Nutritional deficiencies in pregnancy

Nutritional deficiencies in pregnancy

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My son is not afraid of anything!

When the characters are too THICC

Shoulder dystocia is a birth complication that occurs when the baby's shoulders get stuck behind the mother's pubic bone during delivery. To put it in simple terms, the baby's head is delivered and the rest of the body is stuck, requiring expert intervention in order to safely deliver the rest of the body.

There is no known way to predict shoulder dystocia, although there are a few situations that slightly increase the risk that one could occur. Macrosomia babies, babies born at more than 8 pounds, 13 ounces, are at a slightly higher risk. Having gestational diabetes also puts you at a slightly higher risk.

In my case, I had no known risk factors and certainly did not expect any type of birth complication. It was scary!

Even though I was scared, in the end, labor and delivery with my daughter went so smoothly, I actually joke that I had a pain-free birth. Thankfully, the doctors at the teaching hospital where I gave birth were well trained in the McRoberts maneuver to relieve shoulder dystocia, and I am so grateful to them for knowing exactly what to do and when to do it.

After I pushed my daughter's head out, the resident delivering her paused, and then said, "I think it's a ... "

She trailed off.

Even in my drug-induced haze, I knew something was wrong. The lead doctor firmly encouraged the resident to call it, and with the words "it's a shoulder dystocia," the small space around my delivery bed seemed to instantly fill with people.

Like a well-rehearsed play, the resident counted "1, 2, 3!" and about seven different people did different things to my body at the same time to help release the baby's shoulders. Two people pushed my legs up to my chest, one used suprapubic pressure to try to release the baby's shoulder by external manipulation, and the resident reached in and physically tried to turn our daughter's body like a corkscrew.

While all this was happening, a nurse stood alongside with a timer, counting slowly, methodically, so everyone in the room knew exactly how many seconds had passed since "the shoulder" was called. I was told to push steadily and firmly, and within about 20 seconds, our daughter was born.

For days after her birth, every resident and doctor who entered our room discussed the possible problems our daughter could have as a result of the shoulder dystocia, the most common being a dislocated shoulder or broken clavicle. We were told to watch the movement of her left arm for a long time to be sure she was using it properly. Thankfully, she never had any issues and is perfectly healthy.

Oh, and she wasn't even a giant baby! That part surprised me, that she could still get stuck even though she wasn't too big. She was just exiting the wrong way, I guess.

In the end, I learned shoulder dystocia is a rare but real birth complication. Had our daughter been stuck in the birth canal for longer, she could have suffered irreparable injury, including brain damage.

Because that resident was well trained and the lead doctor was right next to her, they called it early. Because the hospital was well trained in the McRoberts maneuver, having practiced it hundreds if not thousands of times, everyone immediately knew where to go and what to do. We were able to safely deliver our daughter without issue, and I am so thankful for their expertise in that moment.

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

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Derived from Vanina, from Hebrew Yohanan, God (Yahweh) forgives, has given grace. Especially used in Russia and Sweden, Vanina was originally a mere diminutive of Jeanne. His birthday: June 24th.

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Pregnancy stopped evolving. follow Question:

- I had a pregnancy interrupted by evolution at 8 weeks and I had a curettage. I am 30 years old and it was the first pregnancy obtained after an ovulation stimulation treatment with clostybegit. In the first days after the curtain I bled normally and after 12 days I went on vacation to the sea, where after the first day of bathing in the sea and the beach I had a strong bleeding that stopped the next day. I went to a doctor from constant and I was told that the uterus is normal and that I should not take a bath and to stay in the sun. When I went to sea I had the consent of the doctor who followed my pregnancy and cried to me. At 3 weeks after the curettage I had great pain like menstruation and bleeding with clots one day. Could this be the first cycle after abortion? In all these 3 weeks I had large abdominal cramps and slight blood leakage. Is this all normal?


Normally, after a curettage it is recommended physical and sexual rest, the return to a control every three weeks and possibly drug treatment, prophylactic, with a broad-spectrum antibiotic.

