Pelaya: origin and meaning of the name for girl Pelaya

Pelaya: origin and meaning of the name for girl Pelaya

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Without a doubt, we are living a historic moment for world democracy. He is the president elected by the Americans to take the reins of his country, after a long campaign in which children also had their role and participation.

Children do not vote, nor should they, in my opinion, mess with politics. They will have to do it when they are older. However, children, within their limitations, express their opinions and express desires, enthusiasm, although in most cases they are only a reflection of the political inclinations of their parents, neighbors ... During the United States electoral campaign, the children were heard. In the Nickleodeon poll, in which more than two million children participated, Obama was the winner. The same happened in a study carried out by the University of Texas, in which 95% of the children supported Obama because they believe that he is made of chocolate, contradicting and not being carried away by the opinions of their Republican parents, who say that the Chocolate is bad, causes stomach pain, and is highly addictive.

The use of minors in the electoral campaign is already a custom, and not only in North American politics. Allusions to children were and are used by many politicians. Who doesn't remember Rajoy's girl? Obama also dedicated part of a speech to envisioning the future of newly born babies and stating that all boys and girls will have the same opportunities, rich or poor. And I ask myself: What will Obama do for the rights of children? I am referring to those established by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which, to date, has not been ratified by the United States. The rights that protect children, that guarantee them access to education, health, to grow up in an environment that allows them to participate and develop. I am referring to the Convention signed by 185 countries. What does it take for the US to sign the Convention, the same one in which children are not considered the property of their parents or the helpless beneficiaries of a charity. They are considered human beings and holders of their own rights.Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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Oh no, the histi is coming again!

Mom, can I take my duck to the ovary? - the three-year-old asks. - Sure, jerk. - I answer. But I don't want to take it, baby! he yells, and he's lying on the ground, sobbing, clutching his waist.

Oh no, the histi is coming again!

Many articles in healing management topics are born, but most of our learning can be summarized in two main boards: the mother should always remain calm, it is not necessary to treat the hist, but to prevent it. So your child shouldn't be hungry, lame, and give him or her choice to shape his or her unity. The situation is that kids don't really work in the currency. Because when the dad is thrown to the ground in the middle of the shop because he doesn't get the ghost, it is difficult to behave like a warrior and watch the events with Buddhist serenity. The child can still be carried just in these cases, but it is more difficult to express facial expressions and pronouncements before the rest of the purchase. Worst of all, when they want to help, and offer to beat the kid or call the prank wily, the mummy, the witch who will regret this unlearned puppy. Just to deal with the kid, I don't even remember to open a wartime front against the freaks. avoid hysterical situations, but if my baby is said to be sobbing at every shopkeeper because he wants to buy rubber sugar or a funny packing condom, I can't call a bribe attendant for every single purchase. Or grandma. I have to resolve the situation. In the fall, with the urs, the labor, or the force. Somehow you have to buy breakfast milk, we don't eat it outside. The best advice I've read is let us not take the hist. This non-personal, not anti-personal. It's like some kind of natural trap that comes and goes as you please. There are families where the sun is almost always shining, and they will never understand that other volcanic eruptions may occur. Multiple kids preferred. They know for sure who got it, who it is. Of course, with some preparation, you can reduce the damage. Consistency really helped. At least at home, when you don't have to deal with the viewers, let's go to the other room when the bust breaks out. Let's try to show that we're not interested. In the meantime, do not do what you ask until you can safely ask. The Hist cannot be a tool to achieve something. If you can't speak, point your finger, if you can, then kindly ask. This can be required.According to experts, you just have to pick up the kid from the shopkeeper scenes and take him out to the parking lot, the wash basin and the car where you can luggage. But - and this is important - when you are done, you have to take it back and finish what we started with it. This will teach the child sooner or later that the histi does not change the world.But more importantly Come on, бt. Of course, he'll kill you first, and maybe try to hit him the way he does. But that didn't matter. Believe it or not, the child is the most frightening. He feels that he cannot control himself, and thinks he is a bad kid. This is a very unpleasant sensation. It is no accident that when he calms down, a rag doll falls into our lives and very sleepyUnfortunately, no one has ever saved us parents, and it may happen that a lunatic all day long can endure our nerves. If we don't go further, it's best to we count to the tune, before reacting, losing some deep breath, and if the pressure is still too high, simply call another adult and sorrow over them. If you're on the other side of the line, Mom will understand exactly what's going on in us, and if you can find the humorous part of the thing, because there is always a laugh, there is no better tension. After all, the duck is funny too. At least everyone in the company laughs at it.
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How do we convince children to communicate with us?

I have often wondered what to do when my children were not communicating with me.

We asked them how it was at school or what they did with their friends and the answer came, invariably: "Good" ... and so on.

In vain I try to challenge them to tell me more, in vain I explain to them that I want to know more about what they are doing. They looked at me as if they didn't understand the language I was talking to and they said, "I have nothing to say to you. Nothing interesting happened. It was fine."

If we insisted they would tell me that they got bored at school, that they don't like what they do there and that everything is the same every day.

