Meaning of the name Velasco. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Velasco. Name for boys

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Why are there children who have to repeat things many times?

For most children when they are at an early age you have to repeat things several times a day. From 'get dressed we're late for school' to 'don't get on that table, it's very tall.' This can make us adults get tired and lose our temper.

But why does this happen? Why can children become so disobedient?

1. When the problem is communication. There are times when adults do not know how to communicate effectively with children. There are times when parents scold for anything, yell at it, or demand things from their children that not even they would do. When information reaches them in this way, it is much more difficult for children to see the immediate effects of their actions.

What can we do? Above all, be patient and stay on your nerves so as not to scream. We must observe them and discover the reason for their behavior. Once we know it is when we can start a dialogue with them, such as: 'I know you do this for this reason, but if you do it again like that, something bad may happen'. Once the dialogue has begun, it would be convenient to ask their opinion on the matter and thus we will work on empathy and emotional states.

2. When bad habits are the problem. One of the most common mistakes is that parents always correct the mistakes that the child makes instead of letting him realize them and be the one to remedy them. The key is that we let him see the consequences of his actions instead of repeating things 100 times. Let him act and not be the ones to do his homework or punish him. Will be an error. In conclusion, it is not so much about repeating but about acting and thus preventing the adult's voice from becoming that background noise that in the end is not heard.

What can we do? Adults must be constant and be patient with the child. For this, parents must understand that their task will be to accompany the child, losing the 'comfort' they had when they were not.

We have to act from the time they are small, avoiding giving the feeling that anything goes. We must set rules from the beginning, one of them being to obey. Some advices:

1. Be an example, a model when it comes to doing homework. For example: putting toys together until he can do it alone.

2. Congratulate, hug, kiss, recognize him when he does things well.

3. Things have to be told with contact, that is, looking into his eyes. If it is done from a distance it does not work.

4. Neither scream nor threaten since we can achieve the opposite effect.

5. Patience is important. We must know that he will not obey the first time.

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If there are pets in the family when the newborn arrives, the little one must live with them. The most common pet is a dog, cat, but often other pets can be found in the immediate environment.

The vertebrate animals include the dog the most common household in the family. In recent times, dog accidents have become very frequent, often caused by the family's own dog. More rarely, infants are affected, more often 2-3 years old. Some dogs (especially those who are bitter about the house) are very anxious about the baby. Occasionally, this can happen to attack the child. Keep an eye out for signs of this happening: for example, the dog always jumps up and demands attention when we are engaged with the baby. One dog is better off, the other is worse off if the baby is dirty. One can do anything the child can do, the other handles the baby when it is a puppy. There are unpredictable dogs that attack you for no reason.

Dog and baby in the family - possible with smart organization

When a baby starts toddling and exploring, he often likes the puppy's bed and wants to own it. Of course, this dog is not worried. A lighter puppy responds only with a slight nose rash, but it is not uncommon for a bite to occur. If you own a dog and know that your vaccinations are OK, the dog is healthy, in which case you only have to bite as a bite. Extremely low weight should be treated immediately if you have a home remedy with higher weight. In such cases, tetanus vaccination may also come to a halt.If we believe that our dog is absolutely trustworthy, we should pay close attention to the relationship between the child and the animal. Never leave a child alone with your dog for the sake of safety. The second most common household cat. Cats are generally not very influenced by the baby. Let's put a damper on your car, just to keep the cat from snapping on the baby. If the child is already a toddler and sometimes succeeds in catching and annoying the cat, be careful not to scratch the doll. Immediately consult a physician and alert the physician to the potential for cat scratching with lymph node enlargement. Because the disease is similar to many other lymph node diseases, we can expedite the examination.You can get skin and fur infections from dogs and cats. Therefore, your dog and cat should be perfectly healthy and clean. Disinfect and fluff it regularly! If your child has any illness of unclear origin, tell your doctor what kind of household we have. kisemlхsцket (hamster, guinea pig) should never be handed over to a child. Usually, small bite bites are not usually dangerous, but rather cause superfluous killing. aquarium fish they are very toothy for different infections. Do not allow children to paddle in fish water.It should be mentioned that it is very common papagбjokat. Parrots like yours are home birds. parrot (ornithosis). This viral disease most often causes pneumonia and pleurisy, but it can also be the cause of many other diseases. In case of illness, it is imperative to tell the doctor that the parrot is in the family!
- All right, if you have a house next to your baby
- Is the dog the best friend of the kid?
Healthy fed mothers are essential for healthy babies!