Normally, after a curettage it is recommended physical and sexual rest, the return to a control every three weeks and possibly drug treatment, prophylactic, with a broad-spectrum antibiotic.
Due to the fact that at the time of curettage there was also dilatation of the cervix (entrance door into the uterine cavity) dilatation that in some cases may persist for a few days, I would not have given you the agreement to warm up in the sea, at least a week ( but this is a personal opinion, the therapeutic behavior differs from doctor to doctor, depending on the observations of each and the experience of each one, depending on the cases they face).
The bleeding that appeared three weeks after the bleeding may be a new menstruation, but without a clinical consultation, this cannot be certified.

What I recommend is to introduce yourself again to the doctor who performed the curettage (this, following your situation in dynamics, is most able to decide on this).
Good health!

The Open Heart Association and the Bastille Library encourage reading and support education
The books ... you love them, you protect them, and you get to consider them your treasure. Thus, you identify with each of them, and along the way, the book becomes ... you!

According to Eurostat, it is estimated that by 2020, at EU27, the number of students in upper secondary education will be slightly lower than in 2000 (-3%). The most accentuated trend will be registered in Germany, Latvia and Lithuania where a decline of 20% is estimated in 2000-2020, and in Romania, Hungary, Austria, Poland and Slovakia, of 15%.

In Romania the education of children from disadvantaged backgrounds depends on us. At present, there are several thousand children of school age who do not have access to education or who, because of poverty, drop out of school. According to official statistics, in our country, the rate of school dropout has doubled, since 2011, thus, more than 40,000 children, most of them from rural areas, have given up going to school. Under these conditions, the imagination of children dies, and education ceases to persist in their life, because, when you stop reading, the imagination disappears!

The Open Heart Association and the Bastille Library have launched a project aimed at the activity of educating children, supporting and developing their creativity. The program aims to draw attention to the importance of childhood and adolescence, the period when the child has the fundamental right to care and education. Without access to education and lack of adequate nutrition, many children in Romania are sentenced to an unsatisfactory and less good start in life.

Thus, every visitor of the Bastilia Library will find a collection box in which he can donate a cultural accessory: a book, a notebook or even a pen, these being an incentive for the creativity of children without access to education.

Another purpose of the project is to empower children who can afford to buy books and then donate them to those who have no material possibilities. The products collected after the campaign will be donated to children without access to education or who are experiencing material difficulties.
Also, the action of collecting donations and empowering young people will take place in several schools in Bucharest and Suceava county between December 6 and 31, 2012.

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Ayres Therapy: Who Do You Recommend and How It Works?

The essence of Ayres therapy is that it helps the nervous system to move with movement and develops with movement. It requires a special set of tools, the movement player and indirect. Therapy can begin at a very young age.

Ayres-terбpiaSensory integration therapy was developed by Anna Jean Ayres. Ayres Therapy is designed to help you improve your movement, rhythm, and control. In addition to large movements, it also improves fine motor, eye-to-hand coordination, volume and direction perception, and body movement. It teaches attention, self-confidence, social behavior.

Who Is Ayres Therapy Helping?

Ayres Therapy helps with a variety of problems:
  • in an overactive or overly passive child
  • with speech problems
  • koraszьlцtteknek
  • attention and learning in children with difficulties
  • for people who need to develop fine motor skills
  • unsuccessful children in their social relationships.
In addition, we also recommend babies who are having trouble sleeping, restless, or have difficulty moving. they are moved, they are immaculate, they are disordered. Ayres therapy it also improves coordination, balance, attention and concentration.
It uses a wide variety of tools such as swings, slides, rings, ropes, dumbbells. Improves the connection between the minds can be applied from one year of age.The essence of Ayres therapy is that our body is exposed to constant stimuli, which are given a motoric, agile response. Multiple stimuli affect the body at once, and rearranging them is often a difficult task. Difficulties may arise in the organization and function of these sensors. The Sensors are rearranged, that is, sensory integration the disorder is caused by the irritability of the nervous system. THE sensory integration therapy it develops primarily through tactile and balance stimulation. The room is arranged by the therapist so that the child can choose which device to use, each developer is in control. The therapist is a partner, helping the child, and their relationship is based on trust. The therapy uses the child's intrinsic motivation. It is a movement that requires the whole body.Related articles in Ayres Therapy:
  • Sensory Integration Disorder: Symptoms and Treatment
  • What is a TSMT Tournament?
  • Developing with help

What to eat before a pregnancy ultrasound

One of the most exciting moments in pregnancy, apart from that moment when the second line appears on the home pregnancy test is the day of the first ultrasound.

