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Origin of first name:

Arabs, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

The name Keshia refers to a shrub that has a bark producing spices. In Africa, this first name means "the one who is favorite".


Keshia Chanté, Canadian singer of R'n'B, Keshia Knight Pulliam, American actress, Keyshia Cole, American singer of R'n'B and soul.

His character :

Keshia is known for her courage and often authoritarian temperament. By nature, she loves to impose her will on those around her. She gives off a lot of confidence. Confident in her abilities, she is dynamic and active in her life. Some traits of his personality lead him to see things big and aim for high goals. She is also a sensitive, curious and open-minded woman. With her, it is possible to talk about all subjects. On a daily basis, she likes to seduce, please and impress her family or co-workers. It relies on its natural leadership and broad skills to make decisions that are adapted to each circumstance.


Keyshia, Kessy, Kezia, Kessya, Kessie, Kesia, Kessia, Kesiah and Kesya.

His party :

There is no party dedicated to Keshia.

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Interview Dana Nalbaru: "We need to help our children be better than we were"

Dana Nalbaru probably knows most of us in association with the band HI-Q. But beyond the musical activity, Dana is Sofia's mother, a nearly 8-year-old girl who inherited her mother's beautiful blue eyes.

I asked Dana to share with us her mother's experience and here's what came out!


: Dana, you are the mother of a beautiful schoolgirl, your little girl is 8 years old in January. How would you describe the mother experience so far?

Dana Nalbaru: I have often wondered if I am doing the right thing for my child, if not my choices will adversely affect the future, if I always truly understand it, or if there is the perfect mother's recipe. My mother's experience so far has taught me that all I have to do is listen to my child and trust him. Thus, I also learn what I have to do and our relationship develops harmoniously. How do I know that? Because I see her cheerful and gentle, friendly and generous, loving people and life.

And what if it were to share the mother's experience in stages of child development?

The stages of my experience are not very different. Love is the same, only the way we communicate changes as it grows and understands things. We have been friends since I was in my womb.

How much do I worry about and how much is love?

It's 100% love. Sometimes, when I get sick or when I look around and ask me if humanity is going, care is added. But this always passes, with faith in the good God.

What were the hardest moments for my mother?

I think it's not fair to my child to say that I had a hard time as a mother. I can say, for example, that it was not easy to breastfeed because I was very close to an ugly mastitis and had to give up breastfeeding, but not because it was difficult. With love, nothing is difficult.

Were colic nights? Nights of fever? How did you deal with them?

Fortunately, Sofia had no colic. However, I spent several nights with fever. And it wasn't too pleasant. Sometimes we reached the emergency ... Fortunately, today it is no longer as difficult to find help as when I was little Sofia.

Recently an online platform was set up, a great site, which is registered almost all the pediatric offices, clinics and hospitals in Bucharest. With doctors, with specializations, with the program and address at which mothers can find help for their little ones. is an extraordinary initiative that supports the health of the little ones and I invite the mothers to come in to see what it is and how things become simpler when you have the information at hand.

How much did Dragos help at all times as a parent?

For me, the fact that Dragos is with me and that he is a father involved in everything that means growing Sofia, means a lot. Always. He was the first one who changed and washed it when I was in the hospital (I was born by Caesarean section and in the first days I was moving hard) and he is the first one I talk to / advise about anything about Sofia.

How is Dragos like Dad?

Sweet is wonderful. She says he is her hero.

Does Sofia enjoy music, acting? Or what are her passions?

She sings a lot and likes it, but says she is an actress. :) However, for now, we do not excessively encourage any of these activities, but we offer several alternatives. He plays piano, sports, spends a lot of time in the company of animals, travels, draws and ... he plays a lot.

How do you encourage these passions? Do you take specialized courses?

As long as she wants to take a certain course, we support her. This was the case, for example, with the training of horses, which he strictly followed for almost four months (twice a week) until one day he said he wanted something else. For no particular reason, simply from her desire to try something else. And he turned to the piano.

You have chosen a quiet life in the country, as you say, which gives Sofia a happy childhood, I'm sure! What do you think about the parents who load the children's program, limiting the maximum free play time?

Everyone is free to decide how he thinks best for his child's future. Indeed, some parents consider that the little ones play too much and that there is more room for learning ... Personally, I am not a pro after school or a very busy study program for my little girl. I am one of those who let her play more.

How do you see Sofia's future?

I do not know. Things are changing in the world with incredible speed and this is affecting us all. I just hope that he will have a healthy future, full of love and joy, and we are trying to show him that this is possible.

We would be happy to tell you a few words of encouragement or motivation for future and new mothers.

I can only tell them that we are, whether we like it or not, responsible for the training of our children and that, if we do not choose wisely and with love, we will allow others to train them. And that if we want a better world, we need to help our children be better than we were.

Swaddling. Benefits of swaddling the baby

What is swaddling? The Spanish translation of this word is wrap and it has become very popular in recent years as the practice of wrap the baby in a sheet or blanket due to the benefits it provides to the newborn.

It is not a new technique, mothers and nurses used it in the 18th and 19th centuries because the babies were calmer and slept better.

Swaddle the baby gives you warmth and security, especially during the first days of life, in which he still has to get used to living at a temperature different from that of the mother's womb. In addition, the excessive space available can scare or keep you restless, so the defenders of this practice explain that it even helps the baby sleep better and is more relaxed since it is more collected.

Before swaddling the baby it is convenient choose the right time to do it, preferably when you've eaten and are changed. It is also important not to tighten the sheet or blanket too much, especially on the legs, so as not to harm the baby and to leave a little space so that the legs are not fully stretched to avoid suffering from hip dysplasia.

Many moms have found that swaddling relaxes and helps them sleepAlthough it is also true that, having a longer and more restful sleep, they may not wake up to take their shots, so caution is recommended so that they do not lose weight, especially in the first days of life and eat an adequate diet. It is also not recommended to continue with the practice when the baby can turn and move autonomously.

1. Lay a thin, square-sized blanket or sheet that is not too large on a flat surface. Fold the corner on the right and place the baby with the men on the fold.

2. Take the left end of the cloth and pass it over the baby's body tucking the end under his left arm.

3. Grab the bottom end of the sheet and pull it up to also tuck it behind your left arm, taking care so that the arm is inside the fabric.

4. Take the remaining piece of cloth and fold it toward the baby's heart and tuck the excess behind his right arm.

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Quick and easy microwave recipes

Quick and easy microwave recipes

The microwave is an indispensable appliance for busy parents, as it allows children to cook or defrost food quickly and easily.

In We offer you a series of dishes that we can prepare using the microwave, without the need to soil or pre-cook food. So we can prepare a dinner or a last minute meal in a short time, and it will also be ... delicious!

In just 15 minutes you can have a first course, a second or a dessert. You just have to follow any of these delicious recipes made in the microwave.

Microwave tuna cake. How to make tuna cake easily and quickly in the microwave. Recipes for children prepared in a short time. Tuna is

Microwave roasted apples. On our site we are going to teach you how to make roasted apples, although instead of baking them, we are going to cook them in the microwave easily and very quickly. A perfect recipe for children's snack.

Microwave salmon. Microwave salmon for children. It is a highly recommended food for children as it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which are very important in the development and growth of children.

Microwave chicken thighs. Chicken is a highly recommended meat for children, low in fat and easy to cook with this recipe for microwave roasted chicken thighs, a quick and inexpensive dish. Quick Microwave Roasted Chicken Recipe.

Eggs on the plate in the microwave. Recipe for eggs on the plate with sausages. Microwave recipe for working moms and dads. our site proposes a quick and easy recipe for children's dinner.

Microwave brownie. Quick and easy microwave brownie recipe. How to make a brownie recipe for kids. Quick Microwave Chocolate Brownie Recipe. Step-by-step microwave brownie recipe for kids.

Microwave roasted milk. We teach you how to make a delicious and simple homemade dessert. This is microwave-roasted milk, a quick and easy recipe for the whole family. A recipe made with few ingredients and that will be ready in just 5 minutes. Recipes that children can make. Desserts to cook with the family. How to make roasted milk quickly and easily.

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Soft toys: a soft choice View the slideshow

The blanket, a magical companion for your toddler ... Whether you choose classic, soft, original ... even downright different, know that it will remain in his heart forever! Our selection of soft toys for your little one.

Choice of the blanket: our advice

Selection updated on September 11, 2017

Soft toys: a sweet choice (22 pics)

Doudou Penguin Nature and Discoveries

This sweet penguin with retro charm is 100% cotton, light and easy to handle. From the birth: 22 €. Where to find it?

Jacadi rabbit comforter

A teddy bear to accompany the days and nights of baby smoothly. From the birth: 19 €. Where to find it?

Plush Augustin Tartine and Chocolate

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the brand has reissued the legendary soft toys of 1977. Here, the Augustin rabbit is cute. From birth: 55 €. Where to find it?

Nature and Discoveries Beet Blanket

Original, this cotton duvet! Hand crocheted, it contains a small bell and can be offered from birth: € 24.90. Where to find it?

Plush Baster Steiff's Dog

A soft dog to cuddle. From birth: 35 €. Where to find it?

Cuddly baby comforter Rabbit Doudou et Compagnie

This tender and very soft rabbit, easily grasped, will accompany baby everywhere. From the birth: 25,80 €. Where to find it?

Zebu Super Zero Plush The Super Zeroes

A colorful soft toy with an ultra soft touch. From the birth: 16,90 €. Where to find it?

Paco Small Noukie's Plush

A plush 100% polyester very soft for baby. From the birth: 21,95 €. Where to find it?

Oobiz de Doudou and Company

Mom is also entitled to her doudou keychain with Doudou et Compagnie. Oobiz, these are pretty baby comforters but also mom handy keychains to identify that are available in 5 funny and tender models.
Keyring: 15 cm, and blanket: 20 or 70 cm: 14,90 €. Where to find them?

Musical duvet Vertbaudet

This Snowy Snow Blanket delivers a sweet little music to lull baby to sleep. From birth: € 17.99. Where to find it?

The caterpillar that makes Legler holes

This little well-known caterpillar from Eric Carle's book is too cute: 9.99 €. Where to find it?

Doudou African Routes of Tuc Tuc

This blanket is equipped with a pacifier clip ... practical. From birth: € 17.99. Where to find it?

Moulin Roty Mouse Doudou

This baby comforter customizable baby name will be the accomplice of every moment. From birth: € 29.90. Where to find it?

Tigex handkerchief diaper

  • This best friend will also relieve baby at the time of first teeth.
  • Since birth.
  • Its price: 17 €.
  • Where to find it?

Ebulobo Louloup Doudou

  • A soft toy, with legs of all colors, easy to catch. A bell in his belly and a squeak in his nose. Paper rustling in the tail.
  • Since birth. 27 cm.
  • Its price: 19,30 €.
  • Where to find it?

Yali comforter the pig Raplapla

  • Yali the pig is wearing his best hat to party with baby! It comes in a pretty cardboard house with his vaccination card.
  • Since birth. 25 cm.
  • Its price: 39,90 €.
  • Where to find it?

Stary Baby Boum robot comforter

Too funny, this robot microfiber comforter will accompany the dreams of baby: € 16.50 (Baby Boum).

Where to find it?

Customizable baby comforter Nine the mouse Small dodos Moulin Roty

  • A pretty blanket embroidered with the name of baby. Ideal for a birth present.
  • Since birth. 33 cm.
  • Its price: 29,90 €.
  • Where to find it?

Plush vibrator the rabbit Les Petits Dodos

  • Awakening rabbit in jersey pajamas with a nightcap tied on his head like a pillow.
  • Since birth. 20 cm.
  • Its price: 24,90 €.
  • Where to find it?

Doudou Mouse Tinéo

  • To watch over your toddler from birth, a cuddly cat soft toy with pacifier clip.
  • Since birth. 40 x 30 cm.
  • Its price: € 5.60.
  • Where to find it?

Musical Victor Plush from Noukies

Malin the dragon! When the light goes out in your toddler's room, just pull on the star so sweet music helps you fly to the land of dreams! € 29.95.

Where to find it?

Customizable Teddy Bear Mamyfactory

A blanket knitted by a grandma, the dream! All soft and soft, it is knitted in cashmere cotton with personalized embroidery on the front (2 letters maximum): 25 € coin + 9 € personalized embroidery (Mamyfactory).

Where to find it?

Are you pregnant and looking for the ideal name for your baby? Our name finder has thousands of names for boys to help you in this important choice. We highlight the name in the dictionary of meaning of names: Sigerian.

History of the name Sigerico

It comes from a Germanic name, Latinized in Sigericus.

Meaning of name Sigerico

From sig-, "victory", and -ric, "mighty"

Origin of the name Sigerico


Famous people with the name Sigerico

  • Sigerico, Visigothic king who ruled for seven days in the year 415 (¿? - 415)

Drawings of the name Sigerico coloring page printable game

Boys' first names: Paul-Hugo

Boys' first names: Paul-Hugo

Paul Hugo

Two classic male names that meet, it gives a beautiful name. Paul comes from Latin paulus, "little", and Hugo of the Germanic hug, "intelligence". But that's not why your toddler will not be brilliant!

DIY: The easiest nursing tank conversion

Not long after birthing each one of my daughters, I returned to my pre-pregnancy weight with little delay. I've been blessed with a decent stomach pouch that makes me wonder why neither of my kids were born as marsupials.

I'm very self-conscious of this pouch, and I'm even more so when I have to nurse in a public venue. If my baby has to eat, I feed her regardless of where I am. That said, I'm not thrilled about strangers witnessing my soft belly when the ol' shirt comes up for a nursing session.

I started looking around for specialty nursing tanks. The kind that attach to your current nursing bra, and allow you to lift up your shirt, while the tank underneath hides your snack pouch. (Okay, I don't actually keep snacks in it, but if I could, I might like it better.) Do you understand how expensive these nursing tanks are? Who can afford one, let alone several, plus nursing bras? I've taken to making my own nursing bras with great results, so I thought I'd give making my own tanks a stab.

I did it, and did a good job, and now I'm here to pass on to you The Easiest DIY Nursing Tank In The World!

Here's what you'll need:

  • A camisole tank top. I got mine from Wet Seal for about $4.
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Thread in a similar color to your tank

Time: From start to finish, about 10-15 minutes

First, you'll need to cut the straps on the back of your tank:

Next, you'll make a small loop. This loop only needs to be big enough to fit around your nursing bra clasp. If your straps are stretchy, like most are, they can be pretty small: (Don't make fun of my lack of manicured nails...I'm taking care of babies, not having tea with the Queen.)

Once you have your loop in the right size, go to town sewing it in place. There are no special stitches that I use, it's just a random stab-and-jab until that sucker is secure. Now you can cut off the remaining tail of your strap.

Once you've completed both sides, your tank will look like this:

When attached to your nursing bra:

And here it is in action, my regular shirt is pulled up, but the nursing tank is still in place. Notice how you can't see my beloved pooch:

I really prefer that my tanks don't have a shelf bra. I think they are uncomfortable to wear in conjunction with a nursing bra. However, you can also take a cami with a shelf bra and make a nursing tank that has clasps to wear on its own.

Happy crafting!

Images by Jenni Buckley, Nick Buckley

Opinions expressed by parent contributors are their own.

Solidarity in favor of the cure of childhood cancer

A group of doctors, nurses, volunteers and children from the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital from Barcelona, ​​Spain, dream of the day when we can hear the long-awaited news: the cure for cancer.

To encourage the population to make donations for research on the child cancer, they recorded a video clip with the singer Daniel Carbonell, ‘Macaco’, and they have already raised more than 20 thousand euros of collection.

This experience of solidarity was the idea of ​​Paula, a 12-year-old girl, a patient at the Hospital. She wanted to make a video clip in which all the children admitted to the oncology service would sing and dance to teach society that although they are sick, they continue with hope and joy.

Although the video has exceeded one million visits in two months in YoutubeThis is not a donation campaign by viewing or by clicking, whoever wishes to make a donation will have to do so through the website of the Obra Social del Hospital Sant Joan de Déu. What is collected in this campaign will be used to pay for a place of laboratory scientist at the Hospital for a year, to be a researcher and discover new treatments against childhood cancer.

The video clip was made possible by the Top 40 and the EMI record company. The singer ‘Macaco’ gave the use of one of his songs, “We will continue”, for the recording of the video clip. The production company "La Fábrica Naranja" wrote the script and put all the human and material resources to make it come true.

If you are interested in making a donation you will only have to click HERE. More than a value and a feeling, solidarity is a firm attitude that makes us responsible for everything.

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Global Gold September Campaign to Raise Awareness and support children fighting cancer

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