Benefits of construction games for children

Benefits of construction games for children

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Can fouling lead to sting?

Can fouling lead to sting?

And laying on your stomach or side may increase your chances even more, according to a new study.

There is a higher chance of lingering deaths than those born in the midst of newborns being pollinated and also being larger than those being put on their tummy. unexpected death without any history means no follow-up examinations can determine the exact cause. That's accurate, by the way mechanism and process are not well known. In fact, it is not the very process of summarizing the expressive, much more unexplained, deaths itself. According to statistics, the most critical period is between 2 and 4 months.

- Fifty, and in some cases, up to sixty percent of the risk of fatalities to the newborns being polled, says the research leader, Dr. Rachel Moon, professor of pediatric medicine at the Medical University of Virginia, who has published numerous studies on the subject. Dr. Moon and his team collected and drew in different data, collected over twenty years, and collected data from all over the country.

Can fouling lead to sting?

And although the professor himself is skeptical about the direct relationship, and unequivocally he does not even say the cause or effectHe thinks the numbers indicate that the death rate of stinging dolls is even greater than that of a dusted baby. THE risk is estimated to be the highest at four monthswhen the little ones are able to turn to their stomachs by themselves.
"The most important message and lesson perhaps is that if the baby is too big to turn on its own side or belly, do not dust it," the professor added.
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    Christmas Angel Mask. Costume crafts

    Christmas Angel Mask. Costume crafts

    In We teach you how to make a nice Christmas angel mask using a very cheap and accessible element: a cardboard plate.

    It is a very fun and easy to create Christmas craft that will help the child have a Christmas costume to wear during the holidays. Merry Christmas!

    • Cardboard plate
    • Cardboard
    • Pipe cleaner
    • Glue
    • Scotch tape
    • Cutter and scissors
    • Purpurin
    • Painting
    • Pencil
    • Marker pen
    • Brush

    1. We begin by painting the entire plate with flesh-colored paint. Now we paint the eyes of our angel with a pencil and cut them out.

    2- Now it's time to draw the wings on white cardboard. Once drawn, we will go over the outline with a black marker and cut them out. We also draw and cut out the mouth of our angel on the red cardboard.

    3- Glue all the pieces that we have created on the plate.

    4- Now we will create the angel's crown with the golden pipe cleaner giving it a circle shape and we will glue it.

    5- To give a fun touch we will draw a nose and some beautiful eyelashes with a black marker. With pink glitter we will make some beautiful blushes by putting glue stick on the blushes and adding glitter stars. Finally we will stick the toothpick with adhesive tape. We have already finished our angel mask, it has been great!

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    Since the beginning of the school stage of our children, parents are presented with an important issue that is a headache, a real "bobbin lace": scheduling our little ones' extracurricular activities, with all that this entails, adjusting schedules, coordinating with our couples, grandparents or friends to take them and pick them up.

    If one thing is clear, it is that all parents want to make available to our children everything that they benefit, help and be useful to them in their future.

    The bombing of information and of publicity about these activities, they present them to us as vitally important for children. Essential for their development! English, swimming, music, sports, etc. This creates stress, uncertainty, Doubts, in short, a full-blown concern. Do you feel identified?

    With that said, let's take some time to reconsider about this issue. Our children spend an average of five to eight hours a day in the school; During this time, all the activities in which they participate are imposed, prescribed and directed by adults, except during recess. Children leave school, full of information and activity, with a level of stress detrimental for their young age.

    From the time they leave school until it is time to bathe, have dinner and go to bed, they have only four hours left free of obligationsAs long as they don't have to do homework, that is subtracted from their free time.

    What does our son do during that time he has left? What is the extracurricular activity that any child really demands and needs? A innate activity in them, to the liking of all the little ones ... Play!

    Now, if we add to the “game”, 'nature',' natural light 'and' socializing environment 'we created a delicious recipe, to the taste of any child: The park! The best after-school activity, which meets all the requirements: free, free, available, accessible and the schedule is flexible.

    - It is a privileged moment to discover, create and imagine.

    - It is a way of socialization, when playing with other children develops their future social skills (assertiveness, empathy).

    - Develops a sense of independence and responsibility, they learn to be more self-reliant and to have more confidence in themselves.

    - When playing in the park with their friends, values ​​such as kindness, honesty, kindness, knowing how to forgive and be forgiven are transmitted, respect, be tolerant.

    - Being in contact with nature and fresh air, the child calms down, lowers his stress level and has a relaxing effect. This way, when you get home and do your homework, you will be cooler and this will help you to concentrate in the homework.

    - It favors your health. The physical activity they do in the park will help them build strong bones, improve muscle tone, and burn calories; on the other hand, sunlight helps the absorption of vitamin D naturally and improves your immune system.

    To finish, I would like to leave you some recommendations so that this time in the park is more profitable for your children:

    - Let him decide who he wants to play with, when to start and end the game; let them agree to the rules of the game.

    - Make it easy for them to play, no matter what dirty, do not overprotect them.

    - If they get into fights or conflicts with other children, it is good that they learn to solve it among themselves, just act mediators when required; This will help your socialization.

    - Not supply you with toys, that use elements of nature (sticks, sand, stones, leaves, fruits) so that the magic of the game and the imagination will emerge. Let them observe nature and interact with it. They love to observe insects, collect leaves, make constructions with sticks and stones, dig in the sand, climb trees ...

