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When Kelsey Brewer became a pregnant mother 6 weeks before the day she was born, she became very sad - not only because of the possible boredom, but also because she was not planning on taking a pregnant photo by then.

Such is when a father takes part in a pregnant photographer (Photo: Facebook)But her husband jumped in instead.Though his wife could have known the roulette, Daddy Jared negotiated with the photographer to jump in instead of Kelsey and took control of the picturesque Elkhorn Waterfall. Jared had gone too far with the photo series to make his wife feel better. The photographer, Kiana Smither, found the teddy bear Jared a great photo source for such a series, and instructed her on the facial expressions she'd like, from the touch to the oblivious, to the photos.You can view the photo series here:When Kelsey saw the pictures, he uttered an unbelievable laugh, then struggled with his tears that his husband loved him so much that he was willing to do anything to make him feel as good as possible. However, he was not the only one to recognize Jared's photo: on Facebook, the series became a success. There were some who voted for the Father of the Year in the comment, and there were some who thought that every father should do it. And of course, Kelsey was in complete agreement with the positive comments. (VIA)Related links:
Your Baby's First 18 Months
Author: Anne Yelland
Publisher: Friends
New mothers need fast and easily accessible information to take care of their baby's changing habits, reactions and skills almost every day.
Taking care of your baby
Feeding Your Baby
How Does Your Baby Grow?
Securing Your Baby
Caring for a Sick Baby
First aid

The ladybug

The ladybug

The worrying signs in the development of the child are difficult to identify by the parents, since all specialists promote the idea that each child develops at his own pace and that there are no ideal ages for learning the essential life skills.

However, there are signs indicating developmental delay. Here are some of the alarm signals that should draw your attention to your child's development!

Baby 0-4 months

From the first day on which the baby comes into the world, the baby begins to adapt to the new living environment and learn skills to help him in this regard. Although it seems fragile and does not seem to do anything but sleep more in the first 4 months, the baby must learn a lot of skills.

The worrying signs at this age, which announce a delay in its development, are mainly related to the development of senses and motor skills:

  • he does not move his eyes at all or he always looks at the cross;
  • do not notice / do not look at their own handcuffs;
  • does not react to noisy stimuli;
  • he doesn't smile at all;
  • it cannot support its head;
  • it does not gang up at all (it does not make any sound);
  • it has no standing force (it does not move too often);
  • do not try to bring objects to the mouth.

Baby 7 months

By the age of 7 months, the baby must have some essential skills in his / her development portfolio. If you fail to catch them at all and do not even seem to try, you should worry and go with him to a check. Among the most important signs of concern, up to 7 months, are:

  • seems rigid (does not move his hands, feet and the rest of the body very much);
  • he cannot support his head; he often "falls" on his back when trying to hold him in a sitting position;
  • He uses his hand more than any other hand in catching objects, bringing them to his mouth, etc.
  • it tears excessively and is sensitive to light;
  • it fails to maintain its balance in the ass, not even if it is sustained;
  • it did not roll at all, nowhere;
  • it still does not make any sound and does not laugh at all.

Baby 1 year

At the age of 1 year, the baby learns a lot of skills and skills that prepare him for a new stage of life - that of a small child. Signs of concern appear only if:

  • it does not stand at all in the ass, it does not cease and does not go by bus;
  • it cannot stand, even if it is supported;
  • doesn't say a word; remains at the stage of bullying or ganguria;
  • toys or objects around do not arouse their interest and do not try to catch them with their hands;
  • does not point to any object or person;
  • he doesn't shake his head when he wants to refuse something.

Child 2 years

In the second year of life, the child learns a lot of new skills, both intellectual, physical, and social or language. Here are some signs announcing something is not right in the baby's development, which should send you to the doctor for a detailed consultation:

  • his vocabulary does not include more than 15 words;
  • it doesn't work or only if it takes a few steps;
  • it does not imitate the sounds or actions of the people around it;
  • fails to follow simple instructions, etc.

Child 3 years

The development of the child knows a rapid ascent up to the age of 3 anisors. With entering preschool, you should be able to have a lot of motor and intellectual skills to help you in kindergarten or other social groups. If you notice that your baby is deficient in certain areas of development, go to the doctor. Here are some worrying signs at this age:

  • he speaks a little and unclear;
  • falls frequently and has difficulty climbing stairs;
  • encounter difficulties in handling objects;
  • fails to erect building blocks with more than 4 cubes;
  • he is not able to hold the pencil in his hand and imitate a circle on the paper;
  • does not understand simple instructions;
  • it is not eager to socialize with other children;
  • avoid eye contact etc.

Do you know any other alarming signs that indicate delays or problems in child development? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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Biaghju Meaning - Origin and Names

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Biaghju is the Corsican form of Blaise, Latin blaesus, "stammering, stuttering".

The Biaghju are celebrated on February 3rd.

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Amazing photos of babies on the blackboard

Amazing photos of babies on the blackboard

There are photographs of babies of all kinds. Photos of sleepy babies, surprised, laughing, angry babies. Photos of babies on stages created with colored sheets, babies in disguise. But the creativity of photographers knows no limits. Y something as simple as a blackboard suddenly becomes the best frame for the perfect snapshot.

The photographer Anna Eftimie creates authentic jewels based on chalk strokes on blackboard. You just need a white chalk, your image and a baby. The result, images as incredible as these.

Anything can happen on a blackboard. It is like a blank canvas at the mercy of the artist's imagination. So suddenly, a stork with a newborn or an improvised ballet with dancing cats may appear out of nowhere. The baby may decide to throw a party and become the king of the track. Or perhaps you prefer to walk through a forest surrounded by friendly animals.

