At the birth of Christ. Christmas poem for children

At the birth of Christ. Christmas poem for children

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Fairy disguise

Fairy disguise

Your 4-year-old: Ready to read?

Your 4-year-old now

Preschoolers who read independently are the exception. These early readers use picture clues and have learned to match letters to sounds and words. They may have longer attention spans and have memorized a few sight words. (Sight words are common words like "and," "the," "her," and "there" that can't be learned through pictures.) If your child is an early reader, you don't need to do anything more than offer encouragement and provide plenty to read.

If your child isn't on the fast track, don't give it another worry. At 4, many children just aren't ready to sit still and focus on a book for long. Others may learn the mechanics of reading but aren't cognitively ready to comprehend the words. Reading is truly one of those skills that children acquire when they're darn well ready, no matter how much their parents or teachers coax. In fact, too much prodding can turn your child off reading.

Right now, it's most important to get your child excited about books. If he loves stories and language, he'll start putting the basic elements together on his own when it's right for him. That happens at age 5 for some kids, 6 or 7 for others.

Your life now

Running out of fun local excursions because it seems like you've already done everything a dozen times already? Here are some fresh ideas that fascinate 4-year-olds:

  • The firehouse. Even if it doesn't offer tours, just stopping by and seeing the fire engines up close is a winner. Your child may be ready to ask the firefighters questions, especially if you read about fire trucks ahead of time.
  • The airport. The vastness of the lobby and the moving sidewalks can be as much fun as seeing the planes take off and land. Your child may be interested in where the planes are going, what the pilots do, how the suitcases get on board, or how they put food on the plane.
  • A farmers' market. It's more fun than a grocery store, with more people to watch and often live music. Go on a hunt for a particular vegetable or fruit. Practice counting skills on tomatoes or oranges.
  • A garden shop. Even the flowers and plants at the local hardware superstore offer a close-up look at some new-to-your-child greenery. Buy a hardy, fast-growing plant for him to take care of himself. Go on a smelling tour in the flower and herb section.

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How to teach any child to read EASILY and FAST! AMAZING

Disney coloring pages: Cinderella

Disney coloring pages: Cinderella

Cinderella, the Incredibles, the Aristocats, ... Find every week all the heroes of the great Disney classics, with our coloring to download.

Find each week new coloring, from the great Disney classics.

And as of today, discover the collection The greatest Disney masterpieces in comics ! These exceptional albums, gathered in a superb collection, present the complete story of the adventures of the famous Disney characters. See you soon at your newsagent and on the site

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Chicken in salt crust

Hidden in a crust of salt, a mellow top recipe.


  • For 4 to 5 people:
  • 1 beautiful farm chicken
  • salt
  • pepper
  • Prank call :
  • chicken liver
  • 1 onion
  • 1 handful of bread crumbs
  • 4 thin slices of raw ham
  • 4 branches of tarragon
  • 1 knob of butter
  • salt
  • pepper
  • Salt crust:
  • 1 kg of coarse salt
  • 350 g flour
  • 6 egg whites


Preheat the oven to 180 ° C (item 6). Salt and pepper the inside of the chicken. Prepare the stuffing: dice the liver of the chicken and the ham. Peel and slice the onion. Melt everything in the pan in the butter, stirring over medium heat. Add crumbed bread crumbs, a little tarragon, salt a little, pepper and slide inside the chicken. Take it from the roast string. Place the remaining tarragon on the back of the chicken. Prepare the salt dough: in a salad bowl, mix salt and flour then add the egg whites while kneading until you have a pastry consistency. Spread a third of the dough on the table, put the chicken on it. With the rest of the dough, surround it tightly, welding the fittings. Put everything in a dish and bake 1 hour. Let stand 10 minutes in the oven off. Wear it as it is on the table. Split the crust in half horizontally and take out the chicken. Cut out, serve.

The most important recipe at a birthday party, without a doubt, is the cake. Well, we suggest you make a chocolate cake for your child's birthday with guaranteed success: the oreo cheesecake pie.

