is to lead the child through good example and support.

In the process of growing up, the child naturally tests parental patience, and actually checks what is allowed and what should not be done. He often repeats the same actions with persistence of a maniac, bends reality to check whether parental rules are valid in every situation, or maybe when the conditions change, they cease to apply?

It is the parent's role to show the child what is good. It is the parent who, above all, a good example, but also in a word, should guide the child. This parental challenge is consistent behavior and showing that what is easy is not always good and what it means to behave properly.

At home, the child learns how to treat others. He learns the rules of behavior, learns kindness, is sensitized to the needs of others. It is at home that cultural norms are instilled in him and empathy is educated.

Learning all this is not a straight path. A child often has to fall over to get up. Mistakes and errors are natural, which allow certain rules to be learned immediately. The parent should not blame himself for these painful experiences. And let alone hurt the child, earnestly removing all obstacles from under his feet. Doing so paradoxically, it sends a signal to a child - you are weak, you can't do it, that's why I will protect you with all my strength.

Science must be painful sometimes. You can't escape it.

Work on yourself

On the other hand, it's easy to draw absurd conclusions after reading this article. Therefore, it is worth emphasizing that pthe above words should not be misunderstood. Namely, in this way that every child's mistake is the result of a parent's incompetence. Because, as it was written above, mistakes are a valuable lesson for a child, which a daughter or son cannot be deprived of.

Undoubtedly, however, how long and persistently the child wanders greatly depends on the parent.

A good psychologist working on the child's disturbing behaviors also invites parents to talk. I propose family therapy. For a simple reason - parents are inseparable from their children. Their anxieties, stress, problems, even those strongly hidden, penetrate the children. In the same way we pass on to the next generation fears, limitations, certain mental shortcuts and ways of perceiving the world.

It's quite frightening and uncomfortable consciousness. However, you need to have knowledge about it. Not to indulge in guilt, but to treat a child's upbringing as a journey during which not only our little daughter or little son changes, but above all ourselves.

Top of the strangest baby names in Romania

Types Of Breastfeeding Babies: From Barracuda To Suckling

Types Of Breastfeeding Babies: From Barracuda To Suckling

Breast-feeding babies can also be observed to differ in their way of eating, ie they are characterized by a different pattern. To what group does your baby belong?

THE barrakuda tнpusъ baba it instantly "connects" to the breast and gives it a strong, energetic heartbeat for 10 to 20 minutes, which can even be painful.A barracuda baby can also cause pain for the mother. An excited baby responds to the maternal breast condition with almost exasperated excitement, but this can result in not being able to get the nipple properly, losing his or her mouth easily, making it even thicker. You may need to be reassured several times during breastfeeding. This pattern may be characteristic of babies who have not yet "learned" proper breastfeeding techniques. It is important that you start feeding your baby just before you are hungry because it makes it harder for you to "watch".An excited baby is often not very effective THE baby of delayed type does not always indicate that she is hungry and does not show much interest in breastfeeding. You may already be "bored" by the day before. Let's be very patient with him and put as much breast on him as we can. We can also try different breastfeeding positions!The delayed baby should not be pushed Gentle babies love to cuddle or play with their nipples before they can really breastfeed. You may need for a longer period of breastfeeding, the urgency of nausea and nausea will only make you frustrated!The ginny baby loves to cook The бlomszuszйkIt is easy to fall asleep during breastfeeding: you can sleep for a few minutes after breastfeeding and then continue to eat when you are up again. This can lead to marathon breastfeeding! Be extra patient and flexible, try to plan today so that you can have enough time for breastfeeding!Freemasonry often gets sucked into breastfeeding Illustrations: Pau Padre(Via)
Sibling bullying can lead to depression in adults

Specialists advise parents to control and treat the fights, fights and rivalries that may exist between their children, from the earliest age, to avoid going to extremes when they are older. Being bullied by siblings repeatedly can lead to depression in adulthood.

Sibling bullying can lead to depression in adult life. This has been the result of a new study, prepared by researchers from the Universities of Oxford, Warwick, Bristol and College London. According to the study, girls are the most prone to being bullied by siblings.

The older brother or the firstborn is usually the most guilty or the stalker. The researchers interviewed approximately 7,000 12-year-old children about whether they had been victims of aggression, slander, insults or humiliation by their siblings. The group was accompanied for the next 6 years to have their mental state evaluated.

Of the 7,000 children interviewed, most of the children claimed not to have been a victim of bullying. 6.4 percent had some type of depression, 9.3 percent suffered from anxiety, and 7.6 percent had already self-mutilated in the previous year of the investigation.

It is normal that due to jealousy, disputes or disagreements, the siblings clash during their coexistence. That happened at my house. We are three brothers, I am the oldest, and fights were inevitable. We fought over everything. But my mother had a 'magic wand' with which she managed us and that did not allow our arguments to go further. Every day, before going to bed, if we were angry with each other, she would force us to make up, a habit that we have always considered in our lives, with each other, with friends, partners, etc.

Parents, as well as teachers at school, are the only ones who can mediate bullying in a home. The study reveals that bullying between siblings usually starts at 8 years of age, and specialists recommend that parents change their position regarding repetitive fights between siblings. Parents can avoid bullying between siblings:

1. Listening more to the children;

2. By putting children aside when they fight, and without taking sides;

3. Maintaining a firm stance not to allow violence, threats or insults between siblings;

4. Encouraging and stimulating the good relationship between the brothers, with activities that bring them closer such as board games, etc.

5. Spending more quality time with the children. Play and chat with them.

6. Stimulating healthy communication. Teaching them that it is not necessary to yell, insult, attack or blame the other, to get what you want.

7. Being an example for the children.

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