Meaning of the name Junípero. Name for boys

Meaning of the name Junípero. Name for boys

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Street Delivery 2013, 8th edition

Street Delivery 2013, 8th edition

Between June 14 and 16, 2013, The Carturesti Foundation and the Order of Architects of Romania organize in Bucharest, Timisoara and Iasi a new edition Street Delivery, event-manifest of urbanism, architecture and arts that aims to recover the urban landscape by pedestrians and community. Although it has paid particular attention to social responsibility each year, Street Delivery is subject to Societal analysis this year, receiving the Responsible Event mark for respecting the indicators in four areas: environmental protection, social development, economic development and good governance.

Two and a half million cars run daily through a choked Bucharest. That means 16 cars on each parking space. The car system takes us under the feet and sells it back with the price of oil. The street exists only for the purpose of reaching something else: at work, at shopping, at the gas station. There is no place to hang out or walk, meet or play. against the generalized tendency in Romania, Street Delivery closes the streets for cars and opens them for people, turning the road into a promenade space for pedestrians, cyclists and citizens who love their city. Recover your public space!
Bucharest ranks second in the top of the most polluted European capitals, after Sofia, with 3 times more pollution than the limit imposed by the EU (cf. Ecopolis). The green space per capita is 23 square meters, long after cities like Vienna (120 square meters) or Helsinki (100 square meters). Even so, the figures are inflated, including nearby cemeteries and forests. The urban landscape has deteriorated and become alienated by the citizens, becoming the exclusive result of some official projects and the intervention of the real estate developers, carried out in the absence of a real dialogue and of the involvement of the entities that can negotiate the environmental harmonization and the right of the community to influence the quality of the public space.
"We did not start, as usually happens, from a public order, but from the private initiative and the need to aggregate the neighborhoods of a neighborhood. The aim was to rebuild Arthur Verona street, crossing Magheru Boulevard and uniting the Cismigiu Park Icon Garden through - a 12-minute walk away.This promenade creates a different kind of relationship than the usual ones with the city, the houses and the traffic.These discover opportunities and places that you cannot imagine now that they can be used. economic and urban comfort that you can use when you accept and respect the rights of pedestrians and cyclists. " - Archbishop Serban Sturdza, President of the Pro Patrimonio Foundation
Street Delivery has been, since 2006, a framework in which civil society, artists, architects, musicians, residents can provide an alternative to the way in which the city is perceived. Over the course of three days we create a positive projection on the potential of Bucharest, as well as other cities that are facing similar situations.
This year, the organizing team registered the event in the Social Responsibility initiative started by the Company (national network of NGOs) and, as a result of its commitment, the edition with the number VIII will bear the Responsible Event mark. This brand was created by the Company to give recognition to the event organizers who intend to meet the criteria of Social Responsibility (environmental care, social equity, good governance) to the same extent that they know how to delight their audience.
"Street Delivery is an exercise in joy through good neighborliness," believes the arch. Serban Tiganas, president of the Order of Architects of Romania. "If we refer to this conflict, to the overlap between an old street, on which the citizen could travel between Gadina Icoanei and Ateneu, and this boulevard, which meant the modernization of Bucharest, then it can be said that the project is not yet completed. Arthur Street Verona is a street like any other, but those who live or work here - the Order of Architects, Carturesti, TIAB, the Anglican Church and others who have understood to participate - have opened their doors and launched an invitation for collaboration and dialogue. edition, Street Delivery aims to solve a problem of the neighborhood, whether it is a sidewalk that needs to be repaired, a fence that needs to be redone, street lighting, monuments to be reconditioned or the square in front of the church. that bring quality to the urban space. "
The Street Delivery project call brought together in 2013 hundreds of ideas from all over the country around the theme "Heritage and quality architecture". Individuals, NGOs or institutions could register their public space recovery project on the website in seven sections:

1) Architecture, urbanism, urban design, landscape;

2) Civil society, ecology, environment;

3) Music;

4) Visual arts;

5) Movie;

6) Theater, dance, performance;

7) Activities for children.

About 300 projects will claim the streets in Bucharest, Timisoara and, this year, in Iasi.

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I'm a monpet mom, a mother with no personal time

I'm a monpet mom, a mother with no personal time

First I thought I was a mother with Wendy Syndrome, then I discovered that I was closer to the profile of a helicopter mother, but it turns out that neither one thing nor the other. I am a mom monpet or mother without personal time.

If you have not heard this term until now, I will tell you that it comes from the English expressionMOther with No PErsonal Time, whose translation would be something like Mother without Personal Time.

A mother monpet does things like lock himself in the bathroom with some excuse to answer whatsapps of her group of friends or volunteering to take down the trash at odd and stormy hours outside with the sole purpose of scratching a few minutes a day to breathe and disconnect from everything. Sound like it, right? Not to mention that moment when you need to take a two-minute shower - just two minutes! and the only way to do it is by putting the girls in front of the computer so that they can watch a chapter of their favorite drawings.

Being a mother is a job that has no vacations, no business days, no bridges ... It is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in which you have to combine the role of perfect mother with that other job with which you pay the mortgage, the house expenses, the college tuition, the uniforms ...