One of the most desired ultrasounds is the one in which the baby's sex is known. Is it possible that the diet we follow allows the baby to look better? What should we eat before an ultrasound?

Ultrasound scans are imaging techniques that use high-frequency sound waves to look at organs and structures inside the body, such as the mother's uterus and the growing baby inside it, generating images on a monitor created from behavior of these waves. Depending on where the woman is in the pregnancy, ultrasounds can be:

  • Transvaginal, for the first weeks of pregnancy
  • ABS, the most common.

Although it is not necessary to eat or avoid any food when planning an ultrasound, transvaginal ultrasound usually requires a full bladder, so it is advisable to lthe woman drink enough liquids before the same and that the bladder is not emptied until the procedure is complete.

Abdominal ultrasounds during pregnancy do not usually require a full bladder, because the woman's uterus is already full of fluid, facilitating the propagation of the waves.

One of the most desired ultrasounds for the couple of new parents is the one that, towards the middle of the pregnancy, allows to determine the sex of the baby that is on the way. However, the importance of this ultrasound performed at week 20 is not the sex of the baby, but rather that the baby is at the optimal moment to observe and confirm the viability and correct development and functioning of all its organs.

The baby must be kept in the most suitable position so that the specialist can make all the pertinent measurements and observations. The visualization of its internal organs does not usually present great complications, however, to determine the sex of the baby, it must be placed in a position that allows it to be easily visualized, a task that is sometimes impossible: babies who move too much, others who stand turned back, some who refuse to move ...

As a rule, sugar is usually the ally of mothers when it comes to getting the baby to move, be it a chocolate bar or a candy and even a piece of very sweet fruit. If you want an even faster effect, and something that is easy to carry in your bag in case the need arises, it is better to resort to a drink, something that, although it is not highly recommended, perhaps this is the time to give the whim: a good drink from a brick of commercial juice or a can of a sugary drink.

You can read more articles similar to What to eat before a pregnancy ultrasound, in the Diet category - menus on site.

Early pregnancy ultrasound explained: GS, YS and FP

Difficult word lists to make short dictations to children

How to organize your child's birthday party

How to organize your child's birthday party

Organizing a children's day party should not be a burden on your shoulders and should not take up too much of your free time and so rather limited. To avoid getting tangled up in unnecessary details and wasting time where you shouldn't, remember the following tips and you will easily and quickly organize the most beautiful event of the year for your child: the anniversary!

The right space for organizing the party

Choosing the space for the children's day party should take into account, first of all, the number of guests at the event. If the party is tight, then your house can be large enough to hold a successful party. But if the number of children is large, it is advisable to find a space where the little ones can unwind.

If it is summer, you can opt for a garden, in the house of a neighbor who sits in the yard. Remember that there are spaces specially designed for children's parties. Take the pulse of the market and analyze the offers. It is possible to find an advantageous option, which will offer you, besides renting the space, and other services included in the price - DJs, decorations, etc., which save you time and, why not, other money.

Party decorations

The decorations - balloons, garlands, confetti, hats - should not be missing from any children's party. These should be chosen according to the theme you set for the event, so you can opt for its assorted models.

Recommended time to start the party

When making party invitations, besides the space where the date and place takes place, the start time of the party is very important. You may be tempted to set the start of the event quite late in the evening. But you have to keep in mind that this is a children's party and that the event should start at a reasonable time.

In addition, when choosing the time to start the party, it is advisable to avoid the time of day when the child is eating or sleeping. Opt for the afternoon hours, after the child eats and takes a nap. In the afternoon, most children have a play or play program, which can be successfully integrated with your child's party.

The right menu for the party - food and drinks

Although creating the party menu can give you big headaches, with a few aces up your sleeve you'll be able to get all the tastes and preferences of the little guests ready. Here's why you should consider creating a menu for your child's birthday party:

  • find out if there are children with intolerances or food allergies (talk to their parents);
  • opts for a Swedish buffet consisting of simple and healthy snacks (rely on vegetables, fruits and cheeses, but also on sweets or homemade cakes, which are healthier);
  • make sure you serve snacks as creatively and in accordance with the theme of the party;
  • the cake must respect the theme of the party.

Do you have any other tips, from your experience, for organizing the most successful children's day party? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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