Antibiotics in pregnancy? Higher risk of asthma in a child

According to Danish researchers, mothers who have taken antibiotics during pregnancy are more likely to develop asthma. They are supposed to affect the growth of bacteria responsible for immunity or the development of asthma itself. The study was conducted on 30,000 children born between 1993 and 2007. Scientists watched the little ones for five years. 1/4 of the children were under the influence of antibiotics during pregnancy. 3% of them went to the hospital because of breathing problems and were diagnosed with asthma.

Considering other factors, the researchers noted that children exposed to antibiotics during pregnancy were 17% more likely to develop asthma than children of mothers who did not take antibiotics during pregnancy.

Scientists, however, do not rule out that the development of asthma may have been affected by a disease that was supposed to be fought by the mother's antibiotics.

Stress in pregnancy

Midwife Asude Oflaz, the founder of the Pregnant School, who gave trainings to parents who want to live the birth process healthy before and after pregnancy, explained the issues why women should receive education during pregnancy. Asude Oflaz, the information in the ear is stressing pregnant women, said that the right place to receive the right information, especially in the process of pregnancy is very important stressed. According to Oflaz, women should definitely receive education from competent institutions during pregnancy because: 1. Ear-filled information, which consists of birth stories and thoughts of birth of others, causes stress in women by causing information pollution. Candidates who receive the right information from the right place can think correctly and healthily during pregnancy and during delivery. The more mothers know about the process, the less stress they have.
2. If mothers know how pregnancy and birth occur physiologically in the body, they can be in harmony with their bodies in line with their expectations about birth.
3. Pregnant women can learn correct nutrition, which is one of the most important reasons that prevent problems in pregnancy and childbirth. During education, women can learn to be healthy about weight gain during pregnancy.
4. “Movement” is very important in pregnancy and childbirth… Knowledge of pelvic knowledge and learning to make the right movements make birth extremely easy.
5. Techniques that are learned before birth and relieving birth contractions (massage, aromatherapy, thermal treatments, etc.) positively affect the prospective mother's view of birth.
6. Breathing exercises in the trainings increase body awareness because correct breathing is an indispensable part of mother-baby health…
7. The education of the father and mother together will allow the father to participate in pregnancy and birth. Father, not being excluded from birth; can share family unity, responsibility and joy.
8. Studies such as breastfeeding and baby care in the trainings answer the mother's questions nasıl how will I take care of my baby? Ve and reduce the fear of the mother.
9. The father's education in babysitting makes it easier for him to help the mother after birth.
10. And more importantly, conscious parents, equipped with the right information, can convey this knowledge and sensitivity to educate future generations.

Name Eduardo - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Eduardo is a masculine given name of Germanic origin. It comes from the terms "ed" and "ward" which mean "goods", "riches" and "guardian".


In the political sphere, Eduardo Alberto Duhalde (who served as Acting President and Vice President of Argentina), Eduardo Frei Montalva and his son Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle (President of the Republic of 1964 to 1970 for the father and from 1994 to 2000 for the son), Eduardo Rodríguez Veltzé (former president of Bolivia) and Luis Eduardo Pérez Pagola (former acting president of Uruguay).
In the world of football, we find Brazilians Eduardo Adelino da Silva (striker at the Earthquakes club in San José), Eduardo Alves da Silva (striker at Flamengo) and Eduardo Oliveira dos Santos (defender who played in several French clubs including AS Saint-Etienne). Argentinian Eduardo Raúl Flores (midfielder of AS Nancy-Lorraine and US Toulouse in the 1970s) is also present.

His character :

Eduardo is a tender, friendly person, enjoying company, emotional and sensitive. He likes to escape and travel. Possessing a small bohemian side, he appreciates the easy life and pleasures of this world. Courageous and displaying an unshakable motivation, he is not afraid of challenges. He even tends to always set the bar very high to prove to himself and to others that one can be successful in everything one undertakes. Intelligent and with an excellent sense of analysis, Eduardo will be a good leader.


Eduard, Edward and Edward.

His party :

Eduardo is celebrated on January 5th.

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