You get up at 6-7 in the morning, you go to the office, you eat in 15 minutes, you suffer to leave everything finished before it is time to leave and ... to your second work of the day! You run to pick up the girls at school (on the way you pray that public transport is not damaged or that there is no accident on the road), you take one to music, while the other has English and, in That time you have, you do the shopping for dinner that night something warm because you forgot to take the tupper from the freezer.

But there is still the best. You get home and everything slows down! It's 8:00 p.m. and you still have things to do: your homework, the omelette, your teeth, the story ... With a bit of luck, at 10 p.m. there is silence at home. Tired, you you lay on the couch to rest, knowing that this time will not last long because you have to iron your clothes and prepare food for the next day.

A study conducted in the United States by the food and health company Welch's states that a woman dedicates about 98 hours a week to purely laborious tasks inside and outside the home. These figures are repeated in Spain, where, according to the INE (National Institute of Statistics), women spend 26.5 hours a week looking after children or relatives, domestic chores, and unpaid collaborations in NGOs (at these hours, the hours of paid work).

Tiring to live and read it! But it is a reality that many women mothers are deeply touched. Many times it is us, women, who assume the entire workload and those who refuse to let go or delegate to the other, but it is clear that so much pressure can affect our health. We have to start putting the brakes on it!

After everything I have told you, do you think you are also a mother monpet? I know that is very easy to say, but finding time for yourself is essential for you to be well and, therefore, your family as well. What to do to stop being a mother monpet? The solution is to find your space and your moment to connect with yourself:

- Reserve a space to do what you like the most
Sign up for yoga classes, go for a run, meet friends, go for a massage, read a book, have a coffee ... Surely there are thousands of things you did before you became a mother and that you have parked for lack of weather. It's time to get some of them back!

- Rearrange the agenda
Creating a family is a matter of two. It may be that due to our natural condition of mother, we assume more responsibilities, but the other part, that is, the father also plays an important role in all this. Talk to him to distribute the tasks and do not burden yourself with everything.

- Do exercise
If doing sports is not one of your favorite hobbies, we are sorry! From now on and to stop being one mother monpet, You need to move more! Through exercise stress is released and tensions are eliminated. Look for your sneakers that ... let's start!

- Pamper yourself inside and out
Lack of time and haste means that many mothers do not take care of themselves, but you have to pamper yourself. You have to look in the mirror, get ready, make yourself pretty to start each day with the best smile and wanting to take on the world.

- Ask for help
You are a very important pillar for your children. If you are happy, they will be happy, so it is important that you are well. If you feel blocked, ask a family member or neighbor for help or, even if you feel very overwhelmed, talk to your family doctor.

After discovering that I am a mother monpet And accepting it, I can't help but wonder, "Why are we so keen to label everything?" And what's worse, everything to do with motherhood! There are people who talk about drama monpet mothers, but I prefer to say problem with easy solution. Shall we get to work?

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Raton player

Raton player

Pouet-pouet, crac crac, he does a lot of things that animal. Ratos multi-activities: 32,50 € (Déglingos). Where to find it?

Pouet-pouet, crac crac, he does a lot of things that animal. Ratos multi-activities: 32,50 € (Déglingos).
Where to find it?

That's why it's good to be pregnant this summer

Many mothers, when they find out when they are expecting their baby, are scared that it will be the hottest months for the big tummy, so it may be even harder to get pregnant. However, summer fun has its benefits!

We can move more outdoors

Exercise is not to be neglected during pregnancy, and regular (reasonably good) sports do a lot of good for the mother and the fetus. And in the warmer months, we like to be outdoors: you can go big, and of course, fall, and these are the best exercise for your baby! Sйtбlni For example, even those who may not have been involved in sports before, may not need any special equipment (up to a good shoe) and the pace can be determined by us. Ъszбs and in the midst of it, we can consider it almost uninhibited, this movement is good for business and the risk of injuries is minimal. Not to mention how pleasant the water can cool in the can.We can spend much more time outdoors in the summer

We can buy more fruits and vegetables

Vitamins and minerals are indispensable for the health of the fetus. In the lightest and most delicate way we can provide these to our body from fresh vegetables and fruits, these foods also contain essential fibers and energy that are essential for proper digestion. There is plenty of fruit and greenery to choose from in the summer, and a great salad with grilled chicken or fish can be a great dinner! Not to mention that if we have the patience and energy we can freeze the fruits and vegetables for the baby to be born.

Filling with Vitamin D

Vitamin D is synthesized in the sun by the influence of sunlight, and it is very important for the skin to have adequate light protection, and it is worthwhile to stay outdoors (especially since most people in our country have vitamin D deficiency). Vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to impaired immune function, increased risk of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. In addition, more research has focused on the effect of vitamin D on pregnancy in the unborn child: summer children, for example, are more optimistic in nature and larger than they are.

We can relax at Leglegisan

In many jobs, the rules are a bit looser in the summer, and many people go on vacation, so the little ones can relax with a peace of mind - which is usually true for us, since pregnancy can occur at any stage of the life. And a last vacation of two (threes) can be a special opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your family or older child (via).Also worth reading:
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