The recipe for this delicious cake is simple. You don't need an oven nor be a professional pastry chef. It is so easy to do, that children can help you. Do you try Surprise your children with this delicious homemade cake.


  • 250 gr of oreo cookies
  • 200 gr of cream cheese
  • 1 yogurt
  • 200 gr of white chocolate
  • 2 sheets of geletain
  • 20 grams of butter
  • Dark chocolate in tablet

Nothing so delicious like a cheesecake oreo cookie. Without a doubt, it will be the great success whether you present it at a birthday party or if you make it as a breakfast or snack.

Children love the taste of chocolate, and this cake is a hit with all of them. Here are the steps to prepare it without problems:

1. Crush and crush the oreo cookies well, on a smooth surface and with the help of a rolling pin.

2. Mix the crushed cookies with the 30 grams of butter.

3. Prepare a mold and pour the cookie and butter mixture. It will be the base of your cake.

4. On the other hand, soak the gelatin sheets in cold water. Then mix the gelatin with the plain yogurt. Reserve in a bowl.

5. Heat the cream cheese in a saucepan and when you see that it is hot, remove from the heat and add the mixture of gelatin and yogurt.

6. Add the white chocolate to the previous mixture.With the heat of the mixture, the white chocolate should melt. If you don't get it, put the mixture on the fire for a moment more.

7. Pour the mixture over the container with the oreo cookie base and put everything in the fridge for about 4 hours.

8. To decorate, cut a little dark chocolate bar into shavings and mix them with Oreo cookie bits. Drop the chips and cookies onto the surface of the cake. If you prefer, you can decorate it with a layer of caramel, which is made with sugar (about 100 grams), cream (1dl) and a little butter. To make the toffee, you just have to mix these ingredients over the fire and pour the mixture over the cake.

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Easy Mini Cheesecakes Recipe

Modern school clothes for children

Modern school clothes for children

3 exciting books for kids

Do you know Mr Fluffy Socks? Or have you ever met dinosaurs coming from the larynx? Get to know these magical creatures!

Alex T. Smith: Claude in the Circus (16 pages, for 3-4 year olds)

In this funny and exciting tale, Claude, a puppy not too ordinary, wanders around the park when he suddenly finds himself in a circus scene - or rather, he is saddened by a tiny dance. And yet, adventures are over: With your best friend, Fluffy Socks, you throw cake at each other and cheer for the word of community!

Berg, Judit: Two Little Din in Budapest (Illustrated by Csilla Kхszeghy, 96 pages, 3-5 years old)

Tricky and Nyamm, the two little dinets come to Budapest with a fat-stomach train, where they face countless dangers: they are attacked by a blood-thirsty cat, they are avoided by a sad car, and a terrier is attacked. Or else? Fortunately, Matyi, a duo of duo writers, helped them navigate our world. During the adventures, you get to know the school life, the sights of the city, and even get a class trip…

Lila Prap: Dinуk ?! (Illustrated by the author, 36 pages, for 5-10 year olds)

Once upon a time, a hen found a book to learn that birds were descendants of these strange creatures. The hen, the cock, and the chicks are scrolling through the book, and they will be terribly proud of the fact that, for millions of years, their peers have ruled the world. They realize that the existence of anything tiny and insignificant, a lot of random, and the importance of knowing the story, because everyone is part of a larger whole, nature is a great work.
Find more children's books on Shelf!

A whimsical, yet exciting era is ahead in family life. Most parents are looking forward to school with excitement as the end of cloudless childhood.

7-8 years

Well, there is no need to be so sad: school-aged children are very much in need of the recognition of their achievements, the acceptance of the new sciences.

Physical development, movement

child Form
If it hadn't happened before, by the end of your seventh year, it's almost certain that loses its baby form. The tummy disappears, the stock opens up and the limbs become longer. Its movement is safe, there are almost no obstacles in front of it. Your need for exercise is always great, but you can stay calm for some purposes. Even for a lesson - if your lord is an interesting figure. His fine movement has improved a lot in the last year as well. There is also an anatomical explanation for this: recently, the tiny bones of the hands are finally developing. At seven or eight years of age, most children are capable of accurately controlling the pencil and learning the rope. Best of all first with big movements, thick pencils Children practice on flip charts or large workbooks.