It also happens to you that you do not manage to find out too much from your child, although you really want this?

Do you and you feel helpless when your child closes in on him?

If you have a teenage boy, you certainly understand what I mean.

This is more visible in adolescents, but younger children can be very closed in them.

For younger children it is not so obvious, because they still play with their parents, they look at pictures or movies. So I spend more time with my parents, even if I don't talk about kindergarten or school.

After 10-12 years, however, they start looking for other jobs, they play more on the computer, they read, they have more homework, and so the parents discover that they know less and less about their child's life outside the house.

I want to tell you now a strategy that I discovered by chance and that always works.

At one point, wanting to communicate as much as possible with my children and because they didn't tell me anything about them, I started telling them about what I do and asking them what they think about the projects I work on.

What do you think happened?

They became very attentive, listened to me and came up with ideas that were extremely valuable to me.

Once the ice broke, they started telling me about theirs, and so I found out more about them than I did before.

Here are some steps I recommend you take to help your child communicate with you:

  • Start any conversation with your child by telling them what you have done before.
  • Involve him in your problems and ask for his opinion.
  • Talk to him as an adult and show his interest in knowing what solutions he sees in the things that concern you.

This way you will create a communication bridge with your child. He will feel important and appreciated and this will help him to open up to you.

  • Quit questioning style questions: "What did you do in school?", "What grades did you take?" and so on These questions do not help authentic communication.
  • When the child starts to tell you something, give him all your attention. Listen to everything he has to say, without commenting, without disapproving, without criticizing. LISTEN ONLY!
  • Tell her your opinion only when she asks. Don't rush to give him advice and don't judge him. You have the patience to listen to everything he has to say.

This way he will feel that you really care, he will feel understood and listened to and he will want to tell you more and more, because it will feel good to talk to you.

What do you think? Will it work for you too?

In my case and my children it worked wonderfully!

I challenge you to try this strategy starting today, when you get home. Instead of asking your child what he or she has done, start by telling him or her what you have done before. Create an atmosphere as pleasant as possible and tell them about yourself. Be very careful about what's next!

I am very curious to find out how it was, so please do not hesitate to tell me in a comment to this article.


Oana Popa

Business & Life Coach

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Ballerina exercise to stretch the back postpartum

To regain the correct curvature of the back after pregnancy, nothing better than stretching exercises. Here's a very simple one. It is known as the 'ballerina pose'. You can do it sitting down and even with your baby. The physiotherapist Silvia Balaguer, from the Emme Center for Physiotherapy, explains how to do it.

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Pregnancy Yoga Ball Stretches

CasualPlay S-Twinner Stroller

CasualPlay S-Twinner Stroller

The Tchoupi cake

The Tchoupi cake

Your toddler is a fan of Tchoupi? Amaze it with this cup design recipe offered by Anne-Sophie, best pastry chef M6. What to amaze your gourmand!

You need :

  • 1 cake 20 cm in diameter
  • Buttercream frosting
  • 500 g sieved icing sugar
  • 160 g of butter at room temperature
  • 5 cl of whole milk
  • A few drops of liquid vanilla extract
  • Black and orange gel dyes


Prepare the vanilla icing

Using a food processor or an electric mixer, whisk together the icing sugar and butter at low speed until the mixture is smooth and has a sandy consistency. Mix the milk and vanilla in a separate bowl, then add them to the butter mixture by pouring a few tablespoons at a time. Once all the milk has been incorporated, increase the speed of the mixer and continue beating for at least 5 minutes until the icing becomes light and airy. The more the icing is beaten, the softer and lighter it will be.

Transfer Tchoupi's face

Unmould your cake on a serving dish, flat surface up. Spread a thin layer of frosting on the top of the cake, stop at the edges. Keep cool, time to cut the inside of T'choupi's face (the white part). Then empty his eyes, mouths and other facial details to the cutter. Then put this template on the frosting and draw the outline and details with a toothpick or a skewer. No need to press, it just makes the drawings visible on the surface of the frosting.

Prepare the colored icings

Color the frosting of the different colors as you go. Put the frosting well between each color with a film of food and give it a little whip every time. Take a large tablespoon of frosting and color it in black. To obtain a dark black, it takes a lot of coloring, add a little icing sugar if it makes the icing too soft.
Put this black frosting in a pocket with a thin smooth socket and iron on the outlines that you have drawn in the frosting, color eyes. Also draw a circle all around the cake to have the whole T'choupi's head.
Then, color 1 large tablespoon of icing in orange and put it in a pocket with a fine fluted socket.
Pock small orange stars very close to fill the nose of T'choupi. To poach a star: Place your pocket perpendicular to the surface of the cake, press your pocket about 2mm from the cake and release the pressure before lifting your pocket. Then, color 3 large tablespoons of frosting in gray (use black dye but start with a small amount until you reach the gray that suits you).
Put this gray frosting in your pocket with a thin fluted sleeve and put the rest of the frosting (so white) in another pocket.
Fill Tchoupi's face with white stars and his forehead with gray stars.
Let take 20 minutes cool before tasting!

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