    As you will see, the park gives a lot of play and brings them big benefits. The ideal would be a little park every day, try it and you will see how after a stressful day for parents and children, the park relaxes you a bit and lowers the stress level.

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    Not only in sports, but also in the workplace, dehydration leads to a reduction in performance.

    Dehydration can also cause malfunctionDorothy the Magpie, a dietitian at the Center for Sports Medicine, and an expert in sports nutrition, called attention to the importance of adequate fluid intake and signs of dehydration.

    How can we lose fluid?

    Before we quickly address the question of losing fluid only through urine drainage and perspiration, you should know that lung loss and perspiration can be reduced by 5-10% daily. It is because of these basic functions that it is important to stay properly hydrated. Not to mention that the increased sweating during physical activity during sports leads to further loss of water. When our water balance is upset, blood distribution is completely rearranged, blood circulation also changes: blood pressure decreases, heart rate increases, muscles and skin circulations are lost, losing more and losing blood.What happens when I lose 2% of my fluid?Circulation, concentration, reaction time worsen. This obviously also causes malfunction, whether at work or in sports.What happens when 3-5% fluid loss occurs?Increased exfoliation appears to dry out our minds, and as the renal excretion process weakens, we may also experience dyspnea, dyspnea, mood disorder, muscle spasms, hallucinations and fainting.

    What can we do at work?

    The European Hydratation Institute (EHI) points out that it is primarily We need to introduce new conscious habits the proper hydration, which is not only known drinking 8 glasses of water a day embrace. Our body should be wasting 20-30% of our food with high water content, e.g. from vegetables, fruits, soups, and the remaining 70-80% from the liquid, primarily from water, and healing. Therefore, you should pay special attention to high-fluid foods and beverages. The average daily fluid intake for outdoor work is 2-2.5 liters. For physical work, the sweat often exceeds the fluid intake and all this is exacerbated by extreme sunlight during the summer. Under these conditions, working up to 6 liters a day can increase your daily fluid intake. Leaders do not have to worry about this either, short breaks do not reduce performance or efficiency. On the other hand, with proper hydration, long-term working efficiency can be maintained.

    What to do in sports - 3 important rules

    It may sound strange, but it would be nice if every athlete had a personalized hydration plan that worked out as a dietitian and coach - emphasizes Dorottya Szarka, a dietitian at the Center for Sports Medicine. - If you want to make a general statement and take into account the EHI's recommendation, there are three important rules to follow. The first rule is athletes need to be hydrated all day long, not just during training. The goal is to keep up with fluid changes throughout the day, adapting to activity levels and the environment.The second point is that hydration plan work out for training and racing. These plans must rely on information such as sweating fluid loss, drinking opportunities, and personal impressions of thirst and adequate fluid intake. The golden rule for the office: The more we sweat, the more we drink. There are individual differences, but most are well tolerated when consuming 150-300 ml of fluid every 15-20 minutes while exercising. It is worth choosing a drink that is suitable for your taste (eg, a lost one). play a role in processes electrolytes also included. Such materials are e.g. sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, zinc, iron or copper. Of all the trainings and races that go beyond a single hour, the most optimal choice for blood composition is he. to osmotic pressure (isotony) fluid.According to the expert, anyone who is serious about sports needs to take a sports nutrition advice at a good time because they should
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    • Drink yourself healthy!
    • Listen to the outburst!
    Project for mothers

    Four Liberal MPs propose that mothers who have a higher salary than the average gross salary in the economy receive a child-raising allowance representing 85% of the average income from the last six months of work.
    PNL deputies Catalin Micula, Cornel Popa, Cristian Boureanu and Relu Fenechiu have submitted, in this regard, a legislative initiative to amend the Law on the public pension system and other social insurance rights. Micula appreciated yesterday, in a press conference, that it is abnormal the provision currently in force, which is capped the allowance for mothers who have higher wages than the average gross wage in the economy.
    "We consider it compulsory for these people to benefit from an income commensurate with their contribution to the state social insurance budget," Micula said, according to Mediafax. According to the legislative initiative, mothers who return to work earlier than two years would receive, in addition to the salary, a monthly amount equal to the minimum gross wage in the economy, called "baby basket".
    acquis ".

    Salmon boat canapes and red caviar

    The original forms are one of the best ways to present foods that children normally refuse to eat, such as fish. This salmon and red caviar boat canape is fun and very tasty.

    Children will have fun preparing this simple recipe, which will encourage them to try new flavors and will become the star recipe of your family or Christmas dinners. Its cheerful tones and elegant presentation will triumph.

    • 75 gr. cheese spread
    • 50 gr. sliced ​​smoked salmon
    • 50 gr. red caviar
    • 1 egg
    • Bread
    • Black pepper
    • Parsley

    1. Toast the bread and cut it in half forming triangles.

    2. Put water to heat in a saucepan with a little salt. When it starts to boil, add the egg and cook for 10 minutes. Remove the egg, cool it under running cold water and chop it.

    Mix the chopped egg with the cream cheese and stir until a smooth paste is made.

    3. Place piles of cheese with egg in the center of the bread. Roll the salmon slices around.

    4. Put a teaspoon of caviar on top. Sprinkle a little black pepper and chopped parsley on top.

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