In the photographs of Anna Eftimie, babies can fly. They just need to hold onto a star, a cloud, or the moon. So they can walk, like cats, on the rooftops of the city. Or perhaps they prefer to take a trip ... for example, by tram.

Babies of Anna Eftimie they are adventurers. They have no fear and many dreams to fulfill. Ride a skateboard, travel with pirates, discover treasures. Swimming with mermaids. Snuggle between cotton clouds. Or play the final of a soccer world cup.

The best thing about contemplating these incredible photographs is that awaken our creativity, that instinct that we all have and from time to time we must feed. That instinct that makes us look for a different photograph, decorate the moment, add our dreams or the dreams of our baby. Because a photograph can be just a photograph or be something else. It's up to you.

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Mumps (Mumps) Vaccination

Mumps (Mumps) Vaccination

Wonderful things when you are pregnant

Pregnancy can be defined as 9 months of wonderful events and things that happen to you. Many of them are unique and others are quite overwhelming. Discover the unique gifts that your task gives you in your life!

Your task, the joy of others

Rejoice! When you are pregnant, you manage to make the day more beautiful for others, either by a smile they give you when they see your tummy.

And if you meet with well-known people, you will notice how everyone suddenly turns around as they see you, they want to put their hand on their tummy or feel the baby's movements. Not to mention the happiness on the face of the future father, which cannot be measured with any barometer.

The first movements of the baby in the tummy

This is a feeling or feeling that you may never meet again. It is a unique feeling that gives you the task and only women have the chance and luck to experience them. Feeling the first movements in your tummy represents one of the happiest moments of pregnancy and awareness of the act that in you truly grows a human being.

Food for appetite ... pregnancy

The first trimester keeps you away from many of your favorite foods, because it is the one where you manifest the most symptoms that cut off your appetite. But after you pass the stage of morning sickness, you are free to everything your belly desires. As long as you do not overdo the quantities, you can taste even the sweetest and caloric goodies. From now on, you have a good excuse ... "ask the baby"!

The joy of receiving gifts

From the moment you announce the big news to your family and friends, they will no longer rush to fill you with gifts and things for you and your future baby. And let's be honest, who doesn't love to receive gifts? The satisfaction of receiving gifts and the wonderful things for babies (botosei, cute clothes, socks) that you receive represent some of the most wonderful events in pregnancy.

Waiting for the birth of the baby and finding out the sex

If you want to enjoy your pregnancy even more, then refuse to find out the sex of the child on ultrasound. It, along with the thoughts that make you pregnant about what your baby will look like, what your eyes will have, make the pregnancy an emotional moment and a joy. Most of the mothers who waited and imagined these details said that it was worth every moment. Satisfaction was guaranteed at birth, and unique living.

Countless pampering

The treat has a negative connotation, but the task makes it so that it becomes a joy and a moment of satisfaction. Everyone has a tendency to give you pretty much everything your heart desires and to satisfy even your most unusual desires. You are like a queen who sits on the throne and gives orders, and the others execute.

There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of this, especially since in a very short time, the seat on the throne will be taken by the baby. Enjoy now to the fullest!

Your new image

You could say that there is nothing great about getting fat and appearing stretch marks or other signs on the skin during pregnancy. But beyond all that, look at the beautiful part of your physique!

What do you say about the growth of the growing belly, the shine of pregnancy, the wonderful appearance of hair, nails or skin or the wonderful breasts that your pregnancy provides, without any silicone or cost? Nothing is more beautiful than to see a tummy crossing the street. It is for no reason that when you are pregnant, you are more beautiful than you could ever be.

Relaxation, at your disposal

While others crave a few moments of relaxation, it seems to be at your feet. You can choose not to work, you can walk continuously, stay in bed to read or do some of the things you are passionate about and have not had the chance or time to do.

The love and affection of the father

The news that you are pregnant has transformed you in his eyes into the most wonderful and beloved being on the planet. He will not know how to pamper you more, to eat you and to appreciate you. You will most likely be overwhelmed by small attentions and tender gestures that will fill your heart with happiness.

Choosing the child's name

One of the most beautiful gifts your pregnancy can make is choosing the name of the future baby. You can trace his personality or character by simply choosing a name. It is a responsibility, but also a great joy.

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Tomato sauce

He has a hard time driving

He has a hard time driving

A turn, then two ... In the back of the car, your little passenger suddenly pales, not at ease. What if he suffered from motion sickness?

Everyone can suffer from motion sickness

Even if the car comes clearly ahead, boat and plane are also likely to trigger motion sickness (also called narcotics or motion sickness).

  • Julius Caesar, Homer, great navigators or heroes of history have not been spared by heartache. More recently, Lawrence of Arabia would have been a victim of camel sickness! Even the skippers of today's sophisticated boats tell of the discomfort caused by nausea at sea. Not to mention the astronauts who, in one out of two cases, suffer from space sickness.

Motion sickness, discomfort related to the inner ear

  • Normally, the inner ear informs about the position occupied by the body in space. The information is transmitted to the brain, which instructs the muscles to maintain their balance and to follow changes in direction or acceleration.
  • If there is an overabundance of stimulation (ascents, descents, turns), the inner ear can no longer compensate for imbalances successive events caused by the movements. An SOS is sent to the brain, which will activate the first symptoms. Your child becomes pale, he does not speak anymore. His tranquility must alert you. If nothing is done, follow the vertigo, hypersalivation and nausea more and more frequent. Then appear gastric pains, with regurgitation of ingested food a few hours before.

He has a hard time driving? The environment plays a role

  • The heat can promote the appearance of symptoms.
  • anxiety sometimes also triggers a nauseated state.
  • Bad smells play an important role. They develop in the cockpit where several people are confined for a moment.

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