Is equality between girls and boys beginning at an early age?

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7 ways to save money on maternity clothes

7 ways to save money on maternity clothes

Focus on the name Sébastien

Mircea Geoana is intended for readers

P. Mircea Geoana, the candidate with the highest chances of being the future president of Romania, reveals the secret of his success.
Childhood at Mehedinti
The most beautiful memory of my childhood is the summer vacation spent with my uncle Joseph's parents in Mehedinti county. I was about ten years old and I still remember today the road made with a cart drawn by oxen, from the train station to that mountain village, with large wooden gates carved with the motifs that inspired Brancusi.
The wheat I was harvesting was loaded with the fork in which, then pulling it with the horses that swirled around a hair, crushing the ears under the hooves. I rode on the saddles and ate milk with strong mamaliga, cut with hemp hemp.
How he met his wife
We met during our student skiing at Predeal. I was the beginner with painted, loanable equipment. Mihaela skier from 5 years, was assorted from the top of the head to the flaps, very flirty. We were found to be at the tail end of the cable car. I knew she was chosen from that moment.
What Mircea Geoana appreciates to a woman
There would be a lot to say, all the more because each woman has something special. I think sincerity, intelligence, femininity, to mention only a few qualities. Also, women have a sixth sense, an intuition that does not fool almost at all and that men do not possess.
As for the women I appreciate, Mihaela is by no means alone and maybe at the top of the ranking. She is an extraordinary woman, a very devoted mother. He manages to successfully juggle a very busy agenda, he has been very active in dealing with our two children. I could talk about it endlessly, with the most sincere admiration.
The attitude of the Romanian society towards women
It is very important to take into account the enormous progress we have made in this regard, even if it is very fashionable to criticize our country and say that nothing good happens to us. I think Romania still lives under the worst spectrum of the gray period. For this reason, we cannot deny the presence of a pronounced misogynism and an optics that says that the woman's place is rather at home or that it is not in public life. And the multiple examples prove the exact opposite.
Policies for women
I think the current context is not one of men or women. It is a difficult time for all Romanians, which requires solutions for all Romanians.
On the other hand, I think we owe the public policy romances much better developed on some problems they face. I think we need to support the reintegration into the labor market of women after pregnancy and maternity leave. I think we need a supportive infrastructure for the care of preschool children. We need more kindergartens, for example, and they do not have to be state-owned - we can encourage employers to provide such facilities.
Last but not least, and here I have to thank Mihaela for opening my eyes to this issue, we have to deal more closely with women's specific health issues. Breast cancer, or cervical cancer, are diseases that can be successfully treated if detected early. And our health system is still deficient in this area of ​​preventive medicine. I want to mention here also the activity of the Renaissance Foundation, led by Mihaela, in this regard. They purchased a mobile diagnostic center, set up a TIR chassis and toured the country, in rural areas. In this way, tens of thousands of women were given access to healthcare that they would not normally have had. This initiative should be replicated on a large scale, through ambulatory medical offices, ambulance pharmacies etc.
I invite you to discover more in the volume I launched in Brasov with my wife, Mihaela, entitled "Trust". This is what I want to convey to all Romanians. Finding confidence in one's own values ​​and strengths, in a joint effort to build a new project for Romania.
Would you like to receive a copy of the book "Confidence" with Mircea Geoana's autograph? Fill in your contact details here and in the shortest time you will be in possession of the requested volume.

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Autumn offers at Baby Spa

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Milk and dairy products for your family's health

Milk and dairy products for your family's health

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