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Name Iria - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:

Short, Greeks, Originals, Rare

Meaning of the name:

Iria comes from Greek Eirene which means "peace".


No Iria celebrates to this day, perhaps your little wonder will be?

Iria has for patron saint Irene. It was on April 1, 304 that Irene and her two sisters were persecuted and burned alive in Thessalonica, Greece. They were incriminated for hiding Holy books, then banned by the Edict of Diocletian. Their fault was also for refusing to eat meat sacrificed as an offering to the gods.

His character :

Iria seems to be born under the sign of passion. Wherever she goes, Iria goes with her heart. Sincere and whole, this strong personality hates pretense and half-measures. These character traits will remain his life. Highly sensitive, Iria is also intuitive. This quality will allow him to sharpen his already remarkable emotional intelligence. Determined, even stubborn, Iria rarely changes her mind. Persevering and curious, she conceives of life as a logical succession of challenges, learning and piquant adventures. Positive and enthusiastic, Iria loves life. Thanks to her positive attitude, she attracts happiness like a magnet.


Iriah, Yria, Yriah, Iriana, Irianah, Yriana and Yrianah are all variants of Iria.

His party :

April 1st is dedicated to the women named Iria in memory of Saint Irene.

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People who are taller than average have a higher risk of certain cancers because their height increases the risk of developing more dangerous mutations in their higher cell numbers.

Height influences the development of certain malignanciesHe is a member of the Department of Evolutionary, Ecological, and Organic Biology at the University of California, who published this parent paper in the Proceedings of the Royal Society Company.Leonard Nunney and colleagues have studied Norwegian, South Korean, Austrian and Swedish studies on known risk factors for cancer. The researchers created models in which known risk factors were added to the number of cells in the body. height (175 centimeters) increases the risk of cancer by 11 percent. 23 types of cancer have been studied And among these, 18 were found to have risk factors higher than average height.
According to Nunney, in small cancers they could not be found to be correlated with height because its risk-increasing effect could be suppressed by other risk factors, such as HPV infection in cervical cancer.The greatest increase in risk for the skin observed. The research suggests that this may be due to the fact that growth hormone growth may increase cell division, which can lead to more mutations in the skin.
According to the study, the skin, the thyroid gland, the thyroid gland, the thyroid gland, the thyroid gland, the thyroid gland And the risk of ovarian cancer can be increased most by higher-than-average height.Nunney explains that taller people have larger numbers of cells. Research has shown that when cells divide, mutations can occur and these genetic alterations can result in cancer. More cells mean more mutations, which increases the risk of developing cancer.
  • More and more women are getting cancerous obesity
  • There is new evidence that vitamin D protects against cancer
  • Crash: The "P" Scale is up to date

Do children feel safer after being born in hammocks?

Newborns born at the University Hospital in Brazil Marilia are sleeping in hammocks made of flannel just after birth. They are to improve children's well-being and promote proper development.

Children in hammocks are supposed to feel like in the womb. According to the hospital staff, it should be comfortable and cozy. It was also ensured that the hammocks were placed in incubators created for the youngest newborns.

source //

And what do you think about this idea?

6 months postpartum leave

The biggest question mark in the mind of working mother candidates
allow the baby to spend enough time after work
whether or not. The law in force now gives birth to mothers
8 weeks before and 8 weeks after birth
It allows up to 18 weeks in multiple pregnancies. This
At the end of the period, the working mother can use the leave for another 6 months
can't get paid in order.

The new law discussed in the TGNA to change this situation,
promises to allow mothers to spend more time with their babies.

DHas my son been allowed to post 6 months?

With the arrangement made first on the officer's unpaid leave
one year for each year of their vacation periods and every three years
will be given a degree elevation for the adjustment will be provided. For now after 6 months of leave after birth unfortunately positive answer to
we are unable to. However, to compensate for this, it is “based on part-time work”.
another law is on the agenda. According to this law, working mother who gave birth 8 weeks
In addition to postnatal leave, part-time
Able to work. This time is 2nd and 3rd.
Births can go up to 4 and 6 months.

For those who want to work part-time longer than this time
There is also a way out. From parents until their children start primary school
one can continue to work part-time, but the time it does not work
can't charge. In order to benefit from this law, every mother and father
they both need to be working. If someone is not working,
the other parent cannot exercise part-time work.

so Post-natal
Has it been 6 months?
while asking a different arrangement encountered
In addition to all these, with the new arrangement given to father candidates
the period of postnatal leave is also expected to be extended.

As a result birth
Has the post-leave been 6 months?
No, but not to parents.
more time with their children.

Houari Meaning - Origin and Names

The first steps in the piano world

Once you head to the piano, your entire horizon will change! The piano is a special instrument that aims at the simultaneous development of both hands, 10 fingers, both legs, both eyes and your brain, which is why anyone of any age can start music lessons and piano lessons.

Imagine your child sitting at the piano, reading musical notes and playing a score. Here is a first reason why piano lessons are a special choice.

At Music Academy, the study of the piano involves the development of the imagination, the coordination of the motor, so we will be able to develop, not least, the left hemisphere of the brain, where the centers of verbal memory and musical skills are located.

A first lesson begins with the discovery of the instrument, of the white and black flaps, of the pedals and not least of its sound.

We will learn the musical notation, more precisely the notes: DO-RE-MI-FA-SOL-LA-SI-DO '.

Musical language: The sound, by which we distinguish the vibrations of elastic bodies, the difference between a stretched string, pinched, rubbed or hit. The difference between the sound of the human voice and the sound of the instruments.

Through piano lessons for children at Music Academy we will discover the values ​​of musical notes: notes such as duration and breaks, musical keys that play a very important role in musical notation, more precisely establishing the name and height of a sound. Portable: what is made up of 5 lines and 4 spaces, Measures, which indicates the number of times and their value.

Presentation of the Keyboard which is made up of 88 keys and their arrangement grouped 2 and 3.

Correct position at the piano: it is essential to have a correct position to manage to master the mysteries of the piano, a correct position in the middle of the piano, the feet are placed next to the pedals, and for the younger pianists a foot support is added. The forearms and wrists should be aligned to a cohesive height, and the palms will be rounded, imagining that when we hold an apple.

The fingers are firm and the pressing of a flap is done with the belly of the finger, not the nails.

Once we understand these steps, we will be able to play the piano correctly, we can understand a score, and we can start singing the first note: Do central!

The exercises we performed correctly by pressing the note do it with the right hand then with the left hand and at the end with both hands, we assure that we have passed the first step in the piano world.

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