The essence is the currency
We are entering a more relaxed era. Thinking is rarely controlled by passion. The child can recapitulate his or her desires in order to focus on the task. The games, the fairy tale, still play a big role in life, but they are not exclusive either. During this time, what the environment expects of him is becoming increasingly important. On the other hand, others look at themselves, acting consciously. Come to a "Radнrkorszak": corrects, radars, and shapes your works and drawings until it is found to be sufficiently accurate.The reception of the real world is not difficult anymore. His thinking is so advanced that he can abstract it. Easily apply the logical operations needed to understand the basics of mathematics. You don't have to use your fingers to count, it goes in your head. The concept of smaller or bigger, more or less is already handled well, without, say, balls or cubes. You have to imagine things in order to arrange them, to group them - the thinking operations are internal. This also results in the change of thinking of rules. It accepts, largely complies with, and adheres to the rules of the game. Sometimes this schoolchildren gets so caught up in the idea of ​​inventing new rules, negotiating them, organizing themselves as the essence of the game. Many times it gives real fun and not the games themselves.

Social Relationships

The big change
Even in their high school years, children generally enjoy themselves well, especially with their parents. However, the friendships formed in the ovi are easily broken and the little ones are almost neglected for their peers. Parents are starting to get bored, classmates are much more interesting. Making friends with someone causes you serious grief. The betyбrbecsьlet: kids are in solidarity with each other. This is completely new, so far the obedience of adults has come first. Parents often look for a sign of moral decline and look for what has been broken in education. In reality, however, "only" it happens that the child begins to identify with others, compares his actions, and slowly develops a role in the community. This is serious, grown-up thing. It can be difficult for a parent to lose all control, complete control, control.It is an important step in our lives. The parent should learn to let go of the child, and the child should be able to stay in place without the need for all-inclusive parental supervision and care.

Jellemzх !!!

Boys - girls and girls
This is the era when the phrase "inferior gender" of the locals loses its absolute power. The creatures are like the boys in almost everything. Many times, there are classes where the girls look down on the girls because the ladies are a couple of inches higher. Well, first of all who are your students? The girls. The speech skills, the fine movement, the social skills are much more advanced. It is also a gentleman's ability to adapt better: the little frogs learn with great diligence the learned sweetheart, for it is the mother-in-law who rewards her with love. The most important thing for them is deciding which cock on the garbage can. Going to school during the rival break, during your class. Szerencsйre it's not always bad to six tanulmбnyi teljesнtmйnyre: jу szьlхi hбttйr йs ьgyes pedagуgiai irбnyнtбs kialakнthat a spirit of osztбlykцzцssйgben that tбjйkozottsбg the jу tanulmбnyi eredmйnyek йs - kйsхbb - the olvasottsбg erйny be members of the group legtцbbszцr the child succumbs szemйben.A rivalizбlбsban , who is a "mother-in-law's soldier", that is, heavily dependent on her parents, who is malicious, hypocritical, and who is disorganized, disorganized. Of course, ranking is typical of girls, but not to such an extent. Incidentally, this is not as obvious as they are, because they tend to get things done right - the start of pinching and blaming.

Happy birthday!

Before school the world expands. Many weeks to eight years begin to be something that they will continue into adulthood. It can be a gathering, sport, art activity or other hobby. You can get a little friendly nature with a microscope who draws skilfully, pastel pencils, good quality sports equipment, music-loving discs or musical instruments. At this age, the child already knows very well what is the difference between the need and the bullet. You don't have to spend family wealth on your gifts. Let's reconcile with the relatives and add the money. Let's help the child get to know the treasure, let's try it out if he wants to. And trust that you appreciate it because you don't get